Update: This is what makes what I do here, worth every minute.

I received this e-mail tonight, I will not reveal her e-mail address or IP. But I will show you what she wrote.

Delivered-To: tpblogeditor@gmail.com
To: tpblogeditor@gmail.com
Subject: Keep up the good work.
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 20:37:43 -0500
From: Janet


Just wanted to say that your blog is on my daily reading list.

Great job on your coverage of events and on your posts!

Keep up the good work.



I wrote her back and asked if I could publish her e-mail, this is what I got back:

Delivered-To: tpblogeditor@gmail.com
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 21:17:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Keep up the good work.
From: Janet
To: Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Yes. Please do.

I wanted to say something else if I may. I too was a liberal. However, on
9/11/01, I had an epiphany which changed me to a Freedom loving

Our son was two months old, and I stood in my living room and looked at my
husband in horror
as the news reported the flights that were hijacked and used to kill
thousands of Americans.

My husband was scheduled on the 8:00am American Airlines Flight 11, which
was scheduled from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, to
Los Angeles International Airport. The only difference was that his flight
was on 9/13/01 instead of 9/11/01.

I realize today that my dear little boy might never have know his father.
Amazing the difference a day or two can make in your life.



Janet, Thank you so very much for your e-mail. It is little stuff like this, that makes every little snide comment that I have to delete, every nasty e-mail that I have to deal with, every blogger who has written bad stuff about me; worth it. I like you Janet, was someone who was a Democrat voter, that changed my views after starting this Blogging adventure. I have said this before, and I believe some of my readers might not believe this, but it is the truth. This blogging stuff have NEVER, EVER, EVER been about the money, ever. If it was, I would have QUIT DOING THIS LONG AGO! Now if I happen to make a little money in the process, fine and dandy, but, my motivation is NOT money! This blog is simply my virtual protest against what I consider to be wrong and that is the big Government socialism of the far left. This here is what keeps me going, not lust for money, not pride. This, in the words of the Republican, Martin Luther King Jr.:

God Bless You All and Happy New Year! See you in 2010!!!! 😀

Update: I think I will update this, before any idiot socialist, Democratic Party, serial whiner gets wind of this and accuses me of anything stupid, like they are so known for. First off all, Martin Luther King was a registered Republican; that comes directly from his niece. Second of all, if you remove the subject of Whites and blacks, and put in Socialists versus those who love our Freedoms. (Not just Republicans…. Democrats too!) The video fits. Third of all; Martin Luther King was fighting SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS, who thought that Blacks were inferior to White people! Which I know and everyone else, who isn’t some sort of idiot, brain-dead, White Nationalist — is stupid.

I fight the good fight of faith. I cannot serve in the Military, they won’t take me, I am too old, plus, Physically I am not in good shape, so… I fight here. In the Internet realm. Pushing back against the socialist machine… It is the fight for my life. I know that I fight for the rights of others, for freedom, and for the Republic!

God Bless You All and Happy New Year! See you in 2010!!!!

From our supposed Allies on the war on terror, in Australia

The things that come through here boy…. wow… 😯

Author : ambulocetacean (IP: , 123-2-97-149.static.dsl.dodo.com.au)
E-mail : ambulocetus1@gmail.com
URL    :
Whois  : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
Lol. So you didn’t print my comment? What a prissy little wimp you are.

If you’re such a big, tough anti-jihadi warrior, why don’t you join the Army? Or better still, borrow some money from your mom, fly to Pakistan, catch a bus to Afghanistan and go after them yourself?

I thought not, chickenshit. Why did you shave off the beard? It was a perfect cocksucker’s doormat.

That’s from Australia. One of our supposed Allies on the war on terror.  As if. :roll:

Rocket Launcher Found In Apartment, and the Government does nothing about it

If this does not make your blood boil nothing will:

HOUSTON — Police went to a southwest Houston apartment to break up a disturbance but ended up finding something else, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday.

rocket launcher

A woman called police on Monday and said a man was forcing his way into her apartment in the 5300 block of Elm Street.

When officers went inside, they found something that made them concerned enough to call the bomb squad.

They found an AT-4 shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. It can shoot a missile nearly 1,000 feet through buildings and tanks.

“It gives infantrymen the advantage with an ultra-light weapon that can stop vehicles, armored vehicles as well as main battle tanks and fortifications,” said Oscar Saldivar of Top Brass Military and Tactical on the North Freeway.

