Apologies to everyone

It’s 4:06 a.m. and I was trying to write a post on my new blog and I was searching for something on here and I happened to realize something.

I did not have my permalinks set up properly here. Oops! 😳

Needless to say, that is fixed. 😀

I also turn on a search box to make finding older stuff here easier.

Again, my apologies for not having things set up here right.


Help me keep this blog up for a long time!

I won’t bore you with details. I am just not in a good way right now money-wise.

I’m not going to end up in the street, I am just not working and money is at an all time low. I do not have Google AdSense anymore, they yanked my account for an unknown reason.

So, I’m asking for help.

As another well-known blogger would put it, hit the freakin’ tip jar!

If you want this to be a regular thing:

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Again, I hate asking. But, reality is reality; and I just do not have any job prospects lined up. The Business? Heh. that’s a joke anymore. I did have a job prospect, but that all fell through. Nothing I did on my part, just did not work out at all.

Oh, by the way; on Thursday, June 28’th — I will be 40 years old. 40 years old, no job, broke and living with my parents. You have any idea what that does to man? You could never even begin to imagine. 🙁

Also too, if you do not like or do not trust PayPal; I can give you my home address. It is out there, if you are good with Google. But, if not and you want to help out, without using PayPal, let me know.

Thanks for your loyal readership for the 8 years that I ran this blog.


Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Please note: I have changed this postings title to what I originally wanted to call it.

My friends, this posting was originally post at a Blog called Alexandria. It was basically the posting that never made it here.

Here is the “final posting” for Political Byline.

(To truly understand why I posted the video above, you have to read this here.)

and read this here.

The hardest thing to do is to quit and say goodbye.

Yesterday October 31, 2011 at around 8:00 in the evening after getting a warning from the hosting service that somehow my blog causing “instability” on the server, I decided to no longer put off doing what I have should have done a long while back.  I did a backup of my configuration of my entire blog, including the SQL Database and downloaded it to my computer.  I then uninstalled the WordPress installation.  It is now officially over, after six long years; first as a left of center and then more as a right of center — I now no longer have a blog.

I am proud of what I did, what I was able to accomplish, what I stood for, and what I fought like bloody hell against.  The thing that really irks me the most; is that I was never able to post that last blog posting thanking everyone who stopped by, even if it was to mock or deride me.  It was as if the curtain was yanked down in front of me, all because some system administration decided that my blog was in the way.  However, I am not bitter about it.  Shared hosting has its difficulties and that is one of them.  I never was able to afford dedicated hosting, as I was not making that much on the blog. I never really intended it to be a business venture, just a place to vent.

….and vent I did for six long years.

For those of you who did come and read and even do the bold thing and actually comment — I thank you.  You made the blogging experience more fun, at least for me; writing is great, but talking to people is even more fun.  You did that, and I thank you.

I think one of my biggest mistakes was I actually was crafty enough to anger everyone.  One of the bad parts of being a non-conformist such as I; is that when you anger everyone, they stop coming around. Which is what happened to my site, I was branded as something that I was not, by many people.  I did not kiss up to the protected minorities enough.  I did not kiss up to the isolationists enough; I did not kiss up to the warmongers enough.  I was not nearly a partisan enough.  None of that, put together, is conducive to a successful blog.

So, what happens now?

Well, I plan to disappear back into the world of just being another person.  I plan to take a break from writing for a little while.  Oh, I might put the occasional article, but nothing like I was on a daily basis.  I am also going to try to find some gainful employment.  I might also work on losing some excess weight.  I had started on excising; riding a stationary bike.  I also plan to focus on doing the daily Christian reading of the Bible as well.  I am a Christian first, a Baptist second and the writer is somewhere down near the bottom


Update – December 31, 2011: How ironic is it, that three months after that was all written that I finally am able to get this blog back up and running. Either way, it has been a fun five years; it has not always been blast, as there were times when I wanted to stop altogether and just walk away.

Now about where does say that I am quitting and when I originally wrote that; I was going to quit. But, after some badgering from my Mother, who is my biggest fan and from some people who did not want to see me quit. I decided to fire up a new blog over on Blogspot. (UPDATE: I deleted that google account so, that blog went away… Sorry. 🙁  )  I stayed there and finally, I was able to start a new blog, and also a small business. Hopefully, I can make something of it! If you are a blogger or know someone who runs a small or medium sized blog, send them my way; and I will work very hard to make them happy!

So, from the house of Charles Patrick Adkins and Family — A Very Happy New Year!

See you over at Thoughts and Rantings!



Top Blog Postings of all time

Most blogs are doing their of years stats. Because I am basically putting this blog in inactive status, I thought I would do some “end of blog” stats for you.

Here are the most read postings on this blog since it’s inception on December 30, 2007.

