Why I totally reject the so-called “Warning” from David Wilkerson

I noticed here as of lately that on WorldNetDaily, that David Wilkerson has issued a so-called “Warning” and advice to Christians everywhere about some so-called horrific event that is going to take place.

I want it to be known publicly, that I feel that David Wilkerson has had nothing more than an overactive imagination. Which is about all Pentecostals ever have.

I say this, because David Wilkerson is nothing more than a Pentecostal Christian, he is one of the many deluded Christians that possess the flawed belief system, that God is still speaking today, that healing was promised in the atonement, that “Speaking in tongues” is a legit belief system; despite that the fact that the Bible proves that very wrong.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a former Pentecostal, who came out of that silly bunch of nonsense, after 21 years, of watching that movement steadily veer towards liberal Christianity. I am now a Fundamentalist Christian, my doctrine is of the Baptist nature.

There are a bunch of articles that bring out the nonsensical beliefs that Pentecostals Teach, I highly recommend them to read:

More stuff to read about these sort of Christians and their evangelical counterparts:

Hope this helps, Remember everything that the God himself has said and everything that Jesus has ever said, is contained in those 66 book, of that thing we call the Bible. Everything else is a well funded and orchestrated FRAUD!

By the way, I am a King James Bible believer, here are some articles that back up, what I believe:

Some books to read about the false doctrine of Pentecostalism:

4 thoughts on “Why I totally reject the so-called “Warning” from David Wilkerson

  1. See-I have a problem here. You attack the pentecostals and charismatics as being unscriptural, yet claim that as a “fundamentalist” of the Baptist persuasion, your belief system is somehow scriptural.

    I challenge you to find the way you worship anywhere in any Bible. The New Testament church never had a pastor led service in a building designed for a theater performance put on by said pastor and his “chosen” few. Nor was there a song leader in any of the first century churches, in scripture.

    The early believers met in homes daily and were led by Jesus Himself through the person of The Holy Spirit. Each had a psalm, a song, a testimony and no one but The Holy Spirit led it. That my brother is scripture. I ain’t found it in the Baptists, charismaniacs, vineyards, or any other demonization.

    Fact is we are all deceived in some area of our thinking and experience with Him for it is not until we see Him face to face that we shall know Him as He is. When we see Him we shall be like Him.

    1. Well Tony, You are certainly entitled to your opinion sir. As I am sure that I am mine. I will be the first to admit, that Pentecostals and Baptist Churches are equally as screwed up. :roll: Especially the more cultist elements of the Fundy crowd.

      But doctrinally, I believe the Pentecostals are just flat wrong. I’m not interested in debating it. Just the way I feel about it.

      Thanks for your comment. 😀

  2. Dear Paleo Pat,

    This is great! I for one am seeking to network with Christians who feel that same as I do, and are consistent practioners of the Golden Rule. I will be sure to read each of these webpages.

    “George Taylor”
    a grateful believer in Jesus Christ,
    a consistent practitioner of the Golden Rule,
    editor of Caldwell’s Constitutional Chronology, http://www.USchronology.com,
    author of The Armed Forces, the Golden Rule and the Origins of Our Freedom: If the troops are marching off to war to defend our freedom, why do we have less of it when they return?
    teacher at an undisclosed, government-run public high school.

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