Explaining myself further

Sometimes when I write things, I do not fully explain myself; which sometimes leads people to make false assumptions about my blog and yes, even me. When I wrote my posting regarding the future of this blog, I wrote the following:

From a business standpoint, this venture was an abysmal failure. The most I have never made from this blog, outside of donations, which I have never received anything over the occasional $50 donation, is about $100 or so, which usually comes about every other month, from AdSense revenue. The funny part is that the AdSense revenue just started here about three or so years ago. I also have made a little (and I mean VERY little!) from Infolinks, which are the in-text ads that everyone finds to be so annoying.

I believe I should point out a few things; first, I never intended this blog to be a business venture. I only put the donation button for PayPal on there, because they did allow you to put a donate button on blogs like mine, without giving you a hard time. One time PayPal questioned why I had the button and when I told them I was a blogger and freelance writer, they quickly backed off. Secondly, I must stress this; I have not spent much at all, and do not have anything invested into this blog, except for a lot of personal time. I did pay my friend Ryan Yaple, who is an excellent young example of Christian kindness, quite honestly gave me hosting for a very long time, without pay. Finally, when the blog did start paying some small rewards, I did pay him for hosting. I gave the man $25.00 and he told me that was good enough for the year. I have offered to pay him since that time; and he has refused it. I just wanted to explain that situation; it is not as if I have lost anything with this blog. It was just a personal project of mine, that I created to fill excess time that I had on my hands, from being unemployed.

The problem is that the period of unemployment was a bit longer that I really expected. I was counting on a few months; it ended up being six years. However, I will say this; it was worth it. I have defended what I thought to be right, and I have made friends with some interesting people — like Christina Oxenberg — who unbelievably, just so happens to be the daughter of, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. Now that is a very humorous story! How was I supposed to know that I was flirting with daughter of someone who is in line to the throne of England? Oops.