NYT compares the Tea Party Movement to the Weather Underground

Go figure. :roll:

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Ann Althouse Says:

I have had lovers quarrels with Communists.

Lovely. 😯 😮

R.S. McCain screams:


Indeed. 😛

Just my observation; Anyone that cannot differentiate between a violent anti-Government or Anti-American terrorist and someone peacefully protesting the misdeeds of the current Government in power, shouldn’t be driving a damn car —-  Much less writing an opinion column. Besides all of this, just where the hell where these socialist liberal idiots, when the idiotic people were calling for the death of President George W. Bush? Oh, that’s right! They were providing covering for them and also, supporting them as well. :roll:

Damned hypocrites, every last one of them. 😡 Which is why I will never support the Democratic Party, ever again. I’d rather never work another damned job in my life and be as poor as a Church mouse, and never vote again for that Party again; than to sell my soul to a party of Socialists who reek with the smell of utter hypocrisy.

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3 thoughts on “NYT compares the Tea Party Movement to the Weather Underground

  1. I’ve linked to your post from Rodney King, Emmanuel Cleaver, Steve Cohen (D, TN-09), Riots were not the intention

    I recall the riots because I was in the greater Los Angeles area when they took place. The Main Stream News reported the beating, they did not give much concern to the high speed chase – The record of King which the LAPD could pick up about his convictions for assault, battery and robbery; or the fact that he ignored officer demands. When a policemen makes a demand one does not have an option to ignore it. Could less force have been used? It seems so.

    When Steve Cohen (D, TN-09) is saying the Tea Party is a KKK origination – and Emmanuel Cleaver says he heard chanting of the N-word I can not help but see parallels to the riots in Los Angeles, which occurred because of deception.

    It was not the intent of Rodney King to create riots. Nor Emmanuel Cleaver, Steve Cohen (D, TN-09) – but it was the effect of Rodney King that riots happened. One does not yell fire in a theater (unless it is true) because the effect is people run out. Rodney King yelled fire – he apparently was under the influence. Emmanuel Cleaver yelled fire – he apparently was sober and able to think clearly – felt pressured from the people. Steve Cohen yelled fire – he apparently had time to consider his words – nothing happened before the words to make them a reaction.

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