Thank You for your support

The Following was made by me. It is my feelings towards those who opposed and still oppose the help that the Detroit Auto Industry needs. It might cost me readers, but it is how I feel.

I declare this photo PUBLIC DOMAIN. Feel free to copy it and post it to your Blogs.

Thank you for your support

Thank you for your support

Update: I posted this for one reason and one reason alone, Washington D.C. will hand over 4 BILLION dollars to Wall Street banks and not even flinch, but when Detroit needs help, they are like “You need a plan.” I am not saying that the companies are not at fault. But it just strikes me as pretty damned funny that Wall St. Gets that help and Detroit gets told to go fuck themselves, in essence. So, Yeah, I’m a little pissed off and a bit jaded at this point. Can’t you tell??!

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Best Conservative Blog Entry Ever

There are very few Fundamentalist Baptist Christians that I can honestly say that I agree with.

But this man right here, I personally believe is one of the best.

Dr. Laurence Vance posted an excellent short Blog posting over on Lew Rockwell’s Blog. Which captures in essence why I like this man so much.

His Books:

The Rest of his Books.

I honestly believe that if there were more men like this man and David Cloud, the IFB Churches would be in better Shape.

NYT & Democrats Now Spinning on Iraq

It is not every day that I agree with the Neo-Conservative Blogger. But today is an exception.

It seems that some idiotic liberal columnist, by the name of Thomas L. Friedman is now encouraging the Liberal Democrats to steal credit for the Iraq War.

Friedman Writes:

In the last year, though, the U.S. troop surge and the backlash from moderate Iraqi Sunnis against Al Qaeda and Iraqi Shiites against pro-Iranian extremists have brought a new measure of stability to Iraq. There is now, for the first time, a chance — still only a chance — that a reasonably stable democratizing government, though no doubt corrupt in places, can take root in the Iraqi political space.

That is the Iraq that Obama is inheriting. It is an Iraq where we have to begin drawing down our troops — because the occupation has gone on too long and because we have now committed to do so by treaty — but it is also an Iraq that has the potential to eventually tilt the Arab-Muslim world in a different direction.

I’m sure that Obama, whatever he said during the campaign, will play this smart. He has to avoid giving Iraqi leaders the feeling that Bush did — that he’ll wait forever for them to sort out their politics — while also not suggesting that he is leaving tomorrow, so they all start stockpiling weapons.

If he can pull this off, and help that decent Iraq take root, Obama and the Democrats could not only end the Iraq war but salvage something positive from it. Nothing would do more to enhance the Democratic Party’s national security credentials than that.

I am in agreement with Confederate Yankee in this one.  This would be the most underhanded thing that the Far Lefty idiot Liberals could ever do. Since 2003, the Far Left has done nothing more than persecute the Bush Administration over Iraq and done nothing more than bad mouth, Insult, and outright disrespect our Nation’s Military and now they want to take credit for a war, that they did not even even fight in??!?!

You must be fucking kidding me. I’m sorry, but that’s just outright fucking bullshit. I mean, this is the same damned newspaper the printed this:


…..and they want to take credit for this war? Please.

That would be like the 1960’s hippies take credit for winning Vietnam. :roll:

Can you now see why I left the Democratic Party and will never, ever vote for anyone running in that Party again? That’s because that Party stopped the party of the “people”, like me, Moderates who did not buy into extremism of either stripe and sided with people of the communist, Anti-American far left. They have also abandoned their principles of “Property and Wealth are not entitlements to rule”, in favor of supporting a man, who’s greatest accomplishment was being born black.

Plain and Simple, Democrats or Liberals or as some like to be referred to as Progressives, which is such a fag sounding name; Hate America, Our Principles and our Military. It is a mental disorder of the highest order, and one I intend to fight on this Blog, for as long as I am able to write.