It was not the best of blogs, but it was not, by a long shot, the worst of them.

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We’re back….sort of

Hi Guys,

It has been a long time, has it not?

Finally after being down for a very long time. I finally got this thing back up! 😀

Only to tell you; I am moving on. Well, sort of.

Sometime tomorrow. I will be moving this blog here, to its own domain.

Political Byline served it’s purpose and became something much more than it was ever intended to be.  On October 31, 2011 Site5.com decided to be jerks and force me to shut down. So, it took it down, and thanked my friend Ryan for the hosting — and made a backup and took the site down.

I finally got some investment capital and now, I’m gonna try my hand at a hosting company. More on that one later.

So, strictly for archive purposes this monster is back up.

Stay tuned for more, but for now, it’s 11;17p.m. and waaaay past my bedtime……

I will post something a bit more final tomorrow, I promise.

Explaining myself further

Sometimes when I write things, I do not fully explain myself; which sometimes leads people to make false assumptions about my blog and yes, even me. When I wrote my posting regarding the future of this blog, I wrote the following:

Read More …

In case you are wondering…

I decided to drop that previous theme that I was running. The theme had some functional issues that I did not like, so I got rid of it and went back to a theme that I used before. Hopefully, all of the bugs are fixed with this theme.

Another thing, when I switched to this theme, my server started bogging down, I thought it was the new theme; it wasn’t. It was another costumer of my hosting provider, who was bogging the server.  So, I brought back this theme.

Whew, long day of fiddling around with this silly thing. I’ll fix all the small stuff tomorrow.

Going Forward: The Future of PoliticalByline.com

This is a posting, which I have been meaning to write for a very long time; I just needed the right moment and the excuse to write it. As I wrote here earlier this week, President Barack Obama announced that American Military forces would be leaving the Country of Iraq at the end of 2011; which would essentially end the Country’s Military presence in the Nation of Iraq.

Read More …

Update on Church situation

I wrote here a little while back that I was checking out a new Church. I said the following:

I am prayerfully considering the matter and I ask for your prayers going forward in it.

I went to the Church for a few services and I did decide to pass on the Church. What it boils down to is some personal preferences of mine; also, in addition, there were some issues with the Pastor as well. Therefore, I decided to pass on that Church. I thank the man, who was kind enough to invite me.

I do have another one in mind, however I will be very honest with you, and I am not in a great hurry to become involved with another Church again. I am still a bit gun-shy about attending a Church again; mainly because of my being burned here about 5 years ago, by a Pastor who preached one thing and did another in his personal dealings. When this occurred, I essentially said that I would most likely never get involved with another Church group. However, this man’s kindness and boldness to share the gospel with a total stranger captured my interest.

There is one thing that will not change around here and that is my walk with the Lord. I will not be posting secular music here any longer. Just because it does not look good for a person, who is supposed to be a Christian, of which the term means someone who is a follower of Christ — to be posting music on a blog, of which he is the owner. In other words, I will leave the music posting to the liberals who support that music and lifestyle it represents.

Another thing I need to point here is that I am fully aware of the fact that I have let myself go here in the last six years. When I was burned by that Pastor and a few other people involved in that whole situation back in 2006, I came home that day, put my Christianity on the back burner, and delved into the world of politics. I guess you could say that I needed a distraction from the recent events, which worked for me, because I did not want to dwell on what had happened too much, because I did not want to become bitter over it. Therefore, I just changed gears and started writing about politics. However, to gain more readers around here, I did some things, that now as I reflect on it more, might have not been expedient for someone who is a Christian. This was my own personal oversight and I take full responsibility for that.

In closing, going forward here at this blog, which I do plan on writing about in detail here in another posting, I do plan to watch myself a bit more as a Christian. I also will find a Church, when I am ready for that. For now though, I just do not feel an overly compelling reason to be a part of one. It is a myth that Church attendance is a requirement for anything at all, least of all, one’s personal salvation. (Update: The posting that I spoke of, is now here.)

About that posting on Canada

The alternative title to this posting should be, “owning up to that fact that I have let myself go, in the last six years, since leaving my last Church.”

Tonight I was looking at my logs and noticed that a posting about Canada, that I wrote in a fit of anger a year ago was gaining popularity on here. Well, that changed tonight, because I deleted the silly thing.

I mentioned on here Sunday that I had found a new Church. I am a Christian and it is time I started acting like one. Which means some things are going to change around here with the blog. They are:

  • No more classic rock videos
  • Bad Language: I am going to try and work on that….
  • No more behavior unbecoming of a follower of Jesus Christ — even with those I disagree with…

My reasons for this, are thus; what I do in the privacy of my home is one thing — what I do publicly on this blog is representation of my Church and of my Christianity. It is also for public consumption. The last thing that I want to do, is bring a reproach to the great Church that I just started attending.It says on my twitter bio that I am a lousy Christian. As of today, I am going to start a working’ on that lousy bit. If I screw up, call me on it, please and yes that includes the people who are not my friends.

