WorldNetDaily plays the paranoia card

I really hate to write stuff like this, because I happen to enjoy WorldNetDaily. I enjoy WorldNetDaily, because there are times, when WorldNetDaily reports things that are not carried by other Conservative and mainstream media outlets. Although, I will admit, I am not that big of a fan of Joseph Farah, as he does still beat that drum of the Obama birth certificate. Furthermore, I have had correspondence with Mr. Farah and felt his attitude displayed in his e-mail to me, to be quite unbecoming of someone who is a born-again Christian and someone who is a reader and student of the Holy Scriptures.

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Video: The Truth about Anders Behring Breivik

I saw this tweet on twitter and watched this video and I jumped out of bed and came straight to the Computer here.

This comes via Bare Naked Islam:

This is not to justify or excuse this crazy man’s actions; it is point out what is happening in the media.

Breaking News: Twitter is DOWN! update: it’s back

That’s right according to the status page:

We are currently experiencing site stability issues. There may be intermittent issues loading and Twitter clients. We’re working to fix it as soon as possible.

I got news for ya, it’s all down….down….DOWN! We’re doom…doomed….DOOMED I tell you!

Eh well, time to watch some TV I suppose. :roll:

I feel so….disconnected.

Update: As of 1:53 am EST twitter is back to normal.

Updated: Okay, who broke twitter? It’s back

Went to my tweetdeck and it said twitter was down.

Brought up on the browser and this is what I saw:

Twitter FAIL!

Twitter FAIL!

(click to make it bigger)

So, what happened, anyone know? Does Twitter know? Does twitter care? HALP! I needs my twitter! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

Update: It’s back… Whew...

Yes, Twitter is down or at least wonky


The Story via Chicago Now:

I’m not sure what’s worse … Twitter being completely down or being so slow that you see no updates from your friends.

Today it’s the latter. Normally I have like a hundred replies to things I’ve posted by now and there’s not a single one. And each time a RedEye staffer logs in, they are asking if it’s down because there’s nothing happening.

And how about this juicy tidbit — everytime Twitter experiences a slowdown or outage, it’s almost ALWAYS on a Thursday. I know this because it happens before @redeyechicago’s #80slunch.

Tell you what I think … we’ve got the Fail Whale when Twitter’s down. I think we need a mascot for when it’s slow. I nominate the Fail Turtle.
Now, while my reaction might not be as strong the above video. But it is kind of annoying. As I use Twitter, for traffic and other such stuff. They’re working on it, so they say. So, We’ll see.
By the way, in case you pay zero attention to my sidebars. I am RightBloggerPat on twitter. Hopefully, Twitter fixes this, so people can actually see/read/hear me again. πŸ˜€
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