Sweet Justice: 15-year-old black thug gets two to six years for 7-cent robbery

NewsWithViews calls this Insanity. I call it sweet justice:


SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A 15-year-old Syracuse boy will spend the next two to six years in juvenile detention and the rest of his life as a felon as a result of his sentencing today for a robbery that netted him and an accomplice seven cents.

Onondaga County Judge William Walsh rejected a defense lawyer’s request to treat Anthony Stewart, of West Onondaga Street, as a youthful offender. That means his felony conviction will remain on his permanent record.

Walsh said he might have ruled differently if Stewart had pleaded guilty, as did his accomplice, Skyler Ninham, 16. Earlier this month Walsh sentenced Ninham as a youthful offender to one and one-third to four years in state prison. Stewart, who is not old enough for prison, will be sent to a juvenile detention facility.

Both Ninham and the 73-year-old robbery victim identified Stewart as a participant in the crime, Walsh said. “And yet you still denied it,” Walsh said to Stewart. “Well, that cost you.”

via Syracuse 15-year-old gets two to six years for 7-cent robbery | syracuse.com.

Here is the part that NewsWithViews most likely did not read:

Stewart was convicted by a jury of first-degree robbery in July, two days before Ninham pleaded guilty. According to prosecutors, Stewart and Ninham ran up behind the victim Dec. 22 and knocked him to the ground. Ninham kicked the victim and Stewart punched him in the face, breaking his glasses, before the victim handed over the seven cents in his pocket, prosecutors said. The two teens had handguns, which Stewart later said were BB guns, prosecutors said.

Little punk thug won’t be robbing nobody else! I wonder where his parents are? Where’s his Daddy? Even he even has one. Just another shining example of how the black community is raising their children. Maybe someone should show this to this idiot here.

Study reported by WorldNetDaily discovers what I have known for years

It funny when educated people pay think tanks to find things out, that we common folk know already.

The Story via WorldNetDaily:

A two-year study of graduates from Catholic, Protestant and home schools found the choice of private education, when compared to public education, had significant effects on the students’ academics, civics and faith – but not necessarily the effects one might expect.

For example, the study found, the adjusted net effect on students of private, Catholic schooling versus public schooling was to produce graduates even less likely to believe in moral absolutes, to respect the authority of the Catholic Church, to believe in the infallibily of Scripture or to condemn premarital sex.

The study also discovered, for example, that “the stereotypical picture of the highly political right-wing Protestant Christian is false,” finding that graduates of Christian schools are less engaged in politics than their peers, as measured by talking less about politics, participating less in campaigns and donating less to political causes.

“In contrast to the popular stereotypes portraying Christian schools as promoting a socially fragmented, anti-intellectual, politically radical and militantly right-winged lifestyle,” claims the survey from Cardus, a think tank focusing on North American society, “this comprehensive study reveals a very different picture of the Christian school graduate.”

How so?

“Compared to their public school, Catholic school and non-religious private school peers,” the study determined, “Protestant Christian school graduates are uniquely compliant, generous, outwardly-focused individuals who stabilize their communities by their uncommon commitment to their families, their churches and larger society. … Graduates of Christian schools donate money [to charity] significantly more than graduates of other schools, despite having lower household income. Similarly, graduates of Protestant Christian schools are more generous with their time, participating far more than their peers both in service trips for relief and development and in mission trips for evangelization.”

At first blush, someone would say that this is Joseph Farah taking a swipe at Roman Catholicism. However, there are a few interesting nuggets in here. For one, this study dispels the notion that everyone that comes through a Christian School is some sort of ultra right-wing Republican Conservative. Heck, I have known that for years. I spent a good deal of my young life in various Christian Schools; run by Baptists and Pentecostals — and I voted Democratic Party up until 2008, when I decided that I was not going to go with the herd anymore. Further more, I do not view myself as a Republican and not even remotely Ultra Right Wing. Right of Center is what I like to call myself.

