WHAT?!?!: NC Governor: “Hey let’s suspend the elections for a while!”

Oh Sweet Jesus on a t-model Ford already! I thought Rep. Sheila Jackson was a little off in the head!

Turns out North Carolina’s Government makes her look rather smart!

Via the Daily Caller:

As a way to solve the national debt crisis, North Carolina Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue recommends suspending Congressional elections for the next couple of years.

“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover,” Perdue said at a rotary club event in Cary, North Carolina, according to the Raleigh News and Observer. “I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.”

Perdue said she thinks that temporarily halting elections would allow members of Congress to focus on the economy. “You have to have more ability from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things,” Perdue said.

Of course, the Republicans of NC were not to0 keen on the idea…:

North Carolina Republicans immediately scoffed at Perdue’s proposal, pointing out to her that elections hold politicians accountable for their actions. “Now is a time when politicians need to be held accountable more than ever,” North Carolina GOP spokesman Rob Lockwood said in an email to The Daily Caller. “To suspend an election would be removing the surest mechanism that citizens have to hold politicians accountable: The right to vote.”

But that is what the hardcore Communists Progressives want; to get rid of the Election process, so that they can keep a Communist Progressive in the White House. This way they can fulfill their Communist dream of total Governmental Control and of the elimation of Conservative thought and action. It is their real goal. In fact, I have gotten e-mails that say that very thing. So, it is not just paranoid talk from a Right-Wing Blogger, in this case, it is the truth.


Ford caves to White House demand to pull ad ripping on tarp bailouts

This is unreal:

For the only Detroit automaker that “didn’t take the money” of the federal auto bailouts, Ford Motor Co. keeps paying a price for its comparative success and self-reliant turnaround.

There’s no help from American taxpayers to help lighten its debt load, giving crosstown rivals comparatively better credit ratings and a financial edge Ford is working diligently to erase all on its own.

There’s no clause barring a strike by hourly workers amid this fall’s national contract talks with the United Auto Workers — a by-product of the taxpayer-financed bailout that General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC retain until 2015.

And there’s no assurance the Dearborn automaker can use the commercially advantageous fact that it didn’t “take the money” proffered by the Obama Treasury Department and use it in TV ads angling to sell cars and trucks. Not if the campaign takes a whack at its Detroit rivals and suggests that Ford no longer supports the Obama administration bailouts it backed in public statements and sworn congressional testimony.

As part of a campaign featuring “real people” explaining their decision to buy the Blue Oval, a guy named “Chris” says he “wasn’t going to buy another car that was bailed out by our government,” according the text of the ad, launched in early September.

“I was going to buy from a manufacturer that’s standing on their own: win, lose, or draw. That’s what America is about is taking the chance to succeed and understanding when you fail that you gotta’ pick yourself up and go back to work.”

That’s what some of America is about, evidently. Because Ford pulled the ad after individuals inside the White House questioned whether the copy was publicly denigrating the controversial bailout policy CEO Alan Mulally repeatedly supported in the dark days of late 2008, in early ’09 and again when the ad flap arose. And more.

via Columnists | Ford pulls its ad on bailouts | The Detroit News.

I would and could carp on about this one; but I will simply say this — this here, my friends, is why you do not elect totalitarian Presidential Administrations who are not too fond of criticism.    I know Bush did it too; to a point, but not nearly as bad as this bunch in the White House. This President is much worse. Further more, Bush’s issue was with the liberal media and never, ever with private business.

I also have to wonder; how much of this was the Union’s doing? I wonder if Ford received a threatening phone call from the President of the AFL-CIO and was told, “You either pull that ad or you are going have a huge labor walkout on your hands!” I cannot prove that in a court of law. But I would be willing to bet money that is what happened.

Again, as I am prone to saying here, quite a bit. Remember this dumb nonsense come 2012; because no President or White House should ever, and I do mean EVER be able to pressure any business to pull advertising. We are a free Republic; and not some damned Communist dictatorship; this has to stop and I hope like the dickens that Republicans pick the right guy to beat Obama in 2012.  Because crap like this, has go to go and I mean go quickly.

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Your out of control Government at work again….

This time it is the EPA that is out of control.

WorldNetDaily has the story:

Just imagine. You want to build a home, so you buy a $23,000 piece of land in a residential subdivision in your hometown and get started. The government then tells you to stop, threatens you with $40 million in fines and is not kidding.

That’s the case now before the U.S. Supreme Court, with briefs being filed today by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of a Priest Lake, Idaho, family, Chantell and Mike Sackett.

