The Sunday Night Mental Health Break: Black Sabbath

This called “Killing yourself to Live,” sort of sounds like what’s happening here in America, does it not?


“Killing Yourself To Live”

Well people look and people stare
Well I don’t think that I even care
You work your life away and what do they give?
You’re only killing yourself to live
Killing yourself to live
Killing yourself to live

Just take a look around you what do you see
Pain, suffering, and misery
It’s not the way that the world was meant
It’s a pity you don’t understand
Killing yourself to live
Killing yourself to live

I’m telling you
Believe in me
Nobody else will tell you
Open your eyes
And see the lies, oh yeah

You think I’m crazy and baby
I know that it’s true
Before that you know it I think
That you’ll go crazy too

I don’t know if I’m up or down
Whether black is white or blue is brown
The colors of my life are all different somehow
Little boy blue’s a big girl now

So you think it’s me who’s strange
But you’ve never had to make the change
Never give your trust away
You’ll end up paying till your dying day

The Late Night Music Express Presents: The Jeff Beck Group

This first one is really cool. The piano solo at the beginning is a bit long… But once it gets gone; hang on to your hat! Classic Rock at its most raw, powerful and loud. How live music should be:

This next one, sounds like the original, and sort of doesn’t. The original singer on this was Rod Stewart; I think this version holds up rather well; some great drumming on this one too. The drummer does a quick, fast, triplet on this one… I wish I could do them like that! 😀 (yes, I am a drummer, but I don’t do triplets like that!)

Updated: Justin Bieber does Politics


From the magazine Rolling Stone; which was  actually worth a crap at one point:

“You guys are evil,” he jokingly tells Vanessa Grigoriadis in an upcoming interview with Rolling Stone. “Canada’s the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard’s baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby’s premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home.”

Despite Bieber’s belief in government-run health care, the teenage superstar insists he is non-partisan. “I’m not sure about the parties,” he says. “But whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad.”

Jimmie Bise, Jr. writing over at opines:

The good news is that Bieber is pro-life, which puts him in the mix for a speaking slot at next year’s CPAC. The bad news is that Rolling Stone actually thinks anyone, anywhere, truly cares what Justin Bieber thinks about political parties, socialized medicine, or anything else beyond singing the word “baby” several times in a row.

Look, I get that we like to get inside the heads of entertainers we admire, but there really does have to be a limit. Rolling Stone, once upon a time, was a magazine that published real journalism from writers like Hunter S. Thompson, P.J. O’Rourke, and Lester Bangs. It was probably the go-to publication for details of the Patty Hearst abduction and its interview with Charles Manson in 1970 is one of the most chilling looks into a mind stuffed full of madness I’ve ever read. Now, thanks to the decline started by ardent progressive Jann Wenner, we just get a fluff interview with a 16 year-old kid on issues in which he has almost no knowledge or experience and wretched hacks like Matt Taibbi.

If nothing else, the Justin Bieber interview shows us what we lost. I’m actually sorry for it.

Allow me to expand on this and take it a step further; seeing I am the only Conservative out there, who dares to go here. I find it exceptionally interesting, that anyone is interested in what some kid, who’s physical appearance is that of a farking gay twink — has to say about anything, other than music.

I’m just sayin’!

As Laura Ingraham would say; shut up and sing…. :roll:

…and no, I do not consider was this kid sings, to be music. It’s crap, with a damn beat! 😡

Update: Looks like Rolling Stone screwed up that interview. Via New York Observer:

Rolling Stone‘s corrected quote, which acknowledges an “editing error,” reads:

“Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.”

I think Jimmie Bise has a point, Rolling Stone is run by a bunch of idiots nowadays.

The Morning Mental Health Break: Thin Lizzy

This one is dedicated to the memory of Gary Moore, who we lost yesterday:

The renowned rock guitarist Gary Moore has died in a hotel room while on holiday in Spain.

Moore, 58, originally from Belfast, was a former member of the legendary Irish group Thin Lizzy.

Thin Lizzy manager Adam Parsons told the BBC he was found early on Sunday.

Moore was originally drafted into Thin Lizzy by its late frontman Phil Lynott. He later gained acclaim for his solo work and was a former member of the Irish group Skid Row.

The Northern Ireland guitarist was only 16 when he moved from Belfast to Dublin in 1969, to join Skid Row, which featured Lynott as lead vocalist.

He was later brought into Thin Lizzy by Lynott to replace the departing Eric Bell, another guitarist from Northern Ireland.

Lynott died in 1986 but a new line-up of Thin Lizzy continues to tour.

Bell told the BBC on Sunday he was still “in shock” at Moore’s death in the Costa del Sol.

