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Most blogs are doing their of years stats. Because I am basically putting this blog in inactive status, I thought I would do some “end of blog” stats for you.

Here are the most read postings on this blog since it’s inception on December 30, 2007.

It was not the best of blogs, but it was not, by a long shot, the worst of them.


All Time

Title Views
Home page 60,811
Updated – Latest News on Haiti Earthquake – As many as 100,000 feared dead 15,249
Hell Hath No Fury 14,094
The Tea Party Movement’s New Anthem? 10,554
UPDATED — Local News: Jennifer Petkov is a damned low-life scumball Facebook Pulls Page, read the update please. 6,278
The United States Marines is 234 years old today 5,609
Yes Please: Ron Paul says Wikileak the Fed! 5,423
Lies, Damned Lies and more Lies 5,387
September 11 – 8 Years later – Remembering Melissa C. Doi 4,831
One of most best de-motivators ever! 4,376
Happy Thanksgiving! 3,900
Fatty this 3,546
SEIU Thugs Beat Black Conservative Activist Update: New Footage Added 3,257
Answering Laurence Vance 3,232
#14396 (loading title) 3,122
Video: Gun Porn! — Bullet Proof Vest vs .40 .45 .357 & .308 2,956
Bleh…. Another Stupid Hot Conservative Women Meme 2,904
Beware of Gail Riplinger 2,862
Updated: Why I left the libertarian ranks: Exhibit A – Hatred of the United States Military 2,773
Remembering Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941 2,737
The ‘Hey, that’s a pretty new gun!’ posting of the month 2,360
Helen Thomas goes nuclear over the Obama Administration’s controlled Townhall meetings and controlled press 2,305
Obama Bows to his Arab Masters 2,246
#14421 (loading title) 2,241
Two Words: Fuck Canada 2,208
Political Cartoons – Rev. Wright and Obama 2,044
War Porn Video: Second Battalion Seventh Marines Fox Company in Zad, Afghanistan 1,991
BREAKING NEWS – 7.0 quake hits Haiti 1,961
Memo to Megan McCain: You don’t speak for me, bitch 1,782
UPDATE: New Tone?: Dem Wisconsin Rep. to GOP Female Rep: You are F***king dead! 1,775
Cartoons of the Day 1,773
FEMA Coffins Conspiracy theory debunked, By a Conspiracy Theorist Website 1,766
Video: They’re Shutting Detroit Down 1,743
Video: No Guns for Negros 1,703
WTF?!?!?!?!: Akron police investigate teen mob attack on family 1,654
Allan Colmes throws in the towel with Hannity & Colmes 1,636
Updated:A Million people attend 9/12 project protest in D.C. – Think Progress goes out of thier way to find “Offensive” signs 1,614
Georgia Oyster bar owner not telling the truth about being a racist 1,598
Lew Rockwell jumps the shark 1,440
Why I totally reject the so-called “Warning” from David Wilkerson 1,438
Could this be the actual Birth Certificate of President Obama? Update: It’s Bogus 1,427
Justice: Maryland Cops who beat John McKenna will be FIRED! 1,407
Progressive Fat Assed Idiot Michael Moore says Capitialism is evil 1,406
D’oh!: Fox News royally screws up and gets poked in the eye for it 1,382
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr: Obama Trolls Disrepect the Flag of the United States of America 1,338
On Rush Limbaugh’s Comments about Haiti 1,328
Obama Booty Call? 1,266
Obama double talks on Iran 1,245
Breaking News: Major Tanker Accident, Explosion, Overpass collapse 1,234
President Obama honors Jared Monti 1,227
CNN tries to use heavy handed tactics to keep embarrassing clip of reporter off YouTube 1,221
Gun Porn: CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom Review 1,210
#1745 (loading title) 1,206
The New York times whines about not having enough graphic war images 1,164
Sick: The Rebecca Rose – Jennifer Petkov rift still continues 1,150
Local News: Jennifer Petkov apologizes to family that she mocked 1,142
