Charles Johnson vs Pamela Geller and Paul Belien, Who wins?

I have been trying to avoid this topic like the bubonic plague; mainly because I was not really interested in being drawn into some sort of idiotic Blog war with people, that I most likely agree with politically.

However, because I am not interested in blogging about torture memos and all the stupidity surrounding that silly meme, that is raging around the Internet; I figure I would offer my two sense on this little subject. Before I try and analyze this and give my thoughts, I want Pam and Chuck to both know that I have zero against either of them; I can sympathize with both of their positions and I know they both love this Country as much as I do and they are both doing the Lord’s Work to try and protect it against people who would want to destroy our way of life here in America. I realize that there a few more people involved with this little dispute, but these two are the main major players; So, I am dealing with them.

However, I must address this squabble, not as a critic, but as fellow American who watched in horror on September 11’th 2001; when two fully loaded planes, with fuel and people, slammed into both of the World Trade Center Towers in New York. As someone who watched in horror, as a fully loaded plane slammed into the Pentagon, in Virgina. and as a fully loaded plane crashed in a field in PA.  As someone who was utterly paralyzed with fear; when a panicked news anchor on CNN announced that there was a plane headed for the White House. As an American, who watched in horror as 2,998 people, in New York, Virgina, and Pennsylvania lives were snuffed out by crazed terrorists, who thought that they were on a mission from their so-called god, Allah.

Pam and Chuck, please, for the sake of America; Stop this mindless, silly, immature fighting, over the fact that Pam is going to a damned Conference that has some idiotic former Neo-Nazis attending it.

Here’s why kids, because you know who is winning, when to pro-American Bloggers begin to quarrel? The people that win, are those who want to distory what Me, Pam and Chuck all believe in. That is American values; The American way of life, Freedom of Religion and FROM a Religion, if one so chooses. That is the terrorists themselves. That is what terrorism is, not only just blowing up stuff and causing fear and panic, but to also cause disunity and strife, and yes, chaos among those who defend freedom.

You want to know who else is winning this fight, when you all; Pam, Chuck, Robert, Paul Belien and Robert Stacy McCain decide to fight and argue? The liberals win. Every damned liberal who opens a site like Mine, Pam’s, Chuck’s, Robert’s or Paul’s and accuses us of being Neo-Nazi fascists, because we dare to stand up to and fight against Islamofascism. They win. They will point to us and say, “See? They can’t even get along with one another, much less people of different cultures!” You all want to provide support to our Nation’s enemies? Just keep fighting foolishly like you are all doing. Liberals and possibly even independents that happen to read our Blogs, will look at them and think, “Man, why would I want to vote for people that act like this?” It’s your choice. Support whom you all wish.

Disagreements happen, it is a fact of life, I cannot deny this. But disagreements that amount to abject stupidity; do nothing to help our cause folks. Remember that.

I just wish, perhaps a bit foolishly; that the Conservative movement could enjoy a little unity, instead of all this idiotic bickering and division that plagues our side these days. It is, and I know I might catch royal hell for saying this; it is, in fact, the polio disease that is killing our side of the political fence. I just wish someone would invent a damned cure for it.

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Update 2: I have posted a follow up to this. Go read it.

7 thoughts on “Charles Johnson vs Pamela Geller and Paul Belien, Who wins?

  1. you said something about the “Lord’s work” in your post.
    i thought that was half of the fight. that johnson has no use for the Lord. i know it’s why he’s gone from a so called must read conservative blog to a not must read.
    anyway, let’s keep up the good fight against Godless socialism.

    1. Heh… The Lord’s work is a figure of speech, at least with me. Another of saying “a bang up job” or a “wonderful job”.

      Anyhow, I still read them all. Pam’s, Chuck’s, McCain’s… all of them. I just don’t get why everyone is fighting. Seems silly to me. But then again, I am just a “Toady” at the bottom, as they call me on the left.

  2. “Who wins?” Who cares. These two bloggers get off into grinding minutiae to try to one-up everyone on some oblique point and this is where it leads. I delinked AS from my roll, and LGF is next. As far as the latter, I’m a geologist that excepts evolution as an expression of God’s omnipotence as the ulimate Creator. Johnson doesn’t have to deride creationists and ID’ers ad nauseum to get his point across. He and Geller have taken this flame war of theirs off the reservation and into the abyss. That’s my 2 cents. Thanks.

  3. I’ve written directly to both Pam and Charles, saying pretty much the same things. Charles and I have had a brief discussion on another topic, but he has not responded to my pleadings on this. Pam has and, although she seems to regret the initial falling out, seems just as entrenched as Charles does about now.

    Where are these two located, physically? It’s way to easy for people to hide behind a keyboard and talk trash (bloggers, any disagreemnet from what you see your comment writers do??), but not so easy when you have to look in the eye the person at whom you could throw the virtual epithet. Someone needs to play honest broker and get these two together if toward no other end than to admit to agreeing on strategy, even if they disagree on tactics.

    Big deal. McClellan and Grant had the same problem, but managed to fight the same enemy without fighting each other. Now, about that war of northern aggression…

  4. It is an error to lump Charles and LGF in with conservative blogs. He has never claimed to be conservative, only supported the war on terror after 9/11 – he has stated such on his blog. Now, he has gone off the deep end against Christians and some conservatives. I think his attack on Robert Spencer is uncalled for. Mr. Spencer is far more knowledgeable on terrorism and should be respected.

  5. If LGF has gone all George Noorey on us – ie dissing the people who see Jesus’ image in a burnt potato chip – well so freaking what?
    The doofuses who obscess on that stuff deserve a bit of ribbing.
    There’s a derivative value from sporting on creationists. For quite a while some prominent AGW drones have been beating that dead horse in order to affect the air of scientific credibility when they bloviate on other subjects which they don’t understand. Like the eco-religion. Some of these frauds and bigots have even received blog awards for dissing religion.
    Let Chuck beat the stuffing out of that horse too, and at some point everybody will realize the cheapness of the tactics used by the PZ Myers and Bad Astronomers.

    In my opinion Atlas Shrug runs on pure ego, and in her way Pam is in the same strait that LGF is in because of it.
    As long as her ego doesn’t take a hit Pam is great. But there she was on Foxes Red Eye giving a less then stellar accounting of herself.
    Bashing LGF is Pam’s way of putting rouge over that nasty ego bruise.

    She’ll get over it. Maybe another TV appearance where she does well would speed the healing. Then again if she has another go like before, we might see Pam take to bashing Instapundit.

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