The Wal-Mart Debacle & Unions

For once, I am going to run against the grain….. 😀

Sonny Bunch over at Conventional Folly is mockingly bringing up that the Unions will try and say that  if Wal-Mart was unionized, that the tragic event in New York would have never happened. (and…yes, that was mentioned in a news article….somewhere…)

As much as this is going to make me sound like a hypocrite. I got one thing to say about that:

Horse-Hockey! :roll:

Union workers might be a great number of things; But Superman is not one of them.  The only thing that the man, who was killed at Wal-Mart, would have been, if we were a Union worker. Would have been a dead union worker. Because those crazy people were not checking for union cards.

I’m a supporter of unions and all. But I’m not an idiot. 😀 😉 😛

Guest Voice: Dear Charlotte – You Are Bankrupt

Dear Charlotte – You Are Bankrupt

By J.J. Jackson

Dear Charlotte,

Even though you are far too young yet to understand this letter, and you are rightfully more interested in seeing how much noise you can make by throwing all of our pots and pans on the floor, I wanted to let you know that I am sorry. I am sorry at what has happened to you. For you see, you are bankrupt.

I know that this will come as a shock to you once you are old enough to read these words considering that you have never held a job, earned a wage or incurred a single debt to your name. But it is true and I am sorry that I was not able to stop this from happening. Believe me, your mother and I tried and tried hard to not have you placed in such a situation. We have worked hard, paid our bills and lived within our means.

It is not because of us, your parents, that you are bankrupt however. Ask your mother when you are older about how every week I toiled at the computer and wrote numerous articles and blog postings about the misbegotten economic ideas of our nation. These are the ideas and practices which are the real reason why, before you can even think about needing to earn a wage to support yourself, you will be tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in debt to the federal government.

I am sad for you. I am sad for you because these are not burdens that someone who is not yet even two years old should be saddled with. It is not right that the people of this once great nation have stripped you of so much at such a young age and sold you, without permission or without you having committed any crime, into slavery and bound you to serve them and their greed.

A lot of citizens have mortgaged your future for their own present comfort and security. Knowing how it feels to have my own future mortgaged by these same greedy, and dare I say unrighteous, souls I understand that it will only get worse for you as you grow up. Your mother and I already have a heavy weight on our own shoulders in which thousands of our hard earned dollars are taken by the government at the behest of the greedy who did not care enough about their own future to save for their own retirement and believe they are entitled to such at our expense. We are burdened with the heavy cost of other greedy folks who believe that we should pay for their health care because of the virtue of our success while they have not cared one bit to better their own lots in life and acquire that which they desire. And then there are the myriad of other thieves that have compiled agencies of government to demand from us to pay the other debts that they could not pay themselves.

My dear Charlotte, I know it will only get worse for you because it has only gotten worse for us. Already in the past year the government has issued hundreds of billions of dollars in debt certificates, paper money with no substantive backing simply printed on a whim, to line the pockets of people that have made more bad choices in ten minutes than you will make in your lifetime and who believe that they are “too big to fail.” The government calls these debt certificates “money,” but they are nothing more than I.O.U.s which are being financed by foreign governments that will demand the interest we are promising them in return for taking on this debt. Yes, you, my dear, will be tasked to repay these “loans” and all the other spiraling costs of a government run amok beyond sound limits.

For now you will not have to worry much about this looming crisis. There is so much that is of greater importance to you at this moment and for the next few years. You will thrill in chasing the dogs around the living room as they try to escape your all encompassing love and simple desire for just a hug and a sloppy doggie kiss from them. You will be learning your ABC’s and your 123’s and discovering new words. You will be busy trying to mimic new actions you see your mother and I doing and continue trying to sweep the floor, dust the table and clumsily sop up spills with paper towels. You will soon be learning how to ride a bike and to roller-skate. You will undoubtedly revel in enjoying the thrills of the first snow each year and then the first blossoms of spring that will follow. You will eagerly anticipate Christmas morning for many years and what Saint Nicolas has brought for you as a reward for being a good little girl.

