LOCAL STORY: ‘Act of a mad man’ or an American who just ran out of hope?

The local liberal media around here is absolutely sickening. They know no bounds at all; smearing a dead man and not only that, someone who owned his own business. This is confirmed by reading the comments on The Detroit News and Free Press as well.

The Story via The Detroit News:

Novi— A man apparently killed his wife and two young sons Friday, then drove a few miles away and killed himself by breathing in poisonous fumes from a charcoal grill he had placed in his car, police said.

About 11:30 a.m., Novi police responded to the home of Mark and Jennifer Schons on Applebrooke Drive near Nine Mile and Napier roads because friends of 38-year-old Jennifer Schons were concerned that her two sons had not shown up for school. Schons, who was having marital problems, had missed a scheduled appointment with a friend, police said.

Shortly after noon, police entered the home and found three bodies in separate bedrooms, including Tynan, 6, and Camden, 4.

Initial police reports were that all died from gunshot wounds, but Novi Police Chief David Molloy said late Friday that was inaccurate. He wouldn’t comment on their cause of death.

Molloy called the deaths “the act of a madman.”

The couple were considering divorce, he said.

A typical open and shut case of a mad man gone crazy right?

Perhaps not. Let’s look a little closer…. Buried in the lead of this story, is this:

Their party supply store on East Grand River in Howell recently failed; Jennifer Schons was a paint engineer for General Motors for 14 years, working in Warren. They filed for bankruptcy in December, claiming $581,000 in debt.

Of course, the paper just had to get a shot of those rich white people’s house:

First off, let me say this; I do not excuse this man’s actions. What he did was absolutely horrible. Ending the lives to two kids, ages 4 and 6 is inexcusable. But the anti-Business, Anti-White bias on this story is unbelievable. For all these idiots know; this man most likely did this, because of the failing economy; which was brought on by the liberal Democrats who sought to game the system, by socially engineering the system.  The man bit off more than he could chew, and most likely the thought of him losing everything and his wife, and children — were just more than he could bear. To some people; especially those who have been wildly successful, going broke or losing it all, is a embarrassment to the point of wanting to die.

What really makes me want to throw up are the asinine comments at the Detroit News site:

That’s what happens when you listen to too much conservative talk radio.

D. Fientz, Pleasant Ridge, MI

Political bias, what political bias? :roll: Who me?

The Detroit Free Press account of it, is a little less biased. But the comment section is just as sickening. Go read.

There is a Christian lesson here. People that do stuff like this, just have no hope. That hope is found in Jesus Christ. But the money is the man thought here:

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. I give thee charge in the sight of God, who quickeneth all things, and before Christ Jesus, who before Pontius Pilate witnessed a good confession; That thou keep this commandment without spot, unrebukeable, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ: Which in his times he shall shew, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords; Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen. Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate; Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life. —- (1 Timothy 6:6-19 KJV)

Obviously this man never read this.

This is also a sign of the times, as spoken of, by the Bible — Here the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ:

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees; When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand. So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.” — (Luke 21:25-31 KJV)

The moral of this story is this; this man and his family owned a business, which failed, they had obviously lived well beyond their means and when it all came crashing down around him. He could not handle it and chose Murder and Suicide. That is because this family had no hope. Which only comes in Jesus Christ. We can expect to see more of this as time goes on.

For what it is worth; I happen to know that area very well. It is a upper middle class and yes, very white part of Southeastern Michigan area. Novi, Rochester Hills; where there are multi-million dollar homes — is all up in that area. Again, while this is a tragic event; what is even more tragic is the bias of the liberal media and also, it is a lesson in what is coming to America in the not-so-distant future, if America does not fix this broken economy. Not everyone has the hope in Christ and not everyone can cope with losing everything.

You think it is bad now? Wait till the States start collapsing!

This is totally unbelievable: (H/T to HotAir.com)Speaking of money and taxes, here is Congressman Ron Paul talking about Taxes, Money and of course, the Federal Reserve: (H/T Lew Rockwell’s Blog)

Needless to say, the next couple of years are going to be very interesting to watch. 😯



Finally…. Justice is starting to be served here in Detroit.

There is news of it from all over the place in Detroit.

First Video from WXYZ-TV in Detroit:

Next Video from FOX 2 in Detroit:

Update: Here is that actual presser announcing said charges against all involved:

Here are the actual pages of the indictment itself: (via WDIV-TV)

READ PAGES 1-8 of Federal Indictment: Kilpatrick Charged With Conspiracy, Fraud, Extortion

READ PAGES 9-16 of Federal Indictment: Kwame Federal Indictment: Pages 9-16

READ PAGES 17-25 of Federal Indictment: Kwame Federal Indictment: Pages 17-25

READ PAGES 25-32 of Federal Indictment: Kwame Federal Indictment: Pages 25-32

READ PAGES 33-40 of Federal Indictment: Kwame Federal Indictment: Pages 33-40

READ PAGES 41-48 of Federal Indictment: Kwame Federal Indictment: Pages 41-48

I think it would be fair to point out that Kwame Kilpatrick was and still is a REGISTERED DEMOCRATIC PARTY MEMBER!

The Detroit Free Press reports:

A federal grand jury today indicted former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, his father and three former top aides on racketeering charges, accusing them of turning the mayor’s office into a criminal enterprise to enrich themselves, families and friends.

Besides the now-jailed former mayor, the 38-count indictment names his father, Bernard Kilpatrick, city contractor Bobby Ferguson, former top Kilpatrick aide Derrick Miller and former water department chief Victor Mercado in one of the largest public corruption investigations ever in the City of Detroit.

The indictment outlined four general areas of misconduct.

It said the defendants extorted money from municipal contractors, state and non-profit donors and engaged in bribery and extortion involving other public contracts and investments.

The indictment said that Ferguson kicked back at least $424,000 in cash and other items of value to the mayor and that Kilpatrick used more than $590,000 in cash derived from the conspiracy to pay his credit card bills, purchase cashier’s checks and clothing and repay loans.

Bernard Kilpatrick, the indictment said, deposited more than $600,000 in cash into his personal bank accounts. He was charged with three counts of filing false tax returns for calendar years 2004, 21005 and 2007.

The penalties for the charges laid out in the indictment range from three to 30 year in prison.

I believe it also would be fair to point out that this is what happens when you have the mentality THAT YOU ARE BLACK AND THAT YOU ARE ENTITLED! This sort of mentality, for what it is worth; dates back to the days of the Coleman A. Young administration. The difference is that Kwame was not able to pay the feds off, like Mayor Young was able to do. Further more, from what I heard at the presser, that Kwame and friends were even doing this sort of that back when Kwame was a state representative.

The Detroit News Reports the list of people, besides Kilpatrick, who have been charged…..so far:

Karl Kado: The former Cobo contractor, who has said in sworn testimony he made illegal cash payments to former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, remains a key government witness and got three years probation.

Glenn Blanton: The former Cobo Center director who admitted taking illegal payments from Kado was sentenced to one year in prison for obstruction of justice.

Lou Pavledes: Another former Cobo director who admitted taking bribes from Kado, Pavledes got 14 months for a banking offense.

James R. Rosendall Jr.: The former Synagro Technologies Inc. vice president became an FBI informant and got 11 months for bribery.

Rayford W. Jackson: The Detroit businessman who was Synagro’s local partner is serving a five-year sentence for bribery.

Monica Conyers: The former Detroit city councilwoman who cast the deciding vote in favor of the $1.2 billion Synagro deal was sentenced to 37 months in prison for bribery.

