Quotes of the Day — With Video

These days, of course, I would support Charlie Sheen over Obama. Obama has done for the economy what pantyhose did for foreplay. Obama has been perpetually behind the curve. If the issue of the day is jobs and the economy, Rick Perry is certainly the nuts-and-bolts kind of guy you want in there. Even though my pal and fellow Texan Paul Begala has pointed out that no self-respecting Mexican would sneak across the border for one of Rick Perry’s low-level jobs, the stats don’t entirely lie. Compared with the rest of the country, Texas is kicking major ass in terms of jobs and the economy, and Rick should get credit for that, just as Obama should get credit for saying “No comment” to the young people of the Iranian revolution.


I hit two different supermarkets today to load up on bottled water, beer, PB&J, beer, canned goods, and beer. And let me tell you: As of this afternoon, despite the fact that cable-news weathermen are practically shaking on-air while reporting on this thing, the shelves at both locations were still fully stocked. Poland Springs as far as the eye can see. Maybe all that means is that the run on nonperishables is postponed until tonight, once everyone’s off work for the day, or maybe it means people aren’t taking this nearly as seriously as they should. When I called family members this afternoon to see what they’re doing to prepare, they were surprised to hear that there’s something they’re supposed to be preparing for. Dude.


At this point, a Category 2 seems like a distinct possibility, if not quite (yet) a probability, and a Category 1 looks very solid. When I’m gone, remember me as I was, my friends — hiding under a blanket, screaming for my mommy.


To my friends on the east coast — hang tough! be smart, but hang tough!