Time for some clarity

I feel the need to write about something, which has been bugging me for a while now. I had always known that there was a certain subset of the Conservative movement, which was Anti-Semitic and racist. However, I felt that I could disagree with those people and still call myself a Paleo-Conservative. Indeed, I do very much highly disagree with those who believe in exporting Democracy to other Countries. However, something that occurred tonight forced me to confront the fact that the Anti-War, Paleo-Conservative/libertarian crowd was a bit more hateful than I thought.

First off, let me say this; indeed, I am skeptical of some of the goings on in Israel. Indeed, I am very critical of those who use their racial or ethnic background to get special treatment in this Country. However, my criticisms do not equate to the general hatred of Jews, neither does that equate to a hatred of Israel. Nor does it equate to the feeling that Israel does not have the right to exist as a Nation or that Israel should be destroyed. That my friend is unabashed hatred and that is something that I will not be a part of, at all.

As you all know, that read this blog; I am a user of the social media service called twitter. Tonight, I saw something on twitter that made me very angry. It appears that a particular online publication, which hails itself as a “libertarian” one; has a twitter account. I am referring to AntiWar.com. It appears that this site has a twitter account and on it, a link was posted to a story, in which a Palestinian girl was killed by Israeli border guards.

It was not so much the story that was posted, that I had such a problem with; it was the comment left, when the tweet was sent, it read:

Israeli police will not face trial over death of Palestinian girl – hey it’s not like she’s Jewish or something. feh. http://ind.pn/pjh8Mt

My friends, this is something that I just cannot and will not overlook. This anti-Semitic stereotype is so often bandied about regarding the Jews and Israel. This is nothing more, than leftist hatred; something that I cannot and will not support, ever.

So, as of today, the following changes are being made to this blog. I am, as of now, removing the label of Paleo-Conservative/libertarian/Classic Liberal from this blog. If that is what those two groups, being libertarian and Paleo-Conservative are truly about – I am done with them for good. I am a “right of center” that is what I always called myself. I simply put labels on it, so people could understand where it is that I come from. However, I feel that ignoring this and leaving the labels on the blog fosters the idea that I am someone supports that sort of hatred.

Further, I have removed the section on this blog, which brings the argument that “Racism” was the invention of a group of Marxist Jews from Germany that fled to America. While that might be true —- unfortunately, there are people out there, who use that argument to hide behind, so that they can continue to spew hatred towards Jews and Blacks —– I am not one of those people.

Further, I am going to find and display on my blog, in an obvious spot, a banner that declares that I STAND WITH ISRAEL —- as a Christian, I lay claim to that land, and one day, during the millennial reign of Christ, I will dwell in that land and judge Angels. That is what my Bible tells me.

This, admittedly, is a new place for me; and I feel a bit weird in it. However, when one stands for what he feels is morally right, sometimes, it has to be uncomfortable. Further, if those who disagree with this move of mine want to call me a neo-con, Jew Lover, Bush lover or warmonger — fine, let them. They are fools and one fine day, they will discover just how wrong they truly are.

It feels so good to be doing, what I feel is morally right.

6 thoughts on “Time for some clarity

  1. I can’t imagine what ever made you think that antiwardotcom is anything other than an anti-American hardcore leftist group. It only took me a few minutes of browsing the site to come to that conclusion. Such racist idiocy is to be expected from any left leaning group.
    You seem to be easily fooled.

    1. No Steve, I am not very easily fooled.

      I read that site’s “about us” page long ago. and I saw that it was founded by someone who had a problem with unjustified war. Just like I do.

      However, last night, I got a very up close look at who or what is now really controlling that site; and that was a bit too much for this “right of Center.”

      My issue is not that those people are Anti-War. It is the fact that these people, are now in bed with the Anti-War left and that there is this Anti-Israel attitude among them. I just will not be associated with that kind of hate.

      Like I wrong on here before; supporters of Palestine are not honest brokers; they do not want anything other that the destruction of Israel. Period, end of story.

      ….and that, is just too much for me.

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