Jerry M. Rivers: A former member of the mayor’s executive protection unit, Rivers pleaded guilty to bribery in connection with a city land sale and was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Kandia Milton: A childhood friend and top aide to Kilpatrick, Milton pleaded guilty to bribery in connection with the city’s sale of Camp Brighton and was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

DeDan Milton: Another longtime friend of Kilpatrick, who like his brother is cooperating with prosecutors, is to be sentenced to 42 months in prison for bribery.

Sam Riddle: The political consultant and former top aide to Monica Conyers pleaded guilty to a felony conspiracy charge in May and was sentenced to 37 months in prison.

Mary Waters: Pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor tax charge in May in connection with the Southfield case and was sentenced to one year of probation.

William Lattimore: The former Southfield city councilman pleaded guilty to bribery after he was picked up on a wiretap of Riddle’s cell phone. Lattimore was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Marc Andre Cunningham: A former aide to Kilpatrick, he pleaded guilty to a bribery charge in November and awaits sentencing Feb. 10.

Brian Dodds: Co-owner of Howell-based D&R Earthmoving LLC, he pleaded guilty to concealing a crime in connection with an inflated contract Kilpatrick pal Bobby Ferguson received. He is to be sentenced Jan. 10. Ferguson has been indicted on multiple counts and awaits trial.

Rodney Burrell: The head of Northville-based R&R Heavy Haulers pleaded guilty to concealing a crime in connection with the same bid-rigging on the Ferguson contract. He is to be sentenced in March.

Hopefully and I do mean hopefully; this will send a message to anyone who seeks office in the city of Detroit — that if you run for public office and you decide to break the law, that you will be caught and you will be charged and that you will end up and jail.

Although, I will not lie to you; I have sinking suspicion that somebody somewhere, will play the race card and point out that the people filing these charges are mostly White and latino and will somehow or another convince a judge to throw out the case.  I do truly hope that I am wrong about this, I really do. Because Detroit has been rife with corruption for much, much too damned long. Many people, for many, many years have gotten very wealthy by corrupt means in Detroit for much too long —- while the rest of the City of Detroit falls into ruin. It is morally wrong and these turkeys that broke the law ought be jailed for the longest terms possible.

Hopefully, and I mean this one, with all the sincerity that I can muster — as a former resident of that city — this will close the chapter of the culture of corruption in that City and that the City of Detroit can finally, and I do mean finally get on with the business of restoring that City to its once great status. This might be a small step, but it is a very important one and God-willing it will be the first big one.

Stock, Gold and Oil Trading Advice: Gold/Silver – Controlling Your Trades, Money & Emotions

Last week we had typical pre-holiday light volume trading going into US Thanksgiving. The previous week I warned every one to trade with extreme caution because of the light volume and the fact that the market is on the verge of a sizable drop for both stocks and commodities. Any price action could not be taken seriously because of the light volume. We will not know until later this coming week what the big money wants to do… Buy or Sell, also what the manipulators will do… Seems like there are a lot of wild cards out there with Europe issues and both unemployment and payroll numbers out on Friday morning.

Below are a few charts showing my intermediate term outlook for gold and silver.

Gold & Silver Futures – Daily Chart
You can see both metal are showing a possible reversal head and shoulders pattern. While they have yet to confirm and close below the neck line we must be aware of this pattern and the risk/potential it provides us with. Both metals are still in an uptrend but showing signs of weakness.

US Dollar Index – Weekly Chart
This chart is not really that helpful for trading stocks, commodities or options right now but I wanted to post it because it allows me to show you how I analyze the market and my trades.

As you can see, the past 3 weeks have been in a strong uptrend reaching the first resistance level. The point of this chart is to show you that if you step out to the next longer time frame you can get a solid feeling of where an investment will find major support and resistance levels. Any investment not matter if it’s a stock, commodity or currency, if the price is trading in the middle of a large range like this chart you should not be taking large positions because it almost becomes a 50/50 bet on the market which is not a good winning strategy unless you are very experienced at managing your trades and money.

If you are going to trade then you want to focus on the underlying trend and you do that by looking at the next larger time frame. For example: if you focus on trading the daily chart, then you must step back each week and review the weekly chart to be sure you are trading with the underlying trend which is up for the dollar right now.

Weekend Trading Ideas:
Tuesday morning we saw the SP500 gap lower and continue to sell off. Traders started panicking out of their long positions and we could see it using the intraday market internals charts, which I cover each morning in the pre-market trading videos. Me being a contrarian (buying into market fear, selling into market strength) I used that high level of fear in the market along with the expected light volume holiday week ahead as an excuse to book profits near the lows on SP500 using the SDS bear fund allowing us to profit from the falling market. I feel we are going to have some crazy moves on the markets going into year end and it should be a lot of fun if done correctly.

Trading in general is a very difficult task especially if you are doing it for a living and planning on using your monthly income to pay bills, salaries etc… We all know the stress which comes with trading and if do not have a solid trading strategy, rules and cannot properly manage yourself (emotions) then you are most likely running into problems like over-trading, getting shaken out of trades easily, and taking bigger risks than your account can handle. Each of these cause more traders to blow up their accounts and big up on trading.

I am giving away my book on how you can control your trades, money and emotions. This short and to the point guide is full of my trading techniques, tips and thoughts which will help you get a handle of your emotions turning the market noise into music.

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Reality sets in: Obama White House caves on Tax Cuts

….and the left is not happy about it either. 😯

The Huffington Post reports:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s top adviser suggested to The Huffington Post late Wednesday that the administration is ready to accept an across-the-board, temporary continuation of steep Bush-era tax cuts, including those for the wealthiest taxpayers.

That appears to be the only way, said David Axelrod, that middle-class taxpayers can keep their tax cuts, given the legislative and political realities facing Obama in the aftermath of last week’s electoral defeat.

“We have to deal with the world as we find it,” Axelrod said during an unusually candid and reflective 90-minute interview in his office, steps away from the Oval Office. “The world of what it takes to get this done.”

“There are concerns,” he added, that Congress will continue to kick the can down the road in the future by passing temporary extensions for the wealthy time and time again. “But I don’t want to trade away security for the middle class in order to make that point.”

It has been widely assumed that the president would have to accept an across-the-board deal of some kind, but Axelrod’s remarks were the first public confirmation of that fact — and by a figure regarded as closer to Obama than any other White House staffer.

Also dealing “with the world as we find it,” Axelrod declined repeatedly to comment on any of the controversial debt-reduction measures suggested by the chairs of the president’s own commission — even those, such as raising the Social Security retirement age, that go against Obama campaign pledges and strike at the heart of Democratic constituencies.

He said that the White House would wait until the commission made its final recommendations on Dec. 1 before adding, “the president’s commitments haven’t changed.”

This is the consequence of the election.  The President is in full on, “I will give you whatever you want, just please do not hurt me!” mode. This is what happens when your Party has lost an election. It is called conceding power.  It is something that the Democrats are never good at doing, at all.  The unpopular truth is, that the Democrats have no one to blame, but themselves. They are the ones who overreached during the 2008 election and promptly kicked their base square in the jewels and left them out in the cold.  They are the ones who, instead of passing job creation bills and a stimulus bill and waiting to see of the economy recovered — instead passed a unpopular health-care bill that no one understood, much less wanted; and now they are paying the price for that stupidity.

The best these jackass idiots can do, is to continue to blame Bush over and over for something that he really had nothing do with. In fact, had Bush not taken some of the steps that he had; we would be in a full on 1930’s or worse style of massive depression.  Needless to say, some of Bush’s actions did not sit too well with his base.  Either way, the Democrats will use Bush as the proverbial “Human Shield” for a long time to come, when they are not spewing hate about him like this here: (H/T The Right Scoop Originally at The Blaze)

Needless to say, I believe that 2012 will be a referendum on this sort of blind hatred towards Republicans and Conservative values that people like me, hold dear. Further more, I believe that the 2012 elections will be a huge sea change of power and the Democrats will be sent to the wilderness, where they belong.