That type of rocket launcher has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The renter of the apartment didn’t want to talk to KPRC Local 2.

“This is my house,” the woman said. ” Get away from here. I don’t want to talk to nobody.”

via Rocket Launcher Found In Apartment – KPRC Houston.

You can check out the video here.

You want to know why this totally pisses me off? I will tell you why. Have these idiots noticed that there was an attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Eve? Further more, there is another reason; it is called political correctness. Had this been a white man, just fresh out of the United States Military, the Government would have been all over this one. But because it was some turban-wearing fuck, who most likely was a Jihadist; he gets off with just local charge of Breaking and Entering. Oh yes, we would not want to offend CAIR, now would we?

I will tell you all this; if there is another major terrorists attack in this Country, it will be because of the inane stupidity of the Government officals on all levels; City, State and Federal. The Democrats will not be able to pin it on Bush anymore; this is their baby now. They will have no one to blame —– but themselves.

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Quote of the Day

“Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of.” –James Madison, Federalist No. 46

Cartoons of the Day

Fly The Eco-sensitive Skies?

The managing editor of Townhall Magazine called Diversity Lane “very, very well done.”  And Michigan Review described it as “laugh out loud funny.”  Why not make this the day you discover the best in conservative comedy today at Diversity Lane?
For more fun visit the website/blog at www.diversitylane.com or go directly to the blog at www.diversitylane.wordpress.com.

More Ron Paul Stupidity

AllahPundit Explains the Stupid:

I’ve already written about how his isolationist garbage leads inexorably to nonsense like this, so let me just add two points. First, and most obviously, there is no U.S. occupation of Yemen or Nigeria. The only way the airline plot is a reaction to U.S. “occupation” is if you accept the jihadist premise that there are no Arab/Muslim nation-states but rather only one Islamic caliphate waiting to be born. Only in that way does the U.S. occupation of Iraq warrant a reprisal from, say, a Pakistani or Yemeni. And yet, needless to say, if Britain was attacked tomorrow and Obama pledged U.S. forces to assist in the reprisal, Paul would be the first guy to scream that we should scrupulously observe national boundaries and not go fighting another country’s battles for it.

Second, as usual, his facts are wrong. He uncritically accepts Abdulmutallab’s assertion that the bomb plot was retaliation for the U.S. airstrike on jihadi camps in Yemen. Not so: As Jake Tapper explained yesterday, this turd had already been mobilized and had even bought his Northwest ticket before we struck. Purely and simply, America’s Greatest Patriot is parroting propaganda cooked up by jihadist pieces of shit because it happens to fit his insane foreign policy agenda. Support him and his disciples at your peril.

Amen and Amen. I have written on this blog time and time again; that Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy is rooted in 1940’s Pre-World War II mentality, only to be blasted by Pro-Ron Paul nuts who sometimes like to come here and poke at me for having the audacity to insult their fearless leader. This is why Ron Paul is not, nor will he ever be President. When I do say this, the best these Ron Paul bots can do; is to call me a “Neo-Con”, which in the language of the Ron Paul followers means Jew. Which is pretty funny, considering the parents are both people that were born and raised in southern states — which is a nice way of saying, they’re both Hillbillies. So, I am as much as a Jew, as say, Barack Obama?

In fact, I do not consider Ron Paul to be a true-blue Republican or even a Conservative. I consider him to be an old school, crypto-Leftist — heck, half of his supports who write over at the American Conservative, also write at places like The Nation associates website, and “The Week” which are both far leftist organizations and publications.

Anyhow, this should prove it, that Ron Paul has no place in modern day politics, at all. Period. End of Discussion. Heck, there are now even videos connecting Ron Paul to the… gulp… illuminati.

Please note: An earlier version of this entry had a link to a “Rick Roll” youtube video in the last paragraph. I cut and pasted the wrong link. I have now linked to the right video. Ooopsie.

Update:The Idiocy of the TSA – Subpoenas dropped!

They are now targeting Bloggers.

Via AP:

WASHINGTON – As the government reviews how an alleged terrorist was able to bring a bomb onto a U.S.-bound plane and try to blow it up on Christmas Day, the Transportation Security Administration is going after bloggers who wrote about a directive to increase security after the incident.

TSA special agents served subpoenas to travel bloggers Steve Frischling and Chris Elliott, demanding that they reveal who leaked the security directive to them. The government says the directive was not supposed to be disclosed to the public.

