Conservative Icon Broadcaster Paul Harvey Dead at Age 90

Video News Report: (H/T to Breit Bart)

Sad News in the World of Radio:

ABC Radio Network spokesman Louis Adams said Harvey died Saturday at his winter home in Phoenix, Ariz., surrounded by family. No cause of death was immediately available.

Harvey, who was born and raised in Tulsa, Okla., was married to the late Lynne Cooper of St. Louis who died less than a year ago. They had one son, Paul Jr.

He was a news commentator and talk-show pioneer whose staccato style made him one of

Paul Harvey - Broadcasting Icon

Paul Harvey - Broadcasting Icon

the country’s most familiar voices. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George W. Bush in 2005.

Known for his resonant voice and trademark delivery of “The Rest of the Story,” Harvey had been heard nationally since 1951, when he began his “News and Comment” for ABC Radio Networks.

In a statement, ABC Radio Networks President Jim Robinson calls Harvey “one of the most gifted and beloved broadcasters in our nation’s history.”

He began his radio career in 1933 in Tulsa, while he was still in high school, his Web site said.

Paul Harvey News consisted of more than 1,200 radio stations and 400 Armed Forces Network stations that broadcast around the world and 300 newspapers, his biography reported.

A virus that weakened his vocal cord forced him off the air in 2001. But he returned to work in Chicago and was still active as he passed his 90th birthday.

via – Paul Harvey, Radio Legend, Dies at 90.

My Grandfather, on my Mom’s side used to listen to Paul Harvey, when she was a little girl. What a loss, a legend in broadcasting is now gone. Harvey was a Conservative, it showed in his broadcasts. Here are two clips of Harvey in his prime from 1963, right before Kennedy was assassinated:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Update: Bleat has audio from 1968.

Update #2: ABC NEWS has done a Memorial Podcast: (H/T WJR Radio Detroit)

Rest in Peace, Mr. Harvey, and always and eternally; Good Day.

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It is official: Ann Coulter is a clueless BOOB!

She now says that Afghanistan is lost! 😮


Then when someone asks here if she’s helping or hurting the Conservative cause, she basically tells them to shut up.

I mean, Afghanistan was the damned reason we went to war in the first place, that is where Osama Bin Laden is at! Duh!

Like a said, Ann Coulter is nothing more than a idiot clueless BOOB!

The President’s Weekly Address

I offer this without commentary…


2/28/09: Your Weekly Address from White House on Vimeo.

President Obama explains how the budget he sent to Congress will fulfill the promises he made as a candidate, and assures special interests that he is ready for the fight. (this video is public domain)

Transcript: (Via White House)

Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
Saturday, February 28th, 2009
Washington, DC

Two years ago, we set out on a journey to change the way that Washington works.

We sought a government that served not the interests of powerful lobbyists or the wealthiest few, but the middle-class Americans I met every day in every community along the campaign trail – responsible men and women who are working harder than ever, worrying about their jobs, and struggling to raise their families.  In so many town halls and backyards, they spoke of their hopes for a government that finally confronts the challenges that their families face every day; a government that treats their tax dollars as responsibly as they treat their own hard-earned paychecks.

That is the change I promised as a candidate for president.  It is the change the American people voted for in November.  And it is the change represented by the budget I sent to Congress this week.

During the campaign, I promised a fair and balanced tax code that would cut taxes for 95% of working Americans, roll back the tax breaks for those making over $250,000 a year, and end the tax breaks for corporations that ship our jobs overseas.  This budget does that.

I promised an economy run on clean, renewable energy that will create new American jobs, new American industries, and free us from the dangerous grip of foreign oil.  This budget puts us on that path, through a market-based cap on carbon pollution that will make renewable energy the profitable kind of energy; through investments in wind power and solar power; advanced biofuels, clean coal, and more fuel-efficient American cars and American trucks.

I promised to bring down the crushing cost of health care – a cost that bankrupts one American every thirty seconds, forces small businesses to close their doors, and saddles our government with more debt.  This budget keeps that promise, with a historic commitment to reform that will lead to lower costs and quality, affordable health care for every American.

I promised an education system that will prepare every American to compete, so Americans can win in a global economy.  This budget will help us meet that goal, with new incentives for teacher performance and pathways for advancement; new tax credits that will make college more affordable for all who want to go; and new support to ensure that those who do go finish their degree.

