Explaining myself further

Sometimes when I write things, I do not fully explain myself; which sometimes leads people to make false assumptions about my blog and yes, even me. When I wrote my posting regarding the future of this blog, I wrote the following:

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Going Forward: The Future of PoliticalByline.com

This is a posting, which I have been meaning to write for a very long time; I just needed the right moment and the excuse to write it. As I wrote here earlier this week, President Barack Obama announced that American Military forces would be leaving the Country of Iraq at the end of 2011; which would essentially end the Country’s Military presence in the Nation of Iraq.

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Update on Church situation

I wrote here a little while back that I was checking out a new Church. I said the following:

I am prayerfully considering the matter and I ask for your prayers going forward in it.

I went to the Church for a few services and I did decide to pass on the Church. What it boils down to is some personal preferences of mine; also, in addition, there were some issues with the Pastor as well. Therefore, I decided to pass on that Church. I thank the man, who was kind enough to invite me.

I do have another one in mind, however I will be very honest with you, and I am not in a great hurry to become involved with another Church again. I am still a bit gun-shy about attending a Church again; mainly because of my being burned here about 5 years ago, by a Pastor who preached one thing and did another in his personal dealings. When this occurred, I essentially said that I would most likely never get involved with another Church group. However, this man’s kindness and boldness to share the gospel with a total stranger captured my interest.

There is one thing that will not change around here and that is my walk with the Lord. I will not be posting secular music here any longer. Just because it does not look good for a person, who is supposed to be a Christian, of which the term means someone who is a follower of Christ — to be posting music on a blog, of which he is the owner. In other words, I will leave the music posting to the liberals who support that music and lifestyle it represents.

Another thing I need to point here is that I am fully aware of the fact that I have let myself go here in the last six years. When I was burned by that Pastor and a few other people involved in that whole situation back in 2006, I came home that day, put my Christianity on the back burner, and delved into the world of politics. I guess you could say that I needed a distraction from the recent events, which worked for me, because I did not want to dwell on what had happened too much, because I did not want to become bitter over it. Therefore, I just changed gears and started writing about politics. However, to gain more readers around here, I did some things, that now as I reflect on it more, might have not been expedient for someone who is a Christian. This was my own personal oversight and I take full responsibility for that.

In closing, going forward here at this blog, which I do plan on writing about in detail here in another posting, I do plan to watch myself a bit more as a Christian. I also will find a Church, when I am ready for that. For now though, I just do not feel an overly compelling reason to be a part of one. It is a myth that Church attendance is a requirement for anything at all, least of all, one’s personal salvation. (Update: The posting that I spoke of, is now here.)

About that posting on Canada

The alternative title to this posting should be, “owning up to that fact that I have let myself go, in the last six years, since leaving my last Church.”

Tonight I was looking at my logs and noticed that a posting about Canada, that I wrote in a fit of anger a year ago was gaining popularity on here. Well, that changed tonight, because I deleted the silly thing.

I mentioned on here Sunday that I had found a new Church. I am a Christian and it is time I started acting like one. Which means some things are going to change around here with the blog. They are:

  • No more classic rock videos
  • Bad Language: I am going to try and work on that….
  • No more behavior unbecoming of a follower of Jesus Christ — even with those I disagree with…

My reasons for this, are thus; what I do in the privacy of my home is one thing — what I do publicly on this blog is representation of my Church and of my Christianity. It is also for public consumption. The last thing that I want to do, is bring a reproach to the great Church that I just started attending.It says on my twitter bio that I am a lousy Christian. As of today, I am going to start a working’ on that lousy bit. If I screw up, call me on it, please and yes that includes the people who are not my friends.

I hope you all understand. But I am rounding another corner in my walk with the Lord and I do want you all to come with me. I won’t cut older posts, as that is in the past; unless it’s something very vulgar and some starts linking to it. But everything after this point will go through the, “is God pleased with this?” filter.

Thanks for reading…

Update: I wrote this originally on my iPod touch; I made the corrections needed here on the laptop.

Message to mobile users

Just letting everyone and all users who read this site via mobile devices know that I had to switch to different mobile plug in for WordPress. It seems that the old one had a bug, in which threaded and paged comments were not working.