I do not write this letter to you in order to strip you of the childish joy you will be filled with over the coming years. I do not expect you to even understand the severity of the situation in which you have been placed even when you are able to read these words, probably asking how to pronounce certain new and unfamiliar ones that you will come across in doing so. I do however write this letter to you hoping that someday, when you are older and wiser and buried by the avalanche of public debt that is bearing down on you, you will find it in your heart to forgive me for not being able to stop the pending disaster which will doom you to a life of servitude to the slothful and the greedy. I hope that you will forgive me for not being able to stop the bad policies of our government that will invariably force you to have to work even harder to support not only yourself but also support all those that the bureaucracy has decided that you must, in addition to yourself, while pursuing the American Dream.

I know that you will be able to succeed in bettering yourself and taking care of yourself but I am sad and disappointed in myself that I have not been able to make it easier on you to live free and experience a greater sense of liberty than the generation before you. I hope and pray that you will not hold it against us, your parents. And I want you to know that I will continue to do everything in my power so that I will, hopefully, one day be able to tear up this letter and never have you read it.

Love eternally,

Your Father

Quote of the Day

I was told by my Republican friends that only McCain would protect America. Only he understood national security and defense issues. My Democrat friends told me there was no way Obama would ever choose a Bush guy to run his Defense Department. After all, he was the anti-war candidate and Bush was the war-monger.

I take no pleasure in being right about this.

I wish I were wrong.

I wish the American people had a real choice in 2008.

But we didn’t. The fix was in. Either way, the “permanent establishment” was going to be running the government.

What you see happening with these Cabinet appointments is the proof of what I said.

And I’m still wondering what these guys mean when they talk about a “civilian national security force.” I have a feeling no matter what it is, I won’t like it.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Karen DeCoster is wrong….

Karen DeCoster blathers on over at Lew Rockwell’s Blog about how the Right should turn left….


What needs to happen is, that the Neo-Conservatives need to be ejected out of the Republican Party an told, “Go form your own damned Party and leave the Republican Party to the sane adults”!

The Republican Party also needs to reject the doctrine of Preventive Strikes. Which is the core of Neo-Conservatism and the Bush Doctrine. Then and ONLY then will the Republican Party be, once again, the party that I respected as a kid.

Oh Noes! – Soliders returning from battlefields are Screwing like Rabbits!

Hey, it’s a bit of a crude set up, but it’s true….

The Video (Thanks to Breit Bart)

Back story Here

I mean, to hear the people at Good Morning America talk, this is a bad thing. I mean, they are liberal and all. But anyhow. Enough of my smart mouth. 😛

I mean, if you were away from your sweetheart for like 12 months at a time, wouldn’t you be Tappin that….Uhm… Stuff? I would! 😀 😉

Oh Canada! – Town May Force Child With Cerebral Palsy to Give Up His Pony

I’ve always figured Canada was occupied by idiots, Now I know it is true.


The Story Via CBCNEWS.CA:

A dispute has erupted in Caledon, Ont., over whether a family with a child with cerebral palsy should be allowed to keep a pony.

Three-year-old Sam Spiteri was born with a form of cerebral palsy that makes it hard for him to do ordinary tasks such as walk, hold toys, eat or speak.

The youngster has been riding his miniature pony, Emily, since he was an infant.

“Taking her away would be devastating to Sam. It is his best friend,” said his mother Antonia Spiteri.

He’s so attached to the animal that his rides usually end in tears because he doesn’t want to leave Emily.

But a neighbour’s complaint about the animal’s smell is now being handled by the Town of Caledon, whose bylaw enforcement manager has ruled the Spiteris’ half-hectare property is zoned rural-residential, meaning they cannot keep livestock.

The Spiteri family, however, argues Emily shouldn’t be classified as livestock because she was bought as a form of therapy.

“We only want the exception for Emily herself to remain on the property for therapeutic purposes,” said Antonia Spiteri.

Sam’s grandfather bought him the pony because the youngster experiences seizures, making it almost impossible to take him on long car trips to a riding facility elsewhere.

According to the Ontario Cerebral Palsy Foundation, equestrian therapy “improves balance, co-ordination, strength and muscle tone, while gently mobilizing the joints.”

