In defense of Pamela Geller

As I was preparing to take my afternoon nap, I happened to come upon an article written by the website In it, Gawker insults Geller and accuses her of trying to cover up a portion of a posting that was made back in 2007. Something that Geller explained today fully on her blog.

Now, here is where I get involved.

As I said in the comments section of Pamela’s Blog:


Pamela Geller is no more responsible for the Oslo, Norway massacre than I am. The very idea that anyone would actually blame her is asinine. This is nothing more than the moronic leftist idea of guilt by association and it is bullshit of the highest order. I admit, I thought it was an Islamic extremist attack on that Country; everyone did on the right. That is because Muslims are known for blowing shit up! Does anyone recall 9/11? Hello?!?! :roll:

Pam might not want to hear it from this corner, but I will go to bat for the woman. She edited a fucking posting on her blog; BIG FUCKING DEAL ASSHOLES! Last time I checked, it is her blog and she can do what she damned well pleases with it, and she does not need Charles FUCKING Foster Johnsons permission to do it either!

Having said that; I am going to say this and Mr. Johnson you can take this any goddamned way you want. A while back, I fucked with Johnson a little and he got all upset for me supposedly threatening him. Well, Johnson I am going to publish this one; if I ever happen to come across you at any sort of blogger function, which I know you will not attend, because you are the World’s greatest fucking pussy. Nevertheless, if I ever happen to come across you, I promise you dude — I intend on breaking your fucking jaw dude. That is not a fucking threat dude, that is a fucking promise — you pony-tailed faggot piece of shit. (Apologies to Homosexuals everywhere…) You just do not do what you are doing and get away with it. What you are doing to Pamela Geller is on par with Hitler’s persecution on the Jews and I am not going to stand around and watch some Nazi fuck pick on Pam. Sorry man, not how I roll. I am in Michigan and you are in California; you should be glad of that fact. 😡

To Gawker, as I said on Pam’s site: Anti-Semite much?!?! I am just saying. I mean, I really have to wonder; would you be going after Pam as much, if she were not a Jew? I really have to wonder about that. As for your comments about Pam’s Blog; let me give you all a wakeup call – you blog is no prize either guys! I mean, it looked great before that redesign; but fuck…now? Jebus, looks like it was designed by a fucking 12-year-old in 1999!

Anyhow, there is my defense of the woman. Anyone wants to fuck with me; bring it on. I can take it — Hell, figure if I can handle insignificant Ron Paul thugs, I can handle you all.

Update: Pam Links in. As I wrote over there. You are very welcome Pam. This stuff is silly and I ain’t got no love for silly shit!! 😡 Either way, glad to help!

Update #2: Thanks to Zilla for linking here as well. Also thanks to all the commentators and for the donation. It is nice to see that there people out there that actually get it. 😀

Update #3:  There are some, as I might have expected; that simply do not believe that I am now in support of Israel. To them I simply say this: Yes, I was a skeptic of Israel, mainly because of some of the actions of that Government. However, my skepticism never rose to the level of hate, ever. As a Christian, I simply decided that I could not and would not side with hatred. You see Here, Here and Here and figure out what I am talking about. If that is not good enough for you; I can only say one thing —- I am sorry. 🙁

Update #4: Thanks to Winds of Jihad for linking in!

20 thoughts on “In defense of Pamela Geller

          1. Thanks for linking to me! In the part of my post where I thank those who’ve linked, I also told my readers that your post is kickass & a must read, because it it!

            1. You’re very welcome. 🙂

              You think that posting was harsh?

              You just wait and see what I’ve got planned for the 9/11 10’th Anniversary. 😡

          1. Thanks, Zilla.

            Sorry, Patrick, for assuming you’d get me even though you don’t know me. Don’t be worried; you haven’t made the list of a stalker or some other psycho. It’s really the chivalry you expressed that I’m in love with. I’ve got a man here at home that would break the jaw of any man if he ever said things about me like the things the Little Green Johnson has said about Pamela Geller. If there were more men willing to do the same for women and were vocal about it,too, there’d be far fewer lefturd males saying the horrible, sexist things they say about Geller, Palin, Malkin and other conservative women. (How any woman can stand to be with any pansy-assed lefturd male is beyond me.)

            So, way to go, Patrick!

  1. Pam Geller has always been a friend of mine since 9/11.
    She has a heart as big as those mighty Twin Towers that once graced the skyline. Pam will be defending freedom for a long time.
    I would love to see that fight with Charles. I would even sell tickets for the event.
    A verbal match would be much cooler because we could see Charles sink to his low life “leech level”. Then we could all apply the verbal truth salts and watch him shrivel up into the blood clot that he is.

    1. I would love to see that fight with Charles. I would even sell tickets for the event.
      A verbal match would be much cooler because we could see Charles sink to his low life “leech level”. Then we could all apply the verbal truth salts and watch him shrivel up into the blood clot that he is.

      You’re not one to mince words now, are ya? 😉

      I agree….. and thank you for the comment. 😀

    1. Bill, you sir, are a damned idiot.

      I defended Pamela Geller; because she does not have to answer to that Pony-tailed idiot Charles Foster Johnson.

      and if you believe that the idiot says, you sir, are a damned fool!

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