About this Blog

This Blog is my personal journal.

At one point, I voted Democratic Party. That changed during the 2008 election cycle. My “about me” page tells all about that.

Okay Fine! But what are you politically?

Well, I am someone who believes that the United States of America is the greatest place on earth to live. I am someone who believes that Capitalism is a really cool thing. I am someone who believes in all the stuff that is mentioned in the video below. I believe that big Government is bad Government. I do not believe that either of these political parties are moral or political absolutes; neither do I believe that either are perfect. However, I believe that the Democratic Party stopped being the party of the “People” and the party of the socialists, class warfare — racial, gender and economic entitlement a long time ago. The Democratic Party also historically was a very racist party and even still to this very day; keeps blacks, Jews, Hispanics and every other minority on a virtual plantation — by giving them handouts.  It has become especially worse, since the election of President Barrack H. Obama in 2008.

To be more direct: No, I am not a Republican. But that party is much more in line with what I believe as an American. I have also voted libertarian as well. Although, I despise that rat bastard Ron Paul with every fiber of my being. I voted straight Republican ticket in 2010.

I will forewarn you; there are times, when I come down on an issue and I might sound like a Neo-Conservative. There are times when I might come down on a issue sounding like a Paleo-Conservative.

What about Israel?

I believe they have the right to exist, but I just simply do not believe that we should be funding any of their wars or conflicts.

What about Palestine?

Same deal as Israel. But I do believe that Islam is a religion of war, and not of peace.

Also these videos, please.

and this:

If you disagree. screw you; leave and never return to this blog ever again, because you are most likely a idiot hater and I do not suffer haters well at all. Does that answer your question?

Hope that answers your question.

This video basically sums up what this blog and it’s author is about — This is from 1948:

What I am saying is this; The left or the Democratic Party lost its way and became the very things, that the video from 1948 spoke of. Anti-Freedom. The Republicans have done it too. This is why that I am here.