“I still can’t believe it,” he said.

“He was so robust, he wasn’t a rock casualty, he was a healthy guy.

Urbanrounds Remembers:

This news is very sad personally, being about the same age and growing up with his music from his days with Skid Row and Thin Lizzy. However, it was his guitar virtuosity that appealed to me the most, as it did to many others.

Thus another person and a piece of my youth has departed this mortal plane. As one commenter on another site stated, “God needed a lead guitarist for a new band.” If that is so, he couldn’t have chosen any better.

Godspeed Gary Moore. Your talent and passion will be missed greatly.

Greg over a Greg’s Opinion sums it up rather nicely:

One of the many guitar players I learned from, ripped off, and wished I could play half as good as. Much of the appreciation for melodic solos can be heard in a lot of his early-mid-80s solo work.

I believe that about sums it up. I also play guitar; and when I saw the headline, I let out a gasp and a “Oh no!”

Gary Moore joins the line of great guitar players that we have lost — Hendrix, Terry Kath, and many others.

I am also a guitar player and this one was a shock 😮 and so very sad. 😥

Video: So, is this what passes for civil discourse among the liberals?

So, liberals — is this what you call civility?

Posted on liveleak, in case it disappears:

From the Comments section of the video:

RACISTS like this, are begging for war. Let’s give them one. It is 220,000,000 white people, against 37,000,000 blacks. You know what a genocide looks like? You don’t, because there is no one left, to remember it. Be? smart, though. Let them, make the first violent moves. Let the people, see their violence. Let them give us a reason. Be patient. Do not move, as an individual. Wait. Keep giving them rope, they need, to hang themselves. LOL!!!

A-Farking-Amen. 😡

(H/T Michelle Malkin)

The Early Morning Mental Health Break Presents: Crosby, Stills & Nash

Via NewsBusters:

A Columbia University political science professor that blogs at the Huffington Post was charged Thursday with having a sexual relationship with his 24 year old daughter.

As the Columbia Spectator reported:

[David Epstein] was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with one count of incest in the third degree at an arraignment hearing on Thursday. According to police, the relationship appears to have been consensual.

Epstein declined to comment when reached on his cell phone Thursday evening.

His wife, Sharyn O’Halloran, chair of the executive committee of the University Senate and a tenured professor, also declined to comment when reached by phone.

The New York Daily News reports, “Epstein, who specializes in American politics and voting rights, has taught at Harvard and Stanford and often is quoted by news organizations.”

Epstein was not a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, but what he did write was quite liberal.

Update: Others: : Althouse, Instapundit, theblogprof, POWIP, Classical Values, American Power, Flopping Aces, Moonbattery,, Pundit & Pundette, AmSpecBlog, NY Daily News, Gawker,Outside the Beltway, The Confluence, Salon, Runnin’ Scared, Althouse, Above the Law, NewsReal Blog and American Power

The Feckless Far Right: Exhibit SWOG: Stupid White Old Guys

An alternative headline would be “What I hate about White Christian Conservatives.” I saw this, and first thing I thought was, “does this old man ever get out of his house and into the real world?”

Now, at first, I wanted to just say this guy was being a straight up racist. However, I do not know that to be a fact. I think it is more of that stuffy old white Conservative Christian stupidity that the Republican right is known for.

Anyhow, here is Dennis Prager being as old, white, and Christian as he can be:

The nominees to receive the most prestigious awards in the music industry, the Grammy Awards, were just announced. Among the five nominees for Record of the Year is a song titled “F— You,” with the F-word, of course, spelled out and pronounced.

Here are the song’s opening lyrics:

“I see you driving ’round town

With the girl I love and I’m like,

F— you!

Oo, oo, ooo

I guess the change in my pocket

Wasn’t enough, I’m like,

F— you!

And f— her, too!”

The next lyrics add the S-word:

“I said, if I was richer, I’d still be with ya

Ha, now ain’t that some s–t? (ain’t that some s–t?)

And although there’s pain in my chest

I still wish you the best with a

F— you!

Oo, oo, ooo.”

And shortly thereafter, the N-word:

“I pity the fool that falls in love with you

(oh, s–t, she’s a gold digger)


(just thought you should know, n—-)


Dennis Prager is, of course, referring to this video here:

This video and song, of course, is about a young man, who has a crush on a young girl; who, of course, could care less about him. As someone who knows a little about that whole thing. I believe Dennis Prager needs to relax a little and maybe lighten up.

But wait! It gets better!


It is also worth noting that the video of this song includes children who appear to be under 12 years of age and all the performers are black — a point I will address later.