UPDATE:Charles Foster Johnson extends his Blogger McCarthyism to me – Lord Chuckie responds and beclowns himself 1,129
Political Cartoons – Corn Prices and BioFuels 1,122
Obama Poll numbers are slipping on Healthcare and other issues. 1,083
UPDATED – Local News: FBI Raids Christian Militia-related group in MI, OH and IN 1,075
On Guns, Obama and the Right 1,054
18 Myths about Obamacare Debunked by Jane Hamsher 1,049
CBS Reporter supposedly gets raped in Egypt 1,046
Happy Resurrection Day 2010! 1,029
Enough is Enough! 1,023
Where the Itamar killers trained by the US? 1,020
<iUPDATED : Woman Detained on flight from Denver to Detroit, whines about it on her blog. 1,003
Adam Kokesh attempts a flash mob at Jefferson memorial and gets his tail kicked and arrested by the D.C. Police 977
Elvis and Michael Jackson found alive! 969
About Me 964
Babe of the Day 964
Keith Olbermann’s Sexist, Racist & Slanderous Segment on “Countdown” 963
The Ed Brayton war is over, please. 958
Liberal Buffoon Joy Behar Disses Home Schooled Children 948
Contact Me 926
Brain-Dead Socialist Liberal Science Blog attacks me 915
Coming to a neighborhood near you: Black Mob Attacks Whites at State Fair in Wisconsin 911
400-Billion Barrel Bakken Oil Field a ‘Myth’, says USGS 875
Hamilton Nolan – Liberal Asshole of the Week 875
John Stossel takes on Liberal Propagandist Michael Moore 874
Yes, Iran does hate us and they have reasons too 869
Charles Johnson vs Pamela Geller and Paul Belien, Who wins? 865
Video: New Footage shows Haiti Earthquake as it happened 864
GUN OWNER ALERT!: EPA Considering Ban on Traditional Ammunition VICTORY! EPA BACKS DOWN! 852
UPDATED: BREAKING NEWS: Multiple bombs found on various planes coming from Yemen 845
UPDATED: Comment Policy 837
Congress put the brakes on Obama’s Cap and Trade bill 836
Chris Matthews just jumped on Keith Olbermann on the Air! 829
Hundreds show up on St Louis, Mo to protest thug actions of the Union 829
Republic vs Democracy 826
UPDATED: Memo to Charles Johnson: What do you honestly expect? The Plot thickens! 819
Updated: Scum of the week: Roseanne Barr – Barr me? 818
Ann Coulter loses her Mother 808
Memo to Marilyn Davenport: Get the HELL out of the Republican Party NOW! 801
Ann Coulter insults Pelosi and mocks mentally retarded people…. 799
The Obligatory Conservative Babes in Mink Coats Posting 797
Cartoons of the Day 790
Republican Strategist Todd Harris is a liar. 787
White House wants snitches! 784
Babe of the Day 772
UpdatedD’oh! – ACORN Slayer James O’Keefe busted for trying to tap Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s phone – Conservatives react 755
Jennifer Petkov, the gift that keeps on giving 752
Navy Seals in trouble over supposedly punching a terrorist in the mouth 746
Fox News does something so stupid that I can’t even defend it 745
UPDATE: More proof that Sarah Palin is an idiot. Facebook account closes, Palin says it is not hers 744
Two Black Girls Beat White Transgendered Woman 734
Karma? – Registered Sex Offender killed by Intruder 719
Babe of the Day 712
WTF?: Starting to really wonder about Lew Rockwell’s Blog 712
Babe of the Day: Melissa Satta 708
Anybody who threatens Amy Myers is NOT a true Conservative 700
Keith Olbermann talks about healthcare 691
Video: Lock and Load Show: Accuracy International AW.308 680
Guest Voice: A TIMELINE OF 20TH CENTURY APOSTASY by David Cloud 675
Police State: Seattle Cop Beats 15 year old Girl For being “Mouthy” 674
Video: Ron Paul talks with John Stossel on the SOTU address 672
Reason #960,987,678,543,343 why I am still single 669
Terrible Ice Storm Rocks Kentucky, FEMA takes Five Days to respond, AP does not have the stones to critize Obama 668
The Obligatory Hillary Accepts Secretary of State Posting 667