Attorney Damien Schiff, who will be arguing before the high court in the case, said it’s simply a case of a government run amok, and it poses a potential threat to perhaps not every landowner across the nation, but untold millions.

The Sacketts, Schiff said, “bought property, and the government in effect has ordered them to treat the property like a public park.”

“The EPA has not paid them a dime for that privilege,” he said. “The regime we have operating now allows the EPA to take property without having to pay for it, or giving the owners the right to their day in court.

Read the rest at WorldNetDaily.com

Here is the video of the couple explaining their plight:

Allow me to simply say this, to add to this story; this, my friends, is what happens when you elect Democrats. They expand the size of Government and Government begins to overreach. Some would say that Neoconservatives, like Bush do the same thing and it is true. As Michelle Bachmann said here recently; we should not settle for second best, when it comes to a truly constitutionally Conservative candidate. We need someone as the Republican candidate for President that would SHRINK, NOT GROW the size of Government. Why, you ask? Because of ignorant stupidity like this right here.

Because the truth is this; big, overreaching Government not only hurts the small business owner and also the bigger business owners — but it also hurts the average American too. Not only in taxes; but in cases like this one here. Since when does the Government just come in and tell you that you cannot build your own house? Since Americans started electing big Government socialists.  Which is the whole crux of the problem; when Americans elect Democratic Party socialists, like the current one in the White House — it is not the poor and disadvantaged that suffer or more accurately the lazy people who do not want to work and want a free check from the Government. The people who suffer are the hard working people of this Country, who simply want to enjoy the American dream without fear of oppression of the Government. This is why the Republican Party had better choose wisely this time; because I simply do not know, if America can stand another four years of this sort of Governmental overreach. Republicans have done played the Big Government game too, That I do know. However, I also know that we cannot take another four years of Big Government — from either Party.



U.S. Secret Service gets 2 new buses, at 1.1 Million each, at taxpayer’s expense

This is unreal:

The Magic Negro Bus?

CBS News has learned the buses were purchased in recent months at a cost of just under $1.1-million each and will serve as part of the fleet of vehicles the Service uses for all of its protectees.

In the past, the Secret Service would lease buses as needed and outfit them with the security and communications equipment.

“We have not been satisfied with the level of protection offered by leased buses,” said a Secret Service official.

Last year, the Secret Service placed an order for two buses with the Hemphill Brothers Coach Company of Whites Creek, Tennessee at a combined cost of $2,191,960.

The buses have lavish interiors and are usually leased to transport stars of the entertainment industry.

The company’s website says its clients have included Beyonce, Cher, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, and Pope Benedict.

via U.S. Secret Service gets 2 new buses ahead of Obama tour – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

That’s right folks, you are paying for that bus!

Contrast with:

At least Dubya was not scared to be seen on his bus!

…and that was after 9/11! So, what’s Bambi Teleprompter’s excuse? Say what you want; but this President is nothing more than a damned yellow-bellied coward; period, end of story.

Seeing that what Obama just did to the trucking industry; I hope some driver cuts that damned bus off and it ends up in a ditch somewhere. 😡

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Video: This is why we must not fail in the war on terrorism!

These are the Taliban and the men lined up are Pakistani Policemen: (Warning! Graphic Video!)

The Story via ABC NEWS:

In a new video which recently surfaced online, the Taliban appears to brutally and systematically execute 16 unarmed Pakistani policemen in what the terror group called a revenge killing.

The video of the massacre, which reportedly took place in early June, was posted online last week and confirmed by the Pakistani army today. It shows the policemen — who are not in uniform — standing in a line before a Taliban member who appears to be lecturing them. The man, who appears to act as the militants’ commander, accuses the policemen of executing six children in a previous operation and claims their imminent deaths are revenge, according to a summary posted with the video.

Several Taliban members then open fire on the group until all the policemen have fallen. A wailing cry is heard in the background after the initial volley. After reloading, a single fighter walks over each body and shoots them once more in the head.

But yet, President Barack Obama wants to try and negotiate with these monsters.

My friends, you do not negotiate with criminals and cold blooded killers; these people hate Liberty and Freedom. They hate Israel and Jews; kind of like the liberal left and some of the Paleo-Conservative and libertarian right.  They are not rational, sane, human beings — they are cold blooded killers. We did not negotiate with Charles Manson and his cult — so why the hell would we negotiate with people like this?