In other words, that last huge comment thread on the chick who whined about getting yanked off that plane, mobile users could only see like 34 of the comments. I discovered this, because I just happened to look at the posting on my iPod.

Anyhow, the new mobile plug in has some excellent features and the really cool features, like all the ads on the main blog display for mobile users. Pictures and videos automatically resize, which makes my job 100% easier.

I will admit, the theme is bit busy, and ALL the ads are there. (hint hint!!! I don’t do this for my health, ya know!)

That is all….

Da Boss ’round here…


My friends, I hate like hell to have to do this; but my personal living situation has deteriorated in the last hour and I mean badly. 🙁

Folks, I am just going to have to tell this bluntly; I need a place to live — as in right now. The pleasant living situation that I have enjoyed for the last 39 years ended tonight in a fit of rage.

To be blunt, I am to the point where I just cannot handle living with my parents anymore. 🙁 I love them, but, I cannot handle living here anymore.

To be quite honest; I don’t even know if I will be living here tomorrow or not.

If anyone wants to call me and offer support, I can explain it. But, for some very good reasons. I won’t explain it here. Let’s just say, that this has been brewing for a LOOOONG time and it came to head tonight.

I am 39 years old and I am living like a 16 year old in my parents basement. Part of that, is my fault. Part of it, is just my personal situation, the economy and just plain ol’ bad luck.

My Job prospects are grim at the moment; I quite honestly do not know what I am going to do. But I have to do something. Even if it is taking a minimum wage job push carts at store somewhere. I have to get a job and get an apartment somewhere.

I would like to live in this area, somewhere near my parents. I love them dearly, but I just cannot handling living with them anymore; and after what happened tonight, I do not know if I will be living here much longer anymore.

Things I need right now:

  • First Months Rent and security Deposit for a One Bedroom Apartment
  • Some form of reliable transportation
  • Money for a bed, chairs, table, cable, water bill and all the stuff that goes with living on your own!

Let me make this very clear:


I will be pricing apartments and will let you all know on prices. But, I must, must, must get the heck out of here and I mean quickly. Believe me, this is not because of a Law Enforcement issue, it is because my relationship with my folks is not good and me being here is going to make it worse.

If you want to help, Please:

Drop a donation, The more the better in the PayPal Button at the top and left!

I swear, I wish this was some sort of a joke; it is not and I need your help now, more than ever.

I will be job hunting for something, anything…. But in the meantime. I got to get the heck out of here and now!

Update: I will keep everyone updated. But I will be getting out of here; somehow, someway. I have to, for my mom’s and my well being.

Update #2: I have posted an major update to this Story, please click here to read it. Thanks.

3 am thoughts from the iPod

It’s 3:00am and I cannot sleep worth a darn. So, I thought I’d write here for a few.

A few news items:

Goldsilver.com has moved it’s affiliate program out to a third party company. What does that mean for you? Nothing. Same product and company. What does it mean for me? More money, I hope. So, click that big banner on the left and buy the hell out of gold and silver too please. It helps!

(please do know, if you’ve bought already; one that I appreciate the heck outta ya and two, yes it has gone for a very good cause. I have not, in months now, had to ask my parents to help me buy my medication for ADHD. That, in itself is a very awesome thing. That medication, which has now went up over $40.00; keeps my rather small pea brain in gear and my mental accordion in tune. (so to speak) again thanks! You guys keep me going. )

More suppliers for Ammo added: some of you emailed me a while back and said that you thought ImpactGuns was too pricy on ammo. For once, I was listening. So, I have added three (!) new suppliers for ammo. They are on the left, in the sidebars. I figure you cheapskates can find some ammo for your “pop pop” at those links, that won’t break your piggy bank. You can get “pop pop’s” too from Impact Guns. Remember, it goes for a very cause! It keeps me off the Government dole and out my parents wallet, as much possible.

Donations via paypal rock. Those of you who done it are awesome. You know who you are!

My bookstore is awesome, and you should check it out.

Jeff “goldenboy” Goldstein is still an prick… as are his sock puppets. Some goes for Ace. But that chick that was stalking Jeff? She is whacked! still doing stuff to get into trouble! Holy hell! I mean, I’ve done share of crap stirring but man, she takes the stuff to another level!

