No, I did not watch that stupid Republican debate

No, I did not watch the debate; mainly because I was in the bed at 9:00opm. I have been doing that as of late; in bed by 9 and will sleep soundly till about midnight or so, then get up, take a leak and back to bed till 4 in the morning. It is indeed an old man’s schedule and I am pushing 40 now, so I might as well play the part.   In fact, it is 4:29a.m. now as I file this blog posting. I will set this one to go live at 8:00a.m.

From what I can understand and have been able to read; the debate was quite lively. HotAir has good coverage, as does The Other McCain, with a blow by blow of the Debate itself.  Oh yeah,  Romney the Mormon Moron screamed at some liberal heckler — that must make him a real Republican now! :roll:

If it seems that I am being overly sarcastic and dismissive of the entire debate and straw poll, it is because that I am dismissive and sarcastic regarding the entire affair.  This is because these primary polls and debates are nothing more than partisan fashion shows, to see who is more “Republican-y.” I am an independent “right of center,” as a Blogger and as a person.  I find this entire partisan fashion show to be most sickening.

The truth is my friends that half of those people were lying and the other half were reciting talking points, given to them by some idiot, who never served a damned day in office ever.  In other words, those idiots were telling those people and in the people watching that debate, exactly what they wanted to hear.  I would say the same thing about a Democratic Party Debate too.  I mean, just look at Obama and all the promises he broke while campaigning.

Further, let me say this; Conservatives and Republicans alike made a mistake as they are about to make again, I think.  In 1980, a former Democratic Party politician came out of California, with Midwestern roots.  This man was able to woo all factions of the Republican Party and of the Conservative movement into one big tent.  He made overtures and nuanced promises to the Conservative Christian World, the libertarian section and defense hawks.  He ended up fulfilling the defense promises and did attempt to rein in spending as well.  However, this same man, who made huge overtures to the Conservative Christian World, proceeded to make it to the White House, said, “Thanks for your support, now go away,” and proceeded to fulfill his own personal political agenda.  That man was President Ronald Reagan.  We still have abortion, we still do not have Prayer in schools, and the morality in this Country is worse now, than it was when Ronald Reagan was President.

One would think that the Conservative movement, especially the Conservative Christians would have learned by now that the Republican Party is not a party to be trusted.  Especially seeing that we are better informed and better educated people, due to the rise of the internet and online information.  It is as the old saying goes, “Those who do not learn from their mistakes —- are doomed to repeat them.”

I just do truly hope and pray; that the Republican Party picks a true Conservative and no some imperialist.  God knows, we have had eight good years of big spending and imperialism in this Country, which is why we are, where we are at now in this Country.  I hope that the Republican Party has learned its lesson, that wars cost money; and when a nation is barrowing more than its own GDP, something is terribly wrong.  Please, Lord; do not allow this Republican Party to make that same tragic and fatal mistake again.  Please, No more Republicans who are drunk on spending and wars.  We simply cannot afford that again — not this time — not ever again.


Mission Accomplished: Grayson will most likely lose his seat to Webster

Good. Looks like ol’ Christian-bashing Jew Alan Grayson will lose his job. Could not happen to a better idiot:

In one of the most closely watched U.S. House races in the nation, Republican Daniel Webster now holds a 7-point lead over Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson in Central Florida’s 8th Congressional District, according to a new Sunshine State News Poll.

Webster, a former state senator, leads the freshman congressman 43-36 in the survey of 559 likely voters conducted Sept. 25-27. TEA (“Taxed Enough Already”) Party candidate Peg Dunmire drew 6 percent and NPA hopeful George Metcalfe garnered 3 percent, while 9 percent remained undecided (2 percent cited “other” and 1 percent refused to state).

Digging deeper, the numbers look even worse for Grayson as 51 percent of respondents said they had an unfavorable view of the Orlando-area congressman.

“Grayson has real problems here,” said Jim Lee, president of Voter Survey Service, which conducted the poll for Sunshine State News.

“He’s even more unpopular than the president, which is not surprising given how controversial he has been with his rhetoric, overall style and TV ads.”

Lee added, “It’s fascinating that both Grayson and the president have virtually the same image (a positive/negative ratio of 34/51), but Grayson is actually disliked more by independents (36/47 favorable/unfavorable) while Obama is only 36/37.”

Andy Sere, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee in Washington, D.C., said the Central Florida district “is ripe for a Republican pick-up, even if we weren’t running against Alan Grayson.”

Calling Grayson’s views “so far outside the maintstream,” Sere predicted that “a large swath of independents and conservative Democrats will hand him a resounding defeat in November.”

Tom Gaitens, Florida director for FreedomWorks, said the Washington, D.C-based tea group has focused on the CD8 race “from the beginning.”

“Grayson is an obnoxious antagonist to tea partiers and raised the ire of the movement,” Gaitens said. “He’s probably the biggest lightning rod-type candidate in the nation.”

With controversial TV ads like “Taliban Dan,” in which the Democrat tried to portray the Baptist Webster as a religious extremist, “Grayson put himself in the crosshairs,” Gaitens said.

“It’s his character to say foolish things, and he doesn’t handle stress well. He’ll see this poll and get more desperate,” said Gaitens, who predicts a 10-point victory for Webster.

via Poll: Obama, Dems Poised to Lose Grayson House Seat | Sunshine State News.