Frischling said he met with two TSA special agents Tuesday night at his Connecticut home for about three hours and again on Wednesday morning when he was forced to hand over his lap top computer. Frischling said the agents threatened to interfere with his contract to write a blog for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines if he didn’t cooperate and provide the name of the person who leaked the memo.

“It literally showed up in my box,” Frischling told The Associated Press. “I do not know who it came from.” He said he provided the agents a signed statement to that effect.

In a Dec. 29 posting on his blog, Elliott said he had told the TSA agents at his house that he would call his lawyer and get back to them. Elliott said late Wednesday he could not comment until the legal issues had been resolved.

The TSA declined to say how many people were subpoenaed.

Nothing says Government incompetence better than targeting a bloggers who leak a document making the TSA look like a bunch of fools. I also notice that the Socialist Democrats are not happy about it either. I do not know why, as it is they who elected and instituted this large Government mess that we now have, they should be pleased that the Government is doing its imperialistic job. The way I see it, you vote for big Government, then don’t gripe when that big Government overreaches.

The Roundup: BLACKFIVE, YID With LID, Chicago Boyz, Fausta’s Blog, Charlie Foxtrot, Israel Matzav

Update: Reader Jeff passes on the info that the subpoenas have been dropped!

A perfect example of the type of comment that I will NOT approve

I woke up this morning and saw this in the moderation basket:

Author : LindaB (IP: , cpe-24-26-239-207.satx.res.rr.com)
E-mail : Lliinnddaa_55@msn.com
URL    :
Whois  : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
obama….you are an ILLEGAL parasite and WILL GO TO TRIAL for FRAUD and EMBEZZELMENT..I PROMISE YOU THAT! You are illegally in AMERICA’S White House, AND ILLEGALLY in this country.So take your Anti-Americanism and your muslim ass BACK TO KENYA!(after you do your JAIL TIME!!!)Your wife is aiding and abetting a CRIMINAL,and YOU have hired a bunch of CROOKS to your administration…DON’T MESS WITH AMERICA you dirty lieing muslim.

Um, folks, I am no fan of President Obama. But this sort of crap right here; will never, ever be approved here. So, do not even bother writing garbage like that on my blog. Sure, I would like to see his original, just as much as anyone else. But that brither crap has taken a life of its own and one that I really do not want to be involved in. So, please. If you are one of these sort of knuckle-heads. Leave your comments elsewhere. As you can imagine; I did add this lady to the idiot filter as well.

Limbaugh Hospitalized, possibly in serious condition

This is not good. (H/T Instapundit)



Conservative radio talk host Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a Honolulu hospital on Wednesday afternoon with chest pains, sources told KITV.

Paramedics responded to the call at 2:41 p.m. at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.

Limbaugh suffered from chest pains, sources said. Paramedics treated him and took him to Queen’s Medical Center in serious condition.

via Sources: Limbaugh Hospitalized In Honolulu – Politics News Story – KITV Honolulu.

Even as this news broke, I wandered over to a few sites and already, the hate is sprouting. Unbelievable.

Thoughts and Prayers are with Rush, His Wife and the Limbaugh family tonight. Hang in there Rusty, we need you like never before.

I will update, as I learn more.

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Late Night at the PB Pub Presents, Frausun

First of all, let me say, that the following is NOT my kind of music at all. But this fine gent contacted me and asked to put it on my blog.

Here is the press release in full:


12/30/2009 Dallas, TX: Frausun, the old-world, experimental, gothic music project by Kurtz, has just released their first music video about spousal abuse in Muslim marriages called “Thunder in Your Veins.” The single is off of their new album “1000,” which debuted in late October.

Inspired by such musical influences as Dead Can Dance, Death in June, Peter Murphy, and David Bowie, Frausun is a one-man project representing the masculine expression of feminine energy, hence the name Frau (Woman) Sun (Male Strength). Kurtz, the sole performer of the group, is influenced by a variety of literary sources, from Kate Chopin and Keats, to Nietzsche and William S. Burroughs. The songs cover a variety of subjects from Tibetan Sky Burials and Goddess worship, to female empowerment and Alchemical love.

Kurtz was motivated to begin his project after reading a story about a woman killed in Afghanistan for being too “westernized.” Her crime was wearing lipstick.

“Thunder in Your Veins” tells the story of a woman who endures physical and mental torture at the hands of her husband, justified by his faith. Seeing no way out but death, she takes his life and walks free to help other women in their pain.