However, because I am a fair and balanced type of person and because I just do not carry water for ANY political party; I will say this — The Republican Party has one more chance to get it right. If it blows it this time and in 2012, they are sunk and our Nation, as a whole, will most likely be sunk as well. Here is hoping, for the sake and good of this Country, that they do it right and not screw it up. We are counting on you all, please….. Get it right.

Detroit Tiger Manager Sparky Anderson dead at age 76

Another Detroit legend is gone…. 🙁 😥

Sparky Anderson - Simply the Best

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — Sparky Anderson, the white-haired Hall of Fame manager who directed Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine to back-to-back World Series championships and won another one in Detroit, died Thursday. He was 76.

Anderson died from complications from dementia, family spokesman Dan Ewald said. A day earlier, Anderson’s family said he had been placed in hospice care.

Anderson was the first manager to win World Series titles in both leagues and the only manager to lead two franchises in career wins.

His total of 2,194 wins as a manager were the third highest when he retired after the 1995 season, trailing only Connie Mack and John McGraw.

via Hall of Fame manager Sparky Anderson dead at 76.

Simply the best, ever. RIP Sparky. We will all miss you here in Detroit. 🙁

Welcome to my world! – 60 Minutes Admits Unemployment is Actually 17%, 22% in California

Welcome to my World people! I have been out of work since 2005. I went to college to get a CDL A License, think that my would get easier; instead, it get much more complex.

JammieWearingFool Says:

I nearly fell out of my chair tonight when 60 Minutes admitted this. Yes, 60 Minutes.

You can bet the White House and their lackeys will be all over them tomorrow. This isn’t news the Democrats need America to hear nine days out of an election.


Now, I am not going to pull the liberal line and say that Bush was suppressing numbers. However, I do believe that actual number is bigger than many even know. Because some people just do not file for benefits at all. Also too, there are some people who were fired or quit and were never able to file for benefits, because they did not qualify.

Anyhow, welcome to the recession or as I call it — my world. 😀

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Video: Gold and Silver Manipulation Exposed by GATA

An interesting video:

Get this DVD by clicking here

Invest in Silver and Gold, by Clicking Here

Out for a bit

I am going to be away from the Blog for a few hours.

This blog will always be here, until I close it up. My Father, on the other hand, will not be.

I will be with him for a few hours. I am going to go hang out with some of the greatest people, who helped make Detroit the great city it is. The Autoworkers.

I will return later today.

Jennifer Petkov, the gift that keeps on giving

This silly woman just cannot stay out of trouble, can she? :roll:

Here’s the video and the interview with the woman that Jennifer Petkov supposedly hit:

…and now the story:

TRENTON, Mich. – For the past few days, people haven’t been focused of Jennifer Petkov and that awful Facebook page. They’ve been focused on Kathleen Edward and showing her all of the support possible. However, it now appears Petkov’s alleged bad behavior has her right back in the spotlight and this time she could end up in jail.

“Last summer, she threatened me. Told me she was going to kill me,” said Tana Boling.


Petkov’s been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and reckless driving. Her family put up ten-percent of her $75,000 bond to get her out of jail. This time they weren’t willing to talk to the cameras, but instead of telling us that themselves, they called the cops to be their messengers.

Petkov’s lawyer tells FOX 2 this whole incident was blown way out of proportion and that the Petkovs have surveillance footage to prove it. He believes the footage will be enough to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges.

While he was not willing to show the video to FOX 2, Petkov family friend Jarred Hurd says he’s seen it.

“I think they have over-exaggerated a lot on it,” said Hurd. “The other neighbors make it out to seem like they’re horrible. They are not horrible people.”

via Woman Accused of Taunting Kathleen Edward Charged with Assault– Fox 2 Detroit.

Oh, they are not horrible people; Jennifer Petkov is just a dizzy blond —- who cannot drive worth a crap, right? :roll: Good job lady!  Anyhow, as it says above, they have security footage. So, it looks like Kim Worthy will have her hands full with this woman.  What strikes me is; that the “family” actually fronted the cash to bail her of jail? Family? What family? Anyone know the skinny on that? Why would any sane family member want to bail out some half psycho woman like this?

Also, not that it matters, but…. Petkov. What nationality is that last name? German? Polish? Jewish? Anyone? Just wondering.

I also want to say the following, First off, I will keep the comments section open here; but if it turns into a threatening comments fest, I will shut the comments section down. I am not in the mood to have to weed through 50 comments to nuke the bad ones and approve the good ones. You all know how to act here. If you don’t — read the god damned rules, again, please.

Secondly, I am not out to get rich on anything or anyone… But folks, I am a full time writer and blogger, and any and all help I get, helps me out greatly. I am not some rich dude, with more money than common sense. I am one of many Michigan folk; without a job. I just happen to have some Christian parents, who aren’t heartless people and they let me live here. If you are in the same boat, and cannot afford it, then don’t worry about it. But if you have to to spare, then please, by all means…. Hit the tip jar:

Previous Jennifer Petkov coverage Here, Here and Here. Comments are closed on those, too many crazies! 😯

Here is a perfect reason why I will never vote Democrat again, ever

Some video clips, but first a little housekeeping —- sorry for the lack of posts. I passed out asleep and didn’t wake up till 12:00 midnight.

Anyhow, here are three video clips, all of which I saw over at HotAir.com:

The first one is where Bill O. is on the view and he makes the fetal mistake of ID’ing who actually attacked us on 9/11:

My friends, after 10 years, if we cannot say Muslim’s attacked us on 9/11 without having to add the radical part, then something is seriously wrong. We usually do not say, radical Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor, nor do we say that Germany under Hitler was radical Germany —- we just call them Germans. I ask you people, why the hell do we have to give the god damned Muslims in this Country some sort of god damned special treatment!?!?!?! Now the argument here is, that if you do not use the term “Radical Muslims”, that you imply that ALL Muslims are terrorists; to which I say, ever read their Koran? I am just saying….

Now this next clip is beyond belief, to add insult to injury, Joy Behar invites Jesse Ventura; Yes, Jesse “I think Bush and Cheney caused 9/11” Ventura:

Finally, here is the clip of Bill O. talking with Laura Ingraham ripping on Behar and Whoopie on the walkout and basically saying what I said; Now I know that I have ripped on Ingraham on here in the past, calling her a shrieking Harpy, when I thought it was due, I have also made fun of her, when she has done silly stuff, case and point, see here —  But this time, Bill O’Reilly and yes, Laura Ingraham are both right, the damned liberals, as usual, are straight up wrong and are trying to play some sort of political correctness game with 9/11, which I happen to know is straight up BULLSHIT. Anyhow, here’s the clip of Bill O and Ingraham:

Again, let me say, I agree with both of these people 100 percent; it was Muslims that attacked us on 9/11, it was not Christians, it was not Jews, it was not Hindus; it was Muslims. To say anything other than this, excuses the group that attacked us. What about so-called peace loving Muslims? Well, to that I say this, when the Muslim Community decides to confront, head on, the radical element within their own religion abroad and here in America —- then I might start making that distinction, until that starts happening, all bets are off.

Further more, let me get into something else here. This whole idea, by some, on the liberal left, that Bush did 9/11. Now to normal sane Americans; this idea that President George W. Bush caused or ordered the attacks on 9/11 is pure insanity. But to some of the left, it is a true fact. Honestly, only about 1% actually believe that Bush caused 9/11. The rest of the left, use that little line, out of anger — over losing the 2000 and 2004 elections. I ought to know, I used to vote Democrat, up until 2007, when I decided that the Democratic Party had went too far to the left for even my liking.