I have long believed that MTV has done more damage to America’s young people than any other single institution. I am referring to the music videos, in which most images or scenes are shown for less than two seconds and thereby numb kids’ minds, and to the sexual imagery and sex talk that permeate the music videos and much of the rest of MTV programming.

But while MTV should be singled out for the damage it has done to America, the music industry in general has been equally guilty.

How does a song replete with expletives, whose very title is “F— You,” get nominated for a Grammy Award as Record of the Year?

The answer is that the music industry, from producers to artists, is largely populated by people who regard social and cultural norms as stifling. Their professional lives are dedicated to lowering that which is elevated, destroying that which uplifts, and to profaning that which is held sacred.

There is no better explanation for “F— You” being nominated as Record of the Year. It has little, if any, redeeming moral, social or artistic (to the extent that this word retains its original meaning) value. The lyrics are as vapid as they are obscene; the video further degrades that part of black life that is already too lacking in elevation; and there is the participation of children in a profanity-filled video.

For most of American history, a child who used such words was punished by his parents, and society instinctively knew how important it was not to expose children to obscenities. Today, adults in the music industry reward children for participating in videos laced with obscenities.

Nor is the nomination of “F— You” as Song of the Year an aberration. Two of the other four nominees are rap “songs” whose lyrics are also vile.

12 year old children!

Black kids saying “F— You!”

What’s next?

Your little 12 year old white daughter being gang raped by a group of wild black man? Horrors! 😯

Please. :roll:

I think Dennis Prager needs to relax and loosen up a little and realize that not everyone in American, including most black people are not out to get every Conservative White girl in America knocked up. Prager might also want to put away the Klan uniform, that decade ended long ago.

You say, “Hey! I thought you were a Conservative!?!?!”

Well, I am; albeit more of a fiscal Conservative, a libertarian-minded person. I find the good majority of social Conservatism to be downright hypocritical. Bristol Palin being a perfect example, not to mention her screwball Mother. (UGH!)

In closing, I believe if Dennis Prager spent more time fighting to define what the Republican Party is supposed to stand for; like trying to move it away from the George W. Bush warmonger Neo-Conservatism that it has been ensconced in since 2000 and back to the traditional Conservative, which is represented by sites like this one here. Then Prager might be doing something. Until then, he his just blowing Hot Air around and acting a bit like a Religious Holier than thou as well. Which, in all honesty, is doing nothing for the Republican Party. Well, except for making them look like total idiots to Independent thinkers, like myself and the rest of the Country.

The Monday Night mental health break: The Champs

UPDATE: ‘Tequila Party’ proposal gains international attention

Latino leaders in Nevada and nationwide are quietly debating whether to sever their traditional Democratic ties and form an independent grass-roots political group.

The idea, born of frustration over the party’s inaction on immigration reform and fears that as a voting bloc they’re a political afterthought, Latino leaders have discussed the idea among themselves locally and in conference calls with colleagues across the country.

The unlikely model for the movement they would like to launch is the Tea Party — not in substance, of course, but in its grass-roots organizational style. Acknowledging the source of their inspiration, Latino leaders have dubbed the proposed movement the “Tequila Party.”

These Hispanic leaders have noticed that while the Tea Party has had spotty electoral success, it has called attention to its concerns and values and put the establishment on notice.

“I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but there’s talk,” said Fernando Romero, president of the nonpartisan Hispanics in Politics, Nevada’s oldest Hispanic political group. “There’s discussion about empowerment of the Latino vote.”

Hispanics have proved to be a powerful political force in Nevada and nationally. They were instrumental in electing President Barack Obama and are credited with saving Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s re-election this month. In Nevada, Latinos accounted for 15 percent of voters in 2008 and a record 16 percent in this month’s midterm elections. — Read the Rest

The Early Morning Mental Health Break Presents: Motley Crue

This one is dedicated to this couple here. May they be married forever and have a shitload of kids. Thanks for your service dude and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Hillary and Jason Martin

It was to be the perfect end to a perfect day. Hillary and Jason Martin had just gotten married. They arrived at Bakersfield’s swank Padre Hotel — the bride in her wedding dress, the groom in Marine Corps dress blues.

They were 18 and in love.

They were 18 and out of luck.

The two were old enough to marry. Jason Martin, on leave after completing boot camp, was old enough to join the Marines. The Padre Hotel’s age policy, however, required them to be at least 21 to get a room.

“I was so upset,” Hillary Martin said. “I just broke down. I thought, ‘Here I am looking for a place to stay on my honeymoon.'”

