From the "You hit the wrong button Harvey!" file….

Ya know, I’m “Center Right” as they come and I’m a Christian. But this is flippin’ hilarious.

Anybody that does not laugh at this, either lacks a sense of humor or needs to have a good bowel movement.

Steve Benen over at the Carpetbagger Report tells about American Family Association’s use of Auto Correction Software.


The problem, of course, is that “gay” does not always mean what the AFA wants it to mean. My friend Kyle reported this morning that sprinter Tyson Gay won the 100 meters at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials over the weekend. The AFA ran the story, but only after the auto-correct had “fixed” the article.

That means — you guessed it — the track star was renamed “Tyson Homosexual.” The headline on the piece read, “Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials.” Readers learned:

Tyson Homosexual easily won his semifinal for the 100 meters at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials and seemed to save something for the final later Sunday.

His wind-aided 9.85 seconds was a fairly cut-and-dry performance compared to what happened a day earlier. On Saturday, Homosexual misjudged the finish in his opening heat and had to scramble to finish fourth, then in his quarterfinal a couple of hours later, ran 9.77 to break the American record that had stood since 1999. […]

Homosexual didn’t get off to a particularly strong start in the first semifinal, but by the halfway mark he had established a comfortable lead. He slowed somewhat over the final 10 meters-nothing like the way-too-soon complete shutdown that almost cost him Saturday. Asked how he felt, Homosexual said: “A little fatigued.”


Yeah, I know, they’re mocking them because they’re Conservative, I’m not that dense. I’m just laughing about it, because the very thing, that is supposed to make lives easier, as in Technology, ends up making someone look like an idiot. (at least I like to think that it is the technology anyhow!)

The old adage is true, computers only do what they’re told. Although, I will be the first to admit that there has been times in the past, when I was wrestling with a Computer that was not doing what I wanted it to do, that, in fact, the computer had a mind of it’s own.

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Help me get this Blog off of Blogspot/Blogger!


Because of this.


When Carissa Snedeker went to log into her Blogspot account Wednesday evening at about 7:30, she had no idea what would be waiting for her. She had created her blog, Blue Lyon, three years ago and up until this point had very few problems posting new content. But this time a message from Google came up when she visited her dashboard.

“This blog has been locked due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations,” the message stated. “You may not publish new posts until your blog is reviewed and unlocked.”

When Snedeker clicked on the link at the bottom of the message she came to another one that told her that her blog “has characteristics of a spam blog” and, because of this, it had been locked. It allowed her the chance to send an “unlock request” but told her she’d have to wait up to four business days before someone at Google could review her blog and confirm it wasn’t publishing spam.

“At first I thought it was just this random thing with Blogger’s spam bots,” she told me in a phone interview. “I thought that perhaps in their looking across the blogger universe, that I got accidentally flagged somehow. Stuff like that happens.”

But a short time later Snedeker received an email from another blogger claiming that a number of anti-Obama blogs had been “hacked” that same night. After some digging it became apparent that several Blogspot accounts had been shut down because of similar spam issues, and nearly all of them had three things in common: Most were pro-Hillary Clinton blogs, all were anti-Barack Obama, and several were listed on, an anti-Obama website.

To be fair to myself, I have criticized Obama, Hillary AND John McCain on here. But this is nothing more than blatant censorship. It is also an attempt to stifle dissent. Which is a common trait of Fascism.

So, I’m asking my readers, whomever you are, to pony up and help me get this Blog of mine off of Blogspot/Blogger.

I have a place in mind for hosting, It is called Glohost. They have a nice 5 star Professional hosting package for 24 months or 2 years. You can check it out, by going here. It would be $479.76 for 2 years. I hate to beg, But I am full time at this, and I just don’t have the cash on hand to pay for it myself.

So, if you can help, Hit the tip jar up there on the left and get me off of this Marxist Blog hosting service.

Update: I have received one $20.00 donation, so far. I have also received some awesome offers for hosting. I would like to get the Glohosting, But I will take up one of the offers, provided they don’t fall through on me. Depending on what happens here. If I get enough donations, I will get the glohosting, because it has all the bells and whistles that I’m looking for.

To those that came over from HotAir, and offered your support, thank you.

To those that made the offers, I thank you. I will be contacting you here shortly to get the ball rolling to get me off of Blogger.

Update 2: Welcome to all the Day By Day Readers. Again, Thanks Chris. Depending on the amount of donations received, I will decide on which route to take. Thanks again for coming over to read my story.

Update 3: Fixed a MAJOR grammar error… I should not type so fast! Oops!

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John Aravosis disrespects our Military……again….

Once again…. John Aravosis, the lefty commie idiot, disrespects our United States Military.