“I want my music to be a call for revolution. If just 1% of the women who saw the video and their reaction was to unite, putting knives to the throats of their abusers, then I know my work has succeeded.”

Music samples and the video can be experienced at www.frausun.com. Kurtz can also be reached at 214-883-3277 or thunderinyourveins@yahoo.com

With that, here is “Thunder in your veins”

Breaking News: At Least Six Americans Killed in American Afghanistan Base Attack

In Case anyone has forgotten; Yes, we are still at war:

KABUL — At least six Americans were killed Wednesday when a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest made his way into an American base in Khost Province in southeastern Afghanistan, according to NATO military officials.

The bomber managed to elude security and reach the base’s gym, said one official, who did not want to be identified because the official was not authorized to speak about the incident.

The official said the attack took place at Forward Operating Base Chapman, which one official described as “not a regular base,” meaning that it was used by American intelligence agencies. It was unclear exactly where on the base the explosion occurred.

The suicide bomber died in the blast and six Americans were also wounded, some of them seriously, suggesting that the death toll could climb, the officials said.

Khost Province borders Pakistan and has been prime operating ground for insurgent groups with links to Al Qaeda and for other extremists hiding in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

via At Least Six Americans Killed in Afghan Attack – NYTimes.com.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the injured and those who were killed. I think it would be a nice time for everyone to say a prayer for those men, who put their lives on the line on the front lines of the battle against terrorism and for freedom.

For Once, I actually agree with William Kristol

Egad, when an American Conservative like me, and a warmongering Wilsonian Conservative, like Bill Kristol are actually agreeing. You know stuff is fudged up in the Country:

Unable to defend themselves on the merits, the administration and Democratic leaders are trying to change the topic to blaming Bush and Republicans. This is pathetic.

First of all, Obama is president. He has been for almost a year. Whatever mistakes Bush did or didn’t make, Obama is in charge — and the issue isn’t partisan score-settling, it’s whether the system he is in charge of is working. It isn’t.

One reason the system isn’t is some of the people he put in charge — Janet Napolitano and Dennis Blair come to mind. Another reason is certain concrete policy choices they’ve made — e.g., embracing a law enforcement approach and, without even weighing the choice, immediately choosing to treat Abdulmutallab as a criminal suspect, not an enemy combatant.

via The Weekly Standard.

Go read the rest. It is very good….and yes, I agree with it all.

Obama promised change, and change he might be able to deliver, like mending the long standing rift between the Paleo-Conservatives and the notorious Neo-Conservatives. Yeah, I know, not everyone would go along with it. But it would be some, dare I say it? Progress!??! (In the Republican Party? GASP!) 😉

Cartoons of the Day

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like..... Statism?


For more fun visit the website/blog at www.diversitylane.com or go directly to the blog at www.diversitylane.wordpress.com.

(click on pictures to make them bigger)

For more fun, check out Baloo’s Cartoon Blog.

Update: Socialist liberals use Detroit attempted Terrorist attack to sound the horn to cut and run

As skeptical as I am; these morons are just pure bat shit crazy:

What is needed now are not partisan fights about whether the Obama Administration was doing enough to guard against terrorist attacks in the wake of shootings last month at Fort Hood, Texas. Instead, we should question whether our overreaction to the crimes against humanity on 9/11–including the creation of an endless “war” against terrorism–has done more to undermine our security than enhance it. American safety will be better ensured through common-sense counterterrorism and homeland defense measures, including extensive intelligence cooperation expert police work and border control.

via Are US Wars Fueling Domestic Terrorist Threats?– The Nation.

Oh yes,Katrina, let’s just cut and run and stop trying to fight the war on terror — so, that Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan can regroup and come back stronger. Not only in the Afghanistan region, but also in Yemen and other regions as well. What a pathetic bitch:roll:  What more living proof do we need, that the Socialist Far-Left Liberal Democrats are nothing more than terrorist sympathizers? Which is why I will never vote for them again, ever. Give me a politico that gives a flying flip about National Security, please. Not some terrorist coddling asshat.

Oh, and… Police Work. Police work?!?!?!? That is another little bitch and gripe that I have with the Socialist Liberal Democrats. They see some Negro Muslim terrorist, who tried to blow up a damned plane, most likely at sixty thousand feet over my damned house, as nothing more than some common criminal thug. Sorry Liberals, this stupid idiot negro terrorist, was an non-uniform combatant. He should be at Gitmo. Actually, he should be strung from a damned tree! 😡 But, I digress.