Further more, this study also tells a few other things that I have known for years. One, it shows that not everyone that comes into a Christian School; is always a Christian. In fact, some of the worst kids in society, end up in Christian Schools. I know this personally, I have seen some real “winners” get tossed into Christian Schools in effort to change them. Sad, it usually did not work and the kids ended up getting kicked out and sent to Juvenile or some sort of a reform school.

It also shows that Humans are not to keen on having Christian doctrine rammed down their throat. This never really happened to me personally at the schools that I went to, when I was a kid. I accepted Christ at a very young age. So, there was no need to push the Christian bit into me. I already knew about it. But there were those in the schools who had Religion forced upon them; and some rebelled against it, when they were older and some did not. It really all depended on the person. I am very happy to report, that I was never one of the kids, who grew up with Church, Religion and such being rammed down my throat and being forced into going to Church. I went because I wanted to go. My parents were not, and still are not regular Church attendees.

Lastly, Let me say this to my small, but dedicated readership. I stand before you as a shining example of the fact, that Christian and Catholic Schools are not for people with learning disabilities. Especially those who use the ACE system. It stands for Accelerated Christian Education. I personally think it should stand for A-holes Cannot Educate.  I have mentioned in passing on here, that I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Well, let me tell you; ADHD and ACE school do not work together at all. At least not real good. My Math, due to the ADHD is horrible. It’s getting better with age and I seem to be able to maintain my finances decently. I’ve never been overdrawn at all.  But going to the ACE school, that I went to, which turned out to be my last school — was a nightmare. Especially, when I got past the easy math. This was compounded by the fact that the teacher, who was very good — retired. Then her replacement was lousy, that caused me much problems.  Now to be clear, I do not blame my parents for any of this; my Mom and Dad did what they felt was best for me. Which was to get me out of public schools — especially those in Detroit — which were, and still are absolutely horrible.

Again, let me stress this; I believe that I turned out rather well, with the education that I did get. Some of my family members did not turn out as well. One of them ended up dead.  I did not do as well, as my Parents would have wanted, but I could have been worse, much worse, trust me.

The article at WorldNetDaily is an interesting read and I think you should check it out.  As for me, I have personally business to do and I am running late! 😯


OUT: Kenneth Melson, head of ATF

The other shoe drops:

The man who led the controversial Fast and Furious anti-gun-trafficking operation will step down as the interim head of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Justice Department announced Tuesday as it named a new acting director for the agency.

Kenneth Melson, the bureau’s acting director, on Wednesday will move to the Office of Legal Policy, where he will be a senior adviser on forensic science, the department said without making reference to the failed gun-tracking operation that is alleged to have ultimately put guns into the hands of criminals. Dennis Burke, the U.S. Attorney in Arizona who oversaw prosecutions in that state related to the Fast and Furious operation, is also stepping down, the department said.

“Ken brings decades of experience at the department and extensive knowledge in forensic science to his new role, and I know he will be a valuable contributor on these issues,” Attorney General Eric Holder said of Melson in a statement. “As he moves into this new role, I want to thank Ken for his dedication to the department over the last three decades.”

Melson’s replacement is B. Todd Jones, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota. Jones “is a demonstrated leader who brings a wealth of experience to this position,” Holder said. “I have great confidence that he will be a strong and steady influence guiding ATF in fulfilling its mission of combating violent crime by enforcing federal criminal laws and regulations in the firearms and explosives industries.”

via Kenneth Melson, acting ATF chief, steps down – Jennifer Epstein – POLITICO.com.

This is all find and dandy; but before any declares victory on this, please know that he is not going anywhere and will still be on the payroll.

So, no, I won’t be cheering just yet. I will cheer when the investigation proves that Obama ordered the whole thing and he is convicted. But I won’t hold my breath.


Uh-Oh: Israel sends 2 warships to Egyptian border


The Israeli Navy (INF) has decided to boost its presence and patrols near Israel’s maritime border with Egypt due to a viable terror threat in the area.