This time, he takes a swipe at John McCain.

Folks, I’m just going to tell it like it is. This is not a attack on John McCain, this is not even about him. This about our Military. The far left, Commie loving, Anti-American, Liberals utterly detest, HATE, and want to destroy our United States Military, all so they can pursue an agenda of Liberal Nationalism, or as it commonly known, Communism.

John, like I said in the comments section of your lame ass fucking Blog, you got one coming from me, you fucking asshole, one fine day, I will be invited to a Blog conference or something, and You’re going to be there. When I see you, there won’t be a thing said, I’m just gonna walk up and dot you in the fucking eye. Just the simple. You have insulted the Military and in doing so, you have insulted ME. Before anyone asks, no, I did not serve, But my family has, and when you insult my family, I tend to get a little pissed off.

My family has served in World War 2 and Vietnam, they served proudly, when their Government asked them to, they did not complain, they went and did what they were told. But yet, you and your commie, liberal, sissy ass, sits back and slams a Vietnam Vet, and tries to belittle his service, that my friend is just fucking inexcusable.

I say, everyone who reads this, head on over to John’s Blog and leave a message, letting him know, what you think about his disrespect of our fine Military. and, flag has blog as objectionable. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll get the message.

Update: and of course, ol’ Pussy boy John Deleted my comments. That’s fine, I don’t care. He’s still got one coming from me, he can bank on that.

Update #2: Ed Morrissey refers to Wesley Clark as “Commander Clueless*snort* Too Funny.

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Sy hersh lying out his ass…..again

Yep, he’s at it again.

Good ol’ Sy Hersh, the Liberal icon idiot, is now spreading lies about us attacking Iran.

What get’s me is all the damn Bloggers writing about it. Why even give this moron the attention he craves?

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Hey Patrick Frey, get your nose outta McCain’s ass

You’re nose might get Dirty nose dude…

Patrick Frey‘s head explodes, because he think’s think progress lied about what McCain said about gas prices.

Of course, Frey misses the whole damned point, as most asshat Neo-Conservative Republicans do.

It isn’t that point that he said that he didn’t know the price, even if he did. He said it didn’t matter. That is the issue, his rich man, elitist prick response, is the issue.

Dumb ass Neo-Cons….

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Obama patsy Wesley Clark slams McCain’s War Creds…

Talk about desperate…
After saying, “I certainly honor his service as a prisoner of war. He was a hero to me and to hundreds of thousands and millions of others in the armed forces, as a prisoner of war,” he added that these experiences in no way qualify McCain to be president in his view:

“He has been a voice on the Senate Armed Services Committee. And he has traveled all over the world. But he hasn’t held executive responsibility. That large squadron in the Navy that he commanded — that wasn’t a wartime squadron,” Clark said.

“I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president.”- Clark hits McCain’s military credentials – Yahoo! News

Wesley Clark should talk about someone’s Military record.

Not to mention that Wesley Clark is just another turncoat opportunist who changed sides, when he felt it would bring him some income.

I happen to think that John McCain is more of a war hero, than Wesley Clark has ever been. If it came down to Military Record, I’d vote for John McCain, before I’d ever vote for B. Hussein Obama.

No wonder we lost Vietnam. Yeah, he’s a war hero, barely.

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Democrat Detroit Congress being investigated by the FBI for corruption

Let me just start out by saying that I do not live in Detroit proper. I live about 15 miles south of Detroit, in the suburbs. I did, however, grow up in Southwest Detroit. I had always heard that the City of Detroit was rife with corruption, but I know it is true.


First Video:


A federal investigation into possible public corruption in Detroit includes
the City Council’s awarding of a $47 million sludge recycling contract,
according to published reports. The Detroit Free Press, citing two people that
it didn’t name, reported Sunday that the chief of staff of City Council
President Ken Cockrel Jr. resigned Wednesday after being caught on videotape
accepting money. Cockrel has confirmed that John Clark, who worked for him for
eight years, has resigned but declined to elaborate.

Okay what they are not telling you in this story, is that all these people, are Democrats. This is, of course, the Party of B. Hussian Obama. Is this the New Politics of Hope and Change the Obama is talking about? I really have to wonder about that.

Of course, I’m not sure why the Mayor has such a silly grin on his face, Detroit Mayor, Hip Hop Democrat Kwame “I have called a nigga” Kilpatrick, has been charged in a big text message scandal here in Detroit. You can read all about that, by clicking right here for the latest on that little scandal.

Now this right here, is just flippin’ wrong man…

I had a bad feeling stuff like this was going to happen, and I was right…


Via WKMG-TV in Florida:

Vandals spray-painted “Obama Smokes Crack” and other hate messages on 60 city vehicles parked across the street from City Hall in downtown Orlando.