This budget also reflects the stark reality of what we’ve inherited – a trillion dollar deficit, a financial crisis, and a costly recession.  Given this reality, we’ll have to be more vigilant than ever in eliminating the programs we don’t need in order to make room for the investments we do need.  I promised to do this by going through the federal budget page by page, and line by line.  That is a process we have already begun, and I am pleased to say that we’ve already identified two trillion dollars worth of deficit-reductions over the next decade.  We’ve also restored a sense of honesty and transparency to our budget, which is why this one accounts for spending that was hidden or left out under the old rules.

I realize that passing this budget won’t be easy.  Because it represents real and dramatic change, it also represents a threat to the status quo in Washington.  I know that the insurance industry won’t like the idea that they’ll have to bid competitively to continue offering Medicare coverage, but that’s how we’ll help preserve and protect Medicare and lower health care costs for American families.  I know that banks and big student lenders won’t like the idea that we’re ending their huge taxpayer subsidies, but that’s how we’ll save taxpayers nearly $50 billion and make college more affordable.  I know that oil and gas companies won’t like us ending nearly $30 billion in tax breaks, but that’s how we’ll help fund a renewable energy economy that will create new jobs and new industries.   In other words, I know these steps won’t sit well with the special interests and lobbyists who are invested in the old way of doing business, and I know they’re gearing up for a fight as we speak.  My message to them is this:

So am I.

The system we have now might work for the powerful and well-connected interests that have run Washington for far too long, but I don’t.  I work for the American people.  I didn’t come here to do the same thing we’ve been doing or to take small steps forward, I came to provide the sweeping change that this country demanded when it went to the polls in November.  That is the change this budget starts to make, and that is the change I’ll be fighting for in the weeks ahead – change that will grow our economy, expand our middle-class, and keep the American Dream alive for all those men and women who have believed in this journey from the day it began.

Thanks for listening.

Police State: Seattle Cop Beats 15 year old Girl For being “Mouthy”

This is outrageous this jerk belongs in jail…. 😡

The Video:

The Story Via

A video showing a King County Sheriff’s deputy pummeling a 15-year-old girl in a holding cell was released Friday over the strenuous objections of the officer’s attorney.

The case goes beyond police misconduct, County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said in a prepared statement.

“It’s about criminal misconduct. And that’s why he needs to be prosecuted,” he said.

The video of the Nov. 29 incident was disclosed Friday, one day after Deputy Paul Schene, 31, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault in King County District Court.

Schene, an eight-year veteran, works out of Precinct 4, which covers SeaTac, Burien and high crime areas in White Center and Skyway.

He is the third sheriff’s deputy since 2006 to face charges on allegations of excessive force. All three are from the Burien precinct.

A detective assigned to the girl’s case discovered the video Dec. 1 and immediately forwarded it to supervisors.

The Seattle P-I requested a copy of the holding cell video and all reports from the incident under the state’s open records law. A judge on Thursday denied a request from Schene’s attorney to bar the video from public disclosure.

“We take this very seriously and we’re very concerned about this,” sheriff’s Sgt. Jim Laing said Friday. An internal investigation would begin after the criminal case is finished.

Lew Rockwell Weighs in here:

Several years ago, Schene shot and killed an unarmed, mentally disturbed man following a traffic stop that degenerated into a “knock-down, drag-out” fight. The shooting was ruled “justifiable.” Shortly after that incident, he was stopped for driving under the influence (apparently of prescription medication). He was given a deferred sentence and placed on probation, so that he could continue to bless the people of King County with his singular professionalism.

Let’s hope this dirty cop gets what is coming to him. Jail time and and removal from the police force, permanently. 😡

Funny stuff from various places

I’ll start: flannel sheets. They’re hateful. Rough, hot. Sheets should be super-smooth and cool. You can have rough, hot sex, but the sheets ought to be super-smooth and cool. — Source

Shouldn’t tweeting be a slang term for having sex with underage parakeets? – Source

Two hilarious posts from Tammi are found here and here, Poor gal!  That second one is a knee slapper! Rolling on the floor

….and of course, Rachel Lucas is still trying to figure out England, and England is really trying to figure her out. 

When do we just leave?