Antonia Spiteri says Sam’s pediatrician suggested the riding therapy, and they have seen an improvement in his posture.

“Bouncing from riding her triggers the muscles to stiffen and contract, so that when he rides her, he gets better posture and makes it easier for those muscles to learn those types of things. And then he is better with possibly walking in the future,” she said.

“When his posture is better, it’s easier for him to perform simple tasks such as feeding himself. It also helps with speech.”

The debate over whether Emily can stay on the property will now go before a committee of adjustment.

Well, I happen to believe that this is just wrong, Period. If you agree with this. Please contact the officials in this town:

Mayor Marolyn Morrison

Town of Caledon
6311 Old Church Road, Caledon ON L7C 1J6
Office:   (905) 584-2272
Fax: (905) 584-4325

As always, Be polite and tell her that you think that taking this pony from this boy is wrong.

General Contact form here

These are the same traitors who refused to support us during the Vietnam War and allowed draft dodgers into their country.

I’m not sure who is more stupid

The people that think that this guy was some sort of great President…..

………or the people that think that this feckless bitch is the new face of the Republican Party.

…..or the people that seem to agree with them…. It’s freakin’ scary people. 😮

Thank God in Heaven that I am a Libertarian and a Paleo Conservative and not some brain-dead Neo-Con. :roll:

Yes, there are sane Conservatives out there. We’re not all whack jobs. 😀

FeedBurner is History….

I happen to look over at my Feedburner admin page and that idiotic thing wasn’t even reading my feeds. So, it’s history. I took the damn icon thing with that counter that supposedly counted my number of readers, although I know that the thing is inaccurate as hell.

Since I made the change in the Permalink structure, the address for feeds is now this:

Right click on the address above address and click on copy link location, or whatever your browser says and paste it to your RSS reader, or whatever you use to read here.

It just did not make any sense to have two RSS feed locations on here. So, I scrapped Feedburner.

That is all.


Change has come….To this Blog

I have made a change… Because of the fact that my titles of my entries at times can be a bit long. I have switched to the default permalink structure on wordpress.

Of course, this is going to cause some headaches for the search engines and the link chasers for a few days, until the bots catch up. But I wanted to shorten things up a bit.

So….. If you’ve followed a link and it’s not there, that is why. 😀

Sorry, but I really wanted to do that.


Nice. – Spat Over Obama Sparks Beating in Florida

The Video:

Back Story via WKMG:

An attack on a Jacksonville woman began as an argument over President-elect Barack Obama, according to police.

The incident took place Friday morning when a fight over politics turned into a physical battle, Jacksonville television station WJXT reported.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Lindsy Whitfield, 46, got worked up when his friend told him she didn’t like Obama.

Police said Whitfield slammed a picture frame on the floor of the woman’s apartment, and then picked up the shattered frame, threw it and hit her in the face.

The enraged man then began beating the victim with his fists before telling her he was going to kill her, according to a police report.

The victim told police that after Whitfield stopped hitting her he grabbed her stun gun and ran out of the apartment.

Despite patrol efforts, Whitfield could not be located by police. He is wanted on charges of simple battery, petit theft and making threats.

Hmmmmm… I wonder what color he was? Hope Change! or I keel you! 😛

Gotta love those Moonbats! 😀

Neo-Con Shill William Kristol Tells Bush “Pardon Those Who Tortured and Give Them a Medal”

This is too rich….

Via the Weakly SubStandard:

One last thing: Bush should consider pardoning–and should at least be vociferously praising–everyone who served in good faith in the war on terror, but whose deeds may now be susceptible to demagogic or politically inspired prosecution by some seeking to score political points. The lawyers can work out if such general or specific preemptive pardons are possible; it may be that the best Bush can or should do is to warn publicly against any such harassment or prosecution. But the idea is this: The CIA agents who waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and the NSA officials who listened in on phone calls from Pakistan, should not have to worry about legal bills or public defamation. In fact, Bush might want to give some of these public servants the Medal of Freedom at the same time he bestows the honor on Generals Petraeus and Odierno. They deserve it.