Local 6 showed several vehicles covered in different colors with the “Obama” messages.

A passing motorist initially spotted the damage and called police.

“I’m driving by and every car I see has been hit with spray paint,” witness Mike Lowe said. “There is so much damage to them. There are messages written on them and the vandals left their business card, which is crazy.”

Special business cards left near the damaged vehicles contained negative messages about Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain. However, there were positive words about Sen. Hillary Clinton, Local 6’s Kimberly Houk reported.

Some of the vehicles also had opened gas tanks.

Orlando police are investigating the incident and the business cards left at the scene.

Okay, I’m just going to say this, But this kind of stuff is just plain wrong. What really got me was this:


In case you cannot make that out. It says, “Obama is a nigger”. Now folks, I don’t care for Obama, his lack of depth, his socialism, and all that stuff, but this right here is just uncalled for. These are, supposedly, Hillary supporters, I think Hillary Clinton should come out and denounce and reject this sort of nonsense right away. (No, I am not kidding)

I hope these vandals are caught soon and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law… Not liking it, because your candidate lost the election is one thing, but blatant stupidity is another.

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When it’s over….

Maureen Dowd Writes a rather funny Column in the New York Times:


Unity was spared the banality of unanimity.

Carmella Lewis, with her Hillary T-shirt and Hillary placard, came all the way from Denver to make sure there would be plenty of ambiguity, duality and ferocity in Unity.

Just as Hillary was testing out the unfamiliar familiarity “Barack and me” Friday and talking about “his grace and his grit,” Carmella began loudly booing and waving her sign.

“We want Hillary!” screamed the 57-year-old retired ad saleswoman and Clinton delegate.

“It’s over, lady!” yelled some Obama supporters a few yards away.

Que the Music!:

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John McCain says that "It doesn’t Matter" about his lack of knowledge on Gas Prices

Man, talk about being out of touch with the rest of America.

John McCain Said the following:

WICKSOL: When was the last time you pumped your own gas and how much did it cost?

MCCAIN: Oh, I don’t remember. Now there’s Secret Service protection. But I’ve done it for many, many years. I don’t recall and frankly, I don’t see how it matters.

I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of town hall meetings, many as short a time ago as yesterday. I communicate with the people and they communicate with me very effectively.

Of course, when you’re a multi-millionaire or at least married to one and you have 7 houses, you don’t really have to worry about the price of Gasoline. Nor would you really care about it either.

What further proof do you need that this idiot is not right for the office of President of the United States of America? Personally, I’d rather have a damn Socialist Democrat in the White House, who knows the price of Gasoline and who would work to get the Price of Gasoline down, so that the rest of America, like me, could afford to go fill their tank up. Heck right now, I have 30 bucks on me, I could not even fill my gas tank with that! But, yet, John McCain wants to be MY President? He must be kidding..

Yeah, I’m a Conservative, but I call a damn spade, what it is, a spade, and John McCain is an out of touch elitist, who doesn’t really give flying flip about the middle class in this country.

…and Yes, my friends, I am a middle class, or in all honestly, a poor American, who wants someone that will fight for ME, not the wealthy Business man, But ME.

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John McCain, Tax Cheat?

You know, I can see a couple of months, but FOUR YEARS?!??!?! Please. Something stinks to high heaven about this story.
When you’re poor, it can be hard to pay the bills. When you’re rich, it’s hard to keep track of all the bills that need paying. It’s a lesson Cindy McCain learned the hard way when NEWSWEEK raised questions about an overdue property-tax bill on a La Jolla, Calif., property owned by a trust that she oversees. Mrs. McCain is a beer heiress with an estimated $100 million fortune and, along with her husband, she owns at least seven properties, including condos in California and Arizona.

San Diego County officials, it turns out, have been sending out tax notices on the La Jolla property, an oceanfront condo, for four years without receiving a response. County records show the bills, which were mailed to a Phoenix address associated with Mrs. McCain’s trust, were returned by the post office. According to a McCain campaign aide, who requested anonymity when discussing a private matter, an elderly aunt of Mrs. McCain’s lives in the condo, and the bank that manages the trust has not been receiving tax bills on the property. Shortly after NEWSWEEK inquired about the matter, the McCain aide e-mailed a receipt dated Friday, June 27, confirming payment by the trust to San Diego County in the amount of $6,744.42. County officials say the trust still owes an additional $1,742 for this year, an amount that is overdue and will go into default July 1. Told of the outstanding $1,742, the aide said: “The trust has paid all bills shown owing as of today and will pay all other bills due.”Cindy McCain Pays Back Taxes on San Diego Condo | Newsweek Periscope |

Now, if Barack Obama had let his taxes go that long, you just know that every Republican and other Conservative Blogger would have their tongues wagging and keyboards everywhere would be smoking from all the writing that would be going on about how he was a tax cheat and how would not be qualified to be President. AmericaBlog puts it quite correctly:

McCain’s friends in the traditional media will surely give him yet another pass on this. And, why not? McCain obviously has some great houses to which he can invite his media pals. But, just for a second, imagine the furor if Barack Obama didn’t pay his property taxes.