Considering the news today. I find myself asking, When do we just leave? When does it end? When does this damn mindless war; A war that had zero to do with September 11’th, A war started by a man who was, and still under the spell of a flawed and crazy ideology, when the hell does it just all fucking end?

These videos basically capture the mood I am in, at the moment:

Click here

Metallica One Original Video

More Anti-Ron Paul, Anti-John Birch Society Screed…

It seems that the blowhard Liberals are not happy with winning this election. Now they’ve taken to continuing to slandering Conservatives of all stripes; first example here. Now it seems that some blowhard by the name of James Kirchick is now smearing Ron Paul and the John Birch Society.

Honestly, do these people ever just stop? I mean, seriously, What the fuck else do they want? Conservatives to just die or be executed in mass?

I mean, I know Bush seriously fucked up and all. But Good God. Does it ever fucking end?

I just do not get it, at all.

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The Painfully Obligatory Jindal Fib-Gate Posting

The left is saying he fibbed, The Right says he did not. I personally could give two flips. :roll:

Go here and sort it out for yourselves.

Like I said here; yeah, he’s a bit stiff and sounds like barney fife. But he does seem like a great guy.

Good News – United States pulls out of United Nations’ World Conference on Racism because of hostility towards Israel

One word about this; Good.

Via The Politico:

White House aides told Jewish leaders on a conference call today that the United States will boycott the United Nations’ World Conference on Racism over hostility to Israel in draft documents prepared for the April conference.

The aides, including an advisor to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, Jennifer Simon, and longtime Obama advisor Samantha Power, said the administration will not participate in further negotiations on the current text or participate in a conference based on the text, sources on the call said.

They left open the option of re-engaging on a “much shorter, much different text,” a source said.

The draft outcome document, typically negotiated in advance and available here (.pdf), contains sharp and specific criticism of Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians, and Western European nations and Canada have also signaled that they may boycott the conference in Geneva.

The conference is known informally as Durban II after a 2001 conference in South Africa that included a heavy focus on Israel and calls to reinstate a U.N. resolution equating Zionism and racism. Libya is chairing the preparatory meetings for this year’s conference, one of several factors prompting boycott calls.

Obama is expected to issue a statement on the subject later this afternoon, and the participants were asked not to discuss the call until a formal statement is released.

At the risk of being tagged a Obama Cheerleader or a Zionist Zealot; let me say this. I think that this is an absolutely excellent move on the President’s Part. To be clear, I do not support the United States of America showing deference or favoritism to any nation, at all. However, hostility that is rooted in a Anti-Semitic mentality is just absolutely wrong and goes against the core values of the United States, that all men are created equal in the sight of God.

I find it absolutely heartening that Obama sees this and is pulling out of this sort of a conference. Further more, this says quite a bit about the United Nations that they would allow such a horrific event to take place within their building, when, in fact, they claim to be an organization of peace.

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The Southern Avenger on “Affirmative Action GOP”

How Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s awful Republican rebuttal to President Obama’s speech before Congress represents a wrongheaded and ill-fated GOP strategy of minority and gender identity politics.

The Southern Avenger’s Blog

The Southern Avenger’s Blog @ Taki’s Magazine

What Michelle really means is…

One again, Michelle Malkin goes off the rails:

It’s one thing to see left-wingers pimp the myth that conservatives don’t do reporting. But to have a Beltway conservative show up to CPAC and lazily engage in such uninformed sanctimony? Funny thing is: Carlson was a terrific reporter in the early days of his own career…before he went on to become one of those many, you know, professional analyzers of things. Do as he says, not as he does.

He deserves all the boos he got.

Translation? Because Tucker Carlson did not stick to the Neo-Conservative talking points handed out by the Bush Administration to the Conservative reporters, Bloggers and anyone else that would recite them, he deserves to be shamed and boo’ed.

….And for what it is worth, Michelle? Tucker Carlson has had a helluva better career than you’ve ever had. I think I smell a little jealousy.

Update: I should have put this in earlier, but I didn’t think about it. I will say this, Tucker Carlson going to CPAC, which is generally accepted as a Republican “shindig” and saying what he did, was quite stupid; seeing that he is a Libertarian. But my feelings about Malkin’s carping about Tucker’s comments remain unabated.