My friends, consider this hallow warning from someone who sat through hours of footage on 9/11 and almost ended up in the psych ward because of it:


Dismiss me as an alarmist if you wish; I could not care less. But this is coming to America, if we fall down on the war on terrorism!

America must be protected; Israel must be protected, Liberty and Freedom are at stake! Radical Islam is a threat! Do not believe the lie of the Liberal-controlled, financed, and organized media — which is supplanted by the Government! The liberal media is in bed with the radical and no-so-radical Muslims!

Remember 9/11, Remember the Pentagon, Remember Flight 93 —– Remember America.

Remember this Video and Blog Posting come November 2012.

We need a President who will stand tall in the face of these bastards and not blink. Bush did it; and paid for it, with his Presidency — but he did not waver for a second. Mistakes were made, that is very true. However, in the end, we won in Iraq and we can win here too. We just have to not give up.

lan astaslem --- I will not surrender --I will not submit.

This is not a game, this is not fake; Ron Paul and his racist, Anti-Semitic friends, who hate Israel and everything related to it are the ENEMY! They must be kept out of the White House, at all costs! They are friends with these people!  Consider me a soldier in that battle too.

In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and of in the Name of the Lord GOD Jehovah — Master and Saviour of this World and KING of Kings and LORD of Lords of this World and in the great, wonderful, world to come:



Photos of the Day

This is sad really, not something I smirk or laugh about….:

An SEIU leader holding a Communist Flag


A SEIU worker holding a sign praising communism

The rest are over at Zombie’s Blog.

It saddens me, because it was not always like this. In fact, Walter Reuther, one of founding fathers of the UAW, fought against Communism:

After Pearl Harbor, Reuther strongly supported the war effort and refused to tolerate wildcat strikes that might disrupt munitions production. He worked for the War Manpower Commission, the Office of Production Management, and the War Production Board. He led a 113-day strike against General Motors in 1945-1946; it only partially succeeded. He never received the power he wanted to inspect company books or have a say in management, but he achieved increasingly lucrative wage and benefits contracts. In 1946 he narrowly defeated R. J. Thomas for the UAW presidency, and soon after he purged the UAW of all Communist elements. He was active in the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) umbrella as well, taking the lead in expelling eleven communist-led unions from the CIO in 1949.

As a prominent figure in the anti-Communist left, he was a founder of the Americans for Democratic Action in 1947. He became president of the CIO in 1952, and negotiated a merger with George Meany and the American Federation of Labor immediately after, which took effect in 1955. In 1949 he led the CIO delegation to the London conference that set up the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions in opposition to the Communist-dominated World Federation of Trade Unions. He had left the Socialist party in 1939, and throughout the 1950s and 1960s was a leading spokesman for liberal interests in the CIO and in the Democratic party. — Source Wikipedia on Walter Reuther

My friends, it saddens me, as a former Democratic Party voter and as the Son of a retired G.M. Worker and UAW member to say, that the very madness of Communism that the Labor movement fought against, during a time of war in the 1940’s — that very labor movement is now embracing that madness now with full open arms. Anyone that believes that a “top down” style of Government is the solution to anything at all —- is insane. This younger generation just does not understand why Communism is so evil. They simply do not get it at all; that my friends will be the death of this Country. Somehow that Communism is cool or even, as they call it; “Chic.”

To those that might disagree —- go, ask someone from Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, how they live and just how “Free” that they might really be. Ask if they are free to write, speak or even demonstrate against their Governments. What they will answer you with, might just surprise you.

I grieve deeply for the organized labor movement; and I would be willing to bet that the late Walter Reuther, that the communists killed, is too. 🙁

Confirmed: President Barack Obama is an Anti-American, Asshole, Piece of Shit

I am sorry, but that is how I feel. This man, this bastard piece of shit; has not only bungled a major kill in the war on terrorism. He has refused to give the American people closure.

Now there is this:

Audio: (H/T Pat Dollard)

Video: (H/T Atlas)

The Story via Real Clear Politics:

Debra Burlingame, the sister of Charles “Chic” Burlingame (pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon) met with President Obama today, along with other families who were victims of 9/11. Burlingame said she confronted Obama about Attorney General Eric Holder prosecuting the men who interrogated KSM, which may have produced intelligence leading us to bin Laden.

Burlingame describes the encounter with Obama: “As a former attorney I know you can’t tell the Attorney General what to do, he said, ‘No, I can’t.’ But I said ‘we — that shouldn’t stop you from giving your opinion. We wouldn’t be here today if they hadn’t done their jobs. Can’t you at least give them your opinion.’ And he said ‘no I won’t,’ and he turned around and walked away.”