Israeli security sources told the Associated Press on Monday that two additional warships have been dispatched to Israel’s Red Sea border with Egypt. Another source stressed that the operation was routine, telling Reuters that “two naval craft have been sent to the Red Sea. This is not unusual.”

On Monday, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Benny Gantz ordered that deployment across the entire southern sector be bolstered, especially in the area near the Israel-Egypt border, following intelligence indicating an imminent threat

via Report: Israel sends 2 warships to Egyptian border – Israel News, Ynetnews.

Some would brush this off as routine. But then, there’s this:

Meanwhile, Iran‘s Press TV reported Monday that Tehran has decided to dispatch the 15th fleet to the Red Sea once more.

Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari told the state-run agency that the Islamic Republic is planning to send its 15th fleet to the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, adding that the fleet’s main operational objective will be to patrol the high seas and thwart pirate raids.

The Islamic Republic’s 15th fleet is comprised of a submarine and a several warships.

Sayyari noted that Iran’s Navy plans to have “an active presence in the high seas in line with the guidelines of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei with the purpose of serving the country’s interests.

 “The presence of Iran’s army in the high seas will convey the message of peace and friendship to all countries,” he said.

The stage would be being set here for a battle; I would hope not, but you never know, when it comes to these two Countries. What worries me is this; Iran has diplomatic ties with Russia. If Putin gets involved in this, Russia would turn against Israel. This would fulfill Biblical prophecy.

Read More …

Must Watch Video: George W. Bush – The 9/11 Interview

An important anniversary is coming up.  9/11. It has been 10 years. Can you believe it? I cannot.

This is the video that many are talking about; it is the best 9/11 interview that I have ever seen.

A special thank you to The Right Scoop for find this one.

I present this without commentary.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

May it never happen again, ever.

All is not what it seems between Ace and Pamela Geller

I was going to just update the previous posting, but I figured this one deserved it’s own posting.

Last night after reading Aces posts, Robert’s posts and Pam’s postings. I consulted with a good friend of mine, who is a huge blogger; who will remain totally anonymous.  I sent a rather concerned sounding e-mail that echoed the feelings in my previous posting.  I also noticed that in one of Ace’s postings, he wrote that there was nothing personal intended in the posting about Geller and Spencer; he has since revised the postings to remove that statement.  Because there is more to the story, it appears.

This was my friends reply to my e-mail to him:

Off the record: Ace isn’t going the CJ route. Geller and Spencer have been alienating people on the Right as well as people on the Left. There is more here than you know involving Ace (and me to a lesser degree).

To which I replied:

Is it regarding the book that they wrote? or about what happened in Norway?

To which he replied:

Neither, just the way they interact with other bloggers, mainly.

Ace kind of gives it away here:

Let me quickly restate the facts of this nontroversy, and then explain why Pam Geller and Robert Spencer are pretty much now teenagers in Salem, Mass., throwing out allegations of Witchcraft and Devil-Consorting just because it’s fun and dramatic and gets them attention and power.

So, what you have here is, basically a blogger, who’s got an axe to grind with Pam Geller; because she’s getting more attention than say — Ace.   Good old fashioned Blogger jealousy! Hey, Wait! I thought that was Debbie Schlussel’s gig? I figured she had that little trade all sewed up for herself — I guess not.

As for Ace himself, he is a farking schmuck. Best thing he can do is post under false names have his idiotic sock-puppets and dredge up stuff about me, that happened way back in 2007; when I was still rooting for the other team.  A subject that I have defended myself on in the recent past.  I have also defended myself on the accusation of racism and Antisemitism too. Now, mind you, that was before I wrote this and this here.