Mayor that sent stupid e-mail will resign

I have fixed feelings about this:

The mayor of a small Southern California city says he will resign after being criticized for sharing an e-mail picture depicting the White House lawn planted with watermelons under the title “No Easter egg hunt this year.”

Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose issued a statement Thursday saying he is sorry and will step down as mayor at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Grose came under fire for sending the picture to what he called “a small group of friends.” One of the recipients, a local businesswoman and city volunteer, publicly scolded the mayor for his actions.

Grose says he accepts that the e-mail was in poor taste and has affected his ability to lead the city. Grose said he didn’t mean to offend anyone and claimed he was unaware of the racial stereotype linking black people with eating watermelons.

via Yahoo News – AP- Mayor who sent watermelon e-mail says he’ll resign.

While I feel that the said email was extremely stupid. I find it quite ironic, considering what I blogged about last night, that this guy is resigning. The gents over at Chicago Boyz are saying “Name that Party!“, and Moonbattery says, “what about freedom of speech?” Good question. Let a black person make all sort of nasty racist slams to a white person, and that’s okay, but let a white person mock a black person, and all hell breaks loose. It just so damned ironic.

Keith Olbermann’s Sexist, Racist & Slanderous Segment on “Countdown”

You know, I have always given Keith the benefit of the doubt, most of the time. I am a libertarian-minded kind of guy and a Paleo-Conservative, I watch Chris Matthew’s and David Shuster and Keith’s Show nightly; I avoid Maddow’s as it seem, by me at least, as a rehashing of Keith’s Show. However on his show today, Keith Olbermann blew any sort of doubt that I had that he was nothing more, than a hypocritical Liberal.

What appears below is a listing of some of the most egregious, condescending, slime ball stuff that I have ever seen on Keith’s Show, on MSNBC or in a News Cast, or in this case, a Political Opinion show. This goes beyond just your typical gentle political humor or condescending political snark. This rises to the level of outright slander. If I were Jindal, I would be getting a lawyer.

In this segment you will see the following:
  • A sexist slam towards Sarah Palin at the very beginning.
  • You will see the character “Ken the page” mock white people, particularly White Conservative males.
  • A Caveman Reference while referring to Gov. Bobby Jindal. (Racist, or just plain mean?)
  • A slanderous inference that the G.O.P. is the party of white people.
  • A slanderous Inference that Bobby Jindal is a Homosexual and a child molester.
  • An Comparison of Jindal to Gomer Pyle, by a black person, an obvious racial stereotype.
  • An obvious insult to the intelligence of white people or Southern people in general.
  • An inference that males, presumably whites, in the G.O.P, are primarily interested in women’s bodies and therefore are sexist.
  • A direct insult to G.O.P President, Michael Steele essentially calling him stupid or at best naive.

My question to my readers of this blog is this; if the tables were turned here, Politically, Racially, and so forth; would not the Liberals be screaming from the rooftops for the head of said broadcaster? Did not Don Imus lose his job for doing something very similar to this? Only difference is that Don Imus was White and the girls insulted were Black. My question then is this, how is it that a Liberal so called “News Anchor” and a black female comedian can make these sort of remarks and not a thing happen to them? That so called Comedian, did everything but call G.O.P President Michael Steele a stupid Conservative Negro on live Television!

The reason why I am writing this is because of the following; The Democrats won. I just do not understand why there seems to be this insatiable desire to continually slander Conservatives; over and over and over. It just does not make any sense. I mean, they won, can they not just move on and stop with the continual bashing?

I know, there is going to be a Liberal that is going to read this and say, “Well, Conservatives do it too!!!” Some do, Sean Hannity; Yes, he does it. Bill O’Reilly? Not so much or at least not as bad. I have been watching the repeat of his show at night at 11:00PM locally here. He seems to have lightened up quite a bit, since the end of the election. Either that or Murdoch got onto him for being a bit over the top.

My point is here is that Keith, MSNBC, NBC in general is crazy for allowing this sort of a thing to happen on a public show. Keith should be reprimanded for this sort of behavior. I realize that this Blog won’t result in much, that Liberal network has no standards, but I figured I would point this one out to the masses.

