I have come to a conclusion about the President

That he is either abysmally ignorant or grossly naive.

The reason I say this, is because now, Obama is now saying that he is shocked SHOCKED that there would be any uproar over him calling the police dept “Stupid” for how they handled race-baiter and general stupid idiot, Henry Gates.

ABC News reports:  (Please,be sure and watch the video, please, I cannot embed it here)

President Obama today stood by his comments that the Cambridge, Mass., police department acted “stupidly” in its arrest of Henry Louis Gates, telling ABC News that the Harvard University professor should not have been arrested.

“I have to say I am surprised by the controversy surrounding my statement, because I think it was a pretty straightforward commentary that you probably don’t need to handcuff a guy, a middle-aged man who uses a cane, who’s in his own home,” Obama said.

In an exclusive interview with ABC’s Terry Moran to air on “Nightline” tonight, Obama said it doesn’t make sense to him that the situation escalated to the point that Gates was arrested.

“I think that I have extraordinary respect for the difficulties of the job that police officers do,” the president told Moran. “And my suspicion is that words were exchanged between the police officer and Mr. Gates and that everybody should have just settled down and cooler heads should have prevailed. That’s my suspicion.”

The president said he understands the sergeant who arrested Gates is an “outstanding police officer.” But he added that with all that’s going on in the country with health care and the economy and the wars abroad, “it doesn’t make sense to arrest a guy in his own home if he’s not causing a serious disturbance.”

It is quite obvious that Obama is biased in this situation, because he is black. So much for a Post-Racial President! The man still clings to the past racial nonsense of the 1960’s. I guess his Communist mentor in Hawaii had more influence than we thought.

What really perplexes  me, is how Obama is going directly against the Police union:

Crowley and his union slammed the president today for his comments about the incident at Gates’ house last week.

Obama “was dead wrong to malign this police officer specifically and the department in general,” Alan McDonald, the lawyer for the Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association, told ABC News today.

Crowley also chimed in, saying that the president’s characterization was “way off base. … I acted appropriately,” Crowley told WBZ Radio in Boston Thursday.

“I support the president of the United States 110 percent,” Crowley told WBZ. “I think he’s way off base wading into a local issue without knowing all the facts, as he himself stated before he made that comment.”

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said today that the president was not calling the Cambridge police officer stupid when he criticized his actions in the Gates incident.

On whether the president regrets the use of his words, Gibbs said: “No. He was not calling the officer stupid. The situation got out of hand.”

Gibbs said he was not aware whether the president had spoken to Gates.

This is part that makes me wonder if the President is dealing with a full deck —- or not. Why I say this is; does the President have any remote clue, how stupid it is to insult a union worker? The Police do have a union, does Obama even know this or realize the implications of crossing the police union? I mean, Obama may as well have called the United Auto Workers, a bunch of lazy bums!  Obama has basically gone against his own base! I mean, does not Obama release that this union is, as are all Union affiliated with the A.F.L-C.I.O; and that these organizations communicate with one another? There is an old saying when it comes to progressive politics; and anything else for that matter, and that is; you just do not bite the hand that feeds you. Obama has just bitten one the biggest hands in progressive politics!

Something tells me, that Obama is going to be doing some serious kissing up here in the next few weeks or else he can forget about running in 2012. Because you just do not stab the unions in the back and expect to be reelected. You would think that Obama, being quite the progressive that he is, would know something like this.I may now be a Conservative; but I do know the inner workings of progressive politics and Unions are a big part of it. Obama might find this out, when it is time for him to be reelected come 2012.

When you have lost the unions, you have basically lost your base and your chances of being reelected.

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