The couple dated all through their years at Bakersfield’s Foothill High School, where Jason was a standout on the baseball team. They had talked of getting married. But someday became now with the birth of twin sons 9 months ago and Jason’s enlistment. He proposed to Hillary just before leaving for boot camp for three months earlier this year.

The idea was to get hitched during Jason’s 10-day leave before he headed off to combat training.

“I planned it all myself,” Hillary said. “We couldn’t afford to go out of town or anything.”

They were young and broke, and so Hillary’s mother offered to spring for their honeymoon night at the Padre, a newly renovated Bakersfield landmark where the “Oil Baron Suite” will set you back $649 on Saturday night.

The couple’s Nov. 12 incident at the hotel found its way to the local media thanks to an angry cousin of Hillary’s. The hotel’s manager explained to a television reporter that employees were simply following a longstanding policy to which no exceptions are made.

And just like that, the hotel found itself with a sticky public relations problem.

“This is an outrage!” a reader posted on the Bakersfield Californian’s website. “If a person can sign up to fight and possibly die for his country then he should be able to stay at any hotel he wants to.” — Read The Rest

Others: protein wisdom

The Tuesday Night Mental Heath Break: Led Zeppelin

This video to me, is chilling. The sight of those trade towers and that bridge just totally sends a chill up my spine.

It was different era, a simpler time; when the world’s problems seemed a world away. Words like Terrorism, Jihad and Muslim were not in our lexicon yet.

In those days, all we wanted to do was to listen to good music, get high and have a good time. (and maybe get laid, if were really lucky! 😛 😉 )

How things have changed.


Political Byline Remembers: Jimi Hendrix

40 years ago today; one of the greatest guitar players to ever grace the face of this earth, slipped across the divide and slipped the sundry bounds of this earth, and touched the face of God.

I am referring of course, to James Marshall Hendrix.

The Montreal Gazette Remembers:

Jimi_Hendrix_1967[1]When Jimi Hendrix took that fatal overdose 40 years ago today, rock star deaths were still shocking. A high school friend broke the news to me as we rushed to homeroom, but I had almost no frame of reference for such loss. I wasn’t yet in kindergarten when Buddy Holly’s plane went down. The only precedents I could remember were the sinister deaths of Bobby Fuller and Brian Jones.

Veteran rockers might be dropping like flies now, but there was no such thing as an old rock star then. Dying automatically meant dying too young.

And Hendrix’s demise, maybe more than many that followed, was tragic ally premature. The body of work he left behind, much of which surfaced after he died, still sounds timeless and full of prom ise after four decades.

The first posthumous release, The Cry of Love, came within less than six months. Made up of some of the songs intended for Hendrix’s next album, it was the most ubiquitous music in the summer of ’71 soundtrack. At least in my circles.

Hendrix’s posthumous releases have been coming out non-stop since then – remixed, remastered, repack aged and rediscovered. Wikipedia lists 53 studio, live and compilation albums.

During his lifetime, Hendrix released only three studio albums and one live recording, all with in less than three years.

Yet such was his artistry that even rough outtakes, like the ones that surfaced this year on Valleys of Neptune, continue to fascinate fans and musicians, young and old.

Other Great write ups here.

My Friend, local disk jockey Ken Calvert writes on Facebook:

?1970 ~ Jimi Hendrix dies in a London apartment. The coroner rules it accidental, saying the 27-year-old died of asphyxiation. There will never be another. Today, the wind cries Jimi.

They say he was murdered; we will never know the truth, the bastard that had him killed died himself in a plane crash. Which, if this be the case; was sweet justice.

Some great tunes from the person that basically influenced this rather backward geek to pick up a guitar and actually learn to play:

The tune that actually turned me on to Hendrix, told to me; by of all people, my youth pastor!:

Some of Hendrix’s sweeter stuff:

Rest in Peace, Jimi. You influenced me in ways, that you could never know. 🙁


November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970

James Marshall Hendrix AKA Johnny Allen Hendrix  – among the stars, playing to the angels. May your music never be forgotten and may your memory always be eternal.

Friday Night at the PB Pub Presents: Metallica

This is dedicated to all my fellow Bloggers and Friends who will be marching on the mall on 9/12.  While I am not there in body; please do know, that I will be there in Spirit. I will try to locate a live feed and post it here.

For the fools who do not understand the reason for the march. This is why here, keyword being, “Stand up for justice!”:

Some of you might have gotten the idea; that just because I have gotten a bit tired of them mundane, that I was going to quit. Yes, I think about that, all the time. However, my mind goes back to messages that I have gotten, like this one here, that I received on December 31, 2009:

Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 21:17:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Keep up the good work.
From: Janet
To: Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Yes. Please do.