So, there you have it. One blogger trying to destroy another.  Such childish silliness. :roll: I could see this happening with the left; but with our side? Jebus. Yes! Let’s just give the Liberals the ammo they need people, to prove that we’re all crazy and trying to destroy one another. Some are worried, that the left wants to destroy Conservative political discourse? My answer: They don’t have to; we’re doing it to our own damned selves.   😡

Just add a little profanity to this gott damned posting; some of you jack asses and you know who the fuck you are — ought not to be even allowed near a fucking blog, much less a damned computer!!! 😡 :roll:

In short: Good going jackasses. :roll:





Some Right-Wing Blogs are going soft on the fight against radical Islam

This is unreal.

This will put you up to speed:

I believe that it is about time that we that truly believe that the fight for America is a real one; need to take stock of who is truly in this battle and who was in it, just when it was fashionable.  Because to me, it truly seems that some of the bloggers, who were truly in this battle; like say back in 2003, were in it for purely political reasons and now that the spotlight of truth is being turned on one of the GOP’s own, some people are beginning to let their true colors show.

The sad thing is this; it seems to me that the battle that is going on is boiling down to the Jewish faction of the GOP versus the non-Jewish faction of the GOP.  It seems that the non-Jewish faction of the GOP seems to believe that radical Islam is no longer a threat to America, as it once was and the Jewish faction of the GOP does see radical Islam as a real threat to this great Republic of ours and the freedoms that we, as Americans, enjoy.

It also saddens me that Ace has seemed to take a stance against Religion in general.  Just look at the comments in the posts that I linked to on his blog.  Some of the comments over there are borderline Anti-Semite and furthermore, most of them are anti-Christian.  As a libertarian-minded Conservative, I believe in a man’s right to freedom of speech and I believe in a man’s right to a freedom from a Religion if he so chooses.  However, as a Christian; I find the using of a blog, like Ace’s, to mock, degrade and deride Religion, especially Judaism and the Christian Faith to be most offensive.  Yes, I know that Ace is not making the comments himself; but he is allowing the nasty stuff to be said.  Therefore, he must support it.

As for Pamela Geller; yes, I do support her fully.  I defended her against Charles Johnson’s fascist nonsense.  When he tried to tell her that she could not edit her own blog and I will now defend her against the Anti-Semitic fascists; who seem to have softened their stance on the threat of Islamofascism to America.

Therefore, to you Mr. Ace — I bid you adieu.  You sir, have joined the ranks of the fascists who now have turned their backs on the Jewish community, the Christian Community, and against freedom. There is no compromise sir. Either you are for or against we who stand for liberty — and it appears that you have taking the side of the Chuckles Johnson or the “Anything that looks even remotely anti-Muslim is evil” side.




Your host goes to the race track

As you all know, I went out today to the local race track here.

For the record, I went here.

Free tickets. We were expecting to be gone till 11:00p.m. It ended at 6:00p.m. oopsie!

Here’s the last run, a jet car. I was spending more time watching the cars than I was filming. So, You only get to see one car. Sorry.

You’ll notice at the very beginning, that I realize that I am not wearing my hearing protection. Yipe! 😯 and I have to put the iPod down long enough to put ’em on. 😀

All in all, it was a good time; my cousins and some of their families went. I very good time. I ate well — I am stuffed to the gills! 😯

We might be going back tomorrow, not sure yet.

No posting today….

Me and Dad got free tickets for the local drag strip around here. So, Me, Dad and my two cousins will be off watching race cars go screaming down the track.

Yes, I am a closet “gear head” — I love going to the track.

So, I shall away from internet, and blogging. I need the break and to get out of this house!

I am taking the iPod and taking pictures, and maybe a movie or two.

I shall be back to the grind on Monday!

Update:  Well, Surprise, Surprise! Turns out the track had a wifi connection! I also managed to grab a video of the last car. See here!