#15027 (loading title) 645
Another Police Shooting in Pittsburgh, Man Paranoid about Obama, Liberal Bloggers Blame Conservative Media 639
Updated! It has started: Black Virginia Police Officer threatens to arrest White Man if he holds up Anti-Obama sign Officer Cheeks works for the SCHOOL and NOT the City Police! 638
Video: Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham yell at each other about Michelle Obama 638
You think it is bad now? Wait till the States start collapsing! 635
Tragic News: Brittany Murphy has died 632
Whoa…: Obama’s Nazi Symbol?!?! 630
Babe of the Day 630
Nancy Pelosi’s Swastika Problem. 617
Video: Finally: Sarah Palin gets confronted by real Americans Update: Palin Responds, Beclowns herself as usual 613
Soldier’s Daughter gets wish for Christmas 610
Update: Socialist liberals use Detroit attempted Terrorist attack to sound the horn to cut and run 607
UPDATED: Liberal “Comedy” insinuates that Glenn Beck should die 604
BREAKING NEWS: Shooting Massacre at Fort Hood, Texas Military Base 600
New Jib Jab Original: He’s Barack Obama 595
UPDATED! — Unbelievable: Juan Williams FIRED from NPR, for speaking the truth Juan Williams responds! 589
If Sean Hannity’s Show fails it will be because of stuff like this…. 585
Updated: Pajama’s Media does a hit piece on Detroit – PJTV Allows racist comments on their site 573
UPDATED — Video: Attaaaaaaaaaaaack Waaaaaaaaaaaaaatch! 570
A very funny cartoon 561
Here we go again: Canada’s Human Rights Commission is going after another Blogger 559
Updated: From the Dept. of Socialist Democrat Reactionary Politics 559
Little Green Screwballs attacks Hoffman 555
Pat Condell speaks the straight truth about Islam, Obama and our First Amendment 554
Military Humor 539
Living Proof that Liberals are Classless Assholes 533
Black Teens Charged in School Bus Beating of White Teen 532
Lew Rockwell Slanders the Military….Again 529
Obama says, “Don’t ask no questions” 529
UPDATED: My atheist stalker 528
Police State?: Minnesota Cop rams van with Father and three kids in it 525
Police State?: Is Virginia State Police targeting Tea Party Protesters? 524
Global-Warming E-Mail Hack-Gate 522
Cartoons of the Day 521
Gun Porn: Army Chrome Glock 17 520
Local News: The Kathleen Edward saga continues 516
Police State: Seattle deputy shoves an innocent man into wall, causing a coma. 515
Chris Matthews is the Culprit 514
Ron Howard, Just another idiot liberal tool 512
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm: White House Gate Crashers Friends with Obama? 498
Mixed feelings on the Blogger outing 498
Glenn Beck interviews Sarah Palin 498
More Anti-Ron Paul, Anti-John Birch Society Screed… 495
Obama Police State? -Black D.C. Cop pulls a Gun, at people who pelted his hummer with Snowballs 494
BREAKING NEWS: Van Jones Green Energy Czar for the Obama Administration has RESIGNED! 491
Obama in trouble? 486
Oh.My.Gawd: Katie Couric gets her sex dance on 485
About this Blog 482
World’s greatest asshole liberal democrat to get show on MSNBC 477
D’oh! Obama Says “Stimulus Bill will let Caterpillar rehire people”; Caterpillar Says, No, it won’t 474
Updated: And so, it begins? 468
A Libertarian Lefty Attacks me…. 467
May we never forget: Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941 464
CNBC’s Rick Santelli goes off on a rant about the Bailouts and the Stimulus 460
Some seriously funny Obama Comedy…. 458
President Barack Obama and Fox News’s Bret Baier politely spar over Healthcare and Foreign Policy 455
Guest Voice: Chuck Baldwin Video Sermon “What Every Christian Should Know About The New World Order” 453
Pssst! Hey Liberals! Sarah Palin knows what she’s talking about! 452
