UPDATED: Comment Policy

As you might have read, this blog is owner, written by and maintained by a professing Christian. This means that I happen to believe in God; and that Jesus Christ is his Son and that if you don’t believe in him —- you will fry in hell. End of Discussion.

This means the following subjects on this blog are NON-STARTERS; or in other words are not subjects that I will argue at all:

  1. Abortion or the mindless and murderous act of killing an unborn child.
  2. Homosexuality, Gay Rights or anything remotely related to that topic.

Basically I am saying your liberal arguments are not wanted here. The issue is settled with me and has been long before I began blogging. Further,  I do not need some liberal telling me how I am wrong, when it comes to the two issues listed.



I have always considered myself to be a libertarian-minded/classic liberal type person, when it comes to freedom of speech and as one of those type of people. I believe that the answer to offensive freedom of speech, even that directed at me —- is more freedom of speech. 

Therefore, as of today. I am officially dropping the moderation on this blog in the comments. Please keep in mind, that there might be Mobys, trolls and other such weirdos lurking about. What is a MOBY? See here and here, please. Heck, anything posted here, cannot be any worse than what’s over on some sites, see here to see what I mean.

Please note however:

  • If you threaten me or the President of the United States and the Secret Service comes a calling, I will simply give them your IP address.
  • If you get excessive in your MOBY act. I will block you from commenting. If you keep persisting, I will block your IP from viewing here. Simply put, I pay ‘da Bill and I set the limits on what’s cool and what is not. I will try to be as laid back on moderation as I can possibly be.

Figure if I am going to be promoting freedom, I should try and do that here on the blog too.

Update #2: Another thing: If you see me reply in the comment section. Please, do not think that this ends the discussion. Not at all! I am simply trying to interact with you all. If you think I am wrong; tell me why. But have a damned good reason and not because I am stupid or otherwise, because those sort of MOBY or Troll comments will get you tossed. Again, I want this to be a place of discussion, not just the place where I spout and you all listen. I’ve done that, and it sucks!