Amen. I could not have written it better myself. Of course, when you own 7 different Houses, it is a little hard to keep up.

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Bill Clinton Small man extraordinaire

Taking a small break from my Birthday exile….

Mr. Sir Pout a Bunch


Mr Obama is expected to speak to Mr Clinton for the first time since he won the nomination in the next few days, but campaign insiders say that the former president’s future campaign role is a “sticking point” in peace talks with Mrs Clinton’s aides.

The Telegraph has learned that the former president’s rage is still so great that even loyal allies are shocked by his patronising attitude to Mr Obama, and believe that he risks damaging his own reputation by his intransigence.

A senior Democrat who worked for Mr Clinton has revealed that he recently told friends Mr Obama could “kiss my ass” in return for his support. Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must ‘kiss my ass’ for his support (Via U.K. Telegraph)

While I somewhat balk at Blogging about this, because the U.K Telegraph isn’t exactly known for it’s truthful reporting. But if this is even remotely true. I doubt seriously that you will be seeing Bill Clinton at Obama events anytime soon.

Either way, Bill needs to just grow up, Obama represents the new democrat party. Hillary is the old guard.

My feelings of Obama aside, The man won, Bill just needs to get over it.

Okay, back to my Birthday…

Update: Ha! One of my readers., commenter ChuckAtPodunkOutpost, says that Bill up there looks like Jeff Dunham’s Walter. Check it out:

I do, too, notice a big resemblance. After all, Liberals are tolerant of “different” Sexual practices, Moonlighting are we Bill?

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Off for the weekend…..

As you could tell from my previous posting, I am in dire need for a weekend off from Blogging. So, I will be not blogging the stories this weekend. Unless something major happens.

There’s another reason.

It’s my birthday. I will be 36 tomorrow. I’m getting clothes, and hopefully a little money.

So, I’m off to just be a spectator for the weekend. There’s a thing known in these parts as the “Downriver Cruise” I might go take that in this weekend.

Meanwhile, check out Memeorandum for the latest stories and reactions from the Blogging World. 

See you all on Monday!

Obama, Hillary Unity…..*Yawn*

Color me, unimpressed….. totally.

Click here
to read all about it.

I guess I’m either jaded or just burned out and maybe just bored….

It’s the big talking subject for Friday, to give the talking heads something to speculate on. I find it all rather boring…

Jack Moss makes a a rather humorous reference to the Beast and Anti-Christ. Obama might be many things, but that’s not one of them, The Rapture of the Church has not happened yet, Jack. Read your Bible man! Magic Negro? Yes. Marxist? Yes. Liberal? Yes. Anti-Christ, Not hardly

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Some Republican Senators in Congress want Africans to catch AIDS and die.

This comes via Cernig over at NewsHoggers, It seems that we have some Republicans who are so damn self righteous that they would rather people in Africa to die of AIDS, so, they can say, “I prevented run-away spending”, than they would like to see their party improve their image.

From McClatchy Washington Bureau, we have the substance of why these senators are against this Bill:

In a letter to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the seven senators — Coburn, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Jim Bunning of Kentucky, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Jeff Sessions of Alabama and David Vitter of Louisiana — criticized the bills’ increased spending over the next five years from $15 billion to $50 billion, the expansion of AIDS funding to countries such as China and India and the inclusion of funding for agricultural-assistance and poverty-alleviation programs.

"The bills’ support would allow morally questionable activities, including advocating with host governments to change gender norms and policies and promoting activities that could include needle distribution to drug users," the senators wrote.

McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., support the legislation and said they were pushing for a compromise. Reid has been reluctant to move the legislation forward until an agreement is struck, and this week Democratic leaders focused blame for the delay on the seven senators.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain, supports expanding the program, and the White House has pressed lawmakers for the legislation’s passage.

"President Bush himself talks to members of Congress about it to make sure that they know how important he thinks it is that they pass this bill because of all the good work that it’s doing," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Wednesday. "And I think that members of Congress recognize that, as well. I think we’re just working on these details. There have been some concerns, but I think that we’re able to address them."