Let that be a lesson to the Democratic Party. You allow your candidates to bash Christians, and in this man’s case — Baptists. You pay the price at the polls. As I said in the title — Mission Accomplished. 😀

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Polls: I do not put much stock into them

I am referring to the poll which came out yesterday that gave Republicans a big lead.

Here are the charts:

Story Snippet:

The last Gallup weekly generic ballot average before Labor Day underscores the fast-evolving conventional wisdom that the GOP is poised to make significant gains in this fall’s midterm congressional elections. Gallup’s generic ballot has historically proven an excellent predictor of the national vote for Congress, and the national vote in turn is an excellent predictor of House seats won and lost. Republicans’ presumed turnout advantage, combined with their current 10-point registered-voter lead, suggests the potential for a major “wave” election in which the Republicans gain a large number of seats from the Democrats and in the process take back control of the House. One cautionary note: Democrats moved ahead in Gallup’s generic ballot for several weeks earlier this summer, showing that change is possible between now and Election Day.

Here is why I do not put much stock into these polls. Because one week, these polls will show that the Republicans are on top; and the Republicans will say to the Democrats, “Ha Ha! We’re on top!” and the next week the reverse will happen. It goes on and on and on. President George W. Bush, much to his credit, did not pay attention to these polls. The same seems to be the case with President Barack Obama, which some might argue, shows that he is not concerned with what the American people think and that is never a good narrative to have running, when you are in your first term.  Again, however, I as a political blogger, just do not put much stock in the polls; mainly because polls are just a fashion show, if you will, of what people happen to be thinking at the time.

However, because I am supposed to be someone who does lean to the right. I believe it is fair for me to point out that the reason why the Democrats and Barack Obama’s poll numbers are tanking is because President Barack Obama made all sorts of crazy promises during his campaign and then, the minute he was elected, he reneged on those promises. Also it would be fair to report that the Democrats rammed through the Healthcare Bill, which no one wanted at all — including some Democrats. It is also fair to point out that President Obama’s plan for a Economic Stimulus failed horribly and our economy is still in the toilet.

However, it is fair to point out, that things could drastically change by November. I highly doubt it, but it is possible. Heck, anything is possible in this day and age.

In Closing: While those polls are neat to look at and all. I would not wager the house on them. Because, like the stock market. They change daily.

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It is time to vote in the Michigan Primaries

I should have posted this earlier. But, I was busy.

I voted in today’s primary. I voted for Mike Bouchard for Governor of the State of Michigan.

I ask that if you live in Michigan and you are registered to vote, that you do so. When you vote, vote for Mike Bouchard.

A little about Mike Bouchard:

Born and raised in Michigan, Mike Bouchard has been committed to improving our state. Growing up in Oakland County, he attended Birmingham Brother Rice high school. He and Pam, his wife of twenty years, are teaching the same Michigan values they learned growing up to their three kids. From police officer to small business owner to elected office, Mike has taken on many different roles in his efforts to preserve and protect our way of life.

Bouchard FamilyMike brings all his experience, knowledge and leadership to the race for Governor. He understands it’s a critical time for the state, as many families face uncertain times as our economy continues to struggle. As governor, he’ll be prepared on day one to start making the tough choices that will turn our state around. He knows it took a long time to get here, so there are no easy fixes or simple solutions. But we need to take the first steps in order to get us back on the road to prosperity.
Mike believes if we fix Lansing, we’ll get Michigan back to work.

He’ll be able to bring his knowledge from serving as a leader in the state Senate to develop lasting solutions. He was in the Senate when our leaders worked together to deliver balanced budgets and tax cuts every year he was there. As Assistant Senate Majority Leader, he worked closely with leaders like Governor Engler and then Senate Majority Leader Posthumus. Mike placed a priority on helping families. He pushed for the Michigan Sex Offender Registry requiring sex offenders to register with local law enforcement agencies and making that information publicly available for concerned parents and neighbors. He also chaired the education committee where he worked to empower parents and students to make more decisions about their future.

Go read the rest of that. Mike’s a proven leader, that knows how to get things done. Just we need for Michigan and for jobs to be returned to this area. I supported Mike Bouchard since day one and I do truly hope that he does win this primary.

Check out Mike Bouchard for Republican  Governor of the State of Michigan.

Young people are turning on Obama

(H/T Doug Powers @ Michelle Malkin)

Young people are beginning to realize that the “Magic Negro” was never really magical at all.

Via the New York Post:

Young voters who had been enthralled by Barack Obama’s “Yes, we can” message are now saying “Maybe not” — and are backing away from the president in a worrisome new poll for the White House.

Obama is losing in a match-up against a generic Republican challenger by 37 percent to 34 percent among voters in the 18-34 age group, according to a stunning Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday.

In March, voters in this group approved of Obama by 54 percent to 37 percent.

“The youngest age group may be the most impatient and the most easily disillusioned among all age groups,” said Molly Andolina, a youth-vote expert and DePaul University political-science professor.

For many young voters in 2008, “it was the first time they’d been really been involved, really paying attention. This is someone telling them, ‘Yes, you can,’ ” she said.

Two years later, with a prolonged Gulf oil spill, “watching how slow it is to respond may be a little disillusioning,” she added.

I could use this space to be snarky or whatever. But, I really will just speak the truth. This is what happens when the person that you are trying to elect is oversold. It is a classic case of Democratic Party overreach. Have the Republicans ever done this? Absolutely; They did it with Reagan to a point, but it was nowhere near the scale and size of what the Democratic Party did with Barack Obama. Not only that, but the Reagan campaign and Presidency did not engage in the Chicago-style of political thuggery that the Obama campaign was notorious for.