No hyperlinks. Sorry, too much of a pain on this iPod.

I made a contact with a very well known black Christian singer from the 1980’s on the ham radio box today. He’s been on PTL club and Gaither home coming videos. Last name is Harris. worked him on morse code. I was “star struck” as they say, felt like I worked Elvis.

September 11 is coming. 10 years now. We as a nation have changed. I did, everyone did. I thought about doing a “rake those #%^%#*# over the coals” type of a post, but I figure that’s what those idiots want. so, I’ll most likely just either refrain from posting at all or do a simple remembrance posting…. Maybe.

The problem with 9/11 is that it became this whole thing unto itself; and both sides —- use it as a wedge issue. Which is sickening, IMHO.

Well, enough yammering from me. More posting soon, when I wake up.

Special Comment: In Defense of Michelle Malkin

I know she would not want to hear it from me. As I have criticized her, when I thought she was wrong. But I have also praised her and even defended her, when I thought it was the right thing to do.

But the fact is, that Michelle Malkin is absolutely right for bringing to light Rick Parry’s record in Texas as Governor. Further more, she is absolutely right for shining the light on Orin Hatch’s record as a Conservative.

The truth is folks, after the big government Conservatism of the George W. Bush-era, which I utterly despised; it is refreshing to see that the Republican Party has, with the help of the Tea Party movement — became a party of fiscal, defensive and social restraint again.  One of my biggest complaints is that the Republican Party, during the Bush-era was all too eager to embrace the horrid doctrine of Wilsonian foreign policy. Which anyone with any kind of a brain, knows is a disastrous doctrine to adhere; when it comes to Wilsonian Foreign policy, I am not the only one who feels this way; it now seems that other bloggers are now speaking against it as well.

There is also this new wave of anti-establishment vitriol and criticism among the grassroots and Conservative Blogosphere.  I too, find this is a very refreshing change of pace.  There is a simple reasoning behind all of this: the Tea Party, the Anti-Establishment mentality and so forth.  The reason it exists is that for far too long, Republicans acted, spent, and porked — just like the Democrats.  Because of this, people in the Republican Party grassroots became fed up with it all.  This was, in a way, the beginnings of the Tea Party movement.  True, it was Glenn Beck’s idea, true; Rick Santelli was the one who sounded the call.  However, it was the American people who said, “NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL!” and began to organize the movement.

As for Michelle Malkin, I believe that her efforts to expose the people who wish to cash in on this Tea Party movement are critical to the reformation of the Government in Washington D.C.  Some of these politicians think that the common people are idiots; this is why we need people like Michelle Malkin to expose the underhanded attempts to deceive the Conservative voters into believing that they are on board with the reformers in the Conservative movement.  Further, there are some, in the Conservative grassroots, who have dreadfully short memories; this is why Michelle Malkin’s work is so very much important to the movement as a whole.

For the record and for what it is really worth; Michelle Malkin went after Bush’s Administration and cabinet as well as Obama’s and the current crop running for the G.O.P.  — That is why I respect the woman.  Because she has always said, you cannot criticize the other side, if you are not willing to drain the swamp in your party — which is so true.

Remember folks, we are at an imperative time in our Nation’s history.  We, as Conservative Americans and as those who vote Republican must be keenly aware of what we are doing here in the next couple of months.  For too long, the American Government has been at the mercy of those who did not give two thoughts to pissing our Children’s futures away — in the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  We have to select a Candidate this time, which will not only beat Obama; but will uphold the fiscal values that is supposed to make up the Republican Party.  Because the core word of the Republican Party is “Conservative” which comes from the word “Conserve” which means to restrain.  That is what the Republican Party and this Nation needs to return —- the restraint of our fiscal, defense and social matters.

Because of this: we cannot afford to choose someone, who has some sort of Texas swagger, nor can we afford to choose some simple-minded old fool, who is lost in the world of extreme isolationism.  We must be a fully informed electorate.  This is why I defend Michelle Malkin and her quest to out those, who might not be a good choice for President of the United States in the Republican Party.

