Quote of the Day

Fascist groups are now capitalizing on European concerns over precisely these types of issues because their own governments have refused to act. Politicians continue to stick their head in the nearest sandbox, perhaps aware that a problem created by a generation could not be solved overnight. Rather than beginning to rethink the policies that have resulted in so many Europeans turning to extremist groups, they seem to have reconciled themselves to the idea that they govern a continent of several million closet racists. If this attitude persists, we are in deeper trouble than we previously thought.

Seventy years ago, Europe had statesmen who achieved greatness by facing down fascism. It is time for this generation to take up the mantle. Islamism needs to be defeated. European politicians also need to face up to issues important to the majority, rather than cowardly elites or grudge-laden minorities. Do that — even try to do that — and support for white extremist groups will drain. Ignore it, and it is hard to be optimistic about Europe’s future.

Caldwell wonders if Europe can be the same with different people in it. The answer he clearly comes to is “No.” The question now is how long it takes Europeans to reach the same conclusion. And what they will do when they come to it.