There is also a more broader and finer point to be made as well. That point is that as a political candidate, you get one chance to capture the hearts and minds of the American people. Just one chance! If you are able to do it and you louse it up; you are, as they say, screwed. Barack Obama rode in on the promise of “Hope and Change”, and it turned out that he is just another Chicago thug politician. Further more, it became very clear to the most devoted of Obama supporters that now President Obama was just not much of a political leader, but rather a thinker. This became very apparent when the oil spill happened. In fact, Obama still has this attitude of being above it all, even after it has happened.

So, this poll should not be a shock to anyone. Least of all to us who knew what the man was really all about.

Stupid Right Wing Headline of the Day…..

This one is for the “Well, Duh!” section of the blog.

New polling data from Gallup on President Barack Obama’s job approval show that he is least popular in those states where people self-identify as “conservative” – in states, for example, such as Alabama, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. At the same time, the numbers show Obama is most popular in the one area where more people self-identify as “liberals”: the District of Columbia.

A July 19 poll on Obama’s job approval showed he was least popular (lowest ranking and up) in Wyoming, with an approval rating of only 29 percent, followed by Utah, with 34 percent approval; West Virginia, 34 percent; Idaho, 34 percent; and Oklahoma, 37 percent.

via – Obama Job Approval Lowest Among ‘Conservative’ States.

****Please Note: the following is extremely harsh sarcasm*****

I just do not get why this is actually news. I mean, Brent “The Bozo” Bozell actually pays people to write this sort of blatant stupidity. Of course, President Obama is not going to poll well in Conservative parts of the Country! I mean, why the hell would he not?

I guess he does this for the benefit of the extreme right in this Country. You know the ones who actually believe that President Barack Obama is not an American citizen. Also for those who believe he is some sort of Crypto-Commie Muslim or something. You know, the one’s that I refuse to give any space on this blog; and for that I have been labeled a “fake Conservative” because of it. The real ironic part is; a few of the bloggers who have said and done this, are Jewish people, like these people now have the right to smear a black man, because of what Adolf Hilter did to their people. I can tell you this, if ever a Jew were elected President; and people on the left or right criticized him, like people are doing Obama. The Semite card players would be out in full force —- Just like the race-card people are now.

This crap here is another reason why I have basically decided to stop siding with the right in this Country. Enough is enough and I have had enough of it. It is time get back to the reality; but it is becoming more clear by the minute that the Far Right and even the not-so-far right are living in altered state of reality.

On the right; in the end, it is the “That Nigger President and his socialist minions are going to rap our babies, Eat our children and steal our Money!” types that win out over reason and common sense. Which is why I’ve basically moved back to the center of the political fence. I didn’t vote for Obama; but I am not going to sit here and slander the man anymore. At least not to go along with the Republican Party’s narrative. The Conservative Blogosphere is made up serial liars, Neo-Nazi’s who are treated with respect, and shrieking harpy’s who are just plan crazy. Not my kind of crowd; that is about annoying and stupid as the Christian Right, of which I used to be part of. So, I know of what I speak.

Liberal Idiot Talker Bill Press: Obama’s poll numbers are falling because of “Spoiled Americans”


This comes via The Radio Equalizer:

My friend and excellent blogger Mitch Berg over at Shot in the Dark, lays the smack down on Bill Press:

Bill Press:  Get a grip.

You think Ronald Reagan got carried to success on the shoulders of the entire American people right after his election; the media certainly sniped at him nonstep (then as now).

And yet he succeeded (not that you can tell that to people like Bill Press).

Competence helps.

Amen and Amen. The only person to blame for Obama’s piss poor poll numbers is his own damned self. I mean, the man outright LIED about Abortion not being in the Healthcare bill! What the hell does President Bambi Teleprompter expect? This is just a classic case of denial and spin by the left to deflect blame away from the fact that Barack Obama’s popularity is just not what it was, when he was elected. Plain and simple. The man did not deliver on anything, The Economy and Jobs, his handling of domestic terror threats, his handling of the oil spill; everything. The man just is not a leader, he is an intellectual and people want leadership; plain and simple.

Update: Once again, Ed Morrissey is spot on:

We’re spoiled? If Bill Press’ argument holds water, then who spoiled us? If the answer is George W. Bush, then perhaps that means that liberals will shortly revise their estimations of his presidency as the last Golden Age … right?


It comes as no shock to hear a liberal talk about the American public as “children” who need scolding. (It also doesn’t come as a shock to see that Bill Press doesn’t check the data on jobs before declaring that Obama has rescued them.) That’s the entire mindset of liberalism — that the masses can’t make their own decisions and need a cadre of elites to do it for them.


Expect to see more of the “ungovernable” argument as Obama continues to flop. We’ll hear it as an excuse for ever-increasing executive authority; we’ve already seen public paeans to authoritarian regimes by liberals like Thomas Friedman and Woody Allen, and we’ll likely see a lot more if the Republicans take control of the House in the fall.