The bills are backed by a wide range of humanitarian groups. Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently pressed McConnell to convince the Republican senators who’ve balked to pass the legislation.

"With the quick passage of this legislation, the United States could send a strong signal of its continuing global health leadership that will leverage support from other G-8 nations," Tutu wrote in a letter to McConnell. "That is why I am so deeply troubled by the impasse in the U.S. Senate regarding this legislation. I see signs that global determination to keep the promises made on AIDS, TB and malaria is waning, and I know that passage of this legislation, prior to the G-8, is crucial to regaining momentum."

Ya know, I’m just going to call this, for what it is, and that is blatant stupidity. For all the things that I have criticized President Bush for, this was not one of them. This is where I and the people who call themselves Nationalists, disagree. I believe in reigning in on spending and in spending money to foreign countries. But on humanitarian issues, I make an exception. AIDS is a terrible disease, and anything our Government can do to prevent it’s spread, should be pursued to the best of our abilities.   

Not only this, the Republican Party has a serious image problem, that is really in need of fixing, at let me just say, this is doing absolutely nothing to fix it. I mean, if the Republicans want to repair their highly tarnished image, which was all but destroyed by the actions of a Neo-Conservative Administration. This is really going to set the party back, very far back.

Bush insiders prove to be hostile witnesses

As if the country needed any further proof that the Bush Administration engaged in unconstitutional, not to mention unlawful, behavior, this little fine nugget of information drops today in the media.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post reports that the hearing yesterday failed to produce any substantive information, but rather exposed the parties involved for the heartless, condescending, disdainful people that these men really are.

Consider a couple snippets:

Could the president ever be justified in breaking the law? "I’m not going to answer a legal opinion on every imaginable set of facts any human being could think of," Addington growled. Did he consult Congress when interpreting torture laws? "That’s irrelevant," he barked. Would it be legal to torture a detainee’s child? "I’m not here to render legal advice to your committee," he snarled. "You do have attorneys of your own."


He had the grace of Gollum as he quarreled with his questioners. In response to one of the chairman’s questions, he neither looked up nor spoke before finishing a note he was writing to himself. When Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) questioned his failure to remember conversations about interrogation techniques, he only looked at her and asked: "Is there a question pending, ma’am?" Finally, at the end of the hearing, Addington was asked whether he would meet privately to discuss classified matters. "You have my number," he said. "If you issue a subpoena, we’ll go through this again.


However, that was just a warm up of things to come, It also become very testy as the hearing went forward:

He sat slouched in his chair, scratching his mustache, as Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), chairman of the Constitution subcommittee, warned about "the unaccountable monarchy" before offering Addington five minutes to make an opening statement. Addington spoke for a minute and 12 seconds — most of which was devoted to correcting two errors in Nadler’s introduction.

"Is that the entirety of your statement?" the chairman asked.

"Yes, thank you," Addington replied. "I’m ready to answer your questions."

He sure was. When John Conyers (D-Mich.) inquired about Addington’s pet legal concept, a "unitary executive theory" that confers extreme powers on the president, Addington dished out disdain.

"I frankly don’t know what you mean by unitary theory," Addington replied.

"Have you ever heard of that theory before?"

"I see it in the newspapers all the time," Addington replied.

"Do you support it?"

"I don’t know what it is."

The usually mild Conyers was angry. "You’re telling me you don’t know what the unitary theory means?"

"I don’t know what you mean by it," Addington answered.

"Do you know what you mean by it?"

"I know exactly what I mean by it."


Addington’s insolence appeared to embolden another witness, his former administration colleague John Yoo. Yoo took Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) on a semantic spin when asked about whether a torture memo was implemented.

"What do you mean by ‘implemented’?" Yoo asked.

"Mr. Yoo," Ellison pressed, "are you denying knowledge of what the word ‘implement’ means?"

"You’re asking me to define what you mean by the word?"

"No, I’m asking you to define what you mean by the word ‘implement,’ " the exasperated lawmaker clarified.

"It can mean a wide number of things," Yoo demurred.

After several such dances around the questions (whether, for example, the president could order somebody buried alive), Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) offered his grudging respect: "You guys are great on ‘Beat the Clock,’ " he said.

"I don’t play basketball," replied the 41-year-old Yoo.

"That was a game show," Cohen explained.

As you can see, convicting these guys on charges that they broke the law, and violated the Constitution is not going to be an easy task. Because obviously, these guys are not going to cooperate with Congress or with any other sort of criminal investigation. Lew Rockwell, a fellow Libertarian minded person, says, “Maybe now they’ll impeach them”.  Lew, I respect your work and writings, but I highly doubt that the impeachment or any sort of criminal hearings will take place, until after the November election and until the next President is in office.

Living Proof that Socialized Healthcare does not work

I saw this tonight and I just about fell out of my chair.

Finally, some solid proof that the Socialized healthcare in Canada is not the solution to the Healthcare crisis .

This comes from my fellow Amateur Radio Operator buddy Ed Morrissey over at, who gets paid to do, what I do, for free. (The lucky bastard…)

Unlike Ed, I’m quoting this whole thing, hopefully, I won’t get sued… It comes from Investors Business Daily, check it out, especially the bolded parts:

As this presidential campaign continues, the candidates’ comments about health care will continue to include stories of their own experiences and anecdotes of people across the country: the uninsured woman in Ohio, the diabetic in Detroit, the overworked doctor in Orlando, to name a few.

But no one will mention Claude Castonguay — perhaps not surprising because this statesman isn’t an American and hasn’t held office in over three decades.

Castonguay’s evolving view of Canadian health care, however, should weigh heavily on how the candidates think about the issue in this country.

Back in the 1960s, Castonguay chaired a Canadian government committee studying health reform and recommended that his home province of Quebec — then the largest and most affluent in the country — adopt government-administered health care, covering all citizens through tax levies.

The government followed his advice, leading to his modern-day moniker: "the father of Quebec medicare." Even this title seems modest; Castonguay’s work triggered a domino effect across the country, until eventually his ideas were implemented from coast to coast.

Four decades later, as the chairman of a government committee reviewing Quebec health care this year, Castonguay concluded that the system is in "crisis."

"We thought we could resolve the system’s problems by rationing services or injecting massive amounts of new money into it," says Castonguay. But now he prescribes a radical overhaul: "We are proposing to give a greater role to the private sector so that people can exercise freedom of choice."

Castonguay advocates contracting out services to the private sector, going so far as suggesting that public hospitals rent space during off-hours to entrepreneurial doctors. He supports co-pays for patients who want to see physicians. Castonguay, the man who championed public health insurance in Canada, now urges for the legalization of private health insurance.

In America, these ideas may not sound shocking. But in Canada, where the private sector has been shunned for decades, these are extraordinary views, especially coming from Castonguay. It’s as if John Maynard Keynes, resting on his British death bed in 1946, had declared that his faith in government interventionism was misplaced.

What would drive a man like Castonguay to reconsider his long-held beliefs? Try a health care system so overburdened that hundreds of thousands in need of medical attention wait for care, any care; a system where people in towns like Norwalk, Ontario, participate in lotteries to win appointments with the local family doctor.

Years ago, Canadians touted their health care system as the best in the world; today, Canadian health care stands in ruinous shape.

Sick with ovarian cancer, Sylvia de Vires, an Ontario woman afflicted with a 13-inch, fluid-filled tumor weighing 40 pounds, was unable to get timely care in Canada. She crossed the American border to Pontiac, Mich., where a surgeon removed the tumor, estimating she could not have lived longer than a few weeks more.

The Canadian government pays for U.S. medical care in some circumstances, but it declined to do so in de Vires’ case for a bureaucratically perfect, but inhumane, reason: She hadn’t properly filled out a form. At death’s door, de Vires should have done her paperwork better.

De Vires is far from unusual in seeking medical treatment in the U.S. Even Canadian government officials send patients across the border, increasingly looking to American medicine to deal with their overload of patients and chronic shortage of care.

Since the spring of 2006, Ontario’s government has sent at least 164 patients to New York and Michigan for neurosurgery emergencies — defined by the Globe and Mail newspaper as "broken necks, burst aneurysms and other types of bleeding in or around the brain." Other provinces have followed Ontario’s example.

Canada isn’t the only country facing a government health care crisis. Britain’s system, once the postwar inspiration for many Western countries, is similarly plagued. Both countries trail the U.S. in five-year cancer survival rates, transplantation outcomes and other measures.

The problem is that government bureaucrats simply can’t centrally plan their way to better health care.

A typical example: The Ministry of Health declared that British patients should get ER care within four hours. The result? At some hospitals, seriously ill patients are kept in ambulances for hours so as not to run afoul of the regulation; at other hospitals, patients are admitted to inappropriate wards.

Declarations can’t solve staffing shortages and the other rationing of care that occurs in government-run systems.

Polls show Americans are desperately unhappy with their system and a government solution grows in popularity. Neither Sen. Obama nor Sen. McCain is explicitly pushing for single-payer health care, as the Canadian system is known in America.

"I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer health care program," Obama said back in the 1990s. Last year, Obama told the New Yorker that "if you’re starting from scratch, then a single-payer system probably makes sense."

As for the Republicans, simply criticizing Democratic health care proposals will not suffice — it’s not 1994 anymore. And, while McCain’s health care proposals hold promise of putting families in charge of their health care and perhaps even taming costs, McCain, at least so far, doesn’t seem terribly interested in discussing health care on the campaign trail.

However the candidates choose to proceed, Americans should know that one of the founding fathers of Canada’s government-run health care system has turned against his own creation. If Claude Castonguay is abandoning ship, why should Americans bother climbing on board?

Gratzer is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a physician licensed in both the U.S. and Canada, where he received his medical training. His newest book, "The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care," is now available in paperback.

Liberal Socialized Healthcare advocate and suspected Homosexual, Michael Moore was unavailable for comment.

SCOTUS overturns DC Gun Law, and Obama Flip Flops…….again….

There is some hope for America as the Supreme Court of the United States basically struck down a ruling by the DC court, banning Guns. 

Of course, the Obamassiah, flip flopped, again.

A while back it seems that Obama said that DC gun law should be upheld. Now he’s saying that it was an “inartful attempt to explain the Senator’s consistent position.”   I have to hand it to ol’ Barry, he’s even very artful at his back peddling. He will fit in quite well up in the White House. God knows we have had quite a few Presidents who were good at spin, back peddling and outright lying, this current administration being a very good example.

What stunned me, was the reaction to the ruling by some of the commenters over at Crooks and Liars, one of the most Liberal Blogs outside of DailyKos. It seems that most liberals feel that the gun issue is a non-issue anymore, and that other more important issues are at hand. That is very surprising.

Overall, I believe this ruling is a good thing, we still have our rights to own guns, this means that the liberals have not totally destroyed our courts yet.

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You know, I do not know what is worse…

The idiots at the New York Post, printing the untrue bullcrap about Keith Olbermann or that Hillary worshiping Shumuck Larry Johnson over at No Quarter for even Blogging about it. Of course, we all know now that Larry Johnson was the one who floated the rumor about the "Whitey" tape, but is still yet to release said tape.

You know, when Michelle Malkin says that you’re unreliable, that’s pretty freakin’ bad.

Oh, and by the way, Here’s Keith’s "Worst person in the World" from last night basically letting people know that the Post’s Page six is, as always, full of it.:

More fruits of Liberalism

Here are the fruits of Liberal President Bill Clinton and the soon to be fruits of B. Hussein Obama.
The death penalty is unconstitutional as a punishment for the rape of a child, a sharply divided Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

The 5-to-4 decision overturned death penalty laws in Louisiana and five other states. The only two men in the country who have been sentenced to death for the crime of child rape, both in Louisiana, will receive new sentences of life without parole.

The court went beyond the question in the case to rule out the death penalty for any individual crime — as opposed to “offenses against the state,” such as treason or espionage — “where the victim’s life was not taken.”

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, writing for the majority, said there was “a distinction between intentional first-degree murder on the one hand and non-homicide crimes against individual persons,” even such “devastating” crimes as the rape of a child, on the other.

The decision was the third in the last six years to place a categorical limitation on capital punishment. In 2002, the court barred the execution of mentally retarded defendants. In 2005, it ruled that the Constitution bars the death penalty for crimes committed before the age of 18.Supreme Court Rejects Death Penalty for Child Rape – NYTimes.

Remember folks, this is what the Democrats want. Slap on the hand to people who rape and kill children.

That’s your Liberals for you.

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A good sign that we Bloggers are making a difference…

I was looking in my logs here and I noticed this:

So, I take comfort in knowing what I write is being watched in Washington DC by our congress. This is a good thing.

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More Neo-Conservative Imperialism

My friends, this is what happens, when you elect a President for all the wrong reasons.
The White House in December refused to accept the Environmental Protection Agency’s conclusion that greenhouse gases are pollutants that must be controlled, telling agency officials that an e-mail message containing the document would not be opened, senior E.P.A. officials said last week.

The document, which ended up in e-mail limbo, without official status, was the E.P.A.’s answer to a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that required it to determine whether greenhouse gases represent a danger to health or the environment, the officials said.White House Refused to Open Pollutants E-Mail –

This my friends is a classic example of being so blinded by your personal ideology, that you refuse to listen to those, who might just know a little more about the said subject that yourself.

An Example:

Both documents, as prepared by the E.P.A., “showed that the Clean Air Act can work for certain sectors of the economy, to reduce greenhouse gases,” one of the senior E.P.A. officials said. “That’s not what the administration wants to show. They want to show that the Clean Air Act can’t work.”

The Bush administration’s climate-change policies have been evolving over the past two years. It now accepts the work of government scientists studying global warming, such as last week’s review forecasting more drenching rains, parching droughts and intense hurricanes as global temperatures warm (

But no administration decisions have supported the regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act or other environmental laws.

This is where I will give John McCain, his first and possibly only pass on this Blog. At least John McCain realizes that there is a problem with Global Warming, although his solutions to the problem, fall far short of the solutions purposed by the Democrats in congress and by the EPA.

This sort of willful blindness to the problems that we are facing as a Nation, and by the World as a whole, is what will put the Republican Party in the minority for a long time to come.

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Telcom Companies gave $8K to Democrats who changed their vote on FISA

I do believe that if Keith Olbermann doesn’t do a special comment, he will do a segment on it tomorrow.


Last week, on June 20, the House of Representatives approved a compromise bill to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA). The bill sets new electronic surveillance rules that effectively shield telecommunications companies from lawsuits resulting from the government’s warrantless eavesdropping on phone calls and viewing of emails of private citizens in the U.S. Approximately 40 lawsuits have been filed with potential damages totaling in the billions of dollars.

On March 14 of this year the House passed an amendment that rejected retroactive immunity for phone carriers who helped the National Security Agency carry out the illegal wiretapping program without proper warrants. Ninety-four House Democrats voted in favor of this measure–rejecting immunity–on March 14, then ‘changed’ to vote in favor of the June 20 House bill–approving immunity.

“Why did these ninety-four House members have a change of heart?” asked Daniel Newman, executive director of, “Their constituents deserve answers.”SPOTLIGHT: Telco PACs Gave $8K to Dems Who Changed Their Vote on FISA – (via

This does not surprise me in the least. Special interest has been a part of Politics and Washington D.C. for a long time. Obama claims that he is fighting against this, but I somehow doubt it.

The List of sell outs is:



Clyburn, James




Hoyer, Steny




Emanuel, Rahm




Boucher, Frederick




Meeks, Gregory




Crowley, Joseph




Pelosi, Nancy




Bean, Melissa




Edwards, Thomas




Baca, Joe




Engel, Eliot




Bishop, Sanford




Moore, Dennis




Spratt, John




Thompson, Bennie




Melancon, Charles




Cuellar, Henry




Stupak, Bart




Ackerman, Gary




Butterfield, George




Tanner, John




Kind, Ronald




Barrow, John




Gordon, Barton




Costa, Jim




Ross, Mike




Green, Al




Hinojosa, Rubén




Cardoza, Dennis




Schiff, Adam




Boswell, Leonard




Boyd, F.




Tauscher, Ellen




Skelton, Ike




Ellsworth, Brad




Gutierrez, Luis




Rahall, Nick




Harman, Jane




Langevin, James




Lipinski, Daniel




Reyes, Silvestre




Matheson, Jim




Scott, David




Wilson, Charles




Cleaver, Emanuel




Etheridge, Bob




Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie




Salazar, John




Hastings, Alcee




McCarthy, Carolyn




McIntyre, Mike




Davis, Artur




Murtha, John




Ortiz, Solomon




Brown, Corrine




Donnelly, Joe




Berman, Howard




Bishop, Timothy




Dicks, Norman




Lowey, Nita




Mahoney, Tim




Murphy, Patrick




Smith, Adam




Arcuri, Michael




Altmire, Jason




Castor, Kathy




Chandler, Ben




Giffords, Gabrielle




Higgins, Brian




McNerney, Jerry




Mitchell, Harry




Pomeroy, Earl




Sherman, Brad




Sires, Albio




Berkley, Shelley




Boyda, Nancy




Gillibrand, Kirsten




Kanjorski, Paul




Kildee, Dale




Klein, Ron




Perlmutter, Ed




Rodriguez, Ciro




Space, Zackary




Baird, Brian




Berry, Robert




Marshall, James




Peterson, Collin




Richardson, Laura




Ruppersberger, C.A.




Sestak, Joe




Snyder, Victor




Taylor, Gene




Udall, Mark




Yarmuth, John


Unbelievable. So much for the Democrat’s idea of new politics, all this talk of hope and change, is nothing more than a well orchestrated sham.

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Jaw dropping cool Obama Video.

I know the most of you have heard the song, “Black President”, by NAS.

Well, here is supporter made video for it. Note, this is not the official Video. This was made by someone with Video Editing software.

I hate to say it, but John McCain doesn’t have a prayer in hell in winning this election.If this video is indication of the desire for change in this country, and If the current polls are any indication, I do not look for a Conservative to be in the White House for a very long time. Thanks to Bush and his Neo-Conservative idiotic nonsense, Conservativism is being run to the rat holes.

Thank you George W. Bush, you bastard.

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