So, to Michelle: Keep up the good work.  I will be reading, and I will keep in mind everything that I read on your site and at your former site, HotAir.com; when I vote in the upcoming primary here in Michigan and in general election in 2012.


-Charles Patrick Adkins



I get mail!

I received a nice e-mail from a reader in Canada.

Before you read this; know that he was reacting to this here:

I am Canadian.If you think canada is bad by what you know try living here.I am 5th generation in this country and have watched it go down hill bad in the last 30 years.Why bomb it, it is all for sale or free to immigrants.This is bullshit.Our government controls the media to tell us only what they want us to know.So most of us are trying to just deal with getting by with the high cost of every thing.We have east indians taking over trucking and cabs.They are in our government changing laws to suit themselves.You call any part of our government and you will more than likley get a chink or a hindu,i am sick of it.It is known here that being a white male here is a dinosaur,and we pay for every thing.I have spent time in the us and have always enjoyed myself and the pride of its people,and have always been treated very well,thank you.I now hate canada with a passion and my wife and i plan to leave soon on our boat.You are right about a lot of the people here,but most of the people i know would also agree with you.So please do not judge all of us by the dumb fucks we have to deal with.I hope this email proves we are not all stupid and unaware.I would rather live in the states. If it was not for the us our country would be a bigger shit hole than it is.I for one would like to say thanks for being there.A pissed off canadian  Gord

I retract what I said about all Canadians being dumb. I guess there’s still some smart people up there. 😀

Thanks for writing Gord!


Being banned on this blog revisited

I was looking in my stats on this blog and I happened to notice that someone happened to come upon a posting where I lambasted a particular blogger for banning me from viewing his blog.

I am almost certain that this person most likely said, “Well, what about you?”

Okay, it is true, I have banned people from read this blog; and for one damned good reason. They deserved it. 😡

Warning! Web Hosting Geek Talk to follow!

It is true, I do not suffer trolls, liberals and fools very well at all, really. 🙁 I guess it is a personality trait of mine.

But honestly, the only IP address that have made it to my “Deny From” list in my “.htaccess” file on my server; are those who have tried hacking into my blog. Which has not been much as of late. However, there are a few, and I do mean FEW who have managed to get their IP addresses added to the list of people not wanted around here.

One is a local guy; who I knew back before I ever became a blogger — he was an asshole then and is still a fucking asshole. His name is Jeff King; he is on facebook. Rich boy punk from around here. Never liked him at all, and still don’t. His IP’s are in there. He is a Ron Paul fan, which should tell you everything you want to know. Lives way out in the Country, about 70 miles to my west. Might be because he is a racist and an Anti-Semite. Most Ron Paul-bots are.

Now, there are a few IP’s of people, who thought they be cute and do a drive by on the blog; and I rewarded them. Some e-mailed me and lectured me on how “Lame” it was for me to do that. My response is, you start paying my hosting, medication and other bills, then you can lecture me. Otherwise, eff off and die. My motto is this; the man who pays the hosting bill, that being me is the person who makes the rules — and my only rule is this: Don’t screw with me.  You disagree with what I write? Fine. But don’t come here acting like a tool; or I will just block your IP. Viewing my blog is not a right, it is a privilege. You do dumb stuff to annoy me, I can and will add you to the “Deny from” list.

Now as for the blogger that I mentioned above; he has long since removed my ban. I also believe that I might have written about this before; but for the sake of those who wonder, yes I have banned people from here —not very many at all. Mostly hackers. But there have been a few that have deserved it.  I look at it as my ultimate trump card and I use it very sparingly.

That is all. 😀



Day by Day Cartoon is holding their yearly fundraiser!

Well, Chris Muir is, the rest of them are cartoons! 😉

See here:

Head on over and give him some money. Give some for me too; I do not have a regular source of income, or I would. So, give a double dip for me! 😀

Day by Day is the cartoon that is in the lower right sidebar. Every cartoon is good; and Chris Muir is a funny man. (Funny looking too, but don’t tell him I said that! 😯 )

Just a tidbit of info: I used to read Chris’s cartoon, when I was a left of center! Remarkably, I found it to be very funny. 🙂



Blog Poll: New header Design

I will admit, it was something that I sort of pulled out of my ear at the spur of the moment, I thought the header was rather bland. I thought about putting something there to reflect my new attitude towards things a bit.