I have to admit; I have not always agreed with Ed in the past, but he is spot farking on right here. That is the real sad part. Liberalism; back in the days of classic liberalism, was all about personal freedom and choice, before the big Government socialists took the liberal movement over. Now, it is all about nanny-state’ism and big Government; and when the American people reject that or reject the policies and performance of those big Government types, the elitists among the nanny state crowd accuse the common man of being spoiled and ungovernable. This is what always kills the Democratic Party’s chances of being reelected. They overreach and when they fail in that overreach; The Liberal Democrats will scowl and deride those who criticize them or reject their style of Government. This is one of the flaws of Big Government and socialism; it is made up of an elite class of overlords, that look down upon the common man and try to think for them; when those people reject their thinking, they scorn them. It has been that way for years and that is why Republicans always come to rescue and allow people to think for themselves.

Obama’s Poll Numbers Continue to drop

This is not too surprising considering his handling of the economy and the Oil Spill, and so on…:

Washington Post Reports:

Public confidence in President Obama has hit a new low, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. Four months before midterm elections that will define the second half of his term, nearly six in 10 voters say they lack faith in the president to make the right decisions for the country, and a clear majority once again disapproves of how he is dealing with the economy.

Regard for Obama is still higher than it is for members of Congress, but the gap has narrowed. About seven in 10 registered voters say they lack confidence in Democratic lawmakers and a similar proportion say so of Republican lawmakers.

Overall, more than a third of voters polled — 36 percent — say they have no confidence or only some confidence in the president, congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans. Among independents, this disillusionment is higher still. About two-thirds of all voters say they are dissatisfied with or angry about the way the federal government is working.

Such broad negative sentiments have spurred a potent anti-incumbent mood. Just 26 percent of registered voters say they are inclined to support their representative in the House this fall; 62 percent are inclined to look for someone new.

The reason for this is because of the Democrats blatant tone deafness regarding the economy and jobs. Instead they pursued and passed a health care bill, that NOBODY wanted. Meanwhile, people like me, sit without a job. Of course, because I am not a vet or a minority. I will sit at the back of the jobs lines for a long time to come.

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How bad will it be for Democrats come 2010?

This bad:

Though Election Day is still months away, pundits have already begun to speculate on possible outcomes for this year’s midterms. There’s a general consensus that Democrats will lose seats in November, but beyond that opinions vary widely on how big those losses might be. Some argue that because of the advance notice, passage of health care, and an improving economy (or some combination of all three), Democrats will be able to limit their losses significantly. Others are predicting a repeat of 1994, when Democrats lost 50+ seats and control of the House.


That said, I think those who suggest that the House is barely in play, or that we are a long way from a 1994-style scenario are missing the mark. A 1994-style scenario is probably the most likely outcome at this point. Moreover, it is well within the realm of possibility – not merely a far-fetched scenario – that Democratic losses could climb into the 80 or 90-seat range. The Democrats are sailing into a perfect storm of factors influencing a midterm election, and if the situation declines for them in the ensuing months, I wouldn't be shocked to see Democratic losses eclipse 100 seats.


President Obama’s policy choices to date are wreaking havoc on the brand that Democrats cultivated carefully over the past twenty years. Bill Clinton worked long and hard to make it so that voters could say “fiscal conservative” and “Democrat” in the same sentence, but voters are finding it difficult to say that again.

If brand damage is truly seeping over into Congressional races – and the polling suggests it is – then the Democrats are in very, very deep trouble this election. There is a very real risk that they could be left with nothing more than Obama’s base among young, liberal, and minority voters, which is packed into relatively few Congressional districts. It would be the Dukakis map transformed onto the Congressional level, minus the support in Appalachia. That would surely result in the Democratic caucus suffering huge losses, and in turn produce historic gains for the GOP this November.

via RealClearPolitics – How Bad Could 2010 Really Get For Democrats?.

As I have said on here many times. Elections have consequences, so do bad policy decisions; this is a result of that. When you poke your finger in the eye of the American people and you try and tell them, what is good for them, this is what happens. President Obama and his goons in the Congress have basically disrupted the status quo in American heathcare and many Americans were against this Healthcare bill; including those on the left, who felt that it did not go far enough. So, Obama and the Democrats are going to be hurting come November. It will be very interesting to watch, and I will be there, writing my fool head off about it. 😀

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About that Stupid Ron Paul – Obama Poll

I usually do not write about Polls; because most of them are just ridiculous.

But this one here, and the one about Bush and Obama are worth noting.

I will say this; if the G.O.P. runs Ron Paul as their candidate, they will be trounced in the general election. Because nobody and I mean, nobody is going to vote for Ron Paul, I mean looking at his controversial past ought to be proof enough. The funny part is; when confronted, the Paul-bots like to say that Ron Paul did not write those newsletters. My response to that is; who in the hell, in their right mind, would lend their name to a newsletter, which would be authored by people who have such feelings about Blacks, Jews and so forth? Someone who obviously agrees with such idiotic mentality. Sorry Paulites, but your idiotic attempt to distance Ron Paul from his own damned newsletters, is not flying with this guy. I am just not that stupid. I will not even get into the 2008 campaign monies donated by the founders of Stormfront and former Klansman David Duke and Don Black, that was never returned.

I realize that this poll is a hypothetical one; but if I were Jewish, I would be very worried. If Paul was elected and I were Jewish, I would be looking into real estate in Israel. Because if that bastard got in as President, it would only be a matter of time before the Jewish persecution started.  However, being the realist that I am, I know better; because there is just no way that the G.O.P. senior leadership will allow a person like Ron Paul to run for President.

Edited because some Paul-bots do not understand the concept of snark.

