If you came looking for the “Enough!” posting

Well, it is gone. I’ll tell you why. The point of the posting was being lost and the post itself and graphic was becoming the story. Which I never wanted to happen.

The point is, I made the far left have a knee jerk reaction. I also gave them something to talk about.

Again, as I stated in the actual posting itself, I never, ever wished any harm come to Obama, at all. I was simply making a point and doing exactly what the left is doing to Sarah Palin.

That is all, nothing more to see, move along…

Update: Well….Well…Well…. Look what we have here… This comes via WJNO’s News Junkie Blog:


Now are all you angry Liberals going to send death threats to this person too? (The person that posted it on Reddit, not the Radio Station.)

Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberalism.

Update 2: Seeing there are some of you Liberals, who still don’t seem to get it. Here is another example, that proves the point I was trying to make. Please, CLICK HERE and take a look. Again, you look at that and you tell me which is worse and who is stoking the race hatred in this race. Are you going to send this man death threats too? I doubt it.

Update 3: …and for what it’s worth at this point, not one person from the secret service, government, or anyone has showed up here at all. I did pull it, after all. But the main reason is, because if they arrest me, they’re going to have to arrest all the people that do stuff like this here. So, please stop with the hateful comments, I delete them all anyhow. The fact is, that the left is just as guilty of same thing that I attempted to do, albeit in a untasteful manner. So, please, spare me with your lectures, I know, I should not have went where I did. But you liberals have done the same stuff.

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43 thoughts on “If you came looking for the “Enough!” posting

  1. Get used to this. Once Obama is elected, and his “CrimeThink” citizen vigilante squads hit the streets, the P.C. 90s will seem like the good old days!

  2. Thank you for removing that post. I hope someday we can all have a decent conversation about our ideas and quit calling each other names and overreacting to every little thing. It doesn’t do any good. Like I said, I’m a liberal, but no damn Commie, and I hate the PC shit as much as you. But I’m an American and there’s some things supporters are doing on both sides that isn’t good for the country. That’s what I want to talk about–what’s good for the country. Not who got the worst/best/last “shot” in. You don’t have to post this comment, just know I send my thanks for a good deed.

  3. I find cowardly behavior annoying. Understandable, but annoying. You should not have taken it down. I can respect an unapologetically bigoted stance . I don’t agree, but I can respect you take your stand and don’t back down. Its a free country, and you’re allowed to say it. So own your stuff.

    But what do you do? You take it down, because you didn’t have the courage of your conviction. You KNEW when you posted the image that its impact is fueled by the history of racist unjust lynching murders of blacks in America. You understand the implicit threat in the imagery. You knew this. But you were happy to trade on that to make some sort of point, to provoke a “knee jerk” reaction, as though this were clever, rather than merely obvious.

    Your point in doing it presumably was that the Left is attacking Palin in similar heinous fashion. And your first instinct in response is to suggest Obama be lynched? At BEST that makes you equally as asinine as those on the left you protest. It certainly doesn’t make you any better. You rail against the stricture of PC think , but your imagery here is not politically incorrect. Its racist. I’m NOT saying that YOU are a racist. I AM saying that you were more than willing to trade on overtly and obvious racist threat imagery to make a point. If you’re a decent human being that ought to bother you that you thought that was okay.

    I imagine in the course of your daily life there may be a variety of black people you come into contact in passing. Co-workers, waitress at the local diner, security guard at a building downtown, other parents at your kid’s school, a neighbor kid.

    Do you think if you showed that to them and said you were just trying to make a point that it would go over okay? Do you think they might look at you different after that? Do you find it hard to believe that the average black person you showed that image to and told them you made it might immediately think ” If he would suggest lynching Obama, he would suggest lynching me too”.

    Well, it is gone. I’ll tell you why. The point of the posting was being lost and the post itself was becoming the story. Which I never wanted to happen.

    Really? I don’t believe that. You KNEW you were trading on racist threat imagery. You used that imagery ON PURPOSE. You thought about it and chose to use it. Its a slick looking graphic, you put some time and effort into it, worked on it to get it just right. You had to marinate with the imagery a bit. Obama looks positively sinister in the photo, so you either retouched it or spent some time really looking for a photo that would give you that look.

    The point was lost? Really? You run a cool looking website, advertisers and everything, way more popular than mine, so you are a smart guy. Did you really think that people would see this imagery and glean some sophisticated intellectual point from it, instead of the racist threat? I believe you are a smart guy, so I don’t really think you believed that when you made it. Given the slick looking end product, I think you eagerly leaped at the opportunity to use this imagery and make it as high impact as you could.

    Whats that about? I mean, I’m likely to be totally dismissed by you and perhaps your readers, but before you do, humor me and just sit with that question for a sec. It did not bother you to trade on this racist imagery, you worked hard to make it shocking and scary and threatening and YOU WERE COOL WITH THAT. I’ll bet if I sat down and had a beer with you, you’re a decent enough guy. So how come this was cool with you?

    Now you’ve taken it down. Why? Because more people seem to rebuke you for the obvious racist threat of the imagery you purposely used than praised you for the political point you were trying to make? Where is the courage of your convictions? You had the stones to put it up and you knew what it was when you did it.

    It would have been a point in your favor if you got some heat on this, you regretted going this route and therefore took it down. That would mean your decency won out.

    Doesn’t seem that way from this post though. This post makes you sound cowardly because you took some heat for the graphic that you created on purpose to upset people. You got what you wanted, but now you don’t want it, because you don’t like the downside that came with it (boycott threats, being called racist and so on) because you’re really a good guy.

    If you really think you had a legit point to make, put the post back up and defend your position rather than complain about the injustice of PC think. Own it and everything that comes with it.

  4. Well, Aaron. I thank you for you comments. I guess you could say that I am owning it at this point. The secret service has not shown up. But I do have the knot in my stomach. I do wish now that I had stay out of the fray. But I guess that’s no longer an issue.

    I mainly pulled it, because the point was lost and the picture was becoming the story.

    For what it is worth, I am NOT, nor have I ever been a racist. I have zero against Obama. I just don’t agree with his politics.

    Again, thanks for the comments. Man, I now wish I’d just stay out of the fray… 🙁

  5. The service probably won’t come. You probably got enough free speech cover. If they do, they’ll probably just talk to you stern. Might get in a database or something like that which kinda sucks, but should not really be an inconvenience. They deal with this enough to know the difference between this and somebody trying to do some harm. I actually think you have a better free speech defense if you leave it up though and let them compel you to take it down. I dunno, ask your lawyer.

    Tone wise, You sound like that kid who hacked Palin’s email. You probably have not risked 5 years in jail though. Too bad about the crap you’re getting, but you went looking for a reaction. What can I say?

  6. I actually think you have a better free speech defense if you leave it up though and let them compel you to take it down. I dunno, ask your lawyer.

    Ha! I might be into a good number of things. But leaving something up, that’s in a legal gray area just to piss off the Government is NOT one of them. I like my freedom.

    I’m not much into taunting uncle Sam. That might be someone else’s bag, but not mine! 😀

  7. “Not having a job since 2005, does have it’s downside.”

    Why have you been unemployed for three years?

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