The Obligatory Bobby Jindal-Gate Continues Posting

Honestly? I would rather be getting a root canal or would rather be masturbating with 40 grit sandpaper, (SurpriseDoh) than have to Blog about this. However, If I do not, I won’t get the hits and people won’t read this Blog and I will not make any money. Hence the post. Waiting But don’t expect any earth shattering analysis here.

For starters, Jindal’s story on the boat and the bureaucrat; was supposedly a fib. Then you’ve got Michael Steele offering Jindal “Slum Love,” (Ann Coulter made the same joke..)

Ann Althouse is worried about racism. Though supposedly she’s prone to making those kind of comments herself. (H/T to this blogger here, although his hosting service is got some issues.)

Anyhow, this is all about silly to me personally, I just don’t see all the rumpus myself. I dont know I mean, Yeah, Jindal might be a bit stiff and got a southern drawl. But hey, at least he is genuine. More than I can say for people like John Kerry and Al Gore. Rolling Eyes

So, as far as I am concerned this whole thing is just plain stupid to me.

Writers Union Targets Jay Leno

Normally, I am a bit sympathetic towards the unions and their right to exist, especially when it comes to the Auto Workers here in Detroit, But this is one of those “WTF?!?!” Stories that burns my butt:

Comedian Jay Leno was hauled in front of his own union’s trial committee Wednesday to address charges that he broke guild rules during last season’s writers strike, a full year after the alleged violations.

The NBC late-night host was a prominent backer of the Writers Guild of America during the 100-day work stoppage, but he alarmed union officials when he announced on the air that he was penning his own monologues while the strike was still in full swing.

Leno contends that he did nothing wrong. He has the highest profile among a handful of writers whose cases are being reviewed by the committee, which will make a recommendation to the board on whether any action should be taken. Possible penalties include a reprimand, a fine and even expulsion from the union.

via Jay Leno hauled before Writers Guild trial committee – Los Angeles Times.

Basically, what burns my butt is this. The man is being punished for doing his own job.  This is my rub with the Labor Movement and Unions, it prevents people from doing their own job. To me, that would be like having your own car, and not being able to drive yourself.

On top of this, Jay Leno was one of the few performers out in Hollywood, that supported those bastards and now they’re knifing him in the back. I am quite sure that Leno is really kicking himself for supporting those bastards.

I am for a workers right to organize and all, but this over-unionization of industry, to the point where you cannot even do your own job; is just absolutely ridiculous.

The ACLU does a good thing for a change.

Normally, I would be ripping this organization a new one. However, for a change, the ACLU is taking up a rather good cause here:

A fight over a fish mural has landed in federal court.

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the city of Clearwater on behalf of a local bait and tackle shop that has been embroiled in a months-long standoff with the city government over a mural painted on the side of its building.

City officials say the painting, which depicts a half-dozen game fish such as grouper and snook, amounts to an unauthorized sign under Clearwater’s laws. They have fined the business nearly $700 and have ordered it to paint over the mural or face steeper fines.

But the ACLU’s federal lawsuit, filed Tuesday, accuses the city of trampling on the First Amendment rights of the Complete Angler, a fishing emporium on Fort Harrison Avenue just north of downtown Clearwater.

The store’s owner, Herb Quintero, argues that the mural is art, not a sign. Last month, in response to the city’s order to remove the painting, he instead covered it with a banner displaying the text of the First Amendment. The store recently was cited again.

“Only in Florida could a business owner be targeted and fined for displaying artwork, and then in protest of the fine, display the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — and then be ticketed for that,” said Howard Simon, executive director of the ACLU of Florida.

via ACLU sues city of Clearwater over tackle shop’s fish mural – St. Petersburg Times.

Any other time, I would be giving this group royal sand; for their communist roots and so forth, but this time, it seems that ACLU is taking up a very good cause. (For a change….) (Hope and Change?!?!? Hrmmmm….) Florida, I am told, is infamous for their overreaching Government.

Maybe it is a image make over, Maybe it is a plot to make Conservatives, like me, speak favorable about them, so that they can implement their communist agenda through B. Hussein Obama. Now, where’s my tinfoil hat?!?!?!?!? 😉 😛 😀

Update: Reader Dru Jeanis reports that there is a website for the shop and supporting of the shop, it is located here.

Burris Bombshell!

Now this is going to leave a huge mark!