I hope you all understand. But I am rounding another corner in my walk with the Lord and I do want you all to come with me. I won’t cut older posts, as that is in the past; unless it’s something very vulgar and some starts linking to it. But everything after this point will go through the, “is God pleased with this?” filter.

Thanks for reading…

Update: I wrote this originally on my iPod touch; I made the corrections needed here on the laptop.

Under the weather…..again

Last night I made dinner. I made spaghetti.

Everyone loved it; my Dad ate two whole servings of it — and that is a whole lot for him.

My Mom loved it, my aunt loved it.

I even liked myself; I do pride myself in being a very good cook.

My stomach? Not so much…..

Let’s just say, that I spent an unusual amount of time in the loo last night.

So, I suffereth once again. 🙁

I will be posting, maybe not writing novels. But I’ll be trying to keep up. I will most likely post links from the iPod. (Thank You, Steve Jobs)

I would go a find out what is happening in my tummy; but I have no health insurance. (I have, for the record stated this many times….) I think I’m just a little touchy, when it comes to spicy foods, and I did eat a good of that this past week.

So, if you into the deity and happen to believe in such stuff; pray for me. If not, good thoughts work too.


Pardon my absence for a bit

This might not be me, but it sure does look like I feel --- sicker than an ol' mutt! Woof!

I find myself a bit under the weather……again. :roll:

What happened was this; yesterday, I was jolted awake, feeling like I had inhaled the dust out of a vacuüm cleaner. You see, I, like my mother, have that drainage crap that goes down the back of your throat. Anyhow, I believe some of that got sucked into my windpipe in my sleep; and I woke up coughing my head off.

Anyhow, I got over that and today, I was outside with my cousin, while he was working on a couple of lawnmowers for my Dad. While I was out there, I started feeling a head cold a coming on; you know, the whole, “Oh man, here comes the swelled head feeling and the slight cough thing again” feeling. Sure enough, I now have a lovely cough and the big time drainage down the back of the throat deal. Bleh. 🙁

I took some Ny-Quill earlier and piled up in the bed and slept like a tank for a few hours and woke up feeling a little better; but not much. Most likely here around 11:30, I am going to take another nice big dose of Ny-Quill and hopefully sleep through the night — that should, and I say SHOULD knock it out of me.  Although, I am not going to promise anything at all.

I can say this; I am not usually the type of person who gets sick often at all; I usually get sick once a year, tops. But when I do, it’s the whole, “clear the room! The big guy is sick!” bit and I turn into an instant 12-year-old — for about 3 days. Although this one does not seem to be that bad, yet. Just seems to be more of annoyance that anything else. It just your a-typical sniffles, coughing and a good loud hearty, Kentucky-mountain-man sounding sneeze.

Ah, the joys of living in Michigan; where the weather changes so fast, it can give one whiplash.


In more positive news

Traffic it up on the blog. I opened the back-end here of the blog and saw the traffic was up a bit. I have not traced it down to see where it came from; but I am glad it is there! 😀


Under the weather, a little…

First of all, the A/C in the house here is on the fritz… The repairman will be out tomorrow. But it is HOT in this brick house! 😯

Second of all, I had a huge chicken salad for lunch yesterday and then stuffed peppers for supper.

The result of all the above, I believe; is me having a bad case of the “trots” and a general puny feeling. 🙁 😥

So, as a result; I am not going to be writing novels today. I’ll mostly be reading more and most likely posting links.

For all you praying people, pray this passes, quickly.





Message to mobile users

Just letting everyone and all users who read this site via mobile devices know that I had to switch to different mobile plug in for WordPress. It seems that the old one had a bug, in which threaded and paged comments were not working.

In other words, that last huge comment thread on the chick who whined about getting yanked off that plane, mobile users could only see like 34 of the comments. I discovered this, because I just happened to look at the posting on my iPod.

Anyhow, the new mobile plug in has some excellent features and the really cool features, like all the ads on the main blog display for mobile users. Pictures and videos automatically resize, which makes my job 100% easier.

I will admit, the theme is bit busy, and ALL the ads are there. (hint hint!!! I don’t do this for my health, ya know!)

That is all….

Da Boss ’round here…


My friends, I hate like hell to have to do this; but my personal living situation has deteriorated in the last hour and I mean badly. 🙁

Folks, I am just going to have to tell this bluntly; I need a place to live — as in right now. The pleasant living situation that I have enjoyed for the last 39 years ended tonight in a fit of rage.

