The Classless Left: Exhibit ST for Stacy Trasancos

…..and no, I am not calling Stacy Trasancos a classless lefty — but rather those attacking her.

This is Stacy Trasancos. This is her Blog.

Stacy is a former Baptist, turned Catholic. But, I won’t hold it against her. 😉

Stacy wrote a blog posting basically venting her frustration with gays. Because of this, the ugly left and ugly gays unleashed on her. See here and Here. Also, read the comments on that blog posting, some of them are threatening in nature. 😡 So, much for that New Tone we keep hearing about eh? :roll:

As I’ve wrote on here before; I don’t consider myself the greatest field service rep for Christianity. But I stand behind those who dare to say; “ya know? This is just flipping wrong…”

Hang in there Stacy. We’re with ya Lady! … God Bless You.

Stacy Trasancos with her seriously cute children!

Proving what I have believed about the left for a very long time; well, since blogging from 2006 on. That the left in this Country does not believe in freedom of speech or thought. That is because they are straight up fascists. Which is why I left, the left, like some other people I know.

Keep this in mind in 2012, will you please?

8 thoughts on “The Classless Left: Exhibit ST for Stacy Trasancos

  1. So do you agree with Stacy’s position that any display of affection by two gay people somehow undermines her community and/or is so morally offensive that it needs to be kept behind closed doors?

    Can you agree than that all hetroxexual displays of affection should also be shunned in the public sphere? May I, as a gay man, object to seeing two hetrosexual people holding hands?

    May I object to the displays of religion because I find the irrationality of organized religion to be “morally” offensive? I’d like to prohibit anyone from praying anywhere, and I’d like all houses of worship to be disguised because I am offended by the sight of them and fear going outside.

    Just like Stacy, I am a member of a community and feel my rights are being abridged because I have to see the towers of St. Catherine’s whenever I look out my window. Why must I be subjected to the constant reminder of the irrationality I find so offensive.

    So–do my feelings get to dictate society? Or is it just Stacy’s feelings that have merit?

    1. Actually, My issue was not with what she said. It is how the left reacted to it.

      The truth is, the left only believes in Freedom of Speech; when it adheres to their ideology.

      I believe that everyone has a right to express themselves without fear of oppression. At least that is how it is supposed to work, in a free society.

      Too bad the far left didn’t get that memo.

    2. Okay, also… as for Homosexuality. As a Christian, I do not approve of that lifestyle.

      However, I don’t react in such a fashion, as she did. Everyone is different. Some are repulsed to the point of writing what she did.

      Me, personally, I do not let it bother me. I just ignore it. What people do, is their business. As long as some gay man is not trying to “Hit on” me. I am fine with it.

      Hey, I am originally from Southwest Detroit; I have seen my fair share of “interesting” stuff… So, my point is that I am pretty much immune to it. Besides, in this area here. I haven’t seen much openly gay PDA’s as they call it now. Not sure why or anything. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention for that sort of a thing! 😀

      My point is here, is this; this lady was repulsed and she spoke out against it… on her blog. What I object to, is her getting threats against her kids. That was my problem. and I support her right to freedom of speech.

      Hope this clears that up…

      As for your views on religion and God. Last time I checked, stupidity is not illegal….yet. 😉 Because if it were, I would be under the jail. Me and Bill O’Reilly man! Rikers Island, busting rocks…. 😆

      1. You are upset by the responses she received. I agree–some of them were hateful.

        Here’s my problem. Every time anti-gay rhetoric heats up the frequency of gay bashings increase.

        So yes–there is a direct correlation between Stacy’s writings, the teachings of her church, and gay men and women getting physically abused.

        Does that abuse count?

        And then let’s talk about the frequency of abuse. Stacy was verbally abused. How many Catholics have been beaten close to or to death because they were–Catholics?

        All these people are up in arms over what was SAID to Stacy. When are any of them going to speak out against the actual assault being perpetrated on the LGBT community? And are any of them going to acknowledge their role in it?

        I won’t hold my breath.

          1. The answers to your question lie in the article you cited:

            “Jonathan Gregg wrote in Time, “Matthew Shepard died not because of an all-too-common sex crime, but because of prejudice. Essentially, Shepard was lynched; taken from a bar, beaten and left to die because he was the vilified “other” whom society has often cast as an acceptable target of abuse; Dirkhising was just “another” to a pair of deviants. And while child abuse is unfortunately no big news, lynching still is.”[9]”


            “Jonathan Gregg, in a November 9 Time magazine editorial, asserted that “[the killing of Dirkhising] was the kind of depraved act that happens with even more regularity against young females and, indeed if the victim had been a 13-year-old girl, the story would probably never have gotten beyond Benton County, much less Arkansas.[9] The same editorial also said: “A red herring worth addressing at the outset is the failure to distinguish between homosexuality and pedophilia, which creates a false parallel at the core of the Washington Times argument.[9] But sex with children is a crime regardless of the sexes involved, and is not synonymous with homosexuality. . . . “The reason the Dirkhising story received so little play is [that] it offered no lessons.[7][9] Shepard’s murder touches on a host of complex and timely issues: intolerance, society’s attitudes toward gays and the pressure to conform, the use of violence as a means of confronting one’s demons. “Jesse Dirkhising’s death gives us nothing except the depravity of two sick men.””

            Guess you can’t answer the questions I asked so you tried for a little distraction. A rather tired strategy.

            1. You would say that, fag boy….

              You won’t accept the fact that your sodomite friends are capable of hurting people. So, this discussion is over.

              Goodbye fag boy!

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