Via the Chicago Sun Times:

The son of embattled Sen. Roland Burris is a federal tax deadbeat who landed a $75,000-a-year state job under former Gov. Rod Blagojevich five months ago, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Blagojevich’s administration hired Roland W. Burris II as a senior counsel for the state’s housing authority Sept. 10 — about six weeks after the Internal Revenue Service slapped a $34,163 tax lien on Burris II and three weeks after a mortgage company filed a foreclosure suit on his South Side house.

A spokeswoman for the Illinois Housing Development Authority indicated Wednesday there was nothing improper about Burris II’s employment by the agency, whose mission includes overseeing mortgage programs for low-income home buyers and anti-foreclosure initiatives.

Burris II’s hiring, however, raises more questions about Sen. Burris’ interactions with Blagojevich and his inner circle at a time when the governor was soliciting Sen. Burris for campaign contributions and Burris was angling to have Blagojevich appoint him to the Senate seat once held by President Obama.

Blagojevich appointed Burris to that seat in late December after Blagojevich was charged with trying to sell the vacancy to the highest bidder.

Sen. Burris, 71, is fending off calls for his resignation and is the subject of a Senate ethics probe and a perjury investigation by the top prosecutor in Downstate Sangamon County. Those probes stem from conflicting testimony Sen. Burris provided to the House panel that drafted impeachment charges against Blagojevich, who was removed from office Jan. 29.

Separately, federal authorities have been investigating hiring decisions by Blagojevich’s administration. Authorities, however, have not expressed any interest in Burris II, Housing Development Authority spokeswoman Rebecca Boykin said.

“Roland Burris II was hired by the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s Legal Department based on his qualifications in response to a published job posting,” Boykin stated. “As an employer, it is not IHDA’s practice to request financial information from applicants.”

Sen. Burris’ office, Burris II and Sen. Burris’ lawyer, Timothy Wright III, did not return telephone calls and e-mails seeking comment. Blagojevich’s publicist also did not respond to questions about Burris II’s hiring.

Now if Burris does not resign after this little nugget of information becoming public, he is crazy. There’s no way that the Senate will allow him to stay. His creditability is shot! Should be really interesting to follow.

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Patrick Ruffini makes a very valid point about “Joe The Plumber”

I hate to say it, But I have to agree with this:

A movement self-confident in its place in American society would not have made Joe the Plumber a bigger story than he actually was. Since its very beginnings as a movement, conservatism has bought into liberalism’s dominant place in the American political process. They controlled all the major institutions: the media, academia, Hollywood, the Democratic Party, large segments of the Republican Party, and consequently, the government. Liberalism’s image of conservatives in the ’50s and ’60s as paranoid Birchers gave birth to a conservative movement self-conscious of its minority status. As in any tribe that is small in number and can’t fully trust its most natural allies (i.e. the business community or the Republican Party), the meta-debate of who is inside and outside the tribe is magnified exponentially.

via The Joe-the-Plumberization of the GOP | The Next Right.

I have to agree with Patrick here. (I feel like I am agree with myself! ;)) Besides, Joe, with the bald head business, gives the G.O.P. that whole Nazi Skinhead look. Which is not the image that the Republican Party want to give to the American people.

I mean, do not misunderstand me here, I am all for the sticking up for the rights of the Anglo-Saxon Americans, but I really do not think we should be doing this without the typical visual stereo-types and demagoguery that is so prevalent on the left.

….besides, the dude is not even a real plumber!

President Obama to conduct class warfare to pay for Nationalized Healthcare

Which is what I figured President Obama would do, if he were elected. So, this really should not be a big story, but it is the headlines. So, here we go! Big Grin

Via the New York Times:

President Obama will propose further tax increases on the affluent to help pay for his promise to make health care more accessible and affordable, calling for stricter limits on the benefits of itemized deductions taken by the wealthiest households, administration officials said Wednesday.

The tax proposal, coming after recent years in which wealth has become more concentrated at the top of the income scale, introduces a politically volatile edge to the Congressional debate over Mr. Obama’s domestic priorities.

The president will also propose, in the 10-year budget he is to release Thursday, to use revenues from the centerpiece of his environmental policy — a plan under which companies must buy permits to exceed pollution emission caps — to pay for an extension of a two-year tax credit that benefits low-wage and middle-income people.

