Updated:A Million people attend 9/12 project protest in D.C. – Think Progress goes out of thier way to find “Offensive” signs

Well, it looks like the 9/12’ers met in Washington D.C.

If these pictures are an accurate representation of what happened up there and what is happening in America:


(H/T to InstaPundit –  Photo Snapped by Mary Katherine Ham)

Here’s another:


(H/T Michelle Malkin, it’s a screengrab from here)

….then the Democrats are in DEEP and I do mean, DEEP doo doo come 2010 and even possibly 2012. I mean, WOW. Just WOW. 😮 😯

You can read the round up of MSM and Blogger reactions by going Here, Here, Here, and Here (whew!)

Best sign photo yet: (H/T to VodkaPundit)


and, there’s this very cool video that comes via JammieWearingFool:

The only objection I have to this video is this. At the part where it says, “New Boss, same as the old boss”; I would have a picture of George W. Bush, and then faded in a Picture of Obama and not Karl Marx. Because whether we want to admit it or not. Obama is just continuing the policies of Bush. The stuff that he promised to change. He has not. He is doing the same stuff.

Anyhow, it was a great protest. Even if I did sleep through most of it. 😳 😀

Update: ….and of course, Think Progress goes out of their way to find “offensive” signs and of course blame the Republicans for it. Nuance.

Update #2: Liberals accuse Michelle Malkin of faking a photo and of course, she schools the idiot bastards….again.

9 thoughts on “Updated:A Million people attend 9/12 project protest in D.C. – Think Progress goes out of thier way to find “Offensive” signs

  1. I was there in DC from NC and it was a great gathering of real Americans to protest against big government led by both political parties. Oh, and by the way, regardless of what is reported, I saw only one rebel flag and it was a very civil gathering. More to come.

  2. I’ve NEVER been more proud of my country than I am at this moment. WE HAVE THE POWER!!!

    I have realized the liberal fraud for what it is and the blatant attempt to transform this country into a radical left-wing dictatorship (think worse than socialism, think communism and ultimately, slavery.) The unaccountable private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve has EVERYTHING to do with this.

    Watch The Obama Deception and see for yourself.

    We have to hold these people accountable for the trillions of dollars they’ve been given by both the current and previous administrations! THIS IS OUR FUTURE AT STAKE!!!

    Contact your representatives and tell them to support HR 1207 and S 604, which are the House and Senate versions of Ron Paul’s bill to Audit The Federal Reserve. Then we can finally see whose private bank accounts our tax dollars are going to.

    This site has links you can follow to contact your Congressperson and URGE THEM to support this bill.


    This message brought to you by a Bush hating Obama voting member of the mob who finally WOKE UP!

  3. It matters little now just WHAT the actual attendance was, the message has been delivered and the ball is rolling! TRUE AMERCIANS ARE STANDING UP AND FIGHTING THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR CONSTITUTION!

    Throw your party affiliations out the window, realize that we’ve been fooled again! Obama is no democrat, he is a communist to the core!

    WAKE UP!!!

    Don’t be ashamed if you voted for him, be ashamed if you don’t fight him now. He has established a shadow government of unelected, policy dictating “czars” who are in the process of turning this country into a BIG BROTHER state the likes of which not even Orwell could have imagined.

    Defend this country from it’s GREATEST DOMESTIC ENEMY IN HISTORY before it’s too late!!!

    Contact your representatives and urge them to support H.R. 3226: Czar Accountability and Reform (CZAR) Act of 2009, and stop this tyranny in it’s tracks!


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