No, I do not support the beating up of homosexuals

This little incident was brought to my attention today by someone from my comments section.

First the Video:

Now in order for me to tell you this story the proper way, I will have to link to a homosexual advocacy blog.  Now keep in mind, this site has images on it, mostly in the sidebars that some, if not all, Christians will find to be extremely offensive; so consider this your official content warning. Having said all that, here is the story via Towleroad:

A student at Union-Scioto High School in Chillicothe, Ohio was brutally beaten this week by another student for being gay. Class members watched as the bully waited for the student to arrive in the classroom, grabbed him, pushed him to the ground and punched him in the face several times.

Another student recorded the assault on his cell phone. The video was posted to Facebook.

The bully had harassed the gay student (who has not been identified) on Facebook a few days earlier, writing, as the comment on a photo of him: “You fag. Check out the definition of a fag.”

According to an email received by Towleroad from Equality Ohio, “The victim has suffered a possible concussion and dental damage. The attacker was suspended from school for just three days. “

Sorry, but that is unacceptable; three days for what this student did to another student for being gay?  I am sorry, but as much as I find homosexuality to be a repulsive lifestyle; I find this punishment to be overly lenient.  Even if the kid was taunting the other kids or teasing them because of their homophobia — three days for that sort of a beating is a bit light.  Furthermore, I believe the student should have assault charges filed against him.

Now, let me be clear, I do not believe that there should even be hate crime laws on the books.  As I am someone who does not believe in any sort of entitlement for any special group, race, religion or creed — and yes, even sex or sexual preference.  I am libertarian-minded Conservative.  A libertarian-minded conservative who happens to believe in the right of the individual to be what he or she wants to be without fear of oppression of any sort by anyone else.  Because of this, I believe that this young man who inflected this sort of physical pain on this young man  — regardless of his sexual orientation — should prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Again, to be clear, as a Born-Again Christian — I do not support homosexuality, as my Bible condemns it in the Old Testament and in the New Testament as well.  However, in a Free Republic such as ours, the individual right of a human being is something that should not be violated. When this young man inflicted physical pain on this young man, he violated that principle; for this, he should be punished.

Furthermore, I find it quite offensive that it is being insinuated in various quarters that Christians, like myself; would advocate the sort of horrific violence against someone who partakes in this sort of sexual lifestyle.  I want to be the first, if not the only, Christian and Conservative that says that no one, who partakes in this sort of violent behavior, is a Christian.  Christians believe in praying for those who are gay, not beating them up.  Anyone who says or believes otherwise are mistaken or a complete buffoon.  Biblical rhetoric is one thing, actual physical abuse is another, and anyone who crosses that line, should be put in jail for a very long time.