The combined effect of the two revenue-raising proposals, on top of Mr. Obama’s existing plan to roll back the Bush-era income tax reductions on households with income exceeding $250,000 a year, would be a pronounced move to redistribute wealth by reimposing a larger share of the tax burden on corporations and the most affluent taxpayers.

Administration officials said Mr. Obama would propose to reduce the value of itemized tax deductions for everyone in the top income tax bracket, 35 percent, and many of those in the 33 percent bracket — roughly speaking, starting at $250,000 in annual income for a married couple.

Under existing law, the tax benefit of itemizing deductions rises with a taxpayer’s marginal tax bracket (the bracket that applies to the last dollar of income). For example, $10,000 in itemized deductions reduces tax liability by $3,500 for someone in the 35 percent bracket.

Mr. Obama would allow a saving of only $2,800 — as if the person were in the 28 percent bracket.

The White House says it is unfair for high-income people to get a bigger tax break than middle-income people for claiming the same deductions or making the same charitable contributions.

The officials said the resulting increase in revenues, estimated at $318 billion over 10 years, would account for about half of a $634 billion “reserve fund” that Mr. Obama will set aside in his budget to address changes in the health care system. The other half would come from proposed cost savings in Medicare, Medicaid and other health programs.

This is just more of the “Robin Hood” style of Democrat policy, steal from the rich and give to the poor socialism, that I knew would happen, if Obama were elected. There also seems to be a bit of “Rob Peter, to pay Paul”, kind of stuff in there too, which does not surprise me at all. That whole “cost savings” thing there, that’s political mumbo jumbo for, “We’re going to rob someone out of their coverage, to give to the people signed up on nationalized healthcare.” In essence, it is basically legalized thievery. But then again, so is socialism.

Another way of putting that “Cost Savings” bit would be to say this; “We’re going to rob some old poor White Guy or disabled White Woman, out of his rightful coverage of Medicare and Medicaid, to give it to some welfare queen, so she and her 25 kids under different daddies can all have health coverage from the Government.” But, again, that is the essence of Socialism; Rob the Rich White man or Woman, (Like my disabled Aunt) and give to the black Welfare queens with the 25 kids by 25 different daddies.

Welcome to Communist America people, we’ve got four long, hard, cold, years of this stuff. Get ready to open your wallets and pay the welfare queens.

Quote of the Day

Next time one of these knuckled-headed liberals or some weak-kneed Conservative tells you that Liberal Socialism is not Communism, show them this quote:

All Communists are for socialism, seeing it as a transition stage to communism, a higher stage of economic, political, and social development. All socialists aren’t for communism; some see Communists as too radical.

Socialism is social ownership of the main means of production (factories, transportation) and the commanding heights of an economy (banks and other financial institutions) and runs them in the interests of the working people, using part of the value that workers produce to build up the social institutions and benefits for the whole people.

Communism, as we see it, is a more advanced stage that comes after socialism. Communism, a stage of development never reached anywhere yet, reduces the state apparatus to minimal administrative functions, since people and society will have advanced past the need for coercive functions like armies, and will directly and indirectly provide people with the full benefits of the labor they engage in.

We see communism as a later stage of development. A stage when the production of the necessities of life has become plentiful, when there will no longer be shortages of food, housing, jobs, health care and education.

We see communism as a stage when governments can “wither away” to mere administrative agencies rather than maintain coercive control on behalf of exploiting classes through armies, police forces, court systems, tax agencies.

Socialism, which we are advocates of, is a transitional stage between capitalism and communism, a stage where a change in production relations, social relations, and individual outlooks become solidified.

When people have gone through a prolonged period of living in a society not based on scarcity, exploitation, and oppression, and when production for use rather than profit is a well-established economic system, and when the productive forces have advanced to be able to provide for the needs of all people, then society will be able to advance to communism. Communists are advocates of both socialism and communism.

In a socialist country, there is still a struggle that goes on between the ruling working class and the dispossessed capitalist class inside the country, and between the working class in power in one country and the capitalist class in power in other countries. The stage of socialism, as we have learned from experience, is not irreversible, and there is not a short, quick march to communism.  ——— Source

Ann Coulter insults Pelosi and mocks mentally retarded people….

While I think it is funny that Ann mocked Pelosi, I think the wording was not good at all.

