Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Please note: I have changed this postings title to what I originally wanted to call it.

My friends, this posting was originally post at a Blog called Alexandria. It was basically the posting that never made it here.

Here is the “final posting” for Political Byline.

(To truly understand why I posted the video above, you have to read this here.)

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The hardest thing to do is to quit and say goodbye.

Yesterday October 31, 2011 at around 8:00 in the evening after getting a warning from the hosting service that somehow my blog causing “instability” on the server, I decided to no longer put off doing what I have should have done a long while back.  I did a backup of my configuration of my entire blog, including the SQL Database and downloaded it to my computer.  I then uninstalled the WordPress installation.  It is now officially over, after six long years; first as a left of center and then more as a right of center — I now no longer have a blog.

I am proud of what I did, what I was able to accomplish, what I stood for, and what I fought like bloody hell against.  The thing that really irks me the most; is that I was never able to post that last blog posting thanking everyone who stopped by, even if it was to mock or deride me.  It was as if the curtain was yanked down in front of me, all because some system administration decided that my blog was in the way.  However, I am not bitter about it.  Shared hosting has its difficulties and that is one of them.  I never was able to afford dedicated hosting, as I was not making that much on the blog. I never really intended it to be a business venture, just a place to vent.

….and vent I did for six long years.

For those of you who did come and read and even do the bold thing and actually comment — I thank you.  You made the blogging experience more fun, at least for me; writing is great, but talking to people is even more fun.  You did that, and I thank you.

I think one of my biggest mistakes was I actually was crafty enough to anger everyone.  One of the bad parts of being a non-conformist such as I; is that when you anger everyone, they stop coming around. Which is what happened to my site, I was branded as something that I was not, by many people.  I did not kiss up to the protected minorities enough.  I did not kiss up to the isolationists enough; I did not kiss up to the warmongers enough.  I was not nearly a partisan enough.  None of that, put together, is conducive to a successful blog.

So, what happens now?

Well, I plan to disappear back into the world of just being another person.  I plan to take a break from writing for a little while.  Oh, I might put the occasional article, but nothing like I was on a daily basis.  I am also going to try to find some gainful employment.  I might also work on losing some excess weight.  I had started on excising; riding a stationary bike.  I also plan to focus on doing the daily Christian reading of the Bible as well.  I am a Christian first, a Baptist second and the writer is somewhere down near the bottom


Update – December 31, 2011: How ironic is it, that three months after that was all written that I finally am able to get this blog back up and running. Either way, it has been a fun five years; it has not always been blast, as there were times when I wanted to stop altogether and just walk away.

Now about where does say that I am quitting and when I originally wrote that; I was going to quit. But, after some badgering from my Mother, who is my biggest fan and from some people who did not want to see me quit. I decided to fire up a new blog over on Blogspot. (UPDATE: I deleted that google account so, that blog went away… Sorry. 🙁  )  I stayed there and finally, I was able to start a new blog, and also a small business. Hopefully, I can make something of it! If you are a blogger or know someone who runs a small or medium sized blog, send them my way; and I will work very hard to make them happy!

So, from the house of Charles Patrick Adkins and Family — A Very Happy New Year!

See you over at Thoughts and Rantings!