UPDATED: Anti-American Journalists embed with terrorists, get killed, and Liberals whine about it 447
What I HATE about this new Healthcare Bill 445
Why I did not go to the Tea-Party Protests 442
BREAKING NEWS: Air Marshalls stop attempted ‘Shoe Bomber’ on flight from D.C. to Denver 442
WTF?!?!?!: I am all for being really happy at weddings, but…… 438
Unbelievable: Eric Holder Considering Prosecuting Bush Administration officials; for keeping America safe 433
Absolute Courage – 7 Year old boy dies trying to protect sister from Rapist 428
Video: Your Weekend War Porn Video 425
No, I am not a god-damned Neo-Nazi 424
Cartoons of the Day 421
Cartoons of the day 419
Interview: Katie Couric Interviews Glenn Beck 419
Local News – Two killed in a Murder Suicide at local Detroit College 412
Far Lefty loon talk radio host Randi Rhoads jumps the shark……again……. 411
Sarah Palin’s Church Firebombed 409
Dede Scozzafava calls the cops on The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack 407
ACTION ALERT!: Sarah Palin HATE GROUP on facebook 407
Why Our Second Amendment is important 405
Video: The Day Obamacare Died 402
#16673 (loading title) 402
A text book example of why Keynesian economics does not work 401
One of the sad side effects of 9/11 and War, Military Crimes 401
More Sad News: Libertarian Blogger Mark Yannone Found Dead 400
Christian?!?! 399
About that Stupid Ron Paul – Obama Poll 399
Living Proof that Socialized Healthcare does not work 399
Living proof that Socialist Democrat Liberals are crazy 399
Video: This is why I like Rick Santelli 399
One Funny Thanksgiving Letter 398
Conservative Blogger Michelle Malkin Harassed by 9/11 Truther Alex Jones – Update: To be clear, Alex Jones DID NOT threaten Malkin…. 396
The Glenn Beck Rally: A Massive Capitulation to the Black Race or a Massive Mormon Recruitment Scheme? 395
Turd Blossom gets a divorce 394
The Obligatory Vanity Fair does a Sarah Palin Article that causes WW3 in the G.O.P. Posting 393
Videos: Sunday Gun Porn! 393
You are known by the company you keep 392
Is this man impersonating a Military Officer? 391
Gulp: Unemployed finding it harder to find jobs 389
Bob Parks is an racist asshole 389
Police State:Alabama Cops Taser and Arrest a Deaf Black Man….. For being sick 389
Living Proof that Socialist Liberals are Classless Assholes 388
This here is why I cannot stand Barack Obama 388
An Interesting Movie 387
Memo to Tom Hanks: Kiss My All American Conservative ASS! 386
UPDATED: Photo of the Day 386
Cartoons of the Day 385
American Furkan Dogan among the terrorists who attacked IDF 383
Video: Police State: This right here is why people kill police officers 381
WOW! – President Obama called a Fascist on Air America Radio 380
America-Hating First Lady has a shoe fetish 379
White Seattle Teen beaten by Asian and Black Teens 378
The Feckless Far-Right: Exhibit S for Stupidity 377
Andrew Sullivan, Trigg Palin, and Disabilities 376
The Republican Party’s Resident Dumb Ass, is also a ‘Welfare Queen” 373
UPDATED: Black Racism in the Obama Administration: Exhibit A – Shirley Sherrod Sherrod resigns – Update: Video didn’t tell full story. 372
Possibly the greatest political t-shirt ever made 372
Updated: Communism Unleashed: The White House threatens Chrysler investors 367
Heh: Sarah Palin does Conan O’Brian’s show, Schools Shatner 366
#866 (loading title) 364
BREAKING NEWS: Michael Yon arrested at Seattle airport 362
Watch the Video that two liberal stations refused to air! 361
Is Islam pure evil? 358
Why do Conservative Republicans and Christians say stupid stuff like this? 358
America tries to help Haiti, gets accused of occupation 357
Updated: This I cannot defend 357
Freedom’s Phoenix Decides to Stab me in the back 357
So much for Obama’s Christianity… 357
