Man, I thought I was an asshole

This guy here, makes me look like a boy scout! Seriously. 😯

In all honesty, I am quite shocked that someone has not taken the law into their own hands and popped the guy. (and if you do not know what I mean by “popped the guy”, look it up……)

I mean, I admit that I use the “Google Juice”; But I use it for pretty much honest purposes. Which is blog promotion and so forth. This is guy is using Google to outright defraud people, which is morally wrong.

Either way, it is a perfect example of bad or evil capitalism. Yes, I do believe there is such a thing. The man is a scam artist. I am all for Business, Capitalism, and making money — but in a honest and legal manner. Not like this; that is dishonest and is illegal and this guy should be cooling his heals in a jail cell somewhere.

The biggest issue about this guy and his little scam operation; is that it makes honest, hard working small business owners look horrible. Because seeing that the New York Times is reporting it; it will be framed in the manner that the readers will believe that ALL business owners are like that. That my friends is simply just not the truth; not everyone is out to screw the customer like that.

Hell, I used to run a business, a very small one; but just the same, it was a small business and I went out of my way to make sure that my customers were always happy. As a result of that, many of them would come looking for me and would ask me, if I could get them what they wanted and I usually was able to get them what they wanted. I used to be in the Electronics Business. I sold CB radios and Accessories, at one time. I took care of my customers. If I could not beat the big guy’s prices, I would tell them and they usually would get it from the other person.

However, there were times when I could I get a good deal on something and I would pass it on to my customers. The point here that I am trying to make is this; this idiot is making a mockery of the business would. He is a rude jerk and is getting away with it. Not to mention the legality of what he is doing. But above all, it just makes small business owners look bad, and that my friends is just not good. Something should be done about him and quickly.

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