Quotes of the Day — With Video

These days, of course, I would support Charlie Sheen over Obama. Obama has done for the economy what pantyhose did for foreplay. Obama has been perpetually behind the curve. If the issue of the day is jobs and the economy, Rick Perry is certainly the nuts-and-bolts kind of guy you want in there. Even though my pal and fellow Texan Paul Begala has pointed out that no self-respecting Mexican would sneak across the border for one of Rick Perry’s low-level jobs, the stats don’t entirely lie. Compared with the rest of the country, Texas is kicking major ass in terms of jobs and the economy, and Rick should get credit for that, just as Obama should get credit for saying “No comment” to the young people of the Iranian revolution.


I hit two different supermarkets today to load up on bottled water, beer, PB&J, beer, canned goods, and beer. And let me tell you: As of this afternoon, despite the fact that cable-news weathermen are practically shaking on-air while reporting on this thing, the shelves at both locations were still fully stocked. Poland Springs as far as the eye can see. Maybe all that means is that the run on nonperishables is postponed until tonight, once everyone’s off work for the day, or maybe it means people aren’t taking this nearly as seriously as they should. When I called family members this afternoon to see what they’re doing to prepare, they were surprised to hear that there’s something they’re supposed to be preparing for. Dude.


At this point, a Category 2 seems like a distinct possibility, if not quite (yet) a probability, and a Category 1 looks very solid. When I’m gone, remember me as I was, my friends — hiding under a blanket, screaming for my mommy.


To my friends on the east coast — hang tough! be smart, but hang tough!


Why I keep politics at arms length

Because of stuff like this here.

Please keep in mind, that RedState has a bad reputation of smearing people. Like me, for instance.

Stuff like this right here, make me glad that I am just a distant observer and not in the beltway.


It’s getting rough out there

Camp of the saints has more.

Although, I think it would be fair to point out that Bush loyalists and their Neoconservatives friends did dole out the same stuff in 2004, when Bush was President; towards anyone who disagreed with his polices.

Further more, they were prone to attack bloggers, who disagreed with them. I know, in 2006, when I started blogging, criticizing what I disagreed with in the Bush Administration; I was constantly attacked by the right.  The mentality was and believe it or not, with someone of them; still is, “You either with us or against us.” Which I believe is toxic.

Just a thought.


Prayers for Jeff Dunetz and Family

Jeff Dunetz AKA Yid With a Lid is a Jewish Blogger, who is a friend of mine. I have always considered Jeff to be my “Go to guy” on Jewish matters, and news related to Israel.

It appears that Friday night, his daughter was in a horrible car accident.

Please, those of you, who believe that God is still on the throne of Grace; go read this, every last darned word of it.

I believe that everybody, irregardless of Religious and political convictions; ought to whisper a small prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for the sparing of his daughter’s life and prayer of healing for his daughter too.

If you are an atheist, agnostic or whatever —- there is a thing called Good JuJu (no, not Jew Jew, silly….) and it is in short supply. Please, send some Jeff’s way, because I do believe the man is going through pure hell right now about his baby girl.

Jeff, If you happen to read this; you and your family — especially that very pretty daughter of yours — are in my prayers tonight.

Oh and Jeff? I’ll bet you a steak dinner that Jesus had a hand in that miracle of yours buddy! 😀 😉


Special Comment: In Defense of Michelle Malkin

I know she would not want to hear it from me. As I have criticized her, when I thought she was wrong. But I have also praised her and even defended her, when I thought it was the right thing to do.

But the fact is, that Michelle Malkin is absolutely right for bringing to light Rick Parry’s record in Texas as Governor. Further more, she is absolutely right for shining the light on Orin Hatch’s record as a Conservative.

The truth is folks, after the big government Conservatism of the George W. Bush-era, which I utterly despised; it is refreshing to see that the Republican Party has, with the help of the Tea Party movement — became a party of fiscal, defensive and social restraint again.  One of my biggest complaints is that the Republican Party, during the Bush-era was all too eager to embrace the horrid doctrine of Wilsonian foreign policy. Which anyone with any kind of a brain, knows is a disastrous doctrine to adhere; when it comes to Wilsonian Foreign policy, I am not the only one who feels this way; it now seems that other bloggers are now speaking against it as well.

There is also this new wave of anti-establishment vitriol and criticism among the grassroots and Conservative Blogosphere.  I too, find this is a very refreshing change of pace.  There is a simple reasoning behind all of this: the Tea Party, the Anti-Establishment mentality and so forth.  The reason it exists is that for far too long, Republicans acted, spent, and porked — just like the Democrats.  Because of this, people in the Republican Party grassroots became fed up with it all.  This was, in a way, the beginnings of the Tea Party movement.  True, it was Glenn Beck’s idea, true; Rick Santelli was the one who sounded the call.  However, it was the American people who said, “NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL!” and began to organize the movement.

As for Michelle Malkin, I believe that her efforts to expose the people who wish to cash in on this Tea Party movement are critical to the reformation of the Government in Washington D.C.  Some of these politicians think that the common people are idiots; this is why we need people like Michelle Malkin to expose the underhanded attempts to deceive the Conservative voters into believing that they are on board with the reformers in the Conservative movement.  Further, there are some, in the Conservative grassroots, who have dreadfully short memories; this is why Michelle Malkin’s work is so very much important to the movement as a whole.

For the record and for what it is really worth; Michelle Malkin went after Bush’s Administration and cabinet as well as Obama’s and the current crop running for the G.O.P.  — That is why I respect the woman.  Because she has always said, you cannot criticize the other side, if you are not willing to drain the swamp in your party — which is so true.

Remember folks, we are at an imperative time in our Nation’s history.  We, as Conservative Americans and as those who vote Republican must be keenly aware of what we are doing here in the next couple of months.  For too long, the American Government has been at the mercy of those who did not give two thoughts to pissing our Children’s futures away — in the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  We have to select a Candidate this time, which will not only beat Obama; but will uphold the fiscal values that is supposed to make up the Republican Party.  Because the core word of the Republican Party is “Conservative” which comes from the word “Conserve” which means to restrain.  That is what the Republican Party and this Nation needs to return —- the restraint of our fiscal, defense and social matters.

Because of this: we cannot afford to choose someone, who has some sort of Texas swagger, nor can we afford to choose some simple-minded old fool, who is lost in the world of extreme isolationism.  We must be a fully informed electorate.  This is why I defend Michelle Malkin and her quest to out those, who might not be a good choice for President of the United States in the Republican Party.

So, to Michelle: Keep up the good work.  I will be reading, and I will keep in mind everything that I read on your site and at your former site, HotAir.com; when I vote in the upcoming primary here in Michigan and in general election in 2012.


-Charles Patrick Adkins



UPDATEDBREAKING NEWS: Terrorist Attacks in Israel

More of that Religion of Peace!

Multiple coordinated  terrorists attacks in Israel. Many dead and many injured.

The AP has news and analysis and more news via Yahoo News.

Ed Morrissey at HotAir.com is covering it. Israel Matzav is also Live Blogging with the latest news.

Update #1: Jerusalem Post has coverage

Update #2: Haaretz has coverage and has pictures of the buses involved, it looks like this was a massacre. It’s time for war again Israel; get with the program!

Update #3: YNet News is reporting:

An Egyptian security official has denied Thursday that Egypt had any involvement in the terror attacks in the south of Israel. The official, told Egyptian media that the armed terrorists operated from within Israel’s borders.

 “Egypt was in no way involved in the incident, since it is difficult to penetrate the Egypt-Israel border. Moreover, it is impossible to open fire from the Egyptian side to Israel because of the distance,” said the source. (Roi Nahmias)

If you believe that, I got land to sell you in Texas. :roll:

Update #4: The Jawa ReportLe·gal In·sur·rec· tion are now covering and this is now a Memeorandum Thread.

If I can find any video, I will post it, stay tuned!

I have to wonder what our President’s response will be? If any. Considering this here, I doubt it will be much at all.


Video: Louis Farrakhan is still crazy

More of that Religion of peace here for ya.

Video: (H/T Gateway Pundit)

Wow…..Just Wow. 😯

In a sane World, this man would be arrested for treason or at the very least arrested for inciting violence against American Soldiers.

These are Obama’s people. Remember this, come November of 2012.

But yet, MSNBC and Democrats want you to believe that we Conservatives are the racists and the terrorists.

Unreal. :roll:


MSNBC admits to selective editing, but still does not admit to race-baiting

Remember this little gem of deception, where MSNBC got caught red-handed editing footage?

Well, they are now backtracking…..sort of.

But, they do not admit to the race-baiting at all. How typical. 😡

Like I said in my previous posts; 14 more month of this — 14.more.months :roll:

UPDATED: More union vandalism and violence against business owners

As some of you know, my Father is a retired General Motors worker and a 31 year member of the U.A.W.

Which basically makes me the son of a Union member.

Which is why this story here makes me even the more sick to my stomach.

The Video:

The Story via The Daily Caller:

King Electrical Services owner John King was shot by a person who appears to be from one of the many unions who have targeted his workers, Toledo News Channel 11 WTOL reports. King is the largest non-union electrical contractor company in the area of southeastern Michigan near the Ohio border.

He has a long history of being on the receiving end of union-related violence, and this case doesn’t appear to be any different. Before shooting him, the gunman etched the word “SCAB” into the side of King’s SUV.

The altercation started when King woke up late last Wednesday to find someone in his driveway. He described the intruder as a “silhouette figure” because he didn’t see the person clearly enough to offer a description. The individual was attempting to vandalize his SUV. When King went outside his Lambertville, Mich., home to confront the person, the vandal shot him in the arm.

The Labor Union Report Picks up the rest:

Until Wednesday, the worst of the union attacks on King and his business came in the mid-eighties during the UAW strike at AP Parts. During a lull during the lengthy strike, King’s business was picketed by more than 50 IBEW picketers. This was at a time when he only had eight or nine employees. One of his employees, whose car was trashed by the union picketers, was also beaten up by IBEW thugs.

Unfortunately, the vandalism has never stopped. This year alone, he’s had to report three incidents of damage to police. This doesn’t include the incidents of stalking he and his men have to go through while they’re working.

In one incident earlier this year, rocks were thrown through the front windows of his shop, one of which had the word “kill” written on it.

Last Wednesday, however, the attacks on Mr. King became much more serious when he was awakened late in the evening at his home in Monroe County, Michigan and saw that the motion lights in his driveway had come on. When he looked out his front window, he saw a figure near his SUV and went outside.

As soon as he got outside his front door, King yelled at the individual who was crouched down by King’s vehicle. As soon as King yelled, the suspect stood and, without hesitation, fired a shot at Mr. King.

Luckily for King, as he yelled, he also stumbled. If it weren’t for that, however, John King’s injuries might have been much, much worse. In fact, he might have been killed.

Upon scrambling back into his house, King got to his cell phone and called 911. However, due to the pain in his knees and shoulder from falling, King was unaware that he had been shot in the arm.

At first, King thought that his assailant was merely trying to break into his vehicle. Little did he know, however, that the perpetrator was targeting him–because of his non-union company.

The night of the shooting, police recovered a shell casing from a small caliber handgun. In addition to the shell casing, police also found a Swiss Army knife that police say was likely going to be used to slice the tires on King’s SUV.

While neither the police, nor Mr. King can say which union was behind the attack, it is very clear by the word ‘scab’ scrawled on his SUV that it the attack was union-related.

“The police have been very thorough,” King says. “I cannot praise the Monroe County Sheriff’s department enough.”

The Monroe County Sheriff’s office is encouraging anyone with information to call 734-240-7530.

In addition, Mr. King is offering a $10,000 reward for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

I seem to remember that Obama said to his union supporters, something about “getting in their faces:”

Now, Do I believe that this is what Obama had in mind? Yes I do. You can expect this sort of violence, as long as Obama is up for reelection. This and the media straight up lying about racism on the right.