Rush Limbaugh does Jay Leno 356
Norman Rockwell, A Coward? 355
The Automotive Bailouts: The Other Side of the Story 355
UAW Local 2244: The Other Side of the Story 353
Negro Kentucky Columnist Attacks Michelle Malkin 353
UPDATED! – Obama’s visit to Mumbai, India.: 34 warships, security up the wazoo and….. No Coconuts?!?!?! 353
Sweet: Lesbian Prison Gangs looking to get some of that LiLo Action 351
Suspected Drug Dealer’s House gets raided, Liberals Angry 351
The Charles Johnson, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller feud…. A Follow up 351
Van Jones…. WTF?!?!?!?! 350
It is official: Levi Johnston is a scumbag 348
May I go on the record as saying that this here is straight up BULLCRAP? 347
If Rachel Maddow does not retract this statement, she should be FIRED! 346
Detroit has worst High School Drop out rate 345
UPDATED: Living proof that liberals are classless assholes 345
WHOA!: World’s Strongest Playmate? 344
The best article on 9/11’s 10 year Anniversary 341
Humor: Growing Up Without a Cell Phone 340
Bill Maher gets schooled on what a libertarian really is 340
Video: Jack Cafferty rips on Obama and Pelosi?!?! 337
Keith Olbermann Reacts to the Palin Turkey Pardon Clip 336
Let me be clear, This is NOT cool at all Poll Yanked, Secret Service Investigating 335
Next time someone tries to tell you that Liberals are not fascists, Show ’em this. 335
Cartoon of the Day 333
Oh My: More Carrie Prejean Sex Tapes? 333
UPDATED: Memo to Fareed Zakaria: Overreact this you jackwad twit 332
This is why I advocate for an armed Church Congregation 332
BREAKING NEWS: Missing Person Alert: Marizela Perez 331
BREAKING NEWS: Former Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers Sentanced to 37 months in prison for bribe scandal 330
Somebody Please! Turn the Stupid Machine Off! 330
Why do Conservative Christians do stupid stuff like this? 329
More Obama Anti-American Stupidity 328
There goes Rand Paul’s chances of getting elected 326
Cartoons of the Day 326
#8202 (loading title) 325
Noted Detroit Sports Writer and Faux Liberal Hack says “Hey Townhalls Protests are American too!” 324
#7328 (loading title) 324
If you come looking for the Dong Yun Yoon post. 322
Another fine example of why Liberals are classless assholes 321
Megan McCain Stupid Twitter Twat 319
A New Parody “Barry’s Farm” 319
UPDATED: Signs of the times: San Juan Capistrano, California demands that Bible Study group get permit to gather – UPDATED WITH CONTACT INFO 317
#12725 (loading title) 316
News from a different perspective 315
Audio of Barack Obama explaining the Communist doctrine of redistribution of wealth 314
Gore-backed firm takes money from Government to build car that nobody can afford. 313
Congress Delivers a Healthcare Bill 311
Does this mean that President Obama is racist too? 309
Confirmed: President Barack Obama is an Anti-American, Asshole, Piece of Shit 309
Video: Bill Maher calls Republicans “A Deadly Enemy” 309
Amazing: Cartoon made 50 years ago; shows America in it’s current state today… 309
Updated: Why was this man murdered? 306
Google Says to China, ‘If you keep hacking our servers, We will leave China’ 306
Republican Congressman Joe Wilson Heckles the President 305
Awesome Video: Montage of Military Reunions 304
Rep. Michele Bachmann continues to make the G.O.P. look like the Party of the Crazies 304
In defense of Pamela Geller 303
Noted Celebrity Blogger picks the wrong person to bad mouth, gets his ass beat 303
President Teleprompter tries to take credit for Navy Seal rescue 300
Next time someone tells you that Islam is a Religion of peace; Show them this video 300
One of the reasons why I do not use WorldNetDaily as a news source 299
UPDATED: Gulp: This does not look good people 299