There is much hubbub about why the system to failed. There is also news that the Government knew about this dude, and did nothing at all. All of the media outlets; including Fox News are asking, “why?” Hello! It does not take a damned rocket scientist to figure that little problem out. It is the elephant in the room, that nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to talk about.  Has anyone else in the world bothered to notice the skin color of this terrorist suspect? Uh, Duh. He is a black person. Our President is also a black person. One plus one usually equals two! It seems that nobody is either willing or even possibly able to make that connection. Our Government officials new about this guy and knew that plans were being made; but they did not do anything about it. Why? I will tell you why! Because they knew, that if they acted upon this little piece of evidence, that it would possibly upset the President; because the mean ol’ United States Government was picking on some poor young black man — of whom the the white man oppressed and the Government did nothing about it for so many years. I mean, if you were employed by the NSA or CIA and you were aware of this situation, would you want to risk angering a black President, who was all down with “The Struggle”(tm)? I think you all know what I mean.

There is your answer, the reason this piece of intelligence slipped by, was the same reason the Ft. Hood shooter went by, unstopped. political correctness gone horribly bad.

Update: It seems that my resident gay stalker from Grand Rapids does not like what I wrote. Sorry fag boy, but some of us, do not have our heads stuck up the socialist Democratic Party’s “P.S. Police” ass; Unlike you. Because of this, some of us can see things for what they really are. Unlike some men with homosexual tendencies.

2009 Worst Political Decade Ever?

I present two videos; the first by reason magazine, which is a very funny take on the past 10 years. Which comes via HotAir.com, who has a poll up with this decade versus a few other notable decades:

The second video comes via Jack Hunter, who video blogs over at the American Conservative. Here Jack lays out a very compelling case for the fact that starting with George H.W. Bush, continuing with Bill Clinton and finally with George W. Bush; the entire big government, got even bigger:

As Jack says, and yet, conservatives are now griping about Barack Obama’s big government agenda. However, it is to be said, that Jack Hunter does point out the hypocrisy of the Democrats, when it comes to the wars. They were, in fact, loudly condemning of Bush’s Wars, but now, they’re all but silent. (Except for a few… and I mean very few…)

One point that I will offer a rebuttal to, is Jack’s point that Bush touted a more peaceful Foreign Policy, when he ran back in 2000. Jack points out that this suddenly changed after 9/11. What he fails to realize is this; on September 11, 2001, the game changed. Terrorists slammed two planes into the World Trade Centers, one plane into the Pentagon, and one plane that was headed to the White House; ended up in a field in Pennsylvania.  As someone who had a terrorist almost blow up a plane near my house. I can fully understand why this game changed. However, because I am not a overly partisan blogger, I will say this; I do fully realize that Iraq, in hindsight was, in fact, a mistake. I have yet for anyone at all, to convince me otherwise, that Iraq was a direct threat to our Republic. I personally believe it was because of this massive screw up of the Bush Administration, that Afghanistan is now possibly a lost cause, and why Al-Qaeda is now attacking us once again. If I were Jack and those who agree with him; I would be watching the Yemen situation very closely. Because I tend to believe that Yemen is going to become Obama’s war, especially if he does not root out that Al-Qaeda group there.

As a fiscal Conservative; I must say that I wholeheartedly agree with Jack’s assessment of the G.O.P. and Republican establishment’s hypocrisy on spending; the same very people that are bitching to high heaven about Obama’s spending, were all but silent during the eight years of George W. Bush and his reckless drunken sailor like spending, which was primarily on a war in a country that really, when you get down to it, had zero to do with 9/11.  But, yet, you have Bloggers, who are pro-war, bitching about Obama’s socialist agenda and take over of health care, plus his screwing of the economy into the ground. My question is, where were these people back in Bush’s day? Oh, that’s right, partisanship —- Which is such a horrible disease.

