The Feckless Right: Exhibit M for Morbid

An interesting event happened last night. I happened to see one of the sickest morbid things ever written on twitter by a so-called Conservative blogger.

It was written by Robert Stacy McCain —- Yeah, that Robert Stacy McCain. The same guy who threw me under the bus to satisfy and pacify a Michelle Malkin fan boy. The one who has quite the checkered past and is now the Neo-Conservative darling; despite his checkered past.

Last night Mr. Neo-Nazi McCain took to twitter and said this:

Neo-Nazi Robert Stacy McCain Morbid Right Wing Asshole of the Year!

…and after I tried to be a little charitable after his idiotic Neo-Nazi assistant basically blew his blog up or it was hacked by someone that McCain pissed off!

So, anyhow, I saw that, and I must confess, I lost it. Here is why; I live here in Michigan, Kent State is Ohio. In case anyone does not know what McCain was referring to; he was mocking and making light of the Kent State shootings that took place at Kent State in Ohio on May 4, 1970.  This is the awful tragedy that produced one of the most iconic photos in history; this one:

Kent State Student Mary Ann Vecchio kneels over the body of Kent State Student Jeffrey Miller's dead body

But yet, Robert Stacy McCain thinks that this is funny and that this sort of barbaric action should happen to anyone who disagrees with his form of Conservatism. Which, in all honesty, is about as Conservative, as I am Communist.

Anyhow, as I said before, I lost it; and I took to twitter and said the following:

and I said this:

I want to be know of public record; that I meant every god-damned word of that too. Anyone morbid person that would take to twitter, a blog or any other sort of writing medium and write something as asinine as this; ought to suffer the same fate as those innocent students who were merciless murdered in 1970. In Robert Stacy McCain’s case, the sooner the damned better. Normally, I would never advocate that sort of extremism; but this idiotic comment was just more than I could take. Nothing says, “Out of Touch, DC Beltway elitist asshole” better than some former Neo-Nazi turned Neo-Conservative darling writing something as idiotic and moronic as this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if this is what the new post-Bush Conservative/Republican movement is all about, I want nothing to do with it and you will find in the sanity region of libertarianism and Paleo-Conservatism. I might not agree with the Socialist, Communist, Democratic Party far left; but I will be damned, if I will ever advocate for the deaths of those that I disagree with!

I feel like Senator Barry Goldwater Sr. and the man who owned the farm at Woodstock — Mr. Max Yasgur, who was, in fact, a libertarian Conservative; I might not agree with those who protested this past weekend, but I will advocate to my dying breath for their right to protest and for their right to hold to and believe whatever political, religious or person beliefs that they might wish to hold. That is the beauty of this fine Country will call America; we can disagree on politics and actually have an opinion of our own without worry that someone might actually want to kill us. Like in North Korea, Iran and in other nations that do not enjoy the freedoms of ours.

It is too bad that people like that Neo-Nazi scum, Robert Stacy McCain does not hold to much beliefs, but instead wishes to see those who whom he disagrees with brutally murdered. My friends, that is not true Conservatism, nor is that a true American spirit. That is the spirit of a Nazi fascist thug. Something that Robert Stacy McCain knows all about!

Like I wrote previously to Rick Moran; I can relate — Boy can I ever. 😡 and as Rick said, this being the fool business is a very lonely venture. However, if standing on the Island of common sense and decency; and yes, dare I say it —- Sanity?!?! is what I must do.  Then here I shall stand, until THEY, not ME come back to their senses!