Meryl Yourish writes what I have known for a while now

You all remember when I got a little fired up here the other night on twitter, after I saw a couple Anti-War Liberal pukes slamming Israel and making Antisemitic comments?

Well, it turns out that Meryl Yourish knows the same thing that I do. That the overall modus operandi of the Palestinians and the liberal media who are in bed with them; is not for a two state solution. But rather the destruction of Israel as a State.  That, as you all know from my blog posting, is a bit more than I can tolerate. I am the most open-minded person in the World, However, I have no patience for people who hate; just to hate — because of someone’s ethnic background.

Any Christian or any person that knows their history; knows that America and Israel have had a wonderful relationship. Because of this, America has been incredibly blessed for that by God Almighty. Also, when the United States has kicked dirt in the face of Israel; we have paid a terrible price for it. Israel is God’s land and if we turn against them, we will pay for it; one way or another. This is why I have been troubled at President Barack Obama’s cagey, at best, relationship and his disrespecting of Israel. Believe me, when I tell you; it is nothing partisan about it. However, it is something that clashes with my personal Christian beliefs and my deep Biblical convictions.

There are some of you, that might be surprised that I did a supposed “360” on my stance of Israel. It was not really a sudden reversal. It was not really a reversal at all; it was simply owning up to the fact that many in the libertarian/Paleo-Conservative camps are very much racist and Anti-Semitic. Even as a someone who feels that America should not be an imperialist Nation, I simply cannot agree with hatred of those who are Jewish — nor can I side with those who are against, and wish for the destruction of Israel.

As my video said, I may not be the best spokesperson for the Jewish people and for Israel. However, I firmly believe that America’s prosperity and well-being is DIRECTLY tied to our relationship with the state of Israel.  If we should ever abdicate that relationship; I dreadfully fear what would become of this beautiful Country of ours.

I hope all of my readers truly understand.

Kudo’s to Mrs. Yourish for standing for her Homeland and may God in Heaven Bless her and her Family.