Farewell Paypal, until you fix this problem

I am a little late to the trough on this one. But I figured it did deserve a few lines of my support.

As some of you might know, PayPal has sent Pamela Geller a threat, that if she did not remove their badges from her blogs, that they would close her account. Well, that will never do. This flies into my libertarian radar; what I mean is this — Freedom of Speech is Freedom Speech is Freedom of Speech. I do not care if it is Pamela Geller, David Duke, or Fred Phelps of “God Hates Fags” fame. The point is that the first amendment applies to everyone, including Pamela Geller and her quest against those who wish to convert American into an Islamic Country. Which is, by the way, something that I personally happen to support.

So, having said that, Last night, I actually closed my PayPal account, that I have owned since the late 1990’s. At first, I thought of ignoring Pamela’s plight. I figured, “Eh, Sling Poo, attract flies…”. Then it dawned on me, I’ve slung my fair share of poo around myself and I have also paid a price for it. Now, do I think Pamela would return the favor? No, I don’t. But there is a Bible verse, you know, that thing that God actually wrote? Anyhow, A Bible verse that comes to mind, these are the actual Words of the Lord Jesus Christ, That would be God’s Son:

And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. (Luke 6:31 – King James Version)

….and So, that is why I did it. Until PayPal backs down. I will not be doing business with them, at all. I now use Gpay for all donations here.

Sometimes have you have to stand, for what you feel is right. So, here I stand. 😀

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6 thoughts on “Farewell Paypal, until you fix this problem

  1. Um…you do know of course that the first amendment only prohibits government censorship of speech. The first amendment does not apply to private businesses like Paypal.

    1. True, it doesn’t. But there’s also that thing called the “Free Market” and people like me, can just close our accounts. I mean, they threatened Atlas. But Revolution Muslim is still using Paypal? That’s B.S. and that’s why I closed my account.

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