No, it is not time to abolish the F.C.C.

First, I would like to apologize to my readers for my silence for the past few days.  I have been under the weather and really have not felt like writing at all. Your Prayers are appreciated, I am doing better than I was last night; but I am not 100 percent yet.

Ed Morrissey, who is usually a reasonable Conservative, raises the specter of abolishing the F.C.C.  As a licensed user of a service that is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission — I must politely object to this sort of “Wild West” mentality of the libertarian stripe.

When I am not criticizing liberals and their moronic ways, I also partake in another hobby — Amateur Radio. Amateur Radio or Ham Radio is regulated by the F.C.C.; when Amateur radio was just beginning, it was regulated and licenses issued by United States Department of Commerce and Labor, which subsequently split into two separate Government entities. When it became clear that Amateur Radio and other such radio services were going to be established, a new Government entity was created, The Federal Communications Commission.  This was because the work of licensing was too great for the United States Department of Commerce and Labor, which did have much other work to do.  In addition, an entity dedicated to licensing of all Radio of all sorts was needed.

The Federal Communications Commission acts as regulatory and enforcement body for the Amateur Radio Service; it also deals with issues like type-acceptance of Radios to be sold in the United States.  To pursue the idiotic notion of abolishing the FCC would mean absolutely chaos on the Amateur Radio bands, with no enforcement of the rules and regulations, or removing them entirely would be a huge mistake.

As a Conservative, who sides with much of what the Republican Party stands for; I believe in rule of law.  However, I do not believe in the “Wild West” mentality, which is promoted by those who are of the libertarian stripe — notably the libertarian left.  Which is why I am quite shocked to read that Ed Morrissey — who was a Amateur Radio Operator, until his licensed lapsed —  of all people —- wants to see a vital Governmental organ like the FCC abolished.

President Ronald Reagan said famously, “Big Government is bad Government.”  However, any sane rational Republican will tell you that no Government at all is insanity.  There are legitimate uses for Government and the FCC is one of them.  To even suggest that the United States Government abolish the Federal Communications Commission is utter insanity and is borderline “Ron Paul Kookyville”

We need small responsible Government, not anarchy and chaos.  Doing what Ed Morrissey suggested would bring on just that, and in an age where our National Security is being threatened daily, the idea of getting rid of an agency that protects us from harm, is asinine at best.

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3 thoughts on “No, it is not time to abolish the F.C.C.

  1. The day where the FCC protected Americans has long since passed us by. The day where the FCC doesn’t have enough work to fill their day has arrived.

    The FCC is a government organ that has grown cancerous and is attempting to regulate an industry that hasn’t needed regulation for years and would function quite well for many more years without regulation by the FCC.

    I imagine the Amateur Radio Service as well as broadcast TV and radio would all continue functioning properly for quite some time if the FCC disappeared tomorrow. People would find a way to resolve problems. The FCC is perhaps an organ that the body politic no longer needs.

    Anybody up for an FCC-dectomy?

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