There is not anything more than I can add to this. The man is an ASSHOLE and a piece of shit. An Internationalist Democrat, who does not give a damn about America, its people or its principles.

Quite frankly, here is hoping that President Obama rots in the Devil’s hell. Screw him, Screw. him. hard. 😡

Because obviously this President does not give a flying fuck about anyone, but himself. Especially white people, who have lost loved ones who lost family members on 9/11. He is an internationalist Democratic and a black man, who at the very least, has sympathies to the Muslim community and for all we know; radical Muslims as well. Why else would he do something like this? Again, I say, SCREW HIM, SCREW.HIM.HARD…. 😡

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Update:  Let me say this as well; I could have dealt with the President nicely saying to this woman, “I will take it under consideration and speak with my advisers,”  and then,  not doing anything. But to just say, “No, I won’t.” That my friends, is pure asshole behavior.  It is beneath the office and it brings a reproach to the office. For this, as far as I am concerned; President Obama has lost any sort of credibility, that he might have had with me. I’m finished with him and I will be voting in 2012 against him and I hope you, the reader, are too.


UPDATED: President Obama says that he will not release the photos of OBL

President Obama covering for empire as always, or covering up for the lies; one of the two.

In an interview with Steve Kroft for this Sunday’s “60 Minutes” conducted today, President Obama said he won’t release post-mortem images of Osama bin Laden taken to prove his death.

“It is important to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool,” said the president.

“We don’t trot out this stuff as trophies,” Mr. Obama added. “The fact of the matter is, this is somebody who was deserving of the justice that he received.”

The president said he had discussed the issue with his intelligence team, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and that they agree with the decision. White House press secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday that Mr. Obama made the decision today.

In explaining his choice not to release the photo, Mr. Obama said that “we don’t need to spike the football.” He said that “given the graphic nature of the photo it would create a national security risk.”

The president told Kroft he saw the photos following the raid on the compound and knew that bin Laden had been killed.

“We discussed this internally,” he said. “Keep in mind, we are absolutely certain that this was him. We’ve done DNA sampling and testing. And so there is no doubt that we killed Osama bin Laden.”

When Kroft noted that there are people in Pakistan and elsewhere who believe bin Laden is still alive, the president said “we we monitoring worldwide reaction.”

“There is no doubt that Osama bin Laden is dead,” he said. “Certainly there is no doubt among al Qaeda members that he is dead. So we don’t think that a photograph in and of itself is going to make any difference.”

“There are going to be some folks who deny it,” he added. “The fact of the matter is, you will not see bin Laden walking on this earth again.”

via Obama: I won’t release bin Laden death photos – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

You all know my feelings on this; it is either one of the two; either one, the Government is lying about this or two, The President, along with Hillary Clinton and the rest of them are internationalist Democrats who would dare put the feelings of the international Muslim and domestic Muslim community, over those who died on 9/11 and their families; and the American people in general.  Either way, it is an act of cowardice on the President’s part and it will cost the election of 2012. Because if you do not prove your word; how can you expect people to trust you?

Of course, the State-run and controlled media, as shown above, just laps this up and basically trusts the Government, as does many of the left-wing and many of the right-wing blogs out there. I do not choose to do such a foolish thing. I did not trust this Government, when Neo-Conservative Bush was in charge and I really do not trust this Government, when Neo-Liberal and internationalist Democrats like Barack Obama are running it — and neither should you.

My mistrust of this Government is not on a partisan basis; this is based on knowledge and in this case —- knowledge is power.

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Update: Jeff over a protein wisdom makes a very valid point:

“We don’t trot out this stuff as trophies,” Obama told CBS’s Steve Croft.

Coffin-draped caskets of American soldiers, on the other hand? Why, INFORMATION MUST BE FREE!*

He’s right. The left about went ape over the fact that their media could not take pictures of returning dead service-members coffins from Iraq; but the Democratic Party and Neo-Liberal President is afraid to offend the Muslims? Just where do his loyalties lie with? It sure is not America.

UPDATED: My Official Response to the killing of Osama Bin Laden

As someone who was drawn to the world of Blogging, by the Government’s and by default, the George W. Bush Administration’s handling of “The War on Terror and the war in Iraq —– I am highly suspicious of this whole thing.

They say, Osama is dead. I have my doubts. Until I see a bloody corpse picture; I remain a skeptic.