This whole idea that Bush caused 9/11 and Democrats calling for a formal investigation into events surrounding 9/11, and also the lead up to the Iraq War is nothing more than political retribution towards the Republican Party and towards George W. Bush —- because the Democrats lost 2000 and 2004. As you all know, in 2000, the Democrats ran an unelectable buffoon named Al Gore. In 2004, Same deal, different person. Losing both of those elections have burned Democrats for years. Hence the continued inferring that Bush caused 9/11. Plus, on top of that, there was the Iraq War; which was the liberal “cause” here, up until someone within the liberal establishment decided that the Iraq War was no longer worth making the entire liberal movement look stupid and they dropped it as a whole. Then there is the afghan war; which the opposition to it, has been rather muted. Because the liberal establishment knows that if they turn on that War that the Democratic Party to the rest of America, will look like the biggest bunch of hypocrites ever. Which they are, but I digress. Either way, these videos just show you; one, the hypocrisy of the liberals and two, how bad that the liberal movement has become, when it comes to freedom of speech.

Come November 2, I will either be voting for Libertarians or Republicans. I have no really decided which; at this point, I am most likely pulling the lever for the Republicans. Because we need to right the ship and the libertarians have never won anything at all, and I want to vote for a winner this time; especially here in Michigan. We have had enough of Democratic failure, me especially, being out of work since 2005, it does really suck. Instead of doing the normal blaming of the Republicans, like some people I know around here do, I am facing reality and saying that Granholm and her polices failed and am voting different.

…and I hope you will do the same….

Reason Magazine profiles Detroit, Here is what they missed

It seems that Reason Magazine has decided that it is Detroit’s time in the barrel.  They have produced a video detailing another rightfully named “Boondoggle” of a light rail system.  It appears that the funding for this project is coming from the United States Government and by proxy — yours and mine pocketbooks and Taxes.

I noticed in the video of theirs, that they used an old promo video, made in 1965 by the city of Detroit.  For what it is worth; that video was made for the luring of the International Olympic Committee to Detroit; of which I am very to report that the committee saw right through that silly propaganda film and passed on Detroit.  Which proves to this writer that the people at the Olympic committee are much smarter than the then Mayor of Detroit, gave them credit for being.  I mean, could you have seen the Olympics being held in Detroit?  The metals themselves would have never made it out alive.  I could just see it now, “Your Medal, or your life cracka!”  It is quite the horrifying thought actually.

First, here is Reason TV’s video:

Now for what they missed; in 1967 there was a horrific riot here in Detroit.  It has been called the 1967 Detroit race riot.  The riot itself was started after the City of Detroit’s Police Department raided an after-hours blind pig.  Now, keep in mind, the police were simply doing their jobs.  They were tipped off to an illegal drinking establishment, which, for what it is worth —- only catered to black people; and they raided the place.  During the raid, a scuffle broke out, between the police and the persons being raided, somehow during that scuffle; a police officer’s guns went off and thus gave catalyst to one of worst riots in the history of the Country —- not mention the city of Detroit —– a rumor.  The rumor was that a black man that was arrested during raid of the blind pig was laying face down on the sidewalk, with his hands cuffed behind his back; was shot at point blank range in the back of the head, by a uniformed Detroit Police officer.

Now there is only one little inconvenient truth to this sickening and most awful rumor —- not a word of it was even remotely true. — It was this rumor, which was circulated among the Detroit black population, in a rather short amount of time; that was the proverbial kerosene on the bonfire for the City of Detroit in 1967 and as a result; all hell broke loose in Detroit.  This was the result:

(More Photos can be found by going here)

If I sat here and said that all of the above was done by blacks — I would be straight up lying to you.  It has been widely reported around here, and there were outside forces that egged on, supported, and even contributed to the huge riot.  Anarchists from various states were believed to have come to Detroit and joined in the riot —- we call those people libertarian leftists today.  Although, I like to call these people something different —- Anti-American.

Here is a groovy little video that shows just went on here in Detroit in 1967 —- with music from Detroit’s own MC5:

The riot stopped after the then Mayor of Detroit, Jerome Cavanagh, a Democrat, stopped cowering behind his desk, at the prospect of so many out of control blacks; and actually called the Governor of Michigan, George W. Romney, a Republican and begged for the National Guard to be brought in to stop the rioting.  Which is so typical of the liberal Democrats, they make a mess of things and then call in the adults to clean up the mess, which is what we have in Washington DC right now!  Anyone who would doubt my words, I will personally give you the “real world” tour of Detroit and show you just how bad the children Democrats have ruined that city.  I ought to know, I did live there at one time, like many other people from this area.

It is fair to note, however, that the riot in Detroit was not the first one.  There were actually three —- 1863, 1943, and 1967 respectively.  They all had the same things in common; blacks who were under the impression that they were being oppressed somehow or another —- or as it is commonly known in proper English as being a selfish ingrate.  I mean, we allowed them to migrate to Detroit from places like Alabama, where they were getting lynched on a regular basis, gave them jobs based on their skill levels; which were, honestly, not that very high — but yet, they were being oppressed by the white man.  The blacks at time said that they wanted social justice, which means, in normal human speak, “I want what you have, but I do not want to have to actually earn it or work for it, I want it given to me.”  This is pretty much the hallmark of the Democratic Party, is it not?

It happened around this time in 1967.  Many of the white immigrants, who fled Germany and the surrounding countries, after the horrific collapse of the Weimar Republic began to really think that this whole idea of blacks and whites living in Detroit in sweet and loving harmony —- was nothing more than a pipe dream and began to flee the city Detroit.  I kid you not; entire Churches, Synagogues, and Families — everything beat a path out of Detroit like cockroaches scattering in sudden daylight. Now, the Democrats have long said this was because these people were racist.  However, let me ask you a question.  If an angry black man came tearing up your street and wanted to toss a Molotov cocktail through the front window of your house or through the window of your store, for no reason other than a silly rumor — would you not have second thoughts about wanting to keep your store or possibly even your family in that city?  I think the answer to that question is obvious.

In closing, while the Reason Magazine video was great, it missed one important piece of the puzzle.  Detroit did not just end up in its current condition for no reason; it had help and it was not an overnight thing, it has been happening for years.  In addition, there is not one thing to blame, but a plethora of things to blame; politics, corruption, riots, unions — all of it have contributed to Detroit’s demise.  Not to mention race, it is a factor; but to scapegoat one race for the demise is wrong-headed.  This is why the Neo-Nazi Klan hates me so much, because I disagree with and mock their folly with great joy.  In other words, not just blacks destroyed Detroit.  It was all of races, taking what they could get for themselves and then fleeing to their perspective corners of the state and allowing the inner city to rot.  All the while painting over the rot and justifying it as some sort of community project.  As they say, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.  You can put socialist programs into a city that is beyond saving; but the city, along with its rot and failures are still there.  You would think that after some 43 years after those race riots; Detroit’s leadership and Michigan’s leadership would have figured that out by now.

Local News: The Kathleen Edward saga continues

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Remember the Saga of the little girl Kathleen Edward that I have blogged about on here? Well, it is not over yet. Looks like Jennifer Petkov is still running her mouth, when the cameras are not around, of course.

Anyhow, here is the video of the story which comes via Fox 2 News right here in Detroit:

The Story, which is basically a rehash, but that new info from the parents in the video is new:

Since this story first made air, the Petkov’s have apologized, the Facebook posts removed, the coffin dismantled and the truck has been repainted. Thousands have watched the story online in places as far away as Japan, Europe and Australia. The backlash against the Petkov’s resulted in an egged-house, people ordering delivery pizza and thousands of messages on Facebook speaking out against the hateful act perpetrated by the couple.