So, do you like it. I think it might be a bit big.

Let me know in the poll please.

Time for some clarity

I feel the need to write about something, which has been bugging me for a while now. I had always known that there was a certain subset of the Conservative movement, which was Anti-Semitic and racist. However, I felt that I could disagree with those people and still call myself a Paleo-Conservative. Indeed, I do very much highly disagree with those who believe in exporting Democracy to other Countries. However, something that occurred tonight forced me to confront the fact that the Anti-War, Paleo-Conservative/libertarian crowd was a bit more hateful than I thought.

First off, let me say this; indeed, I am skeptical of some of the goings on in Israel. Indeed, I am very critical of those who use their racial or ethnic background to get special treatment in this Country. However, my criticisms do not equate to the general hatred of Jews, neither does that equate to a hatred of Israel. Nor does it equate to the feeling that Israel does not have the right to exist as a Nation or that Israel should be destroyed. That my friend is unabashed hatred and that is something that I will not be a part of, at all.

As you all know, that read this blog; I am a user of the social media service called twitter. Tonight, I saw something on twitter that made me very angry. It appears that a particular online publication, which hails itself as a “libertarian” one; has a twitter account. I am referring to AntiWar.com. It appears that this site has a twitter account and on it, a link was posted to a story, in which a Palestinian girl was killed by Israeli border guards.

It was not so much the story that was posted, that I had such a problem with; it was the comment left, when the tweet was sent, it read:

Israeli police will not face trial over death of Palestinian girl – hey it’s not like she’s Jewish or something. feh. http://ind.pn/pjh8Mt

My friends, this is something that I just cannot and will not overlook. This anti-Semitic stereotype is so often bandied about regarding the Jews and Israel. This is nothing more, than leftist hatred; something that I cannot and will not support, ever.

So, as of today, the following changes are being made to this blog. I am, as of now, removing the label of Paleo-Conservative/libertarian/Classic Liberal from this blog. If that is what those two groups, being libertarian and Paleo-Conservative are truly about – I am done with them for good. I am a “right of center” that is what I always called myself. I simply put labels on it, so people could understand where it is that I come from. However, I feel that ignoring this and leaving the labels on the blog fosters the idea that I am someone supports that sort of hatred.

Further, I have removed the section on this blog, which brings the argument that “Racism” was the invention of a group of Marxist Jews from Germany that fled to America. While that might be true —- unfortunately, there are people out there, who use that argument to hide behind, so that they can continue to spew hatred towards Jews and Blacks —– I am not one of those people.

Further, I am going to find and display on my blog, in an obvious spot, a banner that declares that I STAND WITH ISRAEL —- as a Christian, I lay claim to that land, and one day, during the millennial reign of Christ, I will dwell in that land and judge Angels. That is what my Bible tells me.

This, admittedly, is a new place for me; and I feel a bit weird in it. However, when one stands for what he feels is morally right, sometimes, it has to be uncomfortable. Further, if those who disagree with this move of mine want to call me a neo-con, Jew Lover, Bush lover or warmonger — fine, let them. They are fools and one fine day, they will discover just how wrong they truly are.

It feels so good to be doing, what I feel is morally right.

Site numbers

Here are the site hit numbers for last week.

Total counter state:

Hits: 735961
Hosts: 437560
Visitors: 523530
Sessions: 589085

From the beginning of the month:

Hits: 4026
Hosts: 1758
Visitors: 2315
Sessions: 3352
New Visitors: 2775

Last week:

Hits: 3292
Hosts: 1637
Visitors: 2179
Sessions: 2731
New Visitors: 2274

Not to shabby for a guy who does not really advertise.

I get mail!

….and it’s a good one too! 😀

This is from reader Suzanne from Maine; and it was titled: “WOW AND WOW…SPOT ON !”

