The Feckless Far-Right: Exhibit S for Stupidity

You know, I hate to be the one to mock my friends on the far-right. But this one here is a classic example of why the Republican tent is getting smaller by the day.

Over at Neo-Conservative owned NewsRealBlog, you have this big dose of lame ass tripe:

Dirty Sexy Politics by Meghan McCain is scheduled for release on August 31. But you don’t have to wait until Tuesday to see what didn’t make the final editorial cut. NewsReal Blog has obtained exclusive excerpts from the chapters rejected by Meggie Mac’s editors.

1. How Dare People Gawk At My Boobs When I Posted Them Publicly On Twitter

Meghan McCain infamously posted a picture of her, shall we say, “cups over-flowing” on Twitter the very same day that the Balloon Boy hoax went down. Presumably because, as a publicity hound extraordinaire, she couldn’t stand the focus being on some icky kid. From fly-over country, no less. As such, she tried to insert herself, and her massive ta-tas, in the mix. And then feigned indignation when people looked at the picture — that she posted publicly on the Internet. She attempted to make this a pop-up chapter in her book.

OMG! All those meany pantser, objectifiers on twitter didn’t understand that picture was code and a public service! I’m a giver! I was trying to let them know balloon boy was safely hidden, tucked away in my cleavage. Hello? I was holding a book! Everyone knows reading is hard. The purty picture on the book was code, too, obvy. Andy Warhol – a sign that the balloon boy people were just trying to steal MY 15 minutes of fame thunder.

The Andy Warhol book was relevant, seeing that Meghan McCain is well past her 15 minutes. However, sadly, the chapter was omitted because while CNN did not fact check the Balloon Boy story prior to setting the nation in a tizzy, they did fact check Meggie Mac’s ta-tas. Endlessly. Proving once again that journalism is, in fact, as dead as Janeane Garofalo’s career.

As for the Balloon Boy scam and the totally empty hot air balloon?  STILL more substantive than Meghan McCain.

Ah, yes, how supportive of a fellow Republican, than to mock her, because she’s blond, because she’s not a foreign policy wonk, because she is fat. How farking lame can you get? What is Megan McCain’s horrible offense for this sort of hatred and stupidity? Because she is a moderate. Because she is not some sort of far-right wing hatemonger idiot that’s what!

My Public question is this: Hey, Lori Ziganto and Jenn Q. Public! How’s it feel to be pimped out, by one of the biggest and most well-financed Neo-Conservatives that influenced George W. Bush to pursue his Wilsonian foreign policy? Which, by the way, is a PROGRESSIVE foreign Policy stance — which caused the Republican Party to lose the election of 2008, because Americans were weary of the idiotic foreign policy of George W. Bush —- and before you even say it, that’s not Bush derangement syndrome, that is reality folks. But yet, Conservative still flock to these idiots and then wonder why we cannot win elections.

Also, to those of you, who might not like it, because I choose not to embrace the idiotic nonsense of the far right. I have one thing to say to you: Try winning the 2010 and 2012 elections without us. It will never happen. You really want to put a another Democrat in the White House? Then keep on cranking out stupidity and hatred like this here towards Moderate Republicans. Because quite frankly, and very bluntly; I would rather vote for a Libertarian candidate and at least I would know for a fact, that this person would intend on sticking with his principles; which is honestly more than I can say for the previous Republican President, which threw his principles into the wind for the sake of supposedly keeping the bankers rich “Saving America.”

Ask the people that worked with Senator Barry Goldwater Sr.’s election campaign, how embracing the far-right idiotic nonsense worked for them. Ask the people that run George H.W. Bush campaign, when he ran for a second term, after taking us into a war, how easy it was to get reelected. But yet, Republicans just keep on flocking back to these Wilsonian idiots. I will never, ever, understand it.

Countdown to the Semite-Card playing, Wilsonian, Neo-Conservatives attacking me for being a hater in…..5…..4…..3….2

Update: Removed all references to a particular ethnic group. Because I do not want to give the Semite-Baiting twits any more ammo, than they actually need.

6 thoughts on “The Feckless Far-Right: Exhibit S for Stupidity

  1. Are you serious? Bush and Mccain are Moderate Progressive Republican who didn’t stick with their principles? That is what a Moderate is. They do not stick with their principles. They go along with everyone “just to get elected” That time is over now. If you go along to get along you are going to be LEAVING!!!

    1. My definition of MY moderate stance… via Twitter:

      I’m somewhat a hybrid between Neo-Conservative and Paleo-Conservative.

      Megan, is, as you say, a Progressive Republican. I never claimed to be…. and besides, whatever happened to the “Big Tent?”

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