White Seattle Teen beaten by Asian and Black Teens

I was not going to touch this; but seeing that Jim Hoft is being attacked and they are trying to tie me to it — here is the story:

The Video: (via KOMO-TV)

The Story via  The Seattle Times:

Two men who were questioned and released by Seattle police after a West Seattle teen was beaten in a racially charged attack have been charged in connection with the May 25 assault. One of the men was arrested Tuesday evening.

DNA recently linked Ahmed Mohamed and Jonathan Baquiring to the attack in which a 16-year-old boy was robbed, taunted with racial insults, burned with a lit cigarette and punched repeatedly. Mohamed, 22, and Baquiring, 21, each were charged Monday with first-degree robbery and malicious harassment, the state’s hate-crime statute.

Baquiring was booked into the Seattle Correctional Facility just after 6 p.m. Tuesday, according to the King County Jail Booking Register. His bail is set at $500,000.

Seattle police are still searching for Mohamed.

King County Deputy Prosecutor Samantha Kanner will also seek to have Mohamed held on $500,000 bail once he is arrested, according to charging papers.

The victim, Shane McClellan, said he was walking home around 2 a.m. when two men, whom he described as black and Filipino, asked him for a light.

He said the two men then robbed him and beat him for four hours, whipping him with his own belt while saying things like, “How do you like it, white boy?” and “This is for enslaving our people,according to the police report.

McClellan, who is white, said the two men also poured Four Loko energy beer on him, burned him with a cigarette and urinated on him, police said.

Okay now, I want these bastards to attack me. The thugs that attacked this white man, were not “Black People”, they were not ‘African-Americans” — they were NEGRO and ASIAN thugs! Period! Racism? Please. :roll:  What about Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsom from Knoxville, Tennessee —- a white couple tortured, raped and killed by blacks? Were those people racists too? The police conveniently did not classify that as a hate crime! Because it did not fit liberal narrative; that all white people are evil and we are the one’s that hurt blacks. Which is of course, straight up BULLSHIT!

Now look at this face!

Look at it!

Now you tell me that I should “celebrate diversity”….. and I will tell you, what I tell every damned body that tells me that….:


and by the way liberals. I happen to think this site is pretty damned cool. Why? Because I happen to think that the liberal idea of Diversity IS CRAP! 😡 Update: However, I am not sending that hate site no traffic. Not smart.

I could save that town a whole bunch of money; get a good rope and damn tree and FIX that little situation! Now bring it on liberals —- BRING IT THE FUCK ON, PLEASE. I FUCKING DARE YOU! I want to see you justify this fucking crime; please, do it. I want to, so bad, to prove my damned point about you fucking bastards. BRING IT!

Update: I guess now, that they will call me a Neo-Nazi for posting this. which, of course, bullcrap.