As I said last night. We have 14 more months of this to endure — 14 more months. :roll:

Here is hoping, however, that this thug or thugs are caught and hopefully, this business owner arms himself. I mean, because without a gun; this guy is a sitting duck.

Let me also say this; I have been around unions for a very long time. I have never, ever, heard of any of the U.A.W. guys ever taking part in anything like this; ever. At least not in the local that my Dad is in. I have heard of union violence in other locals; but never in the one my daddy is involved with. I also believe that whoever did this; should be publicly exposed. Because stuff like this, makes the labor movement look bad to the rest of the world. Hell, my daddy is not a vile criminal like that, he worked for 31 years at General Motors, played by the rules and made something of himself.

I could go on here and carp on about how the Unions are inherently corrupt and so forth; but, I will not, even I know better than that. I believe this most likely is an isolated incident with a local labor union, who might have some members who are a bit shady. What needs to happen is, that the Government needs to investigate this local and see if they were involved. But, that will not happen under the current Presidential Administration.

Update: Ed Morrissey over at Hotair.com covers this; for which I am very grateful and adds this haunting video:

Tense Verizon Strike Continues: MyFoxNY.com

Ed Also says this:

It’s worth pointing out that “open season” is a hunting term. Remember when crosshairs on a map made Sarah Palin responsible for all political violence regardless of what the facts were? The actual violence that occurred in Michigan seems a lot more connected to unions, and the same will be true if a violent incident occurs in New York in the Verizon dispute. Will the national media shriek about unions being the cause of political violence and demand sanctions against them? Don’t hold your breath.

I also should note, the it is not lost on me where this happened. It happened in the Monroe, Michigan area. Which is about 20 miles to the south of me or so; as the crow flies. This is a new low for the Labor movement in Michigan. I can honestly say, that I am ashamed of being from this state. 🙁


MSNBC engages in outright deception and race-baiting

This is unbelievable and is one of the main reasons why I stopped watching that network long ago.

The Video via HotAir:

This is what we are going to have to deal with during this election. The liberal left is going to use every damned tool in their arsenal; and anytime someone mentions President Obama’s failures, someone is going to cry RACE!

You watch.

AllahPundit says:

Sounds like he’s talking about Obama, right? Not so. Watch the clip, which includes extra footage added by O’Connor, and you’ll see that he was talking about the debt. In fact, that’s obvious to me even from the footage Schultz did air, which conveniently excludes the final part where Perry emphasizes that the “cloud” he’s referring to is our debt crisis. They might as well have left it in there, frankly: The beauty of the “dog whistle” accusation Schultz is making is that there’s no way to disprove it, even in full context. It’s a claim about what a speaker means, not what he actually says, so the fact that Perry’s clearly talking about the debt is no impediment. Schultz and his viewers know that Perry’s a secret racist and that he’s using code words to communicate subtextually with his racist audience, so all they have to do is look for words like “black” or “dark” and connect the dots, irrespective of what the speech is about. Short of figuring out a way to let the left read his mind, there’s no way Perry can prove that his intentions were innocent, which of course is precisely why they love love love this specie of demagoguery. We have 14 more months of this ahead of us. And trust me, Captain Civility will be very coy indeed about reining in his side when they start in with it full-bore.

Update: Can we at least set some ground rules about this before the campaign? I know that would defeat the left’s purpose of being able to declare any innocent turn of phrase racist and disqualifying as political circumstances require, but let’s see if we can pin them down. How about if they gave us a list of words that Perry shouldn’t use, ever, in any context? And if he stays away from those, no “dog whistle” accusations. Deal?

I got one thing to say about the above:


and yes, 14 months… ugh. :roll:

Oh, I should also mention, that this is not the first time that MSNBC has doctored video footage to suit their purposes. See here. Looks like they are desperate for ratings again.