Hey, Dave Poff, why don’t you just call President Obama the N-Word and get it over with?

I hate having to write about stupid crap like this; but sometimes it gets to be a bit much.

President Obama said this, while out stumping for Democrats:

He said Republicans had driven the economy into a ditch and then stood by and criticized while Democrats pulled it out. Now that progress has been made, he said, “we can’t have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.

For the record, Obama is, at least partially correct —- Republicans, when in power and in the majority during the Bush era; did get addicted to pork and spending — just like they did back in the 1990’s. However, it is fair to note that the Democrats did do the social engineering of the economy and the housing market. This caused the bubble and the eventual collapse of the housing market and the flash crash of 2008; which lead to the credit crisis and the bailouts and so forth.

Anyhow, this blockhead over Redstate, a Dave Poff writes this idiotic tripe:

In the new post-racial America, brought to us by Barack “don’t call me black or white, just call me American” Obama, we have been told our differences are behind us now…just because he exists and… just because he is black. Yet, day by day and speech by speech, this President has done more damage to race relations than any combination of Presidents since Lyndon Johnson…and he, at least, tried to make things better with a sincere heart.

Were anyone else to have been caught on tape making these sorts of remarks, they’d have already been fired and given a 2 million dollar job contract with the competition. Oh wait.

The lack of outrage should surprise no one here. We were told to vote for him… not because he was black but… because he brought with him hope and change and the promise of a color blind society. He has delivered on none of these, instead making race relations worse today than they were before he was elected. Since being sworn in we’ve been routinely told that any disagreements with his agenda HAD to be because he was… wait for it…


Some of us fall for that drivel, but most of us…and especially the folks pulling levers in voting booths all across America in a few days…know better. A great DEAL better.

Bridging the racial divide in this country will not come from highlighting our differences and throwing these in our faces so we can turn them against each other. And it will most certainly not come from throwing slurs at individual groups or races, or using *dated* ones to make jokes at the expense of others.

It will come from mutual respect and understanding, each of the other. This President has neither, and he is not qualified to lead any of us in the struggle to get there.

Yeah Dave, as your little acronym says, “Are you fucking kidding me?” Are you? Really? I mean, making comments like this; is not doing a damn bit of good for our side man. I dislike the President’s policies as much as the next person —- but basically backhandedly calling the President of the United States the N-Word — is just fucking wrong dude. This is the same fucking Redstate who called me a fucking Anti-Semite and blasted my personal information all over the net. (follow the links to the various postings please….) Something I have not forgotten about, and still might seek legal action against the owner of and the people that pony up the cash to keep that site afloat; which happens to be Townhall.com.

If we lose this damned election, we will have nothing or no one to blame, but our own damned selves. I mean, between this beat down of a Moveon.org person and this here; I think we might just be shooting ourselves in the foot. Not to mention what Sharon Angle is doing —- dissing Latinos? Seriously? What an idiot! :roll:

I mean, Dave Poff could have embedded this video here on RedState and basically done the same damned thing, and gotten better results. Yeah folks, it’s that damned stupid. :roll: