Local Story: Detroit Police officers shot

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Detroit— The four police officers who were shot inside their precinct are recovering today, as officials take a hard look at security measures.

Police plan to release the surveillance video that captured Sunday’s harrowing shooting. Investigators say 38-year-old Lamar Moore of Detroit entered the 6th Precinct on the city’s northwest side about 4:30 p.m. and shot Cmdr. Brian Davis, who’s in charge of the precinct; Officer David Anderson; Sgt. Ray Saati; and Sgt. Carrie Schulz.

Officers returned fire, killing Moore, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said today.

“I watched the video, and was impressed with the acts of heroism (by the officers involved),” Godbee said. “In a split second, their lives changed.

Paula Hodges, Moore’s grandmother, declined to comment about the incident. But a woman who identified herself as Moore’s sister said she was “shocked” by what happened.

“He wasn’t like that at all,” the woman said. “This is totally out of character for him.”

Godbee said police were investigating Moore before the shooting at the precinct.

“We were investigating whether he was involved in another crime,” Godbee said, adding that police had been to a home connected with Moore prior to the shooting.

There were reports that Moore had visited the 6th Precinct a few hours before the shooting, but Godbee could not verify those reports. “We’re taking a close look (at video surveillance tape) to see whether he was there earlier,” Godbee said. “I can’t definitively say whether he came in (the precinct) before.”

John Sellers, 55, said Moore used to live with him on Roselawn Street, and still used his address to get mail.

“I’m shocked this happened,” Sellers said. “I never thought he’d do something like this. He always had a smile on his face.” — Gunman’s sister: Shooting was ‘totally out of character for him’ | detnews.com | The Detroit News

I have been meaning to write about this; but have been a bit busy. I saw yesterday on a Conservative site, people carping about what the man’s religion was — to which I say…”Oh Please:roll: The man is black and the local Fox Affliate here said that they were hearing from sources that the man might have had a grudge against the police. Plus, now this info above. I really believe that the Conservative Blogging world and World in general needs to chill out about assuming everything is connected to Islam. Anyhow, as someone who had ambitions to be in law enforcement at one point in my young life; I find this news to be absolutely heartbreaking. I used to be a Police Explorer and if things had been different, I most likely would have been a Detroit Police Officer.

My thoughts and Prayers are with the familes and with the guys down at the Sixth. 🙁