John Hawkings needs to shut the hell up

Hawkings is whining about Blog traffic again. (No direct link for him, he is an asshole….I don’t like the way he treated David Frum and Debbie Schlussel)

This guy, who by the way, is friends with people who like to stalk and harass Jews — now seems to think that he is the newly minted big guru of the Right-Wing Blogosphere.  Truthfully, the other thing big about him, is his belly and the space between his fucking ears.

Further more, as for what he wrote; it’s pretty damned hard to get blog traffic, when you have mentally deranged stalkers who call you an Anti-Semite and a racist; when none of it is honestly true.  They they start intimidating other bloggers to remove you from their blog rolls like the little fucking soft-fascists that they fucking are! All because you dared to criticize one of the princesses of, what I like to call, the “veal pen right” — or you might have happened to mention that a particular ethnic group was behind a certain big stink that was being raised in the media. Yeah, that will get you labeled a hater!   Further more, it is hard to even run a blog; when you make a mistake, that you are most regretful of, and the mentally insane people will not accept an apology, or even accept the fact THEY might have caused the mistake! 😡

Another thing I have noticed about the “Veal Pen” right, is that they honestly hate the truth. Oh, they like the truth, as

Jenny Craig needed STAT!

long as it fits their little fucking partisan agenda or something like that; but when people, like me — who are the real free thinkers –— who like to point the hypocrisy of some of the “Veal Pen” right, or the Neo-Conservative right, as they were called during the Bush era.  They jump to the defensive, and like to employ the tactics of the Marxist Saul Alinsky left.

Either way, the way I see it; if you are blogging to get rich. Get the hell out of it, because you will never do it. Especially in politics. The field is just too saturated. Only people that get rich are the well-connected bloggers or the one’s who are famous already and decide to start blogging.You think I sit here and do this stupid stuff because I am trying to get rich? Please. I do this, mainly because I really do not have much else to do; and because I happen to love my Country. I also happen to believe that Barack Obama, and the Marxist left (Kinda like the Marxist — I mean  —Veal Pan Right….) are wrong about every damned thing that they have been doing since day one of this Administration.

Now, have I made money at it? Very little. Nobody clicks ads like they used to. I am not supposed to even mention or ask anyone to click my Adsense stuff; which is at the top and in my left sidebar. I used to run BlogAds here; but their blogger relations guy decided to be an asshole and I removed their ads from my blog. No matter, they did not make me any kind of money to be proud of anyhow. I do keep a PayPal donation tab up there; recently some dude, who happened to like something I wrote tossed like $5.00 in the jar. I was shocked, it was the first donation I had gotten this year. I got a few last year, and in 2008 during the election. But recently, outside of the recent donation — the TipJar has been bare. I did get two people, that bought some gold from the gold company that I am an affiliate through. I made $157.59 on those purchases. Now, if I got like 10 of those a day?!?! I never have to worry about anything at all, ever. But, nobody is buying or donating anything right now, as it is a tight economy. It is not just me; it is everyone.

As for Hawking’s idea of getting big or getting hooked up with other people. I got two words: Screw Him. I will never, ever sell out to a Corporate Entity, ever.  I will explain why; Here at political byline, Rupert Murdoch does not control me, Salem Media does not control mesee where I am going with this?  Corporate funding or associations mean control of the message. It happens with the left — and the right. Truly independent media and blogging; whether of a liberal or Conservative slant is getting more and more rare by the day. I am not for, nor have I ever been for a consolation or a collectivist effort in blogging, which sounds so….progressive.  Maybe Hawkings is showing his true colors — Fancy that.

So, there, my response to that idiot lard ass’s posting and by the way Hawkings; try some fucking Jenny Craig!

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