Local News: It is not just the big three feeling the pinch

It seems that the big three are not the only automakers feeling the pinch.

Via Detroit News:

Honda Motor Co. is reducing production in North America by a further 119,000 vehicles in its fiscal year ending March 31, the company said Friday. Honda previously had announced output cuts of 56,000 vehicles for the year.

The Japanese automaker now expects its full-year output in the region to dip to 1.29 million cars and light trucks, from its original target of 1.47 million.

Production is being cut across the board, with output reductions planned for small as well as larger vehicles, company spokesman Ed Miller said. “Showroom traffic is down for everyone,” he said. “The dealers just aren’t in a position to order the number of cars they had been ordering.”

Production cuts are scheduled for Honda’s plants in Alabama, Ohio, Indiana and Canada, but the company does not plan to lay off any workers.

So much for the idea that the big three are causing their own problems. Looks like the Japanese are feeling the pinch too.  I would be willing to bet that you will not be seeing this blogged on any other Conservative Blogs. Because that would mess up the message that it is the Unions fault that G.M. and Chrysler are in the shape that they are in.

Of course they are not going to lay anyone off, the Japanese have all that extra money laying around, they can pay those people to work. They have made it by stealing market share away from the America Workers.

It truly is a pity, those bastards bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. We defeated them, but they really won the long war, by stealing our jobs and market share, aided and abetted by Globalist Neo-Conservatives, who’s only concern was to make a quick buck.