Hey, I thought the occupy Wall Street protests were peaceful?

Firstly, let me say that I do not believe that all of the protesters of this little movement actually believe that which is in this video, because that is collectivism and I do not play that game.  However, I happen to find quit ironic that the very people who wanted to lecture we Conservatives on the supposed “New-Tone”, all the while calling anyone who disagrees with their liberalism terrorists — are now talking about violent revolution.

Let me also say this; there are many out there in the Conservative/Republican/Tea Party that would happily give them what they want.  I hope like the dickens that it never, ever comes to that, but I will tell you, there many who would be willing and able to use violence against those who would try to take what is rightly theirs to start.

Here is the video that comes via HotAir.com:

Again, I believe this is simply the opinion of one person.  However, if it is the growing feeling among this people; I do truly fear for what happen in this Country in the future.

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