I wanted to say something else if I may. I too was a liberal. However, on
9/11/01, I had an epiphany which changed me to a Freedom loving

Our son was two months old, and I stood in my living room and looked at my
husband in horror
as the news reported the flights that were hijacked and used to kill
thousands of Americans.

My husband was scheduled on the 8:00am American Airlines Flight 11, which
was scheduled from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, to
Los Angeles International Airport. The only difference was that his flight
was on 9/13/01 instead of 9/11/01.

I realize today that my dear little boy might never have know his father.
Amazing the difference a day or two can make in your life.



I wrote that night:

Janet, Thank you so very much for your e-mail. It is little stuff like this, that makes every little snide comment that I have to delete, every nasty e-mail that I have to deal with, every blogger who has written bad stuff about me; worth it. I like you Janet, was someone who was a Democrat voter, that changed my views after starting this Blogging adventure. I have said this before, and I believe some of my readers might not believe this, but it is the truth. This blogging stuff have NEVER, EVER, EVER been about the money, ever. If it was, I would have QUIT DOING THIS LONG AGO! Now if I happen to make a little money in the process, fine and dandy, but, my motivation is NOT money! This blog is simply my virtual protest against what I consider to be wrong and that is the big Government socialism of the far left. This here is what keeps me going, not lust for money, not pride.


I fight the good fight of faith. I cannot serve in the Military, they won’t take me, I am too old, plus, Physically I am not in good shape, so… I fight here. In the Internet realm. Pushing back against the socialist machine… It is the fight for my life. I know that I fight for the rights of others, for freedom, and for the Republic!

I think it goes without saying, that my mind has not changed one lousy iota. I sometimes get discouraged by what I see on the far-right, at times. But I will be damned if I ever stop fighting completely. I may, at times, slow down to smell the roses at bit. But I will never, ever completely stop fighting for America. Never.

To my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus; and in the realm of Conservatism. Enjoy! Have Fun! — and know; I’ve got your six here in the Blogosphere. 😀

The Monday Afternoon Mental Health Break, Special Labor Day Edition: Waylon Jennings

I would personally like to dedicate this to a friend and fellow brother-in-arms, who’s having a little bit of tough time right now — to his lovely wife, who keeps that Son-of-a-bitch on the straight and narrow. Not to mention from losing his ever lovin’ mind.

Mr. McCain, things will get better man, I assure you of that. This is not time to sulk, this is a time to give thanks —- that you and kids are alright.

Another two people I would like send a shout out to, is Tommy Christopher and his wife. Tommy had heart attack and his wife is being the emotional rock, as is Mrs. McCain.

You know, it’s tough to be married to old hound dogs like us; I have never made that step — most likely because I haven’t found any woman that would be willing to put up with my idiotic nonsense. But there are those crazy women who do. God Bless ’em. They are what keep those guys looking good, and acting somewhat acceptable to society. (which explains me much I would suppose….)

Tommy, Stacy, this one’s for you guys:

Late Night at the PB Pub: Special Memorial Edition, Presents: ELO

(Thanks to Smitty and POWIP for this…)

Mike Edwards, 62, was a founding member of ELO and played cello with the group from their first live gig in 1972 until he departed in January 1975.

He quit to become a Buddhist and later changed his name to Deva Pramada because of his religious convictions.

His eccentric cello playing – including plucking the strings with an orange or grapefruit – and bizarre costumes were a major ingredient of ELO.

He played cello on albums ELO II, On the Third Day, The Night The Light Went On (In Long Beach) and Eldorado.

Mr Edwards died instantly when he was hit by the bale which weighed nearly 700lbs.

He was driving along a road when the bale careered down a slope in a field and flipped over a hedge – smashing down onto his roof.

The circular bale is believed to have been in a steeply-sloping field beside the road when it somehow rolled and jumped 12ft to 15ft into traffic.

Police said the accident happened at around 12.30pm on Friday on the A381 between Harbetonford and Halwell in Devon.

Steve Walker of the Devon and Cornwall police traffic unit said they were trying to contact his family.

He said: ”This was a tragic accident and we have now identified the victim as Michael Edwards, a founder member of ELO.

”We have used photographs and YouTube footage to identify him but we now need help contacting his family for formal identification.

”We don’t believe he was ever married and we have identified an ex girlfriend but she is currently aboard.

”We think he may have a brother called David in the Yorkshire area and we obviously need to contact him.

”Michael has no immediate family but we believe he may have taught some cello in Devon and would ask his students to contact us if they know of any relations.”

Mr Edwards had been living in Totnes, Devon. After he left ELO, he was replaced as cellist by Melvyn Gale. —- Source