Follow Up: Left claims that FOX NEWS edited Hoffa’s comments

The problem is —- it does not matter one lousy iota.

For back story on this go here.

Now for the unedited version of the clip and yes, I do know where it is from; and you can zip it with the objections. I am getting to a point here:

Now for my explanation as to why this silly little argument of context does not matter one lousy iota.  Whether the liberal left wants to be intellectually honest about this or not —- the phrase “let’s take these sons of bitches out” is a call to violence — Period, end of discussion.

The problem now is this, what is going to be the liberal left’s reaction and response, when some liberal thug shows up at a Tea Party protest, start harassing people; and some Conservative pulls out a gun, and shoots him dead?  Further, what is going to be the left’s reaction and response when some person, who grasp on reality is not that of a normal, sane, rational person — and he shows up at a union organized rally somewhere, with a assault rifle and starts shooting people?  What will left do then?  Will they blame Hoffa?  Will they denounce their own? No, what they will do is blame the right for editing a video and accusing the right of ginning up the rhetoric.  It is a classic Neo-Liberal, Frankfurt Institute of political correctness response.

This is a classical liberal tactic; Fox News and the Conservative Blogosphere took the bait and now we have this; this sort of nonsense right here makes me want to pack in it with Blogging.  This whipping of the political arenas into virtual bloodlust for the other side is most disgusting.  Both sides do it; and it totally pisses me the hell off.  I am not a man who enjoys violence at all.  In fact, the only reason I would ever want to own a gun, is for personal protection — not to carry around with me, unless I had to.

Further, another thing that really angers me is the fact that the President of the United States will not say one damned word to denounce Hoffa’s comments at all.  It is because the Obama Administration has its nose square up the ass of the labor movement — for votes. Not that he honestly gives two flips about the actual ordinary people of the labor movement, you know the actual workers?  You see, the President, along with Hillary and Bill Clinton are what is known as internationalist Democrats.  They see American in the context of the international community, not America for the great Country she is.

So, do not expect the White House to issue any sort of denunciation of these remarks.  Because this is, what the White House wanted and the right, as they are prone to do — took the bait and ran with it.  I hope that this does not turn into a huge issue, because the Liberals need something desperately to hold against the right, as liberal policies have failed Americans and the Democrats need a cover, badly.

6 thoughts on “Follow Up: Left claims that FOX NEWS edited Hoffa’s comments

  1. It’s only a call to violence if you don’t have the basic intelligence to understand context. Right before that line he’s talking about voting. And unless you have the IQ of a chair he’s obviously talking about taking them out of office. Yes…the cliche let’s take these sons of bitches out is poorly chosen. But again, unless you’re completely incapable of understanding context it wasn’t very difficult to grasp.

    I said the same thing about the idiots who though the “targeting” and “reload” from Sarah Palin was a call to violence. No difference here either.

    My objection is to Fox hammering home the “violence” narrative even AFTER their own reporter explained that’s not what it was.

    1. The problem is Robb is this; some people won’t hear the “context” and think it’s a call to violence. There are crazy people out there, that do such stuff; as we found out recently.

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