The Southern Avenger on “Tea Parties vs. The Warfare State”

How in praising the tea parties one week, then defending President Bush on torture and his “War on Terror” the next, conservatives negate their alleged anti-government message.

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3 thoughts on “The Southern Avenger on “Tea Parties vs. The Warfare State”

  1. That’s not surprising considering it’s the “Conservative Movement,” a movement that is not concerned with limiting government in any way but co-opting the term for big government desires.

  2. Dear Mr. Wicklander,
    At our local Tea Party I found myself surrounded by Republi-
    cans, Independents, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Demo-
    crats and even dogs carrying messages -what lovely creatures ! Some people may certainly describe themselves as “Conservatives”, but how they define the term may vary. There is much philosophical confusion in the country. A
    common denominator was the peoples anger over out-of-control
    governmet and spending and the many home-made sign showed it. Most noteworthy was how very civilized people were towards one another. I bet America could be so also if Big
    Gvt and it devisive ways came to a well deserved end.
    Trude Blomsoy

  3. You make very good points, Ms. Blomsoy. I’m sick of the out-of-control spending and even attended a tea party myself. From what I witnessed, everyone seemed to behave themselves. I carried a sign that read “Audit the Fed: H.R. 1207,” a piece of legislation being proposed by Congressman Ron Paul that is designed to make the national bank transparent.

    What concerns me is that a lot of people who call themselves “conservative” were not particularly upset about President Bush’s excessive spending, certainly not upset enough to stage elaborate protests. As bad as Obama’s spending is right now, Bush’s was the worst we had seen to that point. And that was the point I was making – even though Republicans have good limited government rhetoric, they have never reduced the government even when they had the chance. I do not wish to see limited government/grassroots movements compromised in favor of staying in the good graces the GOP.

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