Jennifer Petkov, the gift that keeps on giving

This silly woman just cannot stay out of trouble, can she? :roll:

Here’s the video and the interview with the woman that Jennifer Petkov supposedly hit:

…and now the story:

TRENTON, Mich. – For the past few days, people haven’t been focused of Jennifer Petkov and that awful Facebook page. They’ve been focused on Kathleen Edward and showing her all of the support possible. However, it now appears Petkov’s alleged bad behavior has her right back in the spotlight and this time she could end up in jail.

“Last summer, she threatened me. Told me she was going to kill me,” said Tana Boling.


Petkov’s been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and reckless driving. Her family put up ten-percent of her $75,000 bond to get her out of jail. This time they weren’t willing to talk to the cameras, but instead of telling us that themselves, they called the cops to be their messengers.

Petkov’s lawyer tells FOX 2 this whole incident was blown way out of proportion and that the Petkovs have surveillance footage to prove it. He believes the footage will be enough to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges.

While he was not willing to show the video to FOX 2, Petkov family friend Jarred Hurd says he’s seen it.

“I think they have over-exaggerated a lot on it,” said Hurd. “The other neighbors make it out to seem like they’re horrible. They are not horrible people.”

via Woman Accused of Taunting Kathleen Edward Charged with Assault– Fox 2 Detroit.

Oh, they are not horrible people; Jennifer Petkov is just a dizzy blond —- who cannot drive worth a crap, right? :roll: Good job lady!  Anyhow, as it says above, they have security footage. So, it looks like Kim Worthy will have her hands full with this woman.  What strikes me is; that the “family” actually fronted the cash to bail her of jail? Family? What family? Anyone know the skinny on that? Why would any sane family member want to bail out some half psycho woman like this?

Also, not that it matters, but…. Petkov. What nationality is that last name? German? Polish? Jewish? Anyone? Just wondering.

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