The Classless Left: Exhibit JH for Jewish Hatred

For our newest installation of Leftest Hate, we have far-leftest Blogger TBogg telling Jewish Conservative Bill Kristol to do something involving the male body. (CONTENT WARNING!)

Notice he uses the word “Neo-Conservative”?

In leftist and Paleo-Conservative speak, (Which is where the liberals learned the term…) “Neo-Conservative” or it’s shorter brother, “Neo-Con” refers to anyone, whether Conservative or not, that agrees with Wilsonian Foreign policy. It also stands for basically a Jewish Conservative as well. As the term does have origins among the Paleo-Conservatives or old right; who were bigoted and quite resentful of the Jews who crossed over from being Democrats to Republicans.

I would quote some of that deranged nonsense over here; but the good majority of it is just sheer unhinged hate.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not a Bill Kristol fan, not by a long shot; but that is just over the top and sheer lunacy.

Somewhere, Michelle Malkin is smiling.

...and smile she should...

Corrected Grammar errors. What I get for hustling an entry out. D’oh! 😳

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