I just do not trust this Government at all. I did not trust it, when George W. Bush was running it and I really do not trust it, now that Barack Obama is running it.

Of course, the Neo-Cons are over the moon. …and some of the left are either giving the credit to Obama or saying Osama won.

Me? I sit here; suspect of the whole damned thing. I am not easily convinced of anything this Government says or does anymore.

Oh yeah, Obama just won 2012 —– sorry Republicans; four more years of Obama’s socialist stupidity. Enjoy it and get used to it.

If you want to read the rest of the blogging world’s reactions, Start here.

Update: OK. I have seen enough evidence to concede, that the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks is, in fact, dead. For one Al-Qaeda has confirmed this and the Defense Dept has released videos from the compound.

Video: Jack Hunter Asks “Does John McCain Support Al-Qaeda?”

Transcript Here

Jack Hunter’s Website.

Video: This right here is why people hate cops

If this does not make you angry, check your pulse.

The Video:

(I guess the YouTube user removed the video…..)

The Story is over at  Las Vegas Review and Journal.

Sorry, no quotes on this one, due to this paper being the copyright crazies that go after anyone who copies their content.

Also too…. Please know that I do not advocate violence against any member of the law enforcement community. I just am aware that this stuff happens and it does fuel resentment and even fear of the Government and police. This does lead to people acting out. Something Eric Holder just does not get.

I also toned down the subject a bit. I was angry when I wrote this originally.

U.S. Military talks with Iraq faltering

I have some very mixed feelings on this story….

Via WSJ:

WASHINGTON—Senior U.S. and Iraqi military officials have been in negotiations about keeping some 10,000 American troops in Iraq beyond the scheduled withdrawal of all U.S. forces at year’s end, according to officials familiar with the talks.

But the discussions face political obstacles in both countries, and have faltered in recent weeks because of Iraqi worries that a continued U.S. military presence could fuel sectarian tension and lead to protests similar to those sweeping other Arab countries, U.S. officials say.

A separate drawdown deadline is looming in Afghanistan, where President Barack Obama wants to see a substantial U.S. troop reduction starting in July. Some U.S. commanders have cautioned against making reductions too quickly.

Underlining Obama administration concerns that U.S. forces have been stretched too thin, the White House has put strict constraints on American military involvement in Libya. On Thursday, the U.S. said it was sending armed drones to support operations in Libya, but the administration has stood firm against sending any ground troops.

In Iraq, top U.S. military officials believe that leaving a sizeable force beyond this year could bolster Iraqi stability and serve as a check on Iran, the major American nemesis in the region, officials said. U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Israel have echoed the concern that if the U.S. pulls out completely, Iran could extend its influence.

Adm. Michael Mullen, the chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, arrived in Baghdad Thursday, urging Iraqi leaders to step up discussions soon if they want U.S. forces to stay beyond the end of 2011.

The timing is critical because the U.S. is scheduled to start drawing down remaining forces in late summer or early fall, and the military would have to assign new units months in advance to take their place.

While American defense officials have made clear they want to leave troops in Iraq, such a decision would require presidential approval. President Obama has yet to indicate publicly whether he would sign off on such a deal.

Mr. Obama could face a political backlash at home if he doesn’t meet his campaign pledge to bring troops home from Iraq. If the U.S. pulls out of Iraq and violence there surges, the president could face tough questions, particularly from Republicans in Congress, about whether the U.S. misjudged Iraq’s capabilities.

As a Conservative, A Paleo-Conservative, as opposed to a Neo-Conservative — but I digress; I have some very mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I would hate to see the United States withdraw from Iraq, it fall into chaos and Iran or some other surrounding Country invade the Country and mount attacks against Israel or even worse, even the United States. On the other hand, I feel that the invasion of Iraq was based on bad intelligence, largely based upon lies told by a man they called curve-ball.

Because of this, I believe we should really get out of there. Because, quite frankly, we have done our jobs. We got rid of Saddam, who was, admittedly hurting his own people and was corrupt as hell.  We have trained the Iraqi army to protect themselves from attack or foreign invasion and uprising from within its own Country. Which it appears they are using to hurt dissidents. So, I really do not understand why we are still there. It appears that the Iraqi Government is most likely worried about our interests there — such as oil.

Either way, this is a very sticky situation; no matter what we do, we are going to be the bad guys. If we stay, we will be blamed for any and all uprisings in the Country. If we leave and that Country falls into chaos; we will be blamed for that too and some idiot with a grudge will try to attack us for allowing his Country to invaded. So, either way, it is going to be a mess for us for a long time to come. 