In fact, just here the other day; I was ripped by a “so-called” Conservative blogger, because I went to his blog and left a rather nasty message about Obama, because I was quite pissed off about his handling of the attempted terrorist act here at the airport, which is less than 10 miles from my house. (I also e-mailed him and apologized for it too..)  This man goes out of his way to rat me out, and offers to give my damned IP address to anyone that wants it. But yet, on that same blog, he does the rather unfunny Osama/Obama joke on his blog. He removed it, presumably after one his readers bitched at him about it, but just the same, this idiot is going to bitch at me for being a ‘so-called’ racist and he does the same thing? That is hypocrisy and I think he knows that, because it was changed, I wish I had screen capped it and posted it here. But, I didn’t. Also, one of his commenters proceeded to give out my real name and drudge up crap that happened years ago. She also went out of her way to say that I, according to her, criticized the right more than the left. Which is, of course, stupid. I have pointed out stupid stuff on the far right and I will continue to do so; as much as I criticize the left.  My point that I am trying to make is this here. Just as much as I am not drinking the idiotic socialist Kool-Aid of the Democrats; I am also not drinking the idiotic Kool-Aid of the far right either, I consider myself to me a critical, or dare I say it? A free-thinker.

I will admit, that I am a supporter of the United States Military; but I will the first to admit, that I beginning to be very skeptical of the war in Afghanistan; and I will go out of my way to say that this is NOT the fault of the United States military. It never was, it is the fault of the jackasses in Washington D.C. who could not define a damned military mission, if their lives depended on it.  This is nothing new, it was the same way during the Bush Administration, much worse in fact. The problem is, our lives do depend on it. Al-Qaeda is still a damned threat and what does Obama do? Gives a half-assed speech as to the fact, that the government  is on it. Yeah, uh-huh, sure. You mean, like the Government has been on the hunt of Osama Bin Laden for the last damned eight years? I call B.S. people, big time.

So, to those who come here and think this is a far right, rabid Conservative Blog. Be forewarned; my criticism and skepticism of Government and politics; and those who engage in that profession, is NOT on a partisan basis. I am quite bi-partisan on my criticisms. This blog has always been that way, and always will be.

Turd Blossom gets a divorce

Now this is interesting:

Karl Rove, former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, has been granted a divorce in Texas after 24 years of marriage, family spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

“Karl Rove and his wife, Darby, were granted a divorce last week,” said Perino. “The couple came to the decision mutually and amicably, and they maintain a close relationship and a strong friendship. There will be no further comment, and the family requests that its privacy be respected.”

The Roves were married in January 1986.

A family friend told POLITICO: “After 24 years of marriage, many of which were spent under incredible stress and strain during the White House years, the Roves came to a mutual decision that they would end the marriage. They did spend Christmas together with their son, and they plan to spend time together in the future. They maintain a strong friendship, and they both feel that that friendship is a source of comfort and inspiration for their friends and family.”

via Karl Rove granted divorce in Texas – – POLITICO.com.

This proves what I have believed all along. That social Conservatism is nothing more, than a well-planned and executed joke. I will not do the pile-on about Rove’s stances on Gay Marriage. However, I will present this video, done by Jack Hunter, who now Video Blogs over at the American Conservative. In this video, Jack makes some very valid points about the establishment Republicans in Washington D.C. at the 3:13 mark is where Jack really makes the point that I am making here.

I will be the first to admit; I do not always agree with Jack on foreign policy and war. However, I am in total agreement with him on the subject of social Conservatism. I being a child of the 1980’s, I remember very clearly all the talk that Reagan was going to get prayer back into schools, was going to see to it that Abortion was outlawed. Now did any of that stuff ever happen? Um, No. That is because the Republicans of that era, were exploiting the Conservative Christian community for their vote. Sort of like what Barack Obama’s campaign did to the far left during the election of 2008.

Enjoy the video:

Andrew Sullivan sticks his foot in his mouth

(H/T Instapundit)

Looks like our resident Faux Conservative stuck his foot in his mouth…..again

Via Jonah Goldberg:

It seems lately that “neocon” has become Andrew Sullivan’s term for any Jew who disagrees with… Andrew Sullivan. And no, I’m not accusing Andrew Sullivan of being anti-Semitic, or Hannah Rosenthal, for that matter, of being anti-Semitic. (Here’s what I think about the state of Andrew’s Semitism, if you care.) And I don’t think anyone has accused Rosenthal of being anti-Semitic. Dopey, yes, but anti-Semitic? I wish that Andrew wouldn’t try to preclude debate over her qualifications for what could be an important job by bringing up a charge no credible person has made.

