New Black Panther Party intimidating voters in Pennsylvania

(First seen at HotAir, and then via Twitter)

First Video: (Via NetRightNation)

Amateur Video:

Story on Fox News:

Via Fox News:

Intimidation tactics, missing ballots and faulty machinery are plaguing voters descending on polling stations to choose between Barack Obama and John McCain.

In Philadelphia, FOX News’ Rick Leventhal received a report from Republican poll watcher Chris Hill that two Black Panthers had stationed themselves at the door to a polling station and were intimidating voters. One held a night stick, Hill said.

Hill told FOX News that he went to talk to the men and they told him white power didn’t rule there.

The man reportedly carrying a night stick was escorted away from the polling station by police, and FOX News found another Black Panther outside the station who said he was a certified observer. Police asked him and the FOX News crew to leave the polling station.

I feared stuff like this happening during this election. The last thing we need right now is reactionaries doing crazy stuff like this. I fear what might happen, if Obama should lose.

Something tells me that this is going to be a very long day and quite the long night.

9 thoughts on “New Black Panther Party intimidating voters in Pennsylvania

  1. This is ridiculous. I would give anything for five minutes in a room with these guys. What a bunch of ignorant cowards. I would love to beat there *Snipped*, those *snipped*. *threatening remark snipped*

  2. Ok… I have calmed down now. Sorry for that outburst. You are right violence is not the answer. That is just how angry it makes me when I see people trying to intimidate the weak, and having such a warped view.

  3. these black panthers are giving black people a bad name and in no way do we agree with these tactics, these people are bullies

      1. censorship? Ahhhh… What a far left thing to do. Cowards!


        It’s not about Censorship here man. I just don’t allow threats of violence to be posted here. This is my Blog, the last time I checked and I do have rules here for the comment section….. and I am just not going to allow a comment that contains that sort of a thing to stand.



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