Why we can never withdraw from Afghanistan, until the job is done 298
News from a Fundamentalist Christian perspective 297
Townhall questioner to President Obama: ‘I’m Exhausted Of Defending You’ 297
Awful: Stage Collapse at Sugarland Concert at Indiana State Fair 297
The Classless Left: Exhibit JH for Jewish Hatred 296
Can someone remind me as just to why exactly we elected this douche nozzle??!?!? 293
DHS releases a report warning of Right Wing Extremism, Far Right Blogs flip their corks 290
Editorial: Withdrawing support of Christine O’Donnell 290
Allan Keyes still whoring for attention 288
Giggle of the Day 287
The Late Night Music Express Presents… Johnny Cash 285
From the “WTF?!?!?!?” File 284
Liberal Hypocrisy of the day 283
Uh Oh: WMD’s found in the United States? 282
Fox News Busts Myth on Guns to Mexico 282
Memo to ALL Conservative Bloggers: We must be extremely careful! #teaparty #tcot #hhrs 281
Looks like the Conservatives are not the only reactionaries! 281
Babe of the Day 279
Updated:Glenn Beck Sells out Doug Hoffman 279
Funny: Pixar Lamp Parody 279
Far Lefty Liberal Columnist Joel Stein Admits that Liberals Hate America 278
Updated: A Huge Blunder by the Obama Administration 278
Uh-Oh: Looks like Christine O’Donnell is not what we might think 278
Video: Unhinged Black Democrat 277
Michelle Malkin does “The View” 277
Debbie Schlussel vs Pamela Geller 276
Living proof that Adam Kokesh/Ron Paul Supporters are unhinged leftists in disguise 275
Oh My: America Rising? 274
Why do Conservative Republicans say stupid stuff like this? 274
Your Daily War Porn Video 274
Is Obama preparing to send dissenters to prisoner camps? 273
This idiot ought to be ran out of the Tea Party movement and out of the Conservative movement on a rail 273
Video: Young CPAC attendees send career racist jerk running for his car 272
Libtalker idiot Mike Malloy jumps the shark 271
Fox News White House Press Corp Reporter Major Garrett to go to National Journal 271
Democratic Party Representative Alan Grayson is a disgrace to the Jewish Race and to Judaism itself 268
George Washington could not tell a lie, but Glenn Beck did 268
Poor people, with cell phones 267
Living Proof that liberals are no-class assholes 265
Cocaine use, in the White House? 265
Countering the False Rumor that Auto Workers make $70 an Hour 264
New AG Eric Holder is nothing more than a race baiting shill for the left 264
Memo to Sarah Palin: Please, Shut up 263
Video: Fast and Furious becoming quite the ugly scandal for the Obama White House 263
Liberals begin high level attacks on High Level Conservatives….Case in Point: Michelle Malkin 263
Tragedy in New York: shooter enters Immigration Center opens fire 262
A Good Bitch Slap Does a Woman Good! 262
Things I want to accomplish this year 262
Some straight talk to the progressive Blogosphere, from a former Democratic Party voter 261
Humor: South Park – You have zero friends 261
UPDATED: Interesting: Remember that Firebombing of Rep. Russ Carnahan’s office? Rep. Russ Carnahan admits it was Chris Powers that did the dirty! 260
Black Muslims celebrate Seattle Police Shooting 260
Video: 46 Handshakes vs One Obama Bow 259
Has John Henke lost his mind? 259
It is official: Joe Biden is an asshole 256
Greenspan says “nationalize now” 255
Why do Conservatives and Republicans Say and Write Stupid Stuff like this? 255
Sorry Mr. Carville, But it is too late for the White House to Panic 255
From the “WTF?!?!?!?” File: There are no words for this people 253
Let’s Boycott Alabama 253
UPDATED: I know Michael Moore is an idiot, but this is Awesome 253
Oh Noes! – Newsweek declares the End of Christian America 252
Peter Fonda said WHAT?! 252