Which proves to anyone half a ounce of a brain, that you cannot play ball for both teams and be a legitimate voice in the Blogosphere. No, I am not talking about Sullivan’s sexual preference. Although, he is batting for the wrong team in that aspect; but I digress.  I am referring to his political leanings; which are, by most accounts, quite liberal. The problem is, when you side with the socialist Democrats, you end up on the wrong side of the argument when it comes to Israel. That, or you start sounding like Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul. Which is why I parted ways with that Paleo-Conservative crowd. I am not one to kiss anyone’s rear because of their gender, race, creed or Religion. But I just cannot sit and hate a racial group in a monolithic sense, like the White Nationalists. That is a sickness, and I am afraid that I just cannot do that. I have, admittedly been known to slip and say some rather politically incorrect things about  the various minority races. (Mainly Blacks, because of some of batshit crazy stuff in those circles, now that they got their “Jim Jones” Leader of the plantation…)  But to say that I have a monolithic hatred of any race, is just inaccurate.


Seperated at Birth?

Just sayin’ ya’ll….just sayin’….

Updated: Symphony of stupid: Terrorism continues to be a threat, Politicians play blame games

I do not always agree with him on the finer points of Conservatism; but my friend Ed Morrissey scored a nice catch here. Seems that our attempted plane bomber fiend has friends:

American officials have cause to worry there may be more al Qaeda-trained young men in Yemen planning to bring down American jets.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, charged with the attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Airlines flight 253, told FBI agents there were more just like him in Yemen who would strike soon.

And in a tape released four days before the attempted destruction of the Detroit-bound Northwest plane, the leader of al Qaeda in Yemen boasted of what was planned for Americans, saying, “We are carrying a bomb to hit the enemies of God.”

Yemen has become a principal al Qaeda training ground and the accused suicide bomber told the FBI he was trained for more than a month in Yemen, given 80 grams of a high explosive cleverly sewn into his underpants, undetected by standard security screening.

This comes on the heels of another lovely piece of news, that Mr. Plane Bomber might have had some help:

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch military police are investigating the possibility that an accomplice may have helped the Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, a spokesman said on Monday.

A U.S. couple on the flight, Kurt and Lori Haskell, told Reuters and other news agencies that they saw a tall, well-dressed man aged about 50 with the suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Friday morning at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

The Haskells have claimed the man spoke for Abdulmutallab and attempted to get him aboard Northwest flight 253 without a passport.

“At this moment we have no information on whether there was another guy,” the military police spokesman said. “We are checking all clues and information we get.”

In light of all this, is this the best that the Democrats and Republicans can do in Congress? Sit and blame one another? Lame response folks, lame, lame, lame, response. Oh yes, lets play the idiotic and childish blame game on each other, while tens of millions of lives are at stake. No wonder the American people have turned against this Congress and this President; because they are too damned busy trying to blame others, instead of trying to fix the damned problem in the first place!

The elections of 2010 and 2012 cannot come fast enough; because it is quite obvious that this Congress and this President are more interested in playing politics with terrorism, just like the last President did during his tenure in office and the American people, present company included, are sick and tired of the damn political shell games. Al-Qaeda is a serious threat to the United States of America’s National Security, and we need more than just Washington D.C. Politics of blaming one another, we need action and we need it now, before some plane is blown up over my damned house in Lincoln Park, Michigan, which is about 10 miles from the Detroit Metro Airport. Having said all that, to Congress and the President and his Cabinet — Enough of the god damned political games people. I want to be secure in living this house by the airport. I do not care who is to blame for what. I just want it fixed and I wanted it fixed now, please. Thank you.

I swear, there are days, when I believe that I am blogging about schoolchildren!

Update: Al-Qaeda has taken responsibility for the attempted attack. Here is a google translated view of the page. Not the best of good enough to give you an idea.

Memphis, TN Man Arrested, Accused of Making Bomb Threats & Threatening to Start ‘Holy War’

It begins:

MEMPHIS, TN – Tonight, Mohamed Ibrahim is out after posting $100 bond. Earlier in the day, he was arrested after police say he walked into several Memphis businesses and threatened to blow them up.

Court records show Ibrahim was also telling people he was Muslim, and wanted to start a jihad, or holy war, in Memphis.

Police say when they arrested him, he had a butcher knife hidden in one of his jacket sleeves.

via Memphis Man Arrested: Accused of Making Bomb Threats & Threatening to Start “Holy War”

Is it just me, or is there a recent uptick in black Muslims causing trouble nowadays?

Countdown to being called a racist by Charles “Fag boy” Johnson and his asshole bobsy twin Dan Riehl in 5….4….3…2…

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