But as long as the nation is obsessed with historic milestones, is no one going to remark on what a great country it is where a mentally retarded woman can become speaker of the house?


As a nephew of a developmentally disabled aunt, or as Ann referred to, Mentally Retarded Aunt; (My Mom’s younger sister) I think it would behove Miss. Coulter to not use such terms.

For one, it insults those who are responsible for caring for people with this sort of an disability, Like my Mom;  it also belittles their situation. Not that Ann cares, she’s one of the “beautiful people”, aptly described by the rock musician Marilyn Manson.

So, on this one, I give Miss Coulter a big fat red F.

D’oh! – Idiot Mayor sends rather stupid e-mail

This is just freakin’ STOOOPID! (not, not Stupid, but STOOOPID!)

The mayor has sent an apology for an e-mail sent to a local businesswoman and community volunteer that she says is racist and offensive.

Keyanus Price, an African American, said she was appalled when she received an e-mail from Mayor Dean Grose’s personal account that showed a picture of the White House with a watermelon patch imposed as the White House garden.

“I was horrified when I read that e-mail,” Price said. “What I’m concerned about is how can this person send an e-mail out like this and think it is OK?”

Being a public official, Price said, made the matter worse.

“He’s putting the city into a bad place, and he is a liability,” Price wrote in an e-mail.

Grose sent an e-mail apology to Price, her boss and the City Council saying he did not intend to be offensive. He also called and left Price a message, he said.

“It was just poor judgment on my part, and I am deeply sorry,” he said. “It wasn’t meant to hurt her.”

via Mayor is criticized for White House watermelon patch e-mail | News –

The Picture in question?

Like I said, STOOOOPID!

Seriously… Why the hell would ANYONE in a public office send out an idiotic e-mail with a picture like that to anyone? ‘Cause they STOOOOPID, that’s why! (If you’ll forgive my inner ghetto for coming out… :D)

I know I’ve been accused of not being the brightest bulb in the box, sharpest knife in the drawer, ect… But I even know not to do dumb stuff like that. I mean, I’ve done my share of dumb stuff in my day, but this takes the Duncan Hines to whole new level.

Good Lord! :roll:

Tweety responds to being busted for saying “Oh God”

Seems Mr. “Leg Tingle” is responding to being called out for his muttering “Oh God” into an open mic. For what it is worth, I, that’s right; me, I was the first blogger to report that it was Chris Matthews. Something that I got zero credit for. Thanks guys. It feels so nice to be ignored. :roll:

Anyhow, according to TVNewser:

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has responded to his uttering of the words “Oh God” just as Gov. Bobby Jindal emerged to deliver the GOP response last night. TVNewser has obtained some of what Matthews will say on “Hardball” tonight:

I was taken aback by that peculiar stagecraft, the walking from somewhere in the back of this narrow hall, this winding staircase looming there, the odd anti-bellum look of the scene. Was this some mimicking of a president walking along the state floor to the East Room?

Insiders tell us Gov. Jindal was invited to come on Hardball tonight, but he declined.

Yeah, I’m sure, that lying stack of crap. He let his bias show and his silly liberal butt got caught and now he’s trying to talk his way out of it. I’m listening to his idiotic show right now. I’ll report what is said.

He should be fired.

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Sad News – Nine die in Netherlands Airplane crash

Sad News 🙁


via Reuters:

A Turkish Airlines plane with 134 passengers and crew aboard crashed in light fog while trying to land at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on Wednesday, killing nine people and injuring dozens.

Officials said some 84 people were taken to hospitals, including 25 who were severely hurt, when flight TK 1951 from Istanbul crashed into a field short of a runway at Schiphol, Europe’s fifth-largest airport by passenger volume.

Six were in critical condition.

“We cannot say anything about the cause at the moment,” acting local mayor Michel Bezuijen told reporters. “The priority…is providing help and care.”

The bodies of three crew members, left in the cockpit amid the plane’s wreckage for investigation, were later taken out. Dutch media said the pilot and co-pilot were among the dead.

Officials said they had found the plane’s flight data recorder and that it would be analyzed.

Earlier, Dutch officials said 135 people were on board the plane, but that was revised to 134.

I think that it would not be out of place to offer up a prayer for the familes of the dead and for the survivors of this horrific accident.

(H/T Drudge)