The Iran Situation

It seems that the situation in Iran is worse than the MSM is letting on…

Video via Andrew Sullivan, whom I have had issues with in the past, is following closely, as is AllahPundit:

What they are shouting is “Allah Akbar!” or “God is great!”; which happens to be what most terrorists shout, just before they blow themselves up. Which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Islamic terrorists hijacked a Religion. The irony is that this is same chant that was used during the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The neat thing about this is that this was all organized via twitter.

I’ll be posting things, that I see via the twitter feed and via twitterfall. Hash tags to use on twitter are #Iranelections, #iran, #Iranelection, #Ahmadinejad and possibly more, which I will add as I see them.

Update: BBC Report on the Situation in Iran, with reaction from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and someone from the Canadian Government:

Update #2 : Just received two reports via twitter user named persiankiwi:

fires burning. heard some gunshots about 10 mins ago. sounded like coming from north east tehran where fires are. #Iranelection


I am hearing that Tehran Uni has been raided by Baseej. Have not been able to make a call since being told. #Iranelection

Update #3: Footage of the protests and the Iranian police’s lame attempt to break it up and the protesters attacking the police:

Update #4: Video here of evidence of beatings of Iranian college students. Via Andrew Sullivan, this:

Grand Ayatollah Sanei in Iran has declared Ahmadinejad’s presidency illegitimate and cooperating with his government against Islam. There are strong rumors that his house and office are surrounded by the police and his website is filtered. He had previously issued a fatwa, against rigging of the elections in any form or shape, calling it a mortal sin.

Update #5:  via twitter:

persiankiwi: tehran is like war zone. it is unbelievable. fires everywhere. shooting, people shouting. #Iranelection

Update #6:  Via Twitter:

@IranRiggedElect sources: “tear gas in the dorm. It’s un-uniformed police and riot guards. at least 100 students arrested.” #iranelection

Update #7: Via Twitter:

@persiankiwi students being killed in tehran uni dorm in amirabad right now. this must stop, ahmadinejad must stop. #Iranelection

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