The support for Kathleen on the other hand has been overwhelming for the Kathleen’s father Robert Edward and grandmother Becky Rose. Hans Masing of Tree Town Toys in Ann Arbor has raised more than $9,000 for a shopping spree for Kathleen. Dozens of people have made private donations. Whole Facebook sites have been created in support of the Kathleen.

Tuesday Kathleen’s father and grandmother came to the station and answered some of those questions so many of us want to know. Why the nastiness all started and how the Edwards do not believe Jennifer Petkov’s aplogy was sincere.

Also, this wasn’t first time the Edwards and the Petkov’s have gotten into a dispute. Problems so bad, Kathleen and her grandmother both have a personal protection orders against both of the Petkov’s. When asked how the neighbors could solve the problem, Kathleen’s grandmother says the only way to solve the problem between them would be for one of them to move, but the Edwards say they’re not going anywhere.

By the way, if you go look, the rally that was going to be held in Haas Park, is now going to be held in Elisabeth Park in Trenton, Michigan. Which, by the way, is a huge park down in Trenton, Michigan. There are supposed to be over nine thousand people there —- Nine Thousand?!?! Hell, that’s over half of downriver —-and that’s not not even counting the goats!  😉 😛 😆 I kid I kid. 😛  But that is a big number of people for a rally for a little girl. Which shows the world, that we are not all evil people around these parts.

Local News: Jennifer Petkov apologizes to family that she mocked

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Just an update to a story that I posted about earlier.

Via Fox News Detroit:

The Story:

Jennifer Petkov told FOX 2’s Ronnie Dahl Friday night that she never really meant any ill wishes towards Kathleen Edward or her family.

Scott and Jennifer Petkov even went so far as to display a lighted candle on their porch at the same time dozens of strangers were gathering across the street in front of Kathleen’s home.

“If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t do it,” Jennifer Petkov told Ronnie Dahl. “And to that little girl, I apologize if you’ve been hurt. There’s not much more I can say. And hopefully we can live our lives peacefully from now on.”

Actually, what happened was, she got on TV and acted like an arrogant asshole; and did not think or did not know that the story would go viral. Well, it did and they had to endure a shit storm. Now, she is is a bit more humble about it. My Mom, who is usually more forgiving about stuff like this; does not buy this woman’s apology one iota. I will not even get into what she thinks should happen to this woman. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked about what my Mom had to say about it. 😯

Anyhow, I still think the woman is an asshole; but I also think that she should be left alone. So, if you’ve come here via search engine, and are plotting —- forget about it. She is not worth it, and she should be allowed to live her life in peace. She did apologize on TV, now whether she is sincere or not — is another story. But we have to take it a face value and let her be. I am willing to do so, and so should you.

That is all… 😀

UPDATED — Local News: Jennifer Petkov is a damned low-life scumball Facebook Pulls Page, read the update please.

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Update: Please, before you read this, go here first! Jennifer Petkov has apologized to the family via the media. So, I consider this case closed.

First of all, watch this video:

Now read this story via Fox 2 Detroit: (H/T D-Listed)

TRENTON, Mich. – Her family says 7-year-old Kathleen Edward is in the final stages of a degenerative brain disorder diagnosed as Huntington’s Disease – the same disease which killed her mother, Laura, when she was only 24.

Neighbors Jennifer and Scott Petkov, who have been feuding with the family, admitted to posting grim depictions of Laura and Kathleen on Facebook.  One photo depicts Laura in the arms of the grim reaper, while the other features Kathleen’s face above a set of crossbones.

The couple also have a coffin hitched to a pick-up truck in front of the house, which they say is nothing more than a Halloween decoration.

Of course, now that the heat is on her, she is now saying, “I sorry!”

Scott Petkov says he’s sorry.  “We apologize for our actions and stupidity.  It was an ignorant thing that we did and it was basically in retaliation about things that were said about my house and my wife.”

Scott’s wife Jennifer doctored-up and posted photos of Laura Edward, who died from Huntington’s Disease , showing her wrapped in the arms of the grim reaper.  She also posted a photo of Laura’s 7-year-old daughter, Kathleen Edward, who is now dying from Huntington’s Disease ,  her face becoming the center of a skull and crossbones.

Another Video:

UPDATE: The address if you’d like to send pizzas or whatever; is over at  Crime and Federalism, it’s posted there. I decided to remove it from my blog; just in case some crazy does burn the bitch’s house down. I won’t get blamed for it. Update: I’m removing that link, she has apologized; so, I’m not going to contribute to her being harassed any longer. It’s over, let’s all move on.

This lady even now has her own facebook page! Update: Facebook pulls the page… (of course…)

I am sorry to say, that this lowlife bitch lives about 5 miles from my house. I found out about this from a friend on facebook. (Of Course…)

I know that I have done my share of stupid stuff; but this goes way beyond anything that I have ever cooked up. This bitch will never have a life again. Best thing this woman and her fat ass husband can do is leave the damned Country and go somewhere and get a new ID. I’d be scared to even live in that house now. Because she has provoked the anger of many.

There is just no excuse for this sort of crap, at all, period, end of story — the woman should be locked up.

As someone who’s had MY own personal id bandied around the internet; I feel for this little girl.

May Kathleen Edward spend the rest of her days in peace. 🙁

Major Update: First off, as I noted above, the page for Jennifer Petkov is now gone; which I think was a wise thing, as there were threats of violence on there. Second of all, There have been some pages for Kathleen Edward set up. They are here and here. I did mention to a family member, who contacted me via e-mail that I would be more than happy to put up a web page and or Blog for the little lady, if I can get an agreement to get donated hosting. Hopefully, I will hear from Site5.com on that. I would also like to get PayPal Donations set up for them as well. Stay tuned.

Update – January 13, 2012 : Kathleen Edward has passed away, my tribute to her is here.

Holy Cow!: Democratic Party Representative John Dingell at 39% in polling

(H/T on this story to Ed Morrissey over at HotAir.com….)

As a rule, I do not get too excited about polls — but this one here, is a stunner!

From my hometown paper — The Detroit Free Press: (which by the way leans more Liberal —- Unlike the Detroit News; which is more libertarian leaning. )

A new independent poll has the dean of the U.S. House, Rep. John Dingell, trailing his Republican opponent, Rob Steele, by 4 percentage points.

The automated phone survey of 300 people in the 15th Congressional District showed Steele getting 43.8% of the vote. Dingell, a Dearborn Democrat and the longest-serving member of Congress, got 39.5%. About 11% were undecided. The gap is within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 5.6 percentage points. The poll was conducted Monday.

Dingell’s campaign said the survey — conducted by the Rossman Group of Lansing and Team TelCom — is a Republican front and is contradicted by other polls in recent weeks.

Team TelCom’s president Gary Reed has Republican ties, but Kelly Rossman-McKinney, CEO of the Rossman Group, has Democratic roots.

“It’s kind of what we hear on the ground. We’re hearing from everybody about the need for change and the need for someone who is not a career politician,” Steele said.

Ed Morrissey interjects:

Having Steele ahead is certainly newsworthy, but the bigger takeaway here is just how badly Dingell polls in this race after almost 56 years in Washington.

Why?  In part, Michigan’s economic woes play into the national anti-incumbent mood.  The state has followed the same kind of economic plan that Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have tried to implement on a national scale, and they’ve been doing it longer.  Michigan voters can see the end game even more clearly than voters nationwide, and it’s no surprise that Michigan might clean House in three weeks.  Part of it, though, is Dingell himself, who has a habit of saying foolish things, and saying them on national TV.