Video:Megyn Kelly and Kirsten Powers holler at each other over the New Black Panther Party 251
New Movie: Barack Obama vs The Law 250
Memo to Ana Marie Cox: Stick to what you know, bitch 249
Glenn Beck launches The Blaze 249
Here is a perfect reason why I will never vote Democrat again, ever 248
Liberal Host Stephanie Miller says Rush Limbaugh should be executed for Treason 248
Updated:Marc Garlasco is NOT an Nazi memorabilia collecting whack job. – Garlasco admits to being a collector, but denies he is a Nazi 248
You tell me the difference between these two quotes 248
Update on Oslo, Norway Terrorist Attacks, Not Islamic, Homegrown 247
An Awesome Video 247
Facepalm of the day 246
From the “You Must be kidding!” Dept.: Enviro Nuts in Seattle, Washington Refuse to Salt roads! 244
Even more Tax Problems for Obama’s Appointments? 244
Changes here at 244
Video: Black Leftist Attacks White Reporter Covering One Nation Rally 242
Open Thread: Obama’s Healthcare speech Video 242
More Black on White Crime: Blacks attack Whites and Liberal media censors it 241
Video: Answering my Atheist Stalker Ed Brayton….Again 241
A bit more on the Gun Scopes and Bible Verses 241
Video: Gun Porn! – Full Automatic Glock 17 239
Updated With Info :No, Ron Paul should NOT be person of the year 239
Jeff Kuhner takes it to another level: Kill Julian Assange 238
Even More living Proof that Liberals are Classless Assholes 238
Gun Porn Saturday! – .45 ACP 230 gr JHP SIM, Vortex SPARC Review, Tactical shooting, Gun Safety 238
Andy Williams tells it like it is 238
Why does America always do stupid things like this? 237
Happy Memorial Day 2010 237
Obviously, I am in the wrong business 236
Sarah Palin can forget about ever being President, her kids are out of control 236
Canadian Premier comes to America for Heart Surgery 236
Does Bank of America have a problem with the American flag and our war dead? 236
Bill O’Reilly interviews President George W. Bush 235
Happy Memorial Day – Let us never forget 235
Cash for Clunkers; Clunks out — Update:Feds trying to salvage programUpdate: House Passes 2 Billion “C for C” Bill 235
A great video 234
Two Perfect Reasons why I do not listen to Right Wing Talk Radio 234
Update: Letter from the Attorney of the Conservative Black Beaten by SEIU thugs 234
Thank You Peggy Noonan! 234
Quotes of the Day 233
How come the media is not reporting this? — FBI links shooting at Marine Corps recruiting station to 2 others 232
Video: O’Reilly Versus Olbermann on the Tiller Murder 232
How worried are the Sarah Palin Haters? 232
Cartoons of the day 230
Acting Freddie Mac CFO David Kellermann dead of a apparent Suicide 230
Ann Coulter and the Conservative Christian right at Odds?!?!?! 229
An Obama Funny 228
Military Scopes being sold by Michigan supplier have Holy Scriptures references on them, liberals horrified 228
Liberal Bloggers target Christian School for enforcing it’s rules. 226
Inspiring Story: Former Fox News Anchor Laurie Dhue tells her story of overcoming addiction 226
Reason Magazine profiles Detroit, Here is what they missed 225
Plot to Murder President Obama Exposed in Turkey 225
Mandolyna Theodoracopulos talks about men 223
This is what happens when ACORN thugs are confronted by real Americans 222
Germany is learning a lesson, that America will learn one day. 222
Humor: Stop shouting in Church! 222
A textbook example of why I believe that Liberals hate America 222
U.S. Ship captured by Pirates, Far Right Blames Obama 222
#11245 (loading title) 221
Steve Wynn on the State of America 220
It is official: Lisa Murkowski just wants to be spanked 220
May God Bless Governor Jennifer Granholm! 219
UPDATED: The Classless Left: Exhibit D for Desperation – Liberal Bloggers say the idea is stupid 219
