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I value your feedback and enjoy hearing from my readers. Before you use your valuable time writing this blog and website; and by default — Me …. an email, however, please note the following:

  •  Like everyone else, I only have so many hours in the day to answer email. While I would prefer to respond personally and quickly to every email I receive, the increasing volume of correspondence does not make this possible. Therefore, I do not respond to threatening, obscene or completely negative (i.e., nothing but criticism) emails. This permits me to spend more time doing something constructive, like corresponding with people who understand and appreciate what I do.
  • Emails that contain threats will be reported to the proper law enforcement agencies as well as your Internet Service Provider.
  • If you are of the rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, Bush critical,   ill-educated, and econ101-challenged variety, and just feel that you have to vent, save your keyboard, as I rarely read beyond the first sentence before sending them where they belong, the trash bin. If you do not like my position on Barrack Obama, it will not do you any good in venting to me, I already know the facts and WHAT this guy really stands for. If you’re one of the 9/11 conspiracy wackos, and you feel you just have to tell me it’s all Bush’s fault — I happen to believe that 9/11 “toofers” ought to be SHOT for insulting the memories of those who died on 9/11 — and  I send these idiotic responses straight to the trash bin.
  • I will not respond to requests for citations, links to news articles, quotes or other information that is widely available on the Internet, television or your local library. Please do your own research.
  •  If you send email with attachments and I do not know you, I will delete your email unread and unopened. This is due to viruses and spy ware.
  •  Like members of Congress, I don’t respond to “form emails” that are clearly generated from the same source. If you can’t think of an original way to express yourself, don’t expect a response.
  •  I reserve the right to publish your email in full or excerpted in any form we deem appropriate — so don’t send anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see in print.
  • Please, don’t e-mail me griping about disrespecting the President of the United States or for not giving him enough credit, okay? First off, this is a “right of center” political blog. Although, I am not very partisan at all. I give the President criticism, where I feel it is warranted; I also praise, when I feel it is warranted as well.  I do seem to recall anyone of the left giving Bush any breaks; so don’t gripe at me. Way I see it, turnabout is fair play. Further more, I criticized Bush just as greatly as I do Obama. 

Still here? Great! I look forward to hearing from you.

Solicitors, please know: I have plenty of ads on my site. The only ones that pay anything are Pay Per Click. The rest doesn’t make jack crap. So, don’t pester me wanting me to join your silly ad company. I was on BlogAds, until they got retarded and dumped me for griping about their idiotic servers —- and they didn’t pay jack crap. So, yours most likely will not either.