You know, I am quite well known for my controversial comments on this Blog. That is what I do, I like say stuff to make the Liberal Left and the Neo-Con Right, have a knee-jerk reactions.  So, I am going to say something, that will most likely get me face time on some Neo-Conservative Blogs and possibly on a few Liberal Blogs too.

This crap above is a living example of why I sometimes believe, that we should have just kept our noses out of the situation in Germany back in the 1940’s and let Hitler have the damn lot of them. But no, we had to intervene in that situation and they proceeded to come over here and basically take our damned country over, including the Republican Party.

But, that is the price that a Nation pays for being the World’s Policeman…..and we’ll keep paying that price, until somebody, somewhere wakes up and realizes that being the Nation’s Policeman is not in our best interests.

(Thanks Alan)

Quote of the Day

A family man in America’s condition, awash in debt, spending more than he makes, would cut back consumption, find a second job and get out of debt. Or declare bankruptcy, accept the shame and humiliation, change his wastrel ways and start anew.

Is it different for a nation?

Yet we seem to believe we can borrow and spend our way out of a swamp of unpayable debt into which borrowing and spending have plunged us.

We are headed either for default on our debts and bankruptcy as a nation, or something less honorable: a quiet cheapening of the debts we have incurred by inflating and destroying the dollar, robbing our creditors of what we owe them and robbing our own people of the value of what they have earned. And so it has come to this.

What would the Founding Fathers think of us now?

Because a couple Latinos get killed, it’s Lou Dobbs Fault

So, say the Liberal Moonbats, who want to deny that there is any illegal immigration problem.

Give me a break. Some Latino gets shot and killed and the first thing the damn liberal moonbats want to do is blame someone like Lou Dobbs.

What about Christian-Newsom Murders? Can I blame Liberal Blacks for that? It was a hate crime after all, even though the authorities covered it up and said it was not.

NYT story on the Latino murders is here.

(Via Memeornadum)

Whew! Internet Advertising will not be affected by Economy downturn

Via The Economist:

AT THE beginning of the year Jeff Zucker, the boss of NBC Universal, a big television and film company, told an audience of TV executives that their biggest challenge was to ensure “that we do not end up trading analogue dollars for digital pennies”. He meant that audiences were moving online faster than advertisers, thus leaving media companies short-changed. Now, near the end of the year, the situation looks even worse, as the recession threatens to turn even the analogue dollars into pennies. Will this hasten the shift towards internet advertising, or will it decline too?

Advertising rises and falls with the economy, though how much is a matter of debate. Randall Rothenberg, the boss of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade association for digital advertisers, points to the remarkable stability of advertising at about 2% of GDP since 1919, when the data began to be collected. This would suggest that ad budgets will move roughly in line with economic output.

But Mary Meeker, an internet analyst at Morgan Stanley, believes that modern ad budgets rise and fall much more than GDP does. According to her estimates, if the economy stops growing, ad spending is likely to fall by 4%. If the economy shrinks by 2%, overall ad spending may fall by 10%. As for the online segment, recent history is cause for pessimism. Between 2000 and 2002, during the dotcom recession, online ad spending in America fell by 27%.

Yet the web has changed a lot since 2002. Back then, gaudy display “banners” on web portals such as Yahoo! and MSN were the preferred technology. These still exist, but they now account for less than 20% of online ad spending. More than half goes to search advertising on Google and rival search-engines, which place small text ads next to results based on the keyword of the query, and charge only when a user clicks on them. In brand advertising, “rich media” ads are taking over from banners. These allow users to interact by clicking, so their engagement can be tracked.

All this makes spending on advertising much less speculative, so that it starts to be treated instead as a cost of sales. This is one reason why online advertising should suffer less than other sorts. This week eMarketer, a market-research firm, predicted that online-advertising spending in America, which makes up about half the global total, will increase by 8.9% in 2009, rather than the 14.5% it had forecast in August. The firm thinks search advertising will grow by 14.9% and rich-media ads by 7.5%, whereas display ads will grow by 6.6%. In short, online advertising will continue to expand in the recession—just not as quickly as previously expected.