Suzanne writes:

Greetings, just read your article posted on Facebook, and I am delighted. Why ? Because, like you, I grew up thinking I was a democrat. Taught school in Cambridge for 34 years, but 5 years into my profession, I saw how the liberal loons from Harvard School of Ed. just 1.4 mile from where I taught,  were destroying the educational system in my city. They dropped the morality conduct bar lower than a common street gutter….They used our administrators to ram forth their liberal agenda…Our students were promoted socially…grades no longer mattered…they graduated…behaviour no longer mattered some needed a prison cell not a classroom…I began to wonder why I was paying dues to a union that poured money in the millions into the coffers of a bunch of deluded morons in order to elect more deluded morons…! I have a very keen sense of right and wrong and my gut tells me when something is wrong..and from the moment I set my instincts on Obama I shuttered. OMG…please God not him..So I held my nose, prayed alot and voted for McCain…a vote for anyone else, a write in, was a vote for the marxist…had no choice…really. The only silver lining with Obama’s election is that he is attempting to ram our nation so far to the left, so quickly that millions of Americans have awoken. My fear is that  not enough of these people have a clue as to what is going on with this man. I fully believe that his main goal is to destroy this nation from within in typical Marxist fashion. He has engineered, intentionally, the total collapse of this economy in order to ram forward his New World Order. What infuriated me the most is my party, the republican party, have caved to this asshole over and over again since last election..The ruling class elites in the gop just do not want to lose power…so they will throw some of their own under the bus, as they did with the 2010 election. I feel like I am in a bad marriage…with no way out…with this Marxist mocking us 24.7 . I swear at the telee…cannot stand to listen to the nazi progagandists on main stream media and even Fox is veering more and more left..We have only ourselves to save this nation. I am delighted that you reamed out the kool aid drinking morons…who continue to do the thorazine shuffle…the deluded obamites who stil think he is great…Let’s see what the gop does today with this budget deal. I just wrote to Rep Issa about the latest scandal…Fast and Furious…2500 firearms more powerful than our own guys have, that we the taxpayers paid for through the assholes stimulus money…I DEMANDED FROM HIM TO UPHOLD THE OATH HE TOOK TO PROTECT AND DEFEND AND GO AFTER OBAMA AND HOLDER…THIS HAS THEIR FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER THE PLACE DAMMIT. I DON’T EXPECT A REPLY, JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU FOR RIPPING ALL OF THESE COMMIE BASTARDS A NEW ONE…! RESPECTFULLY, SUZANNE

Suzanne, thank you so much!

Can’t argue with endorsements like that, can you? 😉


Update on Dad

As I mentioned here before, my Dad had to go in yesterday for a procedure.

Well, they went in and were not able to open his artery in his leg. So, they cut on him…for nothing.

Needless to say; my Father is not happy camper at the moment. 😯

Mom said Dad is going to her heart Doctor. Which if this happens, will prove that there is a God! Because he is not much for listening to anything that anyone tells him; at least here as of late. 😉

Anyhow, I shall keep you all informed of what goes on.





Light blogging this week

I will be busy for the next few days. Dad’s going in tomorrow for a procedure for his leg. Today, me and Dad have a ton of “running around to do.” So, it will be a busy day here. I will be taking the iPod to the hospital and might try to put out a posting or two from there. Otherwise, the posting here will be light.

I have much to write about; but now, I just have other things happening in the family.

Thanks for your understanding.




Where in the World

To be brief, a major storm blew through here and knocked out power all over the place here. I have “brown out” power. So. Not much blogging going on.

Power should be restored to normal by tonight, hopefully. Needless to say, there’s alot of grumbling in this city, in this neighborhood and in this house!

I will return to blogging and other such stuff, when life gets back to normal.

Until then, pray for my family.

Update on job prospects

As I wrote earlier, I had a job interview yesterday.

The interview went well, at least, I thought so anyhow.

I will not know anything, until after Wednesday of next week. I have something going on this coming week involving my Dad — Which I will post about here shortly.

So, at this point, it is strictly a prospect; someone who called me about a job.

To give you a little hint: It is a driving job. Delivering air freight. Close to what I was doing, before I became involved in blogging. I have had two good driving jobs in my life. I lasted over a year at both of them. Both companies sadly went under in this tough economy.

The real kicker? The guy pulled my resume, because of something I left in the comments section. He could tell, I was a Conservative. 😀

Stay tuned, as I will know more later, hopefully.