To be blunt, I am to the point where I just cannot handle living with my parents anymore. 🙁 I love them, but, I cannot handle living here anymore.

To be quite honest; I don’t even know if I will be living here tomorrow or not.

If anyone wants to call me and offer support, I can explain it. But, for some very good reasons. I won’t explain it here. Let’s just say, that this has been brewing for a LOOOONG time and it came to head tonight.

I am 39 years old and I am living like a 16 year old in my parents basement. Part of that, is my fault. Part of it, is just my personal situation, the economy and just plain ol’ bad luck.

My Job prospects are grim at the moment; I quite honestly do not know what I am going to do. But I have to do something. Even if it is taking a minimum wage job push carts at store somewhere. I have to get a job and get an apartment somewhere.

I would like to live in this area, somewhere near my parents. I love them dearly, but I just cannot handling living with them anymore; and after what happened tonight, I do not know if I will be living here much longer anymore.

Things I need right now:

  • First Months Rent and security Deposit for a One Bedroom Apartment
  • Some form of reliable transportation
  • Money for a bed, chairs, table, cable, water bill and all the stuff that goes with living on your own!

Let me make this very clear:


I will be pricing apartments and will let you all know on prices. But, I must, must, must get the heck out of here and I mean quickly. Believe me, this is not because of a Law Enforcement issue, it is because my relationship with my folks is not good and me being here is going to make it worse.

If you want to help, Please:

Drop a donation, The more the better in the PayPal Button at the top and left!

I swear, I wish this was some sort of a joke; it is not and I need your help now, more than ever.

I will be job hunting for something, anything…. But in the meantime. I got to get the heck out of here and now!

Update: I will keep everyone updated. But I will be getting out of here; somehow, someway. I have to, for my mom’s and my well being.

Update #2: I have posted an major update to this Story, please click here to read it. Thanks.

3 am thoughts from the iPod

It’s 3:00am and I cannot sleep worth a darn. So, I thought I’d write here for a few.

A few news items:

Goldsilver.com has moved it’s affiliate program out to a third party company. What does that mean for you? Nothing. Same product and company. What does it mean for me? More money, I hope. So, click that big banner on the left and buy the hell out of gold and silver too please. It helps!

(please do know, if you’ve bought already; one that I appreciate the heck outta ya and two, yes it has gone for a very good cause. I have not, in months now, had to ask my parents to help me buy my medication for ADHD. That, in itself is a very awesome thing. That medication, which has now went up over $40.00; keeps my rather small pea brain in gear and my mental accordion in tune. (so to speak) again thanks! You guys keep me going. )

More suppliers for Ammo added: some of you emailed me a while back and said that you thought ImpactGuns was too pricy on ammo. For once, I was listening. So, I have added three (!) new suppliers for ammo. They are on the left, in the sidebars. I figure you cheapskates can find some ammo for your “pop pop” at those links, that won’t break your piggy bank. You can get “pop pop’s” too from Impact Guns. Remember, it goes for a very cause! It keeps me off the Government dole and out my parents wallet, as much possible.

Donations via paypal rock. Those of you who done it are awesome. You know who you are!

My bookstore is awesome, and you should check it out.

Jeff “goldenboy” Goldstein is still an prick… as are his sock puppets. Some goes for Ace. But that chick that was stalking Jeff? She is whacked! still doing stuff to get into trouble! Holy hell! I mean, I’ve done share of crap stirring but man, she takes the stuff to another level!

No hyperlinks. Sorry, too much of a pain on this iPod.

I made a contact with a very well known black Christian singer from the 1980’s on the ham radio box today. He’s been on PTL club and Gaither home coming videos. Last name is Harris. worked him on morse code. I was “star struck” as they say, felt like I worked Elvis.

September 11 is coming. 10 years now. We as a nation have changed. I did, everyone did. I thought about doing a “rake those #%^%#*# over the coals” type of a post, but I figure that’s what those idiots want. so, I’ll most likely just either refrain from posting at all or do a simple remembrance posting…. Maybe.

The problem with 9/11 is that it became this whole thing unto itself; and both sides —- use it as a wedge issue. Which is sickening, IMHO.

Well, enough yammering from me. More posting soon, when I wake up.

No posting today….

Me and Dad got free tickets for the local drag strip around here. So, Me, Dad and my two cousins will be off watching race cars go screaming down the track.

Yes, I am a closet “gear head” — I love going to the track.

So, I shall away from internet, and blogging. I need the break and to get out of this house!

I am taking the iPod and taking pictures, and maybe a movie or two.

I shall be back to the grind on Monday!

Update:  Well, Surprise, Surprise! Turns out the track had a wifi connection! I also managed to grab a video of the last car. See here!