Action Alert! MSNBC is now trying to start a race war 219
Radio Show Host Terry Anderson has died 218’s “Green Room” – Just another Neo-Conservative echo chamber 217
Living Proof Liberals are classless assholes 217
Living Proof that Liberals are classless assholes 217
Not feeling well today. 217
Welcome to my world! – 60 Minutes Admits Unemployment is Actually 17%, 22% in California 217
Joshua Goldberg — R.I.P. 217
Victory! Geert Wilders Acquitted of Hate Speech Charges! 216
The G.O.P’s “Pledge to America” is nothing more retread Neo-Conservative, Theocracy nonsense 214
Why I pulled the post on Cao 214
One of the many reasons why I am not a Pentecostal Christian any longer 212
Uh-Oh – Iran carries out Airstrikes on Iraqi Kurdish Villages 212
Democrats Hypocrisy over Nastiness in Politics 211
Some Funnies… 211
Sweet Justice: Susan Roesgen’s contract at CNN will not be renewed 211
President Bambi Teleprompter’s Commerce Secretary: United States should pay for China’s Pollution 211
Updated: What? Was it something I said? – Part II 211
Video: Something to make you think 210
Breaking News: Firefox 3.5 vulnerable to JavaScript exploit 210
Oh Great: Looks like Ethanol might just end up in gas 210
Oops: President Obama gets it wrong on the carpet 209
Reason Number 500,543,456,345,764,880 why I am not ever getting married 209
Updated: An excerpt from Sarah Palin’s New Book goes after the McCain campaign staffers 208
Rush Limbaugh speaks out on the N.F.L. Controversy 207
Photos of the day…. 207
SHOCKA! NBC Chicago says something critical of the President about his remarks following the Ft. Hood massacre 207
The Southern Avenger on “Being Honest About Abe” 207
Thank You for your support 207
On Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain: Let me ask one question 207
Quote of the Day 207
Breaking News: Obama is being accused of gay sex and drug use….. 204
FINALLY! Michael Jackson’s 1984 Pepsi Commercial Accident Video Released! 203
Good News – United States pulls out of United Nations’ World Conference on Racism because of hostility towards Israel 203
Keith Olbermann’s Father Passes 203
Black Racism is not a myth 203
One the biggest reasons why I will never vote Democrat again…Ever 202
Gallup Poll: Unemployment back over 10% 202
A funny cartoon 202
Sad News: Poland’s President and 88 Members of the Polish Government die in Plane Crash in Russia 202
Video: Laura Ingraham and Gloria Feldt yell at one another about Miss California Carrie Prejean 202
Honestly, When are Journalists and Bloggers going to get a clue? 201
Was America Ever a White Nation? 201
Now this here is the epitome of STUPID! 201
The Republican Party and Reagan 200
Liberal Blogger who started Palin rumor outed 200
Update: What I really want for Christmas 200
Shootout in Toledo Ohio Bar 199
Mitt Romney throws himself out of the running for President in 2012 198
For the sake of Almighty GOTT! Make it stop! 198
Obama Says: “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money” 198
Why do people do stupid stuff like this? 197
UPDATED: Speaking of Racism: Democrats show thier true colors 197
BlogAds is an Anti-Conservative Owned Business 196
Marc Garlasco Suspended 196
Updated: Did Obama knowingly allow Al-Qaeda Terrorists to attack the United States? New Info 196
No Matter what your Politics is… Hate Speech is STILL WRONG 196
Behold the Anti-White Anti-Conservative Bigotry of the Democratic Party 196
Breaking News – Captain Richard Phillips rescued by Navy Seals, 3 Pirates Dead 196
President Obama disrespects Sir Winston Churchill 196
Jon Stewart NUKES the Democrats, Obama and Coakley 195
Andrew Sullivan: Idiot Faux Conservative Douche Nozzle 195
#2128 (loading title) 195
Living Proof the Liberals are classless assholes 195