Not only this; the bigger point is that not all of Michigan is liberal blue. I can tell you of areas that are, in fact, very Conservative and they’re not the rich, upper middle class areas either. There are some middle, working class area that have been in the Republican camp for years. Generally the further south, north, east and west of Detroit you go. The more Conservative politically it gets. Detroit proper is solidly liberal; but the suburbs is a mixed bag.

The bigger point is this; and it was articulated by Mr. Morrissey very well; people here in Michigan are just fed up. The Democrats have held the keys here forever and day. The Democrats have, along with the inaction of Republicans who were in power back when the signs that the housing market was going to crash — basically screwed this area into the ground. Michigan’s housing market is, bluntly —- terrible. This was caused by the Democrat’s stupid idea of social engineering of the housing market. The Carter Administration started it and Clinton Administration continued it. This is not even to mention the globalist NAFTA and TAFTA agreements that were signed into law by the Clinton Administrations; which in effect hobbled the Automotive industry here in Detroit. Why do you think that the UAW here in Detroit did not make a endorsement of the Democratic Candidates, until after the primary was finally over? Because the UAW’s memory is long and they remember how Clinton sold them up the river.

Plus, too, Jennifer Granholm’s performance here as Governor of Michigan has been described as horrific at best. Her policies and style of Governorship in this state has been just awful. Even my Father, who is a committed Democratic Party voter, cannot stand the woman. It has not been uncommon to hear the phrase, “Send that bitch back to Canada, where she belongs!” to be said in the context of a conversation about her. That is kind of nasty; but that is the feeling about her around here. This might be the reason why when her Lt. Governor John D. Cherry did a test poll to see how he would fare in a election, the result was a resounding, “HELL NO!” and he scrapped his plans to run for Governor.

Now The Blog Prof wonders:

If Dingell isn’t safe in Detroit, is any Democrat safe anywhere?

Now because I am a realist. I believe there are some safe Democratic Districts  Hansen Clarke will get Michigan’s 13th congressional district. I just do not see a Republican winning that. Unless a miracle happens.

Either way, this is going to be a very interesting election cycle. It is 25 days away from election day. I cannot wait to vote. 😀

Gallup Poll: Unemployment back over 10%

The only reason I am posting this today, is being I got a call from a poll taker; he was getting poll data for the coming election….. and boy did he ever get an ear full about the Democrats.

Memo to the Democrats: It’s the jobs stupid. (H/T HotAir)

PRINCETON, NJ — Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, increased to 10.1% in September — up sharply from 9.3% in August and 8.9% in July. Much of this increase came during the second half of the month — the unemployment rate was 9.4% in mid-September — and therefore is unlikely to be picked up in the government’s unemployment report on Friday.

Certain groups continue to fare worse than the national average. For example, 15.8% of Americans aged 18 to 29 and 13.9% of those with no college education were unemployed in September.

The increase in the unemployment rate component of Gallup’s underemployment measure is partially offset by fewer part-time workers, 8.7%, now wanting full-time work, down from 9.3% in August and 9.5% at the end of July.

As a result, underemployment shows a more modest increase to 18.8% in September from 18.6% in August, though it is up from 18.4% in July. Underemployment peaked at 20.4% in April and has yet to fall below 18.3% this year.

The government’s final unemployment report before the midterm elections is based on job market conditions around mid-September. Gallup’s modeling of the unemployment rate is consistent with Tuesday’s ADP report of a decline of 39,000 private-sector jobs, and indicates that the government’s national unemployment rate in September will be in the 9.6% to 9.8% range. This is based on Gallup’s mid-September measurements and the continuing decline Gallup is seeing in the U.S. workforce during 2010.

However, Gallup’s monitoring of job market conditions suggests that there was a sharp increase in the unemployment rate during the last couple of weeks of September. It could be that the anticipated slowdown of the overall economy has potential employers even more cautious about hiring. Some of the increase could also be seasonal or temporary.

Further, Gallup’s underemployment measure suggests that the percentage of workers employed part time but looking for full-time work is declining as the unemployment rate increases. To some degree, this may reflect a reduced company demand for new part-time employees. For example, employers may be converting some existing part-time workers to full time when they are needed as replacements, but may not in turn be hiring replacement part-time workers. Another explanation may relate to the shrinkage of the workforce, as some employees who have taken part-time work in hopes of getting full-time jobs get discouraged and drop out of the workforce completely — going back to school to enhance their education, for example, instead of doing part-time work. It is even possible that some workers may find unemployment insurance a better alternative than part-time work with little prospect of going full time.

Regardless, the sharp increase in the unemployment rate during late September does not bode well for the economy during the fourth quarter, or for holiday sales. In this regard, it is essential that the Federal Reserve and other policymakers not be misled by Friday’s jobs numbers. The jobs picture could be deteriorating more rapidly than the government’s job release suggests.

But, as we know the Democrats are not interested in helping the white middle class. They’re more interested in insulting Americans, because they feel that they’re too stupid to know what they want. It is not just the politicians either, it is their bloggers too. See Here, Here and Here. See why I will never vote Democrat again, ever?

While we real Americans are out of work and waiting for the Government to get out of the way; so that actual jobs can be created in this Country. The liberal elite are taking to the airwaves and to the blogs to insult the American people and those of us that disagree with the socialism of Barack Obama, as stupid, racist, and America-haters.

Remember this come November 2, 2010 and vote accordingly. We need change; but not the sort of change that the Democrats are wanting to push on us; further more, we should not allow these monsters to insult us. We should speak back —- at the ballot box!

Michigan’s unemployment rate is higher than the National

Detroit’s unemployment rate, last I heard was at 30%.

Vote Different. America’s future depends on it.

Drugs and Drinking have been a problem for years in Auto Plants

I noticed that the local media here has finally caught up with auto workers doing some seriously illegal stuff in a Chrysler plant here in Detroit.

Via Detroit’s Fox 2 News:


The Story:

myFOXDetroit.com Staff – We’re all rooting for the auto industry to come back stronger than ever. It affects every one of us here in metro Detroit and across the country because it’s so important to our economy.

Fox 2’s Rob Wolchek got a tip about what some guys are doing at Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit. This is the same plant that President Barack Obama visited back in July and talked about the significance of manufacturing in America.

The same place where the President remarked on the tax-payer generated government loan saying “I believed that if each of us were willing to work and sacrifice in the short term — workers, management, creditors, shareholders, retirees, communities — it could mark a new beginning for a great American industry. And if we could summon that sense of teamwork and common purpose, we could once again see the best cars in the world designed, engineered, forged, and built right here in Detroit, right here in the Midwest, right here in the United States of America.”

I thought I would comment on this story; seeing that I have some background in this area. I have news for my fellow Conservatives; this sort of thing has been going on for years in the auto plants. In fact, back in the 1980’s the drug problem was so bad in a few of the G.M. plants locally here, that General Motors had to call in the Federal Government to bring in undercover narcotics officers —- posing as workers that transferred in from other states, to nab these people dealing the dope. That is because the Union, that was supposed to be making sure stuff like this was not happening; had been bought off by the drug dealers and was standing by and letting them deal the drugs. I believe that Chrysler and Ford had similar raids too back in the 1980’s.

From a taxpayer’s stand point; yes, this does make me angry. Because basically, taxpayer’s dollars are paying for these guys to sit around and smoke dope. This is because taxpayer dollars did, in fact, bail this auto company out.  However, because I am a bit of a libertarian; I do see this in another light. The late great Senator Barry Goldwater said the following: “You cannot legislate morality.”  You can set rules, you can encourage people not to smoke or deal drugs; but you cannot force people not to do these things. As long as there are people out there who have a desire to do these things and as long as they are illegal — People are going to figure out a way to do them, without getting caught. Breaking the law is in the human DNA. It is how we are wired, it is, as the Bible puts it; in our human fleshly nature. Adam and Eve proved that one in the Garden.

The real underlying point here is this; these companies, especially Chrysler — should have never been rescued by the Government, at all. General Motors and Chrysler both had enough liquid assets that they could have sold off to generate enough capital to get themselves out of the hole that they were in. Granted, the problem was created by the Wall Street crash of 2008; however, General Motors and Chrysler had and most likely still has management issues that has caused waste for years. Now, unlike other libertarians and Conservatives; I will not play the scape-goat game with the Unions. The unions are a only a small part of the problem. Granted, they do play a role in the problem; but that role is not nearly is huge as it is made out to be by some on the right.  The truth of the matter is, that these companies have not been properly managed for years. This is why these auto companies have had money issues for years.

Video: When you have lost the Home Depot Crowd, you have lost America

A nice three in a row from the founder of …..Home Depot.

Quite bluntly — if you have lost this man and the people that frequents his stores; you are toast.

The Videos: (H/T to HotAir.com)

I can tell you right now; Obama is not getting elected in 2012; it is over for the “Hope and Change” era. Over quicker than it started.

Now, I await two things; one, I await for some identity politics ogre, to start carping about how this man is just some angry white racist bigot. Second, I await some liberal to say that this guy is just some angry rich white businessman. Well, let me be the first to tell you all something here. I happen to know a little about the crowd, who hangs around Hope Depot.

Contrary to what some might actually believe. The good majority of the people who buy products at Home Dept are the people; that are commonly known as the backbone of America in this globalist age —- Small Business owners; and the Obama Administration, with the sun-setting of the Bush tax cuts — is basically targeting that group of people. Granted, not all business owners make that kind of money. However there are those that do, and they usually have employees and when taxes increase on those people, sometimes, especially with the smaller businesses; employees have to be laid off, because the “overhead” is just too much of burden on those business people. This should be just common sense, but when you are dealing with socialist left, common sense tends to run in short supply. When you let someone go like that, that causes the said person to not be able to spend money to contribute to the economy; which hurts the service industry, and so on. Not to mention the fact that that person will have problems paying his bills.  It is a vicious cycle and it gets worse as the cycle progresses.

You see, that is one thing that I have been trying to make clear here; and I guess I will just have to say it — most likely again. I am sure I have written here in the past. Anyhow, I do not write on this blog to defend the multi-billion dollar companies. They do not need my help; they have their P.R. companies and such. I write for the small business owner and the working man, who decides to go into business for himself; painting walls, building kitchens or whatever sort of trade that he desires to do; like driving a truck or whatever. Those people should be helped, not targeted for taxes and other such stupidity that the socialist left tries to cook up. Like it or not, my friends — but the small business owner and their businesses are the backbone of America. Yes, sure, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler have their place, as do every other big business. However, it is the small business owner, the entrepreneur that embodies the true Spirit of America.  That is who I defend and will continue to here on this blog.

The blog is, and will always be — the Blog of the working man. Not the rich man — but those who work for themselves.

A song in tribute to whom I write for:

Patterico makes a pretty fair point, BUT!

I hate to say it; but when the guy makes sense, the guy makes sense:

And make no mistake: voters probably handed a Senate seat to Democrats last night. Castle voters were polled and said they prefer the Democrat 2-1 over O’Donnell. It’s not impossible for her to win if the stars align just right. But wishing upon the stars works in the movies; in real life, not so much.

After O’Donnell’s victory, Sarah Palin issued a call for “unity” among Republicans. I fully support this and support candidate O’Donnell. She has deep flaws, but I’d rather see my flawed candidate in the Senate than the other side’s flawed candidate.

However, I can tell you that Palin’s “unity” directive is going to be hard to implement.

Part of the problem is the Republican establishment, which let slip the fact that they do not intend to give O’Donnell a cent to pursue her quixotic ambitions. The decision not to fund her mostly hopeless candidacy is defensible. The decision to announce that decision on election night is unforgivable.

If O’Donnell loses — I’m thinking “when” but saying “if” for the sake of our “unity” — Tea Partiers will not look for blame in the mirror. Establishment Republicans have given them a ready-made scapegoat, and they will flog it all the way to 2012.

Another part of the problem lies in the insufferable gloating of O’Donnell supporters over what was a fairly predictable primary victory. It does not foster “unity” to declare that O’Donnell beat “Mike Castle, Allahpundit, Charles Krauthammer, and Jim Geraghty.” It does not foster “unity” to label Paul Mirengoff a “loser” who needs to wear a dress for noting the obvious obstacles O’Donnell faces. If Twitter is any reflection of the mood among conservatives, I saw civil war last night. The Levin acolytes going around mimicking his name-calling behavior are hardly seeking “unity.”

With all their toldya so’s, you’d think these people had won the general election instead of handing it to the opposition.

If Sarah Palin truly seeks “unity,” at some point she is going to need to rein these people in.

Indeed, Patterico makes a good point. However, there is another side to this story; which I want to share with you all.

I was talking in private with Dan Riehl and I mentioned that I live here in the Detroit, Michigan area. Quite bluntly folks; The Democratic Party’s socialist policies; have screwed this area straight to hell.  30% Unemployment just in the city of Detroit. 30% —- that is a whole bunch of people out of work! In the proper CITY alone! Let’s not even get into the percentage of people that are unemployed here in the suburbs! Believe you me; it is a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more, than you might think! That is not even mentioning the people that are, what is referred to as underemployed — or not making enough to even making their bills. Like family members of mine, who are just barely getting by.  We need a business-friendly political climate in Washington DC, not to mention in Michigan — so that Business owners can start putting people back to work — with jobs, real jobs, where people; like those in my family with houses, and children and bills — can make a decent living again.  (…and If *I* happen to score a job too, all the better, this writing and not getting paid is getting a bit old!)

Here is my point: O’Donnell might be a little nutty; she might have been a little dishonest in the past. However, if she can win this election; and makes it to DC and can reverse course on this damned socialist nightmare that we have upon us; especially here in Michigan — then damn it, I am ALL for it!

Here is my other point: Our Nation and the state of Michigan is in a serious crisis; we need real Republican ideals to get this nation back to work. Not RINO, Democratic Party lite stupidity. That sort of crap might have worked by in the days of prosperity; but let me be the one to “wee wee” on the RINO Parade —- That party is over folks, that ship sailed long ago and it is time to get back to our principles of Conservative values. If the Republican Party and the Conservative establishment does not do this; the Republican Party will die and the Nation; as we know it now, might just die with it — and in the end, we will be handing the socialists the victory they so very much desire in the end.

Now as for O’Donnell’s supposed dishonesty… here she is defending herself against the smears: (H/T HotAir)

I think she will be alright. Everyone just needs to give her a chance. Especially the Conservative establishment.

Message from Rick Snyder Republican Candidate for Michigan Governor

This popped into my e-mail inbox this morning…. :

Dear Supporters,

Last night I held my 59th town hall meeting in Westland. My opponent showed up so I invited him to take part in the event. I’m happy he was able to attend; it was a good opportunity to discuss the issues important to Michigan.

This is what democracy is all about – real people asking tough questions and getting straight answers – not scripted, 30-second sound bites. I plan to keep holding these town hall meetings until Election Day to talk about my 10-Point Plan to Reinvent Michigan so voters can hear directly from me about my positive vision to create more and better jobs.

