Memo to Megan McCain: You don’t speak for me, bitch

Michelle Malkin has once again done what the MSM cannot or will not do. Pointed out the hypocrisy of the so-called Communist loving, Liberal-lite Moderate Republicans.

What am I talking about? It appears that Megan McCain thinks this douche nozzle here is cool.

I am going to say what Michelle Malkin is just too damned nice to say……

Pick a fucking side Bitch.

Megan McCain, you’re either with us or you’re against us. You are either on the side of freedom loving Americans like me, who feel that ANY sort of big Government is wrong, or you are on the side of the idiot communist liberal left. Point.fucking.blank.

Either get your god damned fat ass on the side of real true patriotic Americans or get on the side of the socialist left.

…and as I said in my title of this blog entry. You do NOT speak for me, you rich assed, fat, Fake assed Conservative Bitch!

Update: I just wanted to add that while I agree that Laura was dumb for attacking Megan, especially with the weight thing, and I happen to think that Coulter’s schtick is getting old, as do many others, for Megan to go to liberals to decry the “Far right” is just out of bounds in my opinion.

Update #2: Robert Stacy McCain linked to me. Doggone. I feel downright important like. 😛 He’s a good ol’ feller. Even if he does go to Church on the wrong day. 😉 😛 😀

Update #3: For it is worth; I know I called Megan “fat” which I know isn’t true about her. But honestly? I could give a fuck less about it. Because the way I see it; that bitch sold every Conservative and Republican, of EVERY stripe up the river, when she went on Maddow’s show. Maddow is a fucking ultra-Liberal partisan hack and a Keith Olbermann wanna-be, who poses as a Non-Partisan.  The unwritten rule in politics, is that you just DO NOT cross party lines to trash your own party. That is called being a SELL OUT. Quite frankly, now that she’s had her 15 minutes of attention whoredom, I wish she would just disappear.

Update #4: I closed the comments. Because I was tired of the official Megan McCain fan club members; which consist of about 10 guys and a fat girl from Texas, who were coming here leaving their rather stupid inane comments, and I was also tired of reading the self-righteous comments about my language. Two Words, Religious twirps; FUCK OFF. I do what I want. I don’t answer to your cereal box Religion, which has zero to do with Christ, and more to do with men. (and truthfully, little boys, just ask Axel Rose. Believe me, I know all about the sexual misdeeds as well. Been there, did that, almost got it myself. Luckily, the Lord was looking out for his boy.)

Update #5: Looks like little prissy britches went on “The View.”

11 thoughts on “Memo to Megan McCain: You don’t speak for me, bitch

  1. This is awesome and hilarious. I think you need more swearing, though, but I think this really nails it.

    I gotta go back and read all your older posts about how pissed you were at Bush for making government bigger and more intrusive. Especially with his DHS consolidation. I’m sure you totally nailed him for that!!

    Way to go.

    1. Um, if you look at my Blog, you will see where I have criticized Bush.

      Nice attempt at smart assed humor and for trying say that I was some sort of Bush cheerleader. Because I never was, in fact, I started Blogging originally, because of his stupid bullshit.

      thanks for the comments, whatever their intention was…. :roll:

  2. I’m not sure who she speaks for, but she’s certainly seems to need a scratch behind the ears of famous liberal folks.

    It’s clear that she’s been chosen for heavy rotation by the corrupt folks that control the media because she’s a young advocate of the Politics of Conservative Failure. Following her philosophy and her father’s flawed campaign, we can be sure to see more sad Republican failures as they try to out liberal the the liberal. But hey, as a consolation prize they’ll find contentment in being the prized lapdogs of the wealth-distributors in power and the machine that distributes their propoganda.

    Cheers, Comrade!

  3. Ms. McCain has the right to say whatever she wants, like we all do, but why exactly are we supposed to pay any attention to her? She is just the daughter of a losing candidate (who wasn’t that popular within his own party) and no more qualified to speak for the party than any other private citizen. Has she ever held public office or run for it? What does she do for a living? I have no idea.

    I find it strange that we are supposed to take her comments so seriously. I don’t remember her talking publicly before the election, so who cares what she says now?

    I would still pay some attention to her father, since he is still in the Senate and thus has some influence on what happens there.

  4. I laughed so hard I almost pissed my pants. You said everything I have said since ms McCain has started making the media rounds. But thanks because you expressed it so well, lets go one step further and tell Ms. McCain to go ahead and step off- join the other side because she most def does not speak for me eighter, as I have no desire to be liked by the left or change the way I see things to be more like the left. Michelle Malkin nailed it also.
    We dont need Ms. McCain tryin to slap us down so that she can look cool or aceptable to the left lord knows we dont need anymore RINOS.

  5. Someone needs to put some soap in your mouth buddy. Show some respect.

    (You know what dude, you can go fuck yourself. I didn’t force you to come here. This is America and last time I checked, we do still have the first amendment and I can and very much will say what I damn well please. Don’t like it? Don’t come here. Just that fucking simple. -Pat )

    1. I’ll respect Megan McCain, when she starts respecting Conservative-minded people like me and Michelle Malkin, and the Republican Party as a whole.

      I’ll respect Megan McCain, when she stops fucking whoring herself out to the Liberal Media and stops pimping herself out to the likes MSNBC…

      Show some respect… PLEASE! :roll:

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