Grotesque Video: Abortion Clinic Employees Laugh and Dance after botched Abortion job

This one really makes me want to vomit, badly.

The Video: (H/T to Tina @

Pro Life Wisconsin has the story:

A new video has surfaced showing workers at an abortion clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin dancing and laughing as they wait for an ambulance to pull up to take a woman to the hospital who has suffered injures from a botched abortion.

The video has employees of Affiliated Medical Services transporting the third woman this year to a local hospital following a failed abortion. The video, from Friday as abortion practitioner Bernie Smith was reportedly on duty, shows AMS staff clearly seen laughing, dancing and even doing the limbo as the woman is taken away.

One Affiliated Medical Services abortion center staffer even threatens pro-life advocates who are on hand for the 40 Days for Life event saying, “You’re lucky it isn’t you in the hospital.”

Pro-Life Wisconsin obtained the video and posted on their web site with comments in reaction to it.

“Those who lobby for abortion’s legality claim that if abortion were made illegal, women would have to resort to dirty, back-alley abortions,” PLW says. “But the reverse has actually happened — as was sadly illustrated with Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” abortuary in Philadelphia, the dirty, back-alley abortions are legal and no one is watching.”

“This is at least the third time this year an ambulance has arrived at AMS after a botched abortion; sidewalk counselors recorded two separate ambulance visits on April 8,” PLW continues. “Abortion facilities in Milwaukee are not subject to health inspections. Some days the smell of death — blood and flesh — can be smelled wafting out of AMS when the staff open the doors.”

“AMS has been the site of 40 Days for Life for three years now. Sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors are present at AMS year-round as well. 40 Days vigilers were in front of AMS when this occurred,” it concluded. “Women have been taken to Columbia St. Mary’s after botched abortions, forcing a Catholic hospital and staff to clean up the abortionist’s mess.”

I linked to Tina as a bit of a Hat Tip to her for her sharing this video; however, I feel that I should be clear, I do not agree with her views on abortion.  Tina feels that it is a federal issue and that the practice of abortion should be outlawed by the federal Government.  As much as I despise this insane practice, I must respectfully disagree with her.  I am a purebred federalist and I believe that if abortion is to be successfully outlawed, it should be challenged and outlawed on the state level and not the federal level.

However, as Tina also noted; there is no way for us to actually know what these women were laughing and dancing about, however, I must ask this — what does it say about those who are in the barbaric practice of ending human life to be seen dancing and laughing after the botched abortion?