Another reason for optimism, says Mr Rothenberg, is that online advertising is making obsolete the old distinction between marketing spending “above the line” and “below” it. In the jargon, above-the-line spending drives brand “awareness” (probably on television) or “consideration” by a consumer planning a purchase (probably in a newspaper). Such spending is often slashed in recessions. Below-the-line spending includes promotions or coupons to whet the consumer’s “preference” for the brand as he nears a purchase, or schemes such as frequent- flyer miles to increase his “loyalty” afterwards. These budgets are more robust. — Rest the Rest

Job Security people…. Job Security…. 😀

Although, BlogAds are not selling here. :roll: I mean, people $50 for advertising, that is cheap! Come on, Buy people BUY!

Finally: Bob Hope gets his own stamp

Video: (Thanks to Breit Bart)

The Story via Reuters:

Bob Hope already has been named an “honorary veteran” by the U.S. government, but on Wednesday the Postal Service said it will give the late comedian another honor — a commemorative stamp.

It will be released in the spring, and its image will be revealed on Monday at New York’s Ellis Island, a former entry point for immigrants that Hope passed through when he came to the United States from England in 1908 with his family.

Hope’s career spanned every form of show business, from vaudeville to television to movies. Among his most popular films were the “road” comedies he made with Bing Crosby.

Hope died five years ago at age 100, and one of his proudest accomplishments was entertaining U.S. troops. That accomplishment caused the U.S. government in 1997 to name him an honorary veteran.

It’s about time. The man has been only been performing for century or more. I know he’s dead now. When he was alive the damn media could have given two shits about him. Maybe it was because he did not buy into the damn Liberalism of Hollywood.

Glad to see he is remembered for his clean humor; which is more than I can say about this idiots they call comedians today.

The Reason why I shop online and hardly ever venture out….

This is sick and very sad….

Via New York Daily News:

A Wal-Mart worker died after being trampled when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Island store Friday morning, police and witnesses said.

The 34-year-old worker, employed as an overnight stock clerk, tried to hold back the unruly crowds just after the Valley Stream store opened at 5 a.m.

Witnesses said the surging throngs of shoppers knocked the man down. He fell and was stepped on. As he gasped for air, shoppers ran over and around him.

“He was bum-rushed by 200 people,” said Jimmy Overby, 43, a co-worker. “They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me. They took me down too…I literally had to fight people off my back.”

The unidentified victim was rushed to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 6:03 a.m., police said.

The cause of death wasn’t immediately available pending results of an autopsy.

A 28-year-old pregnant woman was knocked to the floor during the mad rush. She was hospitalized for observation, police said. Early witness accounts that the woman suffered a miscarriage were unfounded, police said.

Three other shoppers suffered minor injuries, cops said.

Before police shut down the store, eager shoppers streamed past emergency crews as they worked furiously to save the store clerk’s life.

“They were working on him, but you could see he was dead, said Halcyon Alexander, 29. “People were still coming through.”

Only a few stopped.

Of course, you do know what color these vultures were don’t you?

Need I say anymore? Rolling EyesWaiting

Yeah, I know. Raaaaccciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist! Loser

Liberals or Weak-knee, go along to get along Conservative Head explosions in 5…..4……3……2…..

Update: Raw Video (Thanks to Breit Bart)

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Final Thoughts….

Thanksgiving this year was as good as it has been here in the last few years. I still miss my grandmother and the great times we had at her house in Detroit. Those were the magic years, as I called them.

Not to get all misty eyed and such, but it does make one reflect a bit. We take so much for granted, and when it is gone; we are left to long for those days again. It is a sad thing; that bastardly orb, that roams the night, that thing we call time. It robs us of our foundations and steals loved ones from us. It is not fair, but then again, neither is the majority of life.

Well, enough of my blathering for one night. Time to shuffle off to bed, there’s politics and other news to write about tomorrow.

Good night all and see you in the morning! 😀

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