We are now only 49 days away from Election Day and need your help to add to our momentum. Please consider donating to our campaign. Your contributions go directly to spreading our positive message and bring us closer to our goal of reinventing our great state.

I am grateful for your continued support. Together we will succeed in Reinventing Michigan.


The truth is folks, we need new ideas and much better leadership to bring back jobs here in Michigan. The Democrats have utterly failed here in the State of Michigan. I personally have been affected by this whole mess; I have been out of work since 2005. It is a depressing mess around here and it is sad to see a State and a big city, like Detroit, to go in ruins; because of the socialist stupidity of the Democrats. Not to mention the idiotic actions of globalists who sold Detroit up the river. We can turn that around; but Democrats are not going to be the ones to do that. We need a friendly business climate here, so that jobs can return to this once great State and the once great city of Detroit. Would you believe it, if I told you that Detroit’s unemployment rate is a 30%? That is just in Detroit alone. Not counting the suburbs. The truth is that Democratic Party Socialism has RUINED this great State and the city of Detroit. It is time to start over from scratch and rebuilt. Rick Snyder and the Republicans in Michigan can will do that. But they need your help; the Democrats are funded much better the Republicans here in Michigan. So, if you can… Give, help put Michigan and more importantly, Detroit, Michigan back on the map in America.

So, you know what that means:


UPDATED: I hate to say it: Nicholas Kristof makes a very good point

Rarely do I ever concede a point to a liberal. However, in this case; it is fair to do so.

This morning Nicholas Kristof writes in the New York Times, about the Mosque Controversy:

For a glimpse of how venomous and debased the discourse about Islam has become, consider a blog post in The New Republic this month. Written by Martin Peretz, the magazine’s editor in chief, it asserted: “Frankly, Muslim life is cheap, most notably to Muslims.”

Mr. Peretz added: “I wonder whether I need honor these people and pretend that they are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment, which I have in my gut the sense that they will abuse.”

Thus a prominent American commentator, in a magazine long associated with tolerance, ponders whether Muslims should be afforded constitutional freedoms. Is it possible to imagine the same kind of casual slur tossed off about blacks or Jews? How do America’s nearly seven million American Muslims feel when their faith is denounced as barbaric?

This is one of those times that test our values, a bit like the shameful interning of Japanese-Americans during World War II, or the disgraceful refusal to accept Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe.

It would have been natural for this test to have come right after 9/11, but it was forestalled because President George W. Bush pushed back at his conservative ranks and repeatedly warned Americans not to confuse Al Qaeda with Islam.

As much as I hate to say it; Mr. Kristof is absolutely right. It should noted that Martin Peretz is, in fact Jewish and is, in fact, a rabid Zionist. In fact, Martin Peretz is known for the following comments:

Frankly, I couldn’t quite imagine any venture like [the Iraq War] in the Arab World turning out especially well. This is, you will say, my prejudice. But some prejudices are built on real facts, and history generally proves me right. Go ahead, prove me wrong. — Source


But, frankly, Muslim life is cheap, most notably to Muslims. And among those Muslims led by the Imam Rauf there is hardly one who has raised a fuss about the routine and random bloodshed that defines their brotherhood. So, yes, I wonder whether I need honor these people and pretend that they are worthy of the privileges [sic] of the First Amendment which I have in my gut the sense that they will abuse. — Source

Like Kristof said; could you imagine if the above were uttered about the Jews or about the black race? There would a media frenzy about it. Believe me, I know; I have been attacked by those who are of the protected class and all for speaking my mind about them and how they attack those of whom they disagree.

The fact is, that this whole Mosque situation boils down to this; Islam versus Christian Nativists and Jews, Arabs versus Americans, whites versus non-whites. Am I calling those who oppose this mosque racists? Well, my question for you is this; do you feel that burning pages of the Koran normal acceptable practice? Would you feel the same way, if some Muslim took a page out of the  Christian Bible and began burning it? How about the Tanakh, the Torah, or The ?umash, the Siddur, the Piyutim or even the Zohar?

The point I am trying to make here is this; I realize that radicalized Muslims attacked the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and Flight 93. However, when you punish an entire religion for the actions of a few, you are practicing a forum of collectivism. That is not anything remotely Conservative, nor is it anything remotely American. Being vigilant against terrorism is one thing; but being idiotic is another, this situation with this Mosque is well beyond that — on both sides.

Update: On the Other hand… these are videos from 9/11:

There are two sides to every argument; one would suppose. There is also this here.

Video: Is this is the future of America in 5 or 10 years?

(H/T to Richard Spencer of Alternative Right)

I think it’s time we got real; before we lose everything.

Breaking Local News: Massive Fire Outbreak in Detroit, High Winds partly to blame

This is a very interesting story; and I did not know anything about it. Until I saw a headline via ABC NEWS.

There has been a massive fire outbreak on the West and East sides of Detroit. It has been windy here for the last few days. Well, you take a windy day, add some electrical lines that have been arcing and sparking; plus dry conditions and you have a massive problem on your hands.

Videos and Story via WXYZ-TV in Detroit:

The Story:

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Detroit’s Fire Commissioner told Action News fires were burning at 80 locations between 4:00pm and 8:00pm Tuesday. No word on how many homes and buildings were destroyed. Many of the destroyed homes were abandoned.

Multiple homes were destroyed on Detroit’s east side.

On Moenart Street and Luce Avenue near Mound and McNichols 7 homes caught fire.

On Van Dyke near Quinn firefighters worked to control 20 homes. The fire spread across the city block to Robinwood Street. Firefighters say it’s possible the blazes in this neighborhood were ignited by a faulty transformer spraying sparks. Those sparks were carried by strong winds and started fires at a number of other houses. Folks on the block say they alerted DTE to the problem last week and nothing was done. Action News contacted DTE and they tell us they are investigating those claims.

An abandoned commercial building also burned near Chene and Hendrie on the city’s east side.

On Detroit’s west side four homes burned on Stoepel near Livernois and Margareta Avenue.

The Fire Commissioner told Action News during the height of the fires 236 firefighters were working. One firefighter was injured during the afternoon.

Strong winds are to blame for fueling many of the fires. The winds may also have prompted the flames. The Detroit Fire Department took calls on 140 wires down across the city from 8:00am to 5:00pm Tuesday. They stopped taking calls when the string of fires began. Investigators say one person is in custody being questioned about the fires on the east side.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people on Detroit’s East and West sides tonight. I remember back in the day in Southwest Detroit. We did have fires like that in the summer too. Sounds like the gents at the Detroit fire houses have their hands full. My Prayers go out to those guys as well.

I will say this; Detroit’s city management is to blame for the short handed situation. What you are seeing there is a result of horrible leadership under Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit’s Former Mayor and now convicted crook. Not to mention the fact that parts of the city, just have some bad water lines and such, and cannot keep up the pressure to deal with the fires. You can thank some of the corrupt Democrats, who have funneled money to pet projects, instead of keeping up the city — for this horrible mess.

Some of the fires were set intentionally; that is a unfortunate part of inner city living and that is crime and arson. I cannot say to much. We had an arson less than a mile from my house here. It was a commercial business. The difference is, I live out here in the suburbs. Which really bothered me. Hopefully, they will catch the little bastard that pulled that little stunt.

Hopefully, the Detroit Fire Department gets a handle on the situation in the city. I feel for the people in those areas. Unable to get out, and move somewhere better. It sucks. My heart goes out to them. 🙁

If you are Christian at all; and happen to believe in Prayer. Say a small prayer for those in that area. I am sure that they would appreciate it.

The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press, WDIV-TV all have good coverage as well.

Video: Recovery Summer

Some Straight Awesomeness from these guys:

Remember this come November 2, 2010 and vote….accordingly.