This is why, that as a Paleo-Conservative, who rejects the foreign policy stance of the Neo-Conservative right; that we as Conservatives and Republicans should rethink our entire foreign policy status. The very idea of exporting freedom to other Nations is foolish on its face. Even David Horowitz, much to his credit, said this:

The Obama Administration, in my view, is the most dangerous administration in American history, and conservatives need to be very clear about the limits and objectives of American power so that they can lead the battle to restore our government to health. To accomplish this, neo-conservatives need to admit they were wrong, and return to the drawing board. They should give up the “neo” and become conservatives again.

Let me go on the record as saying, I wholeheartedly agree. Not so much about the Obama administration; I have yet to see anything that they have done that is overly dangerous to the Country. I do not agree with Obama’s whole, “Spread the Wealth around” nonsense; but Bush was not exactly my idea of a “perfect” President either. So, that whole argument is basically mute with me.  However, I will say that Conservatives do need to get back to their pre-George W. Bush Neo-Conservative lead foreign policy stance. Because quite frankly, our Nation cannot continue on this idiotic path and survive. I mean, tomorrow China could cut us off and we as a Nation would be done. They basically own us and could decide to collect on their debt — Militarily.   If you think about it, that would be quite scary; because what would we fight them with? They own our money and if they decided to defund us, where would we get the money to fight them with?  Again, something to think about.

As for the “other” war in Afghanistan; we need to define that mission and if we cannot do, what we set out to do there — which was to capture or kill Osama Bin Ladin, then we need to get out of that Country. Period. End of Story. Nation Building does not work. It was tried there by the Russians and it failed horribly and almost bankrupted the Russian Government. Establishing Governments and Nations should not be the responsibility of the United States armed forces; it should be the job of NATO and the U.N. — let them deal with that idiotic backward Nation — not us.

Sadly though, the United States Government will not listen to the voice of people like me or you. Who feel that this road to ruin that we are on, is not sustainable. That my friends, is the true crime of this Country.



Video: Guest Voice: Jack Hunter on Liberals and Libya

Via Jack Hunter on Facebook:

Video: Police State: This right here is why people kill police officers

This video is unbelievable.

There is a story behind this, and I very highly suggest that you head over to HotAir.com and follow the links for the back story.

The Video:

Eric Holder wonders why there has been an uptick in police shootings? I can tell you exactly why; because of crap like this right here.

I very humbly submit to you; that if this homeowner had decided to use lethal force against this woman and these police officers, it would be have been entirely justified.

This is not freedom, this is tyranny.

Wake up America; wake.the.hell.up….

In case you would like to contact these bastards; here is the contact information for the Department involved:

1441 N. DuPont Highway
P.O. Box 430
Dover, Delaware 19903-0430
(302) 739-5901

Call them and let your rage be known to them. This is not Communist Russia; this is America and we do not sit idly by and allow the police to run roughshod over us.

Somebody somewhere in Washington D.C. ought to be shouting from the rooftops over this one. Ron Paul? Where the hell are you? Why is not someone raising a royal stink about this? Investigation? Yeah right. It will be more like a self-justification. :roll:

Again, this is America and we just do not do this. Something must be done. 😡

Police State? – Presidential Heckler Frog-Marched out of Obama Appearance

So, is THIS what happens when you elect a Marxist President? Do we live in Communist Russia or the United States of America?

This is what you didn’t see, at the Presidential Speech for Coakley: (H/T Dan)

Repression of Freedom of Speech… courtesy of the Socialist Liberal Democrats.

Barack Hussein Obama stealing your freedoms, one day at a time. Remember this come 2010 and 2012. Read More …

UPDATED!: Police State? Why would the Military snatch a protester? Confirmed Not Military, But Police.

I saw this over a Drudge’s site. Now, I am sure that there is a logical explanation for this. I would just like to hear it.

Watch the video:

Not to be the peddler of paranoia; but is not the enforcement of the law supposed to be carried out; by civilian law enforcement and not the military?

Just asking.

Update: After I hit publish, the thought occurred to me; it could have been National Guard or a stunt. But, you never know. I would like to hear from the local law enforcement and find out why this happened.

Update #2: Ed Morrissey has gotten Confirmation that this was NOT, I repeat, NOT Military! But rather Police arresting a guy for vandalism.

Update #3: The Sassy Republican; Who was there —-  living up to her name, stops by and offers her point of view.