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Oh My: Obama’s Approval Rating Slips to 47%

This is a bit of a shock… Well, maybe not:

Any slight bump in support Obama received coincident with his new Afghanistan policy proved to be very short-lived, as his approval rating returned to below the majority level by the weekend, and slipped further to 47% in Dec. 4-6 polling.

Afghanistan is just one of many high-profile issues with which the president is dealing. Immediate public reaction to his new Afghanistan policy showed 51% in favor and 40% opposed, according to a Dec. 2 USA Today/Gallup poll.

Obama spent part of Sunday on Capitol Hill talking to lawmakers as they continue working on healthcare reform legislation. In the most recent Gallup update, more Americans said they would advise their members to vote against healthcare legislation than said they would advise them to vote for it.

More at Gallup:  After Brief Uptick, Obama Approval Slips to 47%.

It is not much of a shock to me, especially if you take in account all of the tried and failed policies that the President has tried and ultimately failed in doing. The stimulus for all of its hype, bluster, and yes, money spent, has failed to create any meaningful jobs; especially here in Michigan, where things are bad.  The Democrats, specifically Obama had the American people believing that his continuation of the Bush Stimulus plan was going to cause the Stock Market to roar back and the jobs would come back and everything would be roses and unicorns and everyone would be working and happy. You see how that all worked out, did you not? Is it any wonder that even liberals now are calling their own lot useless?

Not only this, but just look at his performance with the Afghanistan; the President’s dithering was enough to make any Military man angry and even the most positive person nervous. Then there is Nationalized Healthcare bill that Obama’s Democrats are trying to foist on the Nation, even when most polls say that the American people are quite happy with their healthcare plans and with Medicare and do not want the Federal Government changing that.

The only thing that really shocks me is how fast the President’s approval ratings have dropped. It took six whole years for George W. Bush’s approval ratings to plummet. Even this did not take place, until the Iraq War had taken a bad turn in 2006. In fact, it has taken President Obama six months for his approval ratings to drop to their current level. This spin, of course, from the Democrats is that it is because of the press of the opposition, like Fox News, that has created a negative climate in which for the President to operate. But the truth of the matter is, that the Democrats have overreached once again, this time to a maddening degree and the only people that the Democrats have to blame for the dropping in Obama’s poll numbers, is themselves.

Conservatives are the top ideological group

So says Gallup:

PRINCETON, NJ — Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates and liberals in the American populace in 2009, confirming a finding that Gallup first noted in June. Forty percent of Americans describe their political views as conservative, 36% as moderate, and 20% as liberal. This marks a shift from 2005 through 2008, when moderates were tied with conservatives as the most prevalent group.

via Conservatives Maintain Edge as Top Ideological Group.

Think of this the next time some screwball poll comes out in favor of the Democrats. The reason the pollsters are able to get the results they want is by oversampling the Socialist Democrats.

(H/T Confederate Yankee)

Lies, Damned Lies and more Lies

I notice in the Blogosphere today that the Liberals are accusing Conservatives of lying about the turn out in Washington D.C.

How ironic that the Socialists are crying foul about lying; seeing that their own dear leader is quite the liar himself.

Let’s review, shall we?

My that’s quite a bit of lying.

I think his nose should be growing…

Remember this little whopper of a big lie?

…and the Kool-Aid Drinkers bought it; hook, line and sinker.

So, perhaps…. Joe Wilson; was right?

Of course, the bill was changed, after Joe Wilson called the President on it. But still, are not these other lies legit? I think they are.

Exit Question: If a Republican lied like this man has, would not he be held to a higher scrutiny? But because he is a black liberal, he skates for free? Isn’t that the honest truth?

Obama’s poll numbers continue to drop

You know it is a slow news day; when you have to look at another Conservative Blog for see if there is any news at all.

Good Lord.

According to the latest Rasmussen Report: (H/T to Ed Morrissey, who can find news anywhere! 😀 )

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 30% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-eight percent (38%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -8 (see trends).

Just 25% believe that the economic stimulus package has helped the economy.

Overall, 49% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. Today marks the first time his overall approval rating has ever fallen below 50% among Likely Voters nationwide. Fifty-one percent (51%) disapprove.

Eighty-three percent (83%) of Democrats continue to approve of the President’s performance while 80% of Republicans disapprove. Among those not affiliated with either major party, 37% offer a positive assessment. The President earns approval from 51% of women and 47% of men.

Wow. What a huge drop! The President’s poll number has dropped faster than I’ve ever seen before. At least since I have been paying attention to such stuff. Of course, A liberal will say that Bush’s numbers dropped too. Sure; but it did not happen so fast. Bush maintained high poll numbers for well into his Presidency. That was until the Iraq War turned ugly. That was when, finally, his numbers started tanking.

Heck, even Bill Clinton’s numbers did not start tanking badly until the Lewinsky Scandal hit. So, this is a major development. This could very well spell the beginning of the end of the romance between America and the President. The newness could very well be wearing off rather quickly.

I have few theories as to why this is:

  • The Economy: So far there has been no big clear sign, that the Bush Initiated and Obama expanded Stimulus Package has even worked.  Perhaps a few token projects, in a attempt to make the Administration look good to the American people. But so far, no real progress has even begun.
  • The Stock Market: I realize that this one and the previous point might be intertwined, but for the purposes of explaining, I separated them. Anyone who has even remotely follow the markets, knows what I am talking about. The Markets are totally unstable, one minute the markets are swirling the drain, the next minute they are soaring. That makes investors nervous and distrust the leadership in Washington D.C.; Plus, most hardcore Capitalists are not too thrilled about the idea of the Government venturing into the Private sector.
  • Unemployment: Unemployment is still rising, it is now at 9.7 Percent. Here in Michigan it is at 15.4 percent across all 7 market sectors. The folks see this and they blame the Governmental leadership.
  • Obama’s Healthcare Plan: This is perhaps the biggest reason Obama poll numbers are going through the floor. Most rational thinking Americans just do not like the idea of the United States Government telling them that they MUST take some sort of insurance plan or they will be taxed. There are some, like this writer; who find that to be a infringement upon my Constitutional rights. Thus this would cause Obama poll numbers to drop dramatically.
  • Broken Campaign Promises: Gosh, Where does one even start here? Transparency Promise, Broken. Promise to end the Iraq War, when Obama took office; Changed and then, Broken. I am sure that there are many more that he has broken, I just do not remember them all. To be fair, Bush broke many himself; Some were for the good. Like the Privatizing of Social Security. That is one, that I am personally glad to see did not get fulfilled. Seeing how the markets crashed.
  • Overexposure: AllahPundit over at HotAir wrote about this last night. It is quite true, Obama has had four major news conferences. People are just sick and tired of seeing the President on T.V. trying to get his agenda passed. They would rather just not see him all the time. They elected him; great. Now, please, get to work sir! That is basically the feeling of the American people; at least I believe so anyhow.

To sum this up. Obama needs to work on being the President and quit trying to be a rock star. It could only help.

The party is over for Obama among independent voters

Looks like the Independents in America have sobered up from the Hope and Change stupor:

In the new National Public Radio poll conducted by the Democratic polling company Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and its Republican counterpart, Public Opinion Strategies, 42 percent of the 800 likely voters surveyed March 10 to 14 said that if the next congressional election were held today they would vote for the Republican candidate; an identical percentage of respondents said they would vote for the Democratic one. For several years, Democrats held a substantial lead on this question.

Democrats still outnumbered Republicans in terms of party identification in this poll by 6 points, 45 percent to 39 percent. Democrats also favored their own party’s congressional candidates 83 percent to 7 percent. But voters who call themselves independents gave GOP candidates the edge by 14 points, 38 percent to 24 percent. And self-identified Republicans supported their own party’s candidates 85 percent to 3 percent.

via National Journal Magazine – Are Independents Hedging Their Bets?.

I recommend you go read the whole thing, as it is a very interesting read. The political climate in America is changing very fast. Most Americans do not want to see their children paying for some economic mess, that was not even of their own making; but rather was of some Democrat in Washington D.C.’s making. Now, in fairness, the Republicans could have stopped this mess in 2003, they tried and the people creating the mess played the race card and also denied that anything was even wrong.  However, if Jimmy Carter and later on Bill Clinton would have left well enough alone, this whole economic mess would have been avoided.

I do truly hope by 2010 that the poll numbers for the Democrats are so low that Republican Congress will be able to take back the majority and out of the hands of these crazy people who want to spend out country into bankruptcy.

More Coverage:

An Interesting Movie

I post this because I believe that it is interesting. Alex Jones has always struck me as a kook. Someone amongst the “Tin Foil Hat” crowd. However, it is something interesting to watch.


What do you think? Do you think that there is any truth to this?

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The Automotive Bailouts: The Other Side of the Story

I have been sitting here, trying to keep out of this. But I have sat and looked at the Republican and NeoConservative Spin on this Story and I’m sick of it. 😡

So, I am giving you, the other side of the story, from the horses mouth; without commentary from me.

I did not ask that you agree, I simply ask that you listen and hear this man out. Now I am almost sure, that the Blogs, that I have linked to, will remove my trackback, like the Neo-Con Fascists that they are. I mean, it is all about controlling the message with those guys.  :roll:

Here we go:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Media Q & A:

Media Q & A Part 2:

Media Q & A Part 3:

There you have it. The other side of the story. You decide.

(Source UAW.ORG)

Interesting Political Debate

As you might know, I get a great deal of video from Breit Bart’s Video Website.  I also am signed up for his RSS feeds. I happen come across a video of a debate between John Ziegler and Nate Silver.

Here is the video of this most interesting back and forth:

Okay, here’s my impressions. First off John Zeigler’s phone audio was way much louder than Nate Silver’s. Which made hearing Nate harder. You would think an organization like Breit Bart TV would know how to use a computer EQ system or have a mixing board to evenly regulate sound from the Telephone.

Second of all, Zeigler comes off sounding like a arrogant prick, kinda like some smart assed drunk in a bar, that I once had to punch in the face  — long story there.  I can understand Zeigler not agreeing with Silver’s political idology, but to take a condescending tone with someone like that, is just totally unprofessional. I must say Nate Silver handled himself very well. If that would have been me, I would told Zeigler to go get bent and if he had a problem with it, I would have invited him to meet me somewhere and he would be needing some dental work, when I got done with him. 😡

Not only this, I do not buy the claim that he cannot release the unedited footage and make it available on the internet. He chooses not to.

More importantly is this. Honestly, who gives two flips about polls, really! I mean the election is over. Obama going to be President, Conservatives like Zeigler need to just accept it and move on.

For what it is worth; no, I do not buy that Breit Bart is neutral and that the Z-Cast is A-Political. They’re a Conservative website. Which promotes and portals videos to a particular audience.

Update: Yes, I know, the video auto plays. I checked the code, there is no way to change that. It’s lame, it sucks, but I can’t fix it. Sorry. 🙁

Important Announcement From the Blogs 4 Borders Crew!

Jake Delivers a sobering announcement about the Blogs 4 Borders BlogBurst. 🙁

….and here I am unemployed and cannot help. 😥

If you want to help Jake get his show on the road, click here to send him a message. Or go to his YouTube site and leave him a message there.

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Heartbreak: New USA Today/Gallup Poll, Obama 53% – McCain 42%

Egad, two days away and this is the best that John McCain can do? Not good, not good at all.

Via USA Today:

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama leads Republican John McCain by 11 percentage points in the last USA TODAY/Gallup national poll of likely voters before Election Day.

With less than two days to go before polls open, the contenders’ support is estimated to be:

• Obama, 53%.
• McCain, 42%.

Those numbers, released this hour, are based on national surveys of 2,472 likely voters. The interviews were conducted by telephone on Friday, Saturday and today. The margin of error on each figure is +/- 2 percentage points.

Gallup says the group it surveyed is mostly made up of voters who fit its “traditional” model of those likely to show up at the polls. Also among the 2,472 are some who have already voted — including first-timers.

The results are identical to Gallup’s “expanded” pool of likely voters, which adds more first-time voters than the survey firm used in the past.

One other set of numbers to consider: Gallup says that when it allocates the 4% of likely voters who either had no opinion or would not choose between Obama and McCain, it estimates the candidates’  current support levels would most likely be 55% for Obama, 44% for McCain.

This very well could be the writing on the wall for the McCain campaign. What could be causing such a hemorrhage of support for John McCain. Well, besides all the stuff racked up against the Bush Administration, there’s this:

McCain’s choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate doesn’t appear to be wearing well with most Americans. In the poll, 45% of registered voters rated the choice as “poor” and another 18% said it was “only fair,” while 19% called it “pretty good” and 16% excellent.

Those are much more negative ratings than in a USA TODAY survey taken just after the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. Then, 60% called the pick of Palin excellent or good; 38% said it was “only fair” or poor.

In contrast, assessments of Barack Obama’s choice of Delaware Sen. Joe Biden remain positive. Now, 60% call Obama’s choice excellent or “pretty good,” while 38% say it was “only fair” or poor. In early September, the divide was 63%-33%.

Biden has a favorable-unfavorable rating of 53%-32%. Palin has a favorable-unfavorable rating of 42%-49%.

One more historic tidbit from the survey: Obama’s favorable rating is 62% — the highest that any presidential candidate has registered in Gallup’s final pre-election polls going back to 1992.

That may very well be the answer. As I have written on here, many times before, John McCain ran on a faulty narrative. One that assumed that the angry Hillary Clinton voters would just come vote for John McCain. That formula, I am afraid was based upon some very flawed thinking. There was a great deal of cooling off that took place, not to mention there was quite a bit of mending that took place in the Democratic Party, between the factions.

Further more, John McCain thought that Sarah Palin would energize the base towards his campaign, and it did just that, but that’s the only thing it energized, it never did catch on with the rest of America.  I cannot say that it is entirely the fault of John McCain himself, because having a Vice-Presidential pick say silly stuff like, “I can see Russia from my House!” as a qualification for Foreign policy experience, is not a good way to make an impression on the Independent voters.

I will offer the standard caveat, that is that polls are a snapshot in time; one should keep the issues, not the polls in mind when voting.  Vote your principles, Vote your conscience, Vote with your mind, vote with your heart, But above all, Vote.  Lives have been lost, blood has been spilled on many a battlefield; distant and domestic, over the great vast space of that shadowing figure we call time; so that we as American Citizens can exercise that one scared thing that gives we the people; the great citizens of this free and Democratic Republic, that is the opportunity to voice our opinions in what happens in our political system in this great country of ours. That is to cast a private ballot choosing whom; we as free Americans, without fear of oppression, to choose the next person to be the President of the United States of America.

When you’ve lost Zogby, You’ve lost the election.

Sigh…. SighIt only gets worse for McCain.

Zogby, A Republican owned Polling system has grim news for John McCain:

The race for President of the United States continued to tighten, as both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain lost ground in a contest that is now a four–point game, the latest Reuters/C–SPAN/Zogby daily tracking telephone poll shows.

Obama lost 0.9 points and now stands at 49.0% in the tracking poll, while McCain lost 0.4 points and now stands at 44.7% support in a head–to–head match–up. Another 6.3% said they were undecided, up from 4.9% the day before.

McCain wins 87% of the Republican support, and Obama 84% of the Democratic support, and each candidate wins 11% of the opposing party’s support. Obama continues to lead among independent voters – his advantage now stands at 16 points, 51% to 35%.

McCain leads among men, 48% to 45%, while Obama leads among women by a larger 53% to 42% margin. Among white voters, McCain leads by a 53% to 41% margin. Among Hispanics, Obama leads, 66% to 28%, and among African Americans, Obama wins 88% to McCain’s 9%.

The numbers:

Week Four


Tracking Poll






Others/Not sure


Week Three


Tracking Poll


















Others/Not sure






Week Two


Tracking Poll


















Others/Not sure







Week One


Tracking Poll


















Others/Not sure






Wow… just wow…. I mean, who can spin that, McCain says it’s going to be a squeaker? Honestly? Is he reading the same polls as the rest of the world? I mean, Zogby! The Republican Poll company says you’re losing?!?! Unbelievable. Surprise

I do not dare use the word “landslide”. But It’s going to be a bad day on November 4.


Polls tighten up

(H/T Rich Lowery)

Seems the Gallup Polls are showing a tighter margin for Obama and McCain.


The gap between Barack Obama and John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Saturday through Monday has narrowed slightly, and Obama is now at 49% of the vote to 47% for McCain among likely voters using Gallup’s traditional model, and at 51% to 44% using Gallup’s expanded model.


John McCain said this race will be a "squeaker", as he called it. The problem is that it is not going to be a squeaker in his favor. It’s the economy, the war, and his ties to the Bush Administration that is killing him. Not to mention his picking of a total buffoon for a V.P.

Put quite simply, this is just not the Republicans year when it comes to Presidential Politics. 

Are Polls what they’re cracked up to be?

(H/T AllahPundit @ HotAir)

Via Virginia Virtucon:  (One of his contributors writes)

I was having dinner a night ago with a friend of mine who is a statistician for a well-regarded private polling company. They do some work for Republicans in California, but most of the work they do is for Democrats or Democrat-leaning operations (Unions, etc.). Anyway, her shop was retained to do a few Presidential polls for targetted states on behalf of a union so the union could decide where to spend their ad dollars for the last week. They did Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Missouri. After mocking the hell out of the voter id spreads used by Rassmussen, Zogby, etc. (and this is coming from a committed Dem who will be voting for Barry O) she said the results of their polling lead her to believe that McCain will definitely win FL, OH, NC, MO and NV. She says Obama definitely wins New Mexico. She said that Colorado and New Hampshire were absolute dead heats. She said she thinks there is a 55% chance Obama holds on in Pennsylvania and a 75% chance McCain wins Virginia. She absolutely laughed at the public polls showing Obama leading Virginia–and pointed out that all of those polls rely on Dem turnout being +4 and as much as +7, when in 2006, Republicans actually had the advantage by +3. She also pointed out that the numbers for Obama in SWVA look absolutely awful and that McCain is running 10 points better then Allen did in NoVa.

Anyway, her companies conclusion is that the election will come down to Colorado, New Hampshire and the Republican leaning district in Maine, which in her opinion might very well decide the Presidency (apparently the district in Nebraska that Obama thought he might be able to get is now off the table). She said she has very little doubt that the public polling is part of a “concerted voter suppression effort” by the MSM. She said IBD/TIPP was the only outfit doing public polling that was “worth a bucket of warm piss”.

Yikes! Maybe a bit extreme on the mental image. Sick But it does tell something. Maybe these polls are not as accurate as some might think.

We shall see.

Needless to say, this election is going to be a historic one. Whomever wins this election and becomes our Nation’s next President will have their own work cut out for them. I would not want to be in their shoes at all come 2009.

The Obligatory Obama is ahead in the polls and McCain’s attacks posting.

First off about the Polls. It’s obvious, the economy is literally driving McCain’s campaign into the ditch. The attack ads obviously did not help, but more than anything, it is the economy, the Republican Party is just on the bad side of things. There’s no way around that or no way of spinning it at all. When the economy tanks the American people look to the opposing party to bring change. Which is what happened in 1980 with Reagan and after the stock market crash and subsequent depression in 1929, with FDR. This time the Republican Party is the Political Party that is one on the wrong side of the situation.

While I might not agree with some of Obama’s positions, I think sometimes, that Obama might just bring some jobs back to this area. I know that I could benefit from that. Obviously, Bob Barr is not going to be elected, even I understand that. While I am not going to come out as a flag waving Obama-bot. I will be the first to concede that change is needed in America and at the moment, Obama represents that. I don’t think the change will come at the speed that many are believing, but it will come, sooner or later.

As for the McCain attack ads and how it is affecting him in the polls; the issue is not what the ads said, it was how they were framed and presented to the American people. The entire problem was that John McCain was saying “Bill Ayers, Bill Ayers, Bill Ayers” and Black America and some the more uneducated on the far right, that believe everything that crosses their mailbox were hearing “He’s a black terrorist! He’s a black terrorist! He’s a black terrorist!” Needless to say this has not helped John McCain’s campaign at all. Not only that, but the picking of Sarah Palin was, as far as this writer is concerned, a tragic mistake. I say this because what McCain was trying to do, was appeal to his base. The problem is, you cannot win an election by appealing just to your base. But rather appealing to the Independent Voters or what are called “The swing voters.” They decide the election in the end, not the base of either party.

Obama on the other hand has appealed to Democrats and Independents as well, and also Conservatives as well; Chris Buckley is a prime example. I mean, Chris Buckley?!?! The son of the infamous staunch Conservative icon, William F. Buckley? Obviously, something is wrong with McCain’s campaign for Buckley to give McCain the cold shoulder. John McCain’s own brother blasted McCain’s campaign for not handling him properly.

Obama on the other hand has handled a very steady campaign, at times, in this writers opinion, playing certain “Cards” to their advantage, as they did with Hillary; much to the same effect as McCain’s campaign. This is just called good politics and good campaigning, and most shockingly it has worked.

So, the bottom line is this; John McCain while he might be great person of courage and valor, his campaign has been the Republican equivalent of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. To beat someone like Obama, you